HoLa's Crapademic Attacks Hoboken Schools AGAIN

HoLa Trustee's vomit posted on GA
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Yesterday, idle hands spammed a thread about rising Hoboken District QSAC scores.

Rising scores are a good thing, right?  What kind of person would piss all over elementary school children's progress?   This kind:

Yesterday on GA, under a post about rising QSAC scores, rhetoric lifted from the HoLa Trustee's "education blog" disparaging the District's PARCC scores was gratuitously dropped.

Why do this on a thread about Hoboken district achievement? 

This kind of harmful, negative commentary against Hoboken schools has been spread by HoLa Trustee Petrosino for years.

One internet pseudonym that HoLa's Petrosino used "exclusively," CuriousGal, launched hundreds of attacks on Hoboken District schools from Patch.com discussion threads. These attacks began in 2011, long before any litigation between the districts.

HoLa's administration has done NOTHING to repudiate these attacks nor disassociate themselves from their toxic Trustee, who continues to spew misinformation, insults and attacks on Hoboken district schools.

HoLa's silent endorsement of Trustee Anthony Petrosino has absolutely inflamed relationships between the two districts.

Meanwhile, Hoboken district leaders have maintained quiet dignity while HoLa's Trustee has published attack after attack and seemed to rejoice in the district's setbacks and challenges.

Keep it to yourself, schmuck.   

GA will not host attacks from the Ninth Circle of the University of Texas at Austin located in the

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  1. Do HoLa parents have any idea how Petrosino has antagonized the district for years??? He deserves blame for where things are now.

  2. Dutch boys wear wooden shoes.

  3. GA I have to agree 100 percent with you. Its Petrosino's fault the BOE is in the toliet. Can we sue him?

  4. Such an angry, bitter man.

  5. If Hola is responsible for test scores, Why is it that 36% of hispanic students pass LA and 80% of white students pass LA in Hola?
    ditto MA?

  6. Hola is the 89th percentile not first place. They are 97th percentile in peer group but their demographic comps in their peer group are vastly different.

    see http://www.nj.gov/education/specialed/data/2015.htm

    Interestingly, Hola lists 11 special ed students -the only info listed is for placement purposes and such listing is SLD in the regular classroom 100% of the day= specific learning disability (mildest of handicapping conditions). However, as far as classification is concerned they have 0 classified.

    The district has over 220 special ed kids that range from SLD- profoundly handicapped students in private school outplacement and everything in between. Not only are those expensive costs on the district register, so are their test scores--including those who are outsourced. Yes their scores are attributed to the district school in which they would be originally registered.

    Also check out the Hispanic pass rates.


    In the 30s for 3,4,5 math and 38 for lang arts, while the white scores are 60's to 80.

    If the school is responsible for student scores, why then do they do so poorly with Hispanic students?
    Why isn't anyone doing anything about this????

    This differential would place hola as a focus school due to the high differential in white/Hispanic scores- but charters are not held to such accountability measures.

    1. Wait. They're doing poorly with Hispanic students and their second language, the point of this school, is Spanish?

    2. Well the narrative wouldn't be so "nice" if they had as many Hispanics in the school as the district does. Same goes for special needs kids and free lunch kids. Heck, none of the parents who opted for HoLa over private school would ever send their precious spawn to HoLa if the demographics of that school mirrored the wider district.

    3. Maybe kids just have different abilities?
      With such a wide spread, it seems children are responsible for their scores, not the school.
      I don't think Hola separates the students by race in the classroom and they have no ELL students so what else could it be?
      Each child has their strengths and weaknesses.

    4. Are you suggesting we credit the school when students do well and blame the students when they do poorly?

    5. I am suggesting the student is responsible for their test outcome.how else could such differences in holas scores be explained?

    6. What a convenient argument. The student is to blame if they score poorly at HoLa - but the BOE is to blame if they score poorly at a district school.

  7. 12:04,

    I have no idea what goes on at Hola,and I'm not saying that I believe any of the options I list below, but here are some *possible* ways to explain the discrepancy:

    1) The Caucasian kids come from wealthier families, have tutors when they need extra help, and get all kinds of outside-of-school benefits that the Latin kids don't. The richer kids do better because of their families. The poorer kids do worse because @100% of their education comes from their school, which really isn't all that good.

    2) Poorer, minority children from families who can't donate much to the school are not embraced at Hola. The kids are marginalized in the classsrooms, their questions and needs ignored, while the students from richer families get all the attention.

    3) It just so happens that the bulk of Caucasian kids at Hola are great students, while the bulk of Latin children aren't.

    1. It seems you are suggesting that the student environment and resources strongly impact test outcomes and that the school is not capable of fully overcoming such impacts: where they are too strong to overcome.

      It seems logical and in agreement with scientific research but such explanation flies in the face of those who seek to bash schools that serve large amounts of children with such difficult issues.

  8. Stating the obvious, our charter schools have been positioned to operate more like private schools. Petrosino can boast all day long about the strong metrics at HoLa but as stated above, you see the disparity between the demographics. If you look at the two other charter schools - Elysian and Hoboken Charter - you see the same thing in terms of demographics - significantly overweighted with white students and under weighted with economically disadvantaged. Hoboken Charter - 51% white, 27% Economically Disadvantaged. http://www.state.nj.us/education/pr/1415/80/806720930.pdf Elysian - a whopping 68% white! and 13.5% disadvantaged. http://www.state.nj.us/education/pr/1415/80/806420925.pdf

    All of their schoolwide performance reflects an underweighting of at risk students. If the schools had demographics that were more reflective of our district, I'd be curious what their performance metrics would actually be. I would hope and assume that it would be higher than that of the district schools - that is the whole premise behind charter schools - to offer a different and more targeted approach to learning than traditional schools.

    As a community, we should be demanding that school lotteries in all cases require an outcome that matches the demographics of our population. Like with what we are seeing in the lower grades - and here I mean through 1st grade - we are starting to see a greater balance of diversity as more newer entrants (that are mostly white and affluent) stay longer in Hoboken. Overtime, as Hoboken School Superintendent Johnston has said, she will be targeting a district wide goal of having a model urban school.

    An urban school under any definition is not all white. If the charter schools want to keep a more affluent, all white student profile, then they should not be publicly funded. They should be privately funded. Hoboken residents cannot have their cake and eat it too - exclusive education costs money. And those who want it should pay for it.

    If they don't want to pay for it then they should be doing everything they can to make sure that their school reflects the demographic (and socioeconomic) make up of our community. Any other outcome is not acceptable.

    And... about those other two charter schools... Hopefully people can see why the litigation relating to HoLa is so important. It was BECAUSE they tried to expand that the district responded to. All of the charter schools were established with the requirement that they not have a discriminatory or segregatory impact on the district schools. Unfortunately there is no check and balance for this other than when a charter school wants to expand. Which is what HoLa did. If Elysian decided to expand, I would hope the DEA would do a better job of reviewing the demographic data than they did for HoLa.


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