Saturday, December 31, 2016

In like a lion, out like a Tweet

For sure, 2016 was a 'change' year.

Whether the change was for the better depends on who you are, what you believe and what you expect.  My thoughts:

Nationally:  Hell, NO!

If this were a movie, GA would love watching Trump get played by Putin.  Terrifyingly, it's not.

Locally: Hell, yeah!

As for 'right direction-wrong direction' for 2017,  GA thinks that locally we are going in the right direction, nationally we are headed off a cliff into a fiery chasm filled with boiling, hot magma.

So, keeping it local, here are a couple of things to watch in 2017:

The mayoral race.  GA has heard there is Dark side grumbling about Stick Romano's indecision; apparently he has not told his peeps yet whether he's going to run against Zimmer.

What's taking so long?

Speculation is that the BoE race, backed by Romano, Russo, Raia, Mason (the most prominent or wealthy denizens of the Dark Side) was viewed as a litmus test of Romano's political strength in a citywide election.  FAIL.  Even worse, the one BoE candidate that Romano and Russo threw all of their GOTV effort behind came in last place.  Even a late, massive moola injection from Dark Side ATM Beth Mason did not help, not one bit.

Further analysis of why the Dark Side performed so miserably in the BoE race: their vote-farming operation was decentralized this year after farming management abstained. Without the farming organization,  it fell to motivated individuals to pick up the slack.  The 'official' reason the farmers dropped that ball promoted by the Dark Side (GA heard, too) was that Russo and Romano wanted to 'own' the victory.

Is anybody buying that?  Since when has the Dark Side ever cared about how they won an election, as long as they won?

The more likely scenario is that the HHA farming operation was curtailed due to fear that the D.O.J. was watching.

Which makes you wonder whether that was a feeling or someone was tipped off about an ongoing investigation/ area of federal/state inquiry?  Which leads to more speculation about who might have passed that on.  An informant? Was someone who's been flipped tipping off friends?

Who knows. That kind of thing is unverifiable.

The DOJ does not discuss ongoing investigations except for one stupid fuck named F.BI. Director James Comey.  We only know what we know: facts like a former Hoboken City Council President  is looking at serious jail time in a federal prosecution on a criminal matter. Facts like the former Council President was the Chief of Staff for an Assemblyman who,is being sued by the agency he once ran for alleged procurement improprieties worth millions of federal dollars.  Those are facts, and so is election time vote farming.   So...

Well, back to the 2017 mayoral race... stay tuned.

NHSA appointment.  GA hears there is (at least) one new applicant for North Hudson Sewerage Authority (NHSA) Commissioner Tony Soares' vacant seat.  I don't  know anything about this applicant except for what a source told me: "...years ago he got a lot of shit for suggesting the water monitoring devices...  it seems he is very qualified,  I believe he suggested the initial monitoring of  water flow prior to the building of the pumps."  GA will have more information in 2017.   Stay tuned

 Mason Civic-Newton Lao Combo:   A reader sent me this pic the other day- it's taken at the threshold of Beth Mason's storefront space on 11th Street, off  Washington.  Notice anything unusual?

The mailbox indicates that location receives mail for both her taxpayer-subsidized 501(c)3, Mason Civic League and her business entity, Newton Lao Leornard and Locke, LLC.

Then why do the Mason Civic League's 2015 federal tax returns give this mailing address?

The mailbox proves that her taxpayer-subsidized charitable organization, a 501(c)3,  Mason Civic League, shares office space with her business entity, Newton Lao Leonard and Locke. 

Nothing is wrong with that as long as taxpayers are not subsidizing her for-profit business activities.

To put it another way, it must be fully clear and transparent to taxpayers that they are not underwriting Mason's private business expenditures. 

The taxpayer-subsidized Mason Civic League must file the proper tax form (for a charity with gross receipts greater than $50,000), give it's true and correct mailing address, and provide all accounting of receipts and expenditures, thus providing full  transparency to Hoboken taxpayers. We shall find out in 2017. Stay tuned.

And on that note, people...

GA wishes you and yours a very Happy New Year.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Taxpayer-Subsidized Fishing Trip

Before David Liebler was ejected from an October 2015 Hoboken City Council meeting for disorderly conduct, he published this cartoon on Hoboken411.

His cartoon follows a familiar Liebler-theme; the mayors husband- not the mayor, is "driving the bus."

Finding evidence that Liebler's opinion about Grossbard is true- that he is secretly conducting government business- is at the center of David A. Lieber v City of Hoboken, Mayor Zimmer, et. al.. Liebler's litigation is a thinly veiled  discovery fishing trip as outlined in the above "joint discovery proposal."    

Liebler's claim is that his First Amendment Rights were violated when he was was not allowed to finish his public remarks on and was escorted out of the October 21, 2015 council meeting.

The City claims Liebler was disorderly, would not obey requests made by the Council President, became belligerent, began yelling and had to be removed.

The topic of Liebler's public remarks was a story about Grossbard published in Politico after 4 o'clock that same afternoon.  Apparently Politico obtained discovery emails leaked by Carmelo Garcia from his "Ethnic Cleansing" lawsuit; Carmelo was in the process of losing his 6th Ward council election and wanted to shake up the race. It was a stunt dropped before the meeting, so the press would be there to record political operative Perry Belfiore, who brought hard copies of the leaked Grossbard emails, to read into the record. Belfiore become disorderly when he was stopped from reading the unverified leaked email out loud, and was escorted out by police.

All Grossbard, all the time.

You give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the Grossbard. 
Why does Liebler need Grossbard's emails to litigate the alleged breech of his First Amendment rights?

Why does Liebler need the mayor's emails with her husband?

What do Grossbard's emails have to do with Liebler's disorderly conduct that forced his removal from the public meeting?

Finally, why are Hoboken taxpayers forced to subsidized this politically-motivated drek?  

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Liebler Demand: $150K from City with 90-day apology

GA's OPINION: Liebler v Hoboken City, Mayor Zimmer, et. al is a taxpayer-subsidized email witch hunt to nail "Stawn"

Once upon a time, local political activist David Liebler OPRAed Hoboken City's legal expenses for years 2008-2011, did his own year-by-year analysis on spreadsheets, and his uncontested findings were reported city-wide on the cover of the print edition on the Hoboken Reporter.

That was then.

Liebler's PR campaign against the city's legal expenditures included appearances at Hoboken City Council.
click to read

Thus, Liebler fashioned a public personna as a fiscal watchdog for the Hoboken taxpayer;  the city's legal expenditures are undoubtedly a matter of public interest and public concern.

Hence, there is no doubt that any court would find Liebler is a public figure for his commentary on matters of the City's legal expenditures.

But, after his successful foray as a fiscal watchdog, his public personna took a loud, partisan turn.

Liebler has waged a public war as a strident critic of Mayor Zimmer with political cartoons, online commentary, and appearances at public meetings where he has demonstrated disorderly, disruptive behavior- including refusing the orders of the Chairperson/President of the governing board at the HHA and the City Council (the subject of his lawsuit).

HHA meeting: Chairwoman Wefer asks Liebler to cede the floor when his time is up- Liebler refuses.

GA's observation of  Liebler's public commentary over the years, is that he has morphed from the public posture of Hoboken fiscal watchdog to partisan  attack dog.

One has to simply look at his output of political cartoons, as a catalog of his years-long obsession with Stan Grossbard, husband of Mayor Zimmer.   Liebler's cartoons and internet postings express his belief that Stan is running the Mayor's office; I believe he authored the nickname "Stawn."  

Sure, Liebler's cartoons are fair comment, and protected free speech.

But in GA's view, his cartoons and writings convey a personal hatred,  malice toward "Stawn" and no longer advocate for or against public policy or fiscal responsibility.  Liebler seems obsessed with unmasking Mayor Zimmer as a fraud with her unelected husband pulling the strings.  (Every professional woman out there 'gets' how offensive that is)   Liebler's satire goes beyond her role in government, it burrows into her resume to mock her work as a photographer, suggesting she is a blank slate- a nothing.

His internet postings say it all: Liebler angrily calls Grossbard  "blood diamond boy," an anti-Semitic reference to Jewish diamond dealers, and "bitch."

It is not rocket science, people.

Anyone can draw a straight line from Liebler's satirical conclusions that "Stawn" exists to seeking proof that "Stawn" exists via David Liebler v City of Hoboken.  

Liebler's lawsuit is an email witch hunt and a money-grab.  The fiscal watchdog of yesteryear is a memory. That is my OPINION.

This is a fraction of the public domain evidence of Liebler's "Stawn" obsession; his satirical conclusions that Stan Grossbard ("blood diamond boy") is running Hoboken.

I am no lawyer, but I played one for 17 months. Though Stan is a public figure, defamation law says that Liebler is not allowed to make shit up.   In my layperson's opinion, the trail Liebler has left in cyberspace would meet the "actual malice" standard of defamation of a public figure.
As a Hoboken taxpayer, I urge the City not to cave to a single demand and FIGHT this to the end. If the City does not, you might as well put a revolving door on City Hall's Legal Department. 

Hoboken: do NOT give Liebler ONE PENNY.

One last thing, Liebler's oft-repeated allegation that the Mayor "employs" websites is false, and an effort to discredit my political discourse. my First Amendment protected speech..

How ironic.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2017 Predictions

For some reason, participating in Hoboken civic affairs and/or local politics comes with a high risk of getting sued.

Fortunate Defendants will have the city, state or federal government pick up their legal tab. All others, too bad.

Nowadays, lawsuits filed against the City aren't the old-fashioned 'friends suing friends' type, where 'friends' split the judgment (allegedly).  Lawsuits in the Reform era come with risk to Plaintiffs because Defendants (the City) no longer automatically settle. Nowadays Defendants fight back and may even file a counterclaim.

Nevertheless, some wannabe Plaintiffs still see a pot of gold in suing the City-  it's the Hoboken way!
So,  GA's been wondering what 2017 will bring to some of Hoboken's most publicized civil and criminal cases...

On that note, here are updates and predictions for five notorious cases pending in federal or state court.

(1)    U.S.A. vs Julio Alvarez, et. al   
On March 9, 2016 the Southern District of New York charged 4 individuals including former Hoboken City Council President,  Christopher Campos with bank and wire fraud charges for allegedly perpetrating a scheme to fraudulently obtain $7 million in car loans.  On September 23, 2016, a pretrial conference was held.

PACER's summary read, in part:
"Entry for proceedings held before Judge Denise L. Cote: Status Conference as to Julio Alvarez, Christopher Campos, Geuris Ramos held on 9/23/2016....
Defendant #2 CHRISTOPHER CAMPOS present with attorney Lee Vartan...
Court reporter Martha Drevis present.
Defendants are arraigned and each plead not guilty as charged in 16cr0395. Government informed the Court that it has turned over all discovery to the defendants. Any defense motion defendant shall be due March 24, 2017. Govt's opposition due March 31. Trial date set for June 5, 2017....
Bail continued as to each defendant..."
15 months from arrest to trial!   Lightning speed, by  SLAPP- suit standards. 

GA 2017 Prediction: Not a thing. May justice prevail!

(2) Carmelo Garcia v Everybody 
Here is what I learned from "Carmelo's Revenge- the lawsuit(s)"

White! White! White!   

Did you know these whiter-than-white whiteys function as a "unit" called "the Enterprise"? 

                                                    click to read
Unconfirmed rumor has it that a certain lawyer was begging Garcia not to take this stinker to trial. Please please please, Carmelo....

To no avail.

According to an Earwitness, mediation ended when Garcia asked for $2.4 Million- half from the City and half from HUD (HHA). That was last March or February.

As you know, the HHA filed in its own lawsuit against Carmelo!  POW! The HHA complaint alleges numerous procurement improprieties.

GA's 2017 Prediction: Garcia's case and the HHA's will be consolidated.  It will go to trial and Garcia will LOSE.

(3) David Liebler's "First Amendment" case 
That one is chugging along in NJ District Court. All Defendants are being represented by  the City, except for Beth Mason whose attorney is Nicholas A. Grieco, Esq. of Inglesino, Webster, Wyciskala & Taylor, LLC.  Liebler's attorney is Charles X. Gormally, Esq. with Brach Eichler LLC.

What's new?

A proposed "joint discovery agreement" was filed this past October.  GA read it...  

Folks, can you spell "EMAIL witch hunt"?  Stan G. is Ground Zero.

From the agreement:

Liebler seeks "all emails and other correspondence between any of the defendants and/or Mr. Grossbard relevant to this action..."

Hey Dave, that one could really bite you in the ass!    

GA note to Defendants: (1) Get the communications between Liebler and his cartoonist- both email and texts, (2) subpoena Facebook for deleted postings, you'll find ones like this:

Wow! Talk about malice!

Did you know that all parties are requesting a confidentiality agreement for email discovery, except Liebler?  

Thanks, Dave! 

Get your copies of Liebler-emails at a courthouse near you!   If the case continues; a settlement conference is being scheduled in February; proposed conference dates are  February 7, 9 or 16.  Stay tuned. 

 GA 2017 Prediction: the case will not settle.  Liebler wants those emails.  Real bad.  He does not understand his own exposure.  He will find out.

(4)  Plaintiff "X" v City of Hoboken 
This one has been filed.  The Plaintiff is a well-known longtime Hoboken politico.  A full-court media roll-out prior to the 2017 mayoral race is certain.  Trial attorney is Steve Kleinman, Beth Mason's go-to attorney.

GA's 2017 Prediction:  Ka-BOOM.  That's the sound of yet another ill-conceived legal venture blowing up in someone's face. Like everything else out of her brain-trust, this one splatters all over Plaintiff and all others involved.

(5)  Bajardi v Pincus 
You know, GA is a party and cannot say much.  I can say, it is not over!  Nearly five years and counting.

Many folks don't know the Bajardis have an appeal pending to overturn the judgment.

The Bajardis have also just filed an 'interlocutory appeal' to overturn the Honorable Judge Rose's order granting sale of their condo to pay the judgment.

GA's 2017 Prediction: This litigation will end, for good in a manner that cannot be appealed by a higher court. Defendants will proceed on collecting their judgments, including additional fees awarded for filing 2 frivolous appeals, and other gratuitous motion practice. That's my prediction!

And there you go, folks.  Time will tell if GA got any of these right.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Chrismukkah

Santa is red,
Dreidels are blue,
May you be merry, 
Christian or Jew

(all others, same to you!)

Friday, December 23, 2016

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Oral Argument scheduled for Hoboken BoE v NJDoE/HoLa Trustees

Well folks, the waiting is over.

Briefs are in, and oral argument has been scheduled.

At 10:00 AM on January 31, attorneys and amici curae will present their cases to the Appellate Division in  Hoboken Board of Education v NJ Department of Education, HoLa Board of Trustees.

The "HoLa lawsuit," as it's known in Hoboken, has been the subject of a years-long disinformation campaign by HoLa Trustees.  HoLa Trustee Anthony Petrosino's "education attack-blog"  has been bashing public schools since he was fired from his $144.5K Assistant to Hoboken Superintendent job in 2009.  Along with fellow HoLa board members, he has worked to unseat members of the Hoboken Board of Education.  In 2016  HoLa Trustees Frank Raia and Susan Costimiris  ran an unsuccessful   'Trojan Horse' slate of BoE candidates  whose main platform issue promised to "end the lawsuit."

The disinformation about the lawsuit has been designed to turn public opinion against the Hoboken Board of Education.  

For the record, it is not about ending the HoLa Charter.

The lawsuit is about holding the NJ Department of Education's 'feet to the fire' demanding that the state complies with its statutory duties to monitor the granting, renewal and expansion of charters for the segregative effect.  

That is the issue that this country must resolve, state by state. Trump's appointment of  anti-public education, pro-charter billionaire Betsy DeVos,  to head the U.S. Department of Education suggests national policies hostile to public schools, such as reduction in funding.

Will our courts  protect public education from increasingly hostile policies intended to drain public schools of resources and privatize public education?

The outcome of this decision will reverberate across America.  

That is why two of America's most powerful legal and civil rights organizations have aligned themselves with the Hoboken School District.  These civil rights organizations have joined the Hoboken District's Appeal to overturn NJ-DOE Acting Commissioner David C. Hespe's  March 20, 2015 decision  on the 7th/8th grade expansion of HoLa Dual Language Charter School. 

They are  the American Civil Liberties Union (NJ Chapter)   and  New Jersey’s leading legal advocate for public school children, the Education Law Center.    

Folks, this is not just a Hoboken issue; it is a national issue. Do our states ignore the segregative effect when granting charter schools going forward?  Do our state education officials enforce or ignore their own rules?

The Hoboken Board of Education has quietly endured  hostile propaganda (produced on HoLa Trustee Petrosino's "education blog'), quietly choosing the moral high road.

The ACLU's amicus brief succinctly states why they have entered the Appeal, why they are standing with the Hoboken Board of Education:

GA Note: The ACLU's data correlates with GA's,  and is diametrically opposed to  HoLa Trustee Petrosino's "education blog" which stated:
"One should keep in mind the following... The demographic differences between the Hoboken School DIstrict at the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades are minimal,..."
click image to read

The dishonest HoLa Trustee Petrosino even posted a cooked graph (corrected by GA below). The cooked graph was  part of Petrosino's disinformation campaign against the Hoboken Board of Education, to advance the confabulation that Hoboken district demographics are similar to HoLa's.

They aren't.   GA's numbers correlate with the ACLU's.  Petrosino has been exposed as a lying gasbag.

Well folks, it's in the Appellate's hands. I believe the hearing is open to the public.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why did Old Guard BoE pad "Legal Reserve" with millions?

click image to read

In 2006, why did the BoE have a $2,560,104 balance in its Legal Reserve?  
  • In 2007,the BoE had spent or transferred   $105,847 from the Legal Reserve.
  • In 2008,the BoE had spent or transferred   $1,293,910 from the Legal Reserve.
  • In 2009,the BoE had spent or transferred   $1,564,121 from the Legal Reserve.

$2.56M is an extraordinary amount of loot to keep in a school's Legal Reserve fund.   $1.5M was spent/transferred.  Where did this money go? 

Can the answer be found in the KPMG audit of the Hoboken BoE, for the period spanning from July 1 2004 - June 30, 2006?   

GA has spilled much cyber-ink on this audit.   I consider it a primer on why those affiliated with  the "Dark Side" political faction must never be allowed control of the board-  as hard as they may try.
See below for the following.

In 2005-2007 according to the audit,  Hoboken BoE wrote purchase orders to itself, listing itself as the "vendor"  totaling $568,965.91*.  

The 2005-2007  according to the audit, the "vendor" Hoboken BoE paid  itself $63,700.22*.

*Note: KPMG audited a SAMPLE of the total P.Os, meaning  the full amount the BoE billed and paid itself is not known.

click on image to read

Does the KPMG audit  answer why the 'Old Guard' BoE plumped up it's legal reserve to astronomical proportion (ignoring it' maintenance reserve) in 2005-2006?

GA has no idea. But...

WHY did the Board write huge P.O's to itself, then pay itself?
WHY wasn't this money put back into Hoboken classrooms? 

Why did Kids First (and other Reform slates to follow) inherit the schools in such a neglected state- a MESS?

No participant to these questionable expenditures but Anthony Petrosino currently offers commentary about the Hoboken School district.  Maybe he can answer those questions. 

BoE Trustee Jack Raslowsky was hired as Hoboken Superintendent in 2007.Anthony Petrosino was hired to serve as his assistant without a contract.   In 2008-2009, Petrosino taught a class in Austin, Texas while maintaining his full time position in Hoboken for which he was paid $144.5K/year. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

'Old Guard' BoE Budget Surplus Mysteries

A familiar attack on Reform management of Hoboken District schools is the current $5M budget surplus.

The criticism, driven by a Texan crapademic and his anonymous online identities, is that this surplus can be zeroed out for a certain charter school expansion.

Moreover, critics pretend the surplus is a Reform anomaly; 'found money' to be tapped like a beer keg.

Folks, you can put that one in the "fake news" trash heap.  

A peek at 'Old Guard' BoE budget surplus(es) from 2006-2009 (before Reform took control) back when HoLa Trustee Frank Raia, Carmelo Garcia and Anthony Romano were the voting majority, and HoLa's Anthony Petrosino was employed full-time as Assistant Superintendent  (and taught a class in Austin, Texas!) raises questions.

Take a look:

Why did they maintain such low Capital Reserves- $1,000?
"Capital reserve account" means the account established by a district board of education pursuantto N.J.S.A. 18A:7G-31 and 18A:7F-41 into which monies are deposited to help finance a school district’s local share of its long-range facilities plan
Why did they maintain "0" balance in the Maintenance Reserve?
"6A:23A-14.2 Maintenance reserve(a) A district board of education shall establish, by resolution, a maintenance reserve account to be used to implement required maintenance of the school district’s facilities. Thedistrict board of education is prohibited from using such funds for routine or capital maintenance."
Why did they keep an astronomical balance in the Legal Reserve?????
"Each district board of education shall, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:4-14, maintain legalreserves as defined at N.J.A.C. 6A:23A-1.2 and published by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board..." 

At the same time frame that the Hoboken district's  2006-2009 Legal Reserves held enormous balances, district financial audit reports cited numerous "deficiencies, material weaknesses, and instances on non-compliance, including questioned costs..."   Here are a few:

So, why did the Raia-Garcia-Petrosino coalition STARVE the capital reserve and maintenance reserve and STUFF the legal reserve?

The calculation of these surpluses is complicated and interdependent on many factors, complex and amounts change from year to year, and there are rules for transferring money in and out of  reserves- GA is no expert.  But, it is reasonable to ask t he intent and purpose of keeping ZERO reserves for maintenance, almost non for capital projects, and a boated legal reserve.

For the record, here are the surplus amounts from the Hoboken District's 2016-2017 User Friendly budget.  As you can see, the allocation of reserve funds to capital projects and maintenance of aging infrastructure, is responsible.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Closing the Deal

GA note: today's topic is national politics; if any of my dear right-wing readers do not care to suffer the views of a  'libtard' navigate away!  xo

Folks, tomorrow our Electoral College will deliver the U.S. to Vladimir Putin, in a substantially divided and weakened form.

We got played, it's done.

Chaos, division and weakening of our democratic institutions was the goal of the hack.  

Putin correctly calculated that our big, stupid mainstream media would seize on the catnip of leaked email. The drumbeat of leaked email drowned out calls for restraint, proportion, and shockingly, the agreement of 17 independent intelligence agencies that the hack was Russian-sponsored.  Instead, the media drumbeat of stolen DNC email and Trump tweets played Pied Piper to lure journalists away from the corruption of  America's election by Vladimir Putin.

Nothing in Russian intelligence happens outside of the purview of Putin.

Too late.

The Electoral College will not be America's firewall.

Tomorrow they will deliver a president that a majority of us believe is incompetent, who lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes, who takes time to tour the US like a rock star and schmooze Kanye West  but has none for daily national security briefings (says they are "boring"), surrounds himself with policy neophytes, and sets U.S. foreign policy on Twitter....

Dangerous idiot. Trump declaration opens America wide to foreign aggression

This is not funny.   

So why is Putin laughing?  He's won.

If 37 brave Republican souls flip, the vote will be thrown to the House of Representatives, inflaming division in our already-divided country.

If the Electors give Trump his 270, America hurtles into a series of constitutional crises, starting with Trump's refusal to divest himself of his businesses, and put them into a true blind trust.

No matter what, mission accomplished for Vladimir.  This is where we are.  What can we do?

The best revenge to this successful foreign espionage is not ceding to chaos, to remember we are Americans and patriots first,  to protect and defend our Constitution,  to adhere to the rule of law and by doing so, strengthen our Democratic institutions.

Putin did not pick a political side; he aimed at the heart of our American democratic system of government.  Even the most corrupt beneficiaries must acknowledge that next time it may be your party.  

What is needed is immediate (Obama's) declassification of intelligence on the hack, before Trump takes office.

This must be followed by a non-partisan 9-11 style commission to find out what happened, how it happened, including the failure of our own institutions to recognize/prevent the breech of their systems.

It cannot be a Congressional commission, but one that is outside of the influence of any political party.  Wherever the investigation leads, its findings must have the public trust.  

As for President Trump, if he carries on as he has: exposing America to military conflict by provocative  Tweets or refusing to release his tax returns or refusing to fully divest from his business interests into a fully blind trust, (including his hotel in Washington D.C. and hundreds of properties around the world), we must rely on our democratic institutions of government to remove him.

They are our last hope to repudiate Russia's espionage into America's election by Vladimir Putin. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Funeral Parlor Politics

On October 25, 2016 the 501(c)(3) Mason Civic League (MCL) sponsored a discussion forum at a dreary Victorian funeral parlor.  The topic was internet journalism and social media.

Among the attendees seated in the somber viewing chamber was Freeholder Anthony Romano.

October 25, 2016

Three days later on October 28, $9,000 was donated to Romano's BoE slate, Parents United,  by the MCL President Beth Mason,  co-Treasurer Richard Mason and  Weehawken political operative/ MSL co-Treasurer, James Barracato.  This  $9,000 represents 39.6% of the total contributions to Parents United.  One assumes these donations were made with private money, not the  501(c)3's.

And, Beth Mason's $5,400 contribution makes her the largest individual donor to Romano's Parents United political slate.

All of that loot sure came in handy for 115 "GOTV" disbursements.

October 28, 2016

 click on any image below to enlarge