Closing the Deal

GA note: today's topic is national politics; if any of my dear right-wing readers do not care to suffer the views of a  'libtard' navigate away!  xo

Folks, tomorrow our Electoral College will deliver the U.S. to Vladimir Putin, in a substantially divided and weakened form.

We got played, it's done.

Chaos, division and weakening of our democratic institutions was the goal of the hack.  

Putin correctly calculated that our big, stupid mainstream media would seize on the catnip of leaked email. The drumbeat of leaked email drowned out calls for restraint, proportion, and shockingly, the agreement of 17 independent intelligence agencies that the hack was Russian-sponsored.  Instead, the media drumbeat of stolen DNC email and Trump tweets played Pied Piper to lure journalists away from the corruption of  America's election by Vladimir Putin.

Nothing in Russian intelligence happens outside of the purview of Putin.

Too late.

The Electoral College will not be America's firewall.

Tomorrow they will deliver a president that a majority of us believe is incompetent, who lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes, who takes time to tour the US like a rock star and schmooze Kanye West  but has none for daily national security briefings (says they are "boring"), surrounds himself with policy neophytes, and sets U.S. foreign policy on Twitter....

Dangerous idiot. Trump declaration opens America wide to foreign aggression

This is not funny.   

So why is Putin laughing?  He's won.

If 37 brave Republican souls flip, the vote will be thrown to the House of Representatives, inflaming division in our already-divided country.

If the Electors give Trump his 270, America hurtles into a series of constitutional crises, starting with Trump's refusal to divest himself of his businesses, and put them into a true blind trust.

No matter what, mission accomplished for Vladimir.  This is where we are.  What can we do?

The best revenge to this successful foreign espionage is not ceding to chaos, to remember we are Americans and patriots first,  to protect and defend our Constitution,  to adhere to the rule of law and by doing so, strengthen our Democratic institutions.

Putin did not pick a political side; he aimed at the heart of our American democratic system of government.  Even the most corrupt beneficiaries must acknowledge that next time it may be your party.  

What is needed is immediate (Obama's) declassification of intelligence on the hack, before Trump takes office.

This must be followed by a non-partisan 9-11 style commission to find out what happened, how it happened, including the failure of our own institutions to recognize/prevent the breech of their systems.

It cannot be a Congressional commission, but one that is outside of the influence of any political party.  Wherever the investigation leads, its findings must have the public trust.  

As for President Trump, if he carries on as he has: exposing America to military conflict by provocative  Tweets or refusing to release his tax returns or refusing to fully divest from his business interests into a fully blind trust, (including his hotel in Washington D.C. and hundreds of properties around the world), we must rely on our democratic institutions of government to remove him.

They are our last hope to repudiate Russia's espionage into America's election by Vladimir Putin. 


  1. 2.8 million, GA, unless my pre-coffee haze is worse than I think it is.

  2. Well said, agree 100%.


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