Hoboken's Fake News

America is just learning how fake news can influence election outcomes.

Russia planted fake news on social media hosts Google and Facebook which got lapped up on Alt-Right web sites then injected into the mainstream by a Tweeting Orange.

This is nothing new to Mile Square residents. Our elections have been influenced by fake news for years.

It's true.

Hoboken once had its own thriving Pravda, a venue for fake news posted specifically to effect election outcomes. Pravda's editor was seduced by a mainstream journalist, and for a time both were highly influential in writing/publishing political messaging under the banner of "community news."  Not opinion- news.

Hoboken's Pravda pumped out fake news to weaken the Zimmer administration and clear the path for her political opponents.

Fake news illustrating a fake news article

Immediately prior to elections, the fake news became more "huge",  more strident, the objective to "widen the gap of the "close" races as the undecideds decide."

The following exchange took place 9 days before Hoboken's May 10, 2011 municipal election.

It appears the Pravda Team were cautious not to "place [themselves] or the candidates in jeopardy" in the final days before an election.

This exchange took place 5 days before the May 10th municipal election.  

 Start where it says  "START HERE"

It can be very hard to distinguish fake news from actual news.  This is because of the fake news technique, censorship;  any information which dilutes the fake news narrative or undermines it at all must go!   That's how fascism operates.  The fake news allows only information which favors the desired election outcome,  keeps the reigns of power in desired hands, and strikes at persons who threaten that election outcome.

This email exchange illustrates the fake news technique of censorship; a proposed "action plan" to remove videos of public meetings for  Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Fake news purveyors will target any media that threaten their political objectives;  they refer to them as "political enemies."

Fake news purveyors punish sympathizers with enemy."  Team Pravda made a habit of identifying "political enemies."

This sympathizer was identified in 2009.  In 2012 he was thrown into the Bajardi SLAPP suit  along with other known "political enemies."

It is truly frightening how successful Russia's fake news juggernaut was in influencing our national election.

It is truly amazing how Hoboken's fake news juggernaut collapsed under its own hubris, greed and ambition.


  1. Great deflection!! Lets change the subject away from Hola. That news is probably fake anyway.

    1. Deflection? No.

      I've been writing this and had no idea that thread blew up.

    2. There really is nothing left to say about that cesspool of self dealing. Let's talk about something else - like the fake news.

  2. lane and perry spend an inordinate number of hours strategizing and maneuvering, and for what? not only have they lost any credibility they might have had, but one of them also lost a SLAPP suit and is suffering wages garnishments.

    yeah, um, what's that again about karma, lane????

    complete asshats.

  3. Yes! The return of the gift that keeps on giving, the emails!

  4. I LOVE THE EMAILS!!! I also love how much time they wasted on a failed candidate.

  5. Fake news definitely tells you you who is on the losing end of public opinion. Mason, Russo & HoLa - all backers of fake news - all losers. None can stand up honest evaluation and none have a lick of integrity.


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