Taxpayer-Subsidized Fishing Trip

Before David Liebler was ejected from an October 2015 Hoboken City Council meeting for disorderly conduct, he published this cartoon on Hoboken411.

His cartoon follows a familiar Liebler-theme; the mayors husband- not the mayor, is "driving the bus."

Finding evidence that Liebler's opinion about Grossbard is true- that he is secretly conducting government business- is at the center of David A. Lieber v City of Hoboken, Mayor Zimmer, et. al.. Liebler's litigation is a thinly veiled  discovery fishing trip as outlined in the above "joint discovery proposal."    

Liebler's claim is that his First Amendment Rights were violated when he was was not allowed to finish his public remarks on and was escorted out of the October 21, 2015 council meeting.

The City claims Liebler was disorderly, would not obey requests made by the Council President, became belligerent, began yelling and had to be removed.

The topic of Liebler's public remarks was a story about Grossbard published in Politico after 4 o'clock that same afternoon.  Apparently Politico obtained discovery emails leaked by Carmelo Garcia from his "Ethnic Cleansing" lawsuit; Carmelo was in the process of losing his 6th Ward council election and wanted to shake up the race. It was a stunt dropped before the meeting, so the press would be there to record political operative Perry Belfiore, who brought hard copies of the leaked Grossbard emails, to read into the record. Belfiore become disorderly when he was stopped from reading the unverified leaked email out loud, and was escorted out by police.

All Grossbard, all the time.

You give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the Grossbard. 
Why does Liebler need Grossbard's emails to litigate the alleged breech of his First Amendment rights?

Why does Liebler need the mayor's emails with her husband?

What do Grossbard's emails have to do with Liebler's disorderly conduct that forced his removal from the public meeting?

Finally, why are Hoboken taxpayers forced to subsidized this politically-motivated drek?  


  1. Didn't a judge call Perry Belfiore a bigot ?

  2. So the fake names and horrible comments belong to Anthony Petrosino, Sara Stokovich and her husband Branko, and husband and wife team Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal?? Is that correct??

  3. This is barely English. Perhaps you should find another hobby. Breech? (it's "breach" honey). October 15, 215 (not even the right date). I would answer your hypothetical questions but given your inability to grasp the English language you will not understand.

    1. Anon, please I KNOW you can overcome my horrible broken English, tragic spelling errors and careless typos to answer my hypothetical questions! Even one! Come on... if you say you "would" answer them, I promise I will get an English Language tutor, a translator and any other consultants I need to understand your answers!

      Unless of course, my hypothetical questions were perfectly clear and you have no answers! Which is it, Anon?

    2. I totally agree with 11:59!!

      I find it impossible to even guess what year 215 could be. I too am using that as the candy-ass basis for not answering your hypotheticals.

      #Winning #CandyAssesUnite


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