Dishonest Crapademic 'Fudges' Hoboken District Demographics

Another phony graph on the HoLa Trustee's "education blog"

GA prefers not to be the Texas Truth-Twister's ombudsman, but his latest cyber-turd must be flushed.

Yesterday, GA posted 'apples-to-apples' Hola/ Hoboken District demographic data to refute this cyber-turd on that discredited "education blog":
"The demographic differences between Hola and the Hoboken School District at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades are minimal..."   
Ummm, no they are not. That is why GA posted the NJDOE's own demographic charts.

In response, the Texas Truth-Twister excreted a new cyber-turd on his "education blog"- the above "Grades K-5" graph.

That graph is lying. 

In fact the Truth-Twister's graph is a cyber-turd of mammoth proportions.

Allow GA to correct it for you.  Here it is- corrections are in red:  

CORRECTED by GA.  Petrosino got every fact wrong- see data below.

My methodology is simple. It's called "arithmetic."

Here's the data, taken directly from the NJDOE website.  Check my work, people.  Unlike the Truth-Twister, I post my source data, he "interprets" it.

click graphs to read

Remember, if you do your own calculations, use the total # of district students, and totals for each demographic group.  Calculate each as a percentage of the whole.  Do the same for Free and Reduced Lunch.  

It's simple math. You don't have to be a Truth-Twister from the University of Texas at Austin (Netherlands campus) to figure it out.

The 'tell' that Petrosino's bullshitting you is how he lumps blacks and Hispanics together.  

Ask yourself...

Why wouldn't a Spanish- English Dual language school want to show its Hispanic demographic?

Because the school is only 29% Hispanic. 

That is far below the district's Hispanic student population (50.7%) and far below the 50-50 English/Spanish demographic the program purported to have when it applied for its charter.

Why aren't more Hispanic children in the program when Hoboken has a substantial Hispanic population?

And why does Petrosino lump blacks and Hispanics together?

They are two distinct demographic groups.  They should not be treated like "those people."  GA won't use the 'R' word that comes to mind.

GA note: Yes, he's an idiot. Yes, his "education blog" is discredited.  But, Petrosino's fudged data will end up in the mouths of current and future BoE candidates and/or be disseminated citywide by Dark Side tools like Al Sullivan.   So, that is why it's necessary to flush Petrosino's cyber-turds before they stink up the Hoboken zeitgeist. 


  1. It is pretty obvious Petro is stalking your site but it is also obvious the man is pretty pathetic at trying to twist the stats to serve his political agenda the way you consistently keep schooling him. Perhaps you should be the professor? lol

  2. Why are you leaving out the 73.3 percent white students from brandt?

    1. You mean Brandt Pre-K. Are 3 and 4 year-olds taking PARCC exams now? No, they aren't. The goal posts keep moving in this discussion because you don't like the results. Here is the issue: Petrosino compared the district's PARCC scores unfavorably to HoLa's. Hence, those are the student populations in this discussion. Let me know when the district's 3 and 4 year olds take the PARCC, I'll add them.

    2. He knows ,as does everyone else, that hola does not have a similar composition of students.
      He fools no one.

  3. You posted K - 5th grade. Brandt has K and 1st grade. That is why I asked.

    1. The 2014-2015 Performance report for Brandt shows "PK-K." That is the most current report online, where you got your "73.3%" from. Was first grade added last year? This year? Do first graders take the PARCC?
      The parameters keep changing in this discussion of district elementary school PARCC performance. Since others have disparaged the district PARCC scores- one schmuck and his acolytes- that is where the discussion stays.

    2. Elementary school = PreK-5

    3. elementary is k-5 or k-6- and falls under k-12 laws.
      Prek is not park of k-12 laws or funding
      Pre-k has its own laws and funding.

  4. I ran the numbers with Brandt school plus Wallace, Conners & Calabro.

    Hoboken District
    White 39% (+20% HoLa)
    Black 13% (-9.6 HoLa)
    Hispanic 39% (-10% Hola)
    Other 7% (+0.5% HoLa)
    FRL 55% (-43.3% HoLa)

    Not exactly the story Petro is selling.

  5. 43% FRL disparity with brant, and 56% FRL disparity without. shocking.

    separate, not equal.

  6. There seems to be more discussion about demographics than why is Hoboken ranked 346th

    1. Translation: stop talking about all this shooting and bombing and tell us about the war.

    2. Since when is Patch a credible source? Has anyone looked at the actual data? Those idiots said Hoboken schools were more "dangerous" than Camden's.

    3. DangCatfish- Patch never said more dangerous than Camden. They said higher rate of violence and vandalism than Camden.

    4. Anon 7:22- In case yours is an actual comment not more malevolence from the Hate Squad, the NJ State Summary of PARCC "expected or met expectations" by race, gender, socioeconomic group is linked below.

    5. 8:17- That worthless, inaccurate Patch article ranking "most violent" school districts? That's been completely debunked:

      Patch cherry-picked data from the 2012-2013 NJDOE Commissioner's report on "Violence, Vandalism and Substance Abuse in New Jersey Schools" .

      The Patch poll EXCLUDED:
      1. Weapons incidents: guns, knives, etc.
      2. Drug use/sale/possession incidents: 'crack' cocaine, 'weed', alcohol, etc.
      3. Vandalism
      4. Bullying
      5. Districts with less than 500 students
      6. Charter schools
      7. Districts that do not have High Schools
      8. Patch only used "Violence" incidents

      In other words, it was crap. I posted the full NJDOE data with the post.

  7. It's time for Petrosino to give up the ghost. Yes, you were fired. Get over it and stop this incessant pounding of the public school system in Hoboken. Just keep in mind that you collected two paychecks from two very distant states and you have not yet been prosecuted for that. The statue of limitations may have run out on your crime and hopefully it will run out on you. Get lost and stay in Texas.

  8. Doesn't this dude have anything else to do? Austin is awesome, go eat some bbq and explore the music scene. In other words: you got canned in Hoboken and continually exposed here for fraudulent positions, get a live.

    1. oops: life (not live). ;)

  9. Why doesn't hola cut this troublemaker loose? parents should be aware of the negative attention he's bringing to the school. There must be a good reason he got fired.

    1. Petrosino worked his first year without a contract, 2007-2008. He got a contract at the END of the 2008-2009 term after Reform swept and the writing was on the wall for a Reform majority, a setup to sue the district when his contract was not-renewed with "sufficient notice." He sued, LOST and was ordered to PAY BACK the district.

  10. What's sad is his sister is a special ed teacher in the district. She's a lovely person, so kind. I won't post her name. She's suffered enough embarrassment because of her brother.

    1. That's a shame. My mom was a public school teacher in NYC, 5th grade. I know how hard our teachers work.


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