Fake News from the Netherlands

Hide.me!  Hide.me!

It's a pattern.   GA will get a visit from Deutschland or the Netherlands, and a day later, Fake News pops up on the HoLa Trustee's "education" blog.  Next, GA debunks his Fake News, and he'll skulk off back into his hole. If he's been wounded, he'll post an academic work as if to prove "I'm not really a hack".

On December 9th and 10th, GA got visits from the Netherlands campus of the University of Texas at Austin, and the next day- SPLAT!   A turd landed on his "education" blog.

It's tedious, folks.

I don't plan on debunking every Fake News excretion, but today's is a continuation of a recent bout of Petrosino-Fake News diarrhea. Yes, this HoLa Fraud pumped out yet another FAKE NEWS attack on Hoboken District schools.

Today's fake news is a spin-off from recently debunked fake news: Petrosino's district/HoLa demographics chart- the one he stuffed with extra white people and a black-Hispanic hybrid-race.

Well, GA pretty much blew his ass out of the water, because my numbers were taken directly from NJ-DOE performance reports which I posted.

If the HoLa's Fake Newsman has backed off the hallucinatory assertion there are "minimal differences" between district and HoLa's white/black/Hispanic percentages, he has not backed off on his "minimal"  FRL  fantasy.

GA already calculated the Free and Reduced Lunch percentage from the 2014-2015 NJ-DOE performance report; it is 68% for the district.  

On December 11, a day after the HoLa Fraud snuck in from the Netherlands, he posted ," Falling FRL (Free or Reduced Lunch) Eligibility- Hoboken at 49% not 75% or 80%."

Um, no it's not "49%."

And no one said the FRL was  "75% or 80%" district-wide.  I can show the math, if you like.

But, what makes this fake news 'special' is that on March 17,  his fake news proclaimed that "non-poverty" families were fleeing from the district leaving a majority of "Free and Reduced Lunch" students in the district! (That fake news was accompanied by the usual homemade, purposefully-indecipherable graphs to razzle-dazzle the layperson.)

Umm... that's kinda the OPPOSITE of his new Fake News about "Falling FRL Eligibility- Hoboken at 49% not 75% or 80%."

Clearly, this crapademic lives in the moment. Whatever antagonistic narrative the moment demands, he will pluck one out of his arse (after reading GA) for a fresh, Fake News dispatch.

He's not working alone.  Once his fake news is published, the HoLa Turd Squad will fly over and carpet bomb GA.  ping ping ping!

It's all quite silly, but we live in a Post-Truth Era- a  Fake News era, and Fake News smear-merchants who attack our schools must be exposed.


  1. GA-- took me some time but I think the 49% is district wide and the "shiity graph" is parsed by grade-- both can be true especially with the enrollment skewed toward the earlier, non-FRL population. Isnt that possible?

    1. No, it is not. I've run those numbers, and can post. Yes, the shitty homemade graph- nearly indecipherable- on the March post is parsed by grade- and?

      The 49% number is district wide- I know Petro lifted it straight from an ELC chart allegedly sourcing 2013-2014 NJDOE performance reports. The dishonest creep Petro can source the current data, NJDOE performance reports 2014-2015- but he doesn't.

      Now, if I cannot comment on YOUR blog, stay off of mine. This isn't Patch, you are in my house.

    2. He is definitely insinuating there is a dramatic reduction in poorer kids in the higher grades. How the hell did he get a job in academia? He twists facts more than Trump does.

    3. 6:19- I don't know but one day his worlds will collide. I cannot believe the Dean of his school isn't aware of his double life as a political shill. He is a disgrace, just as self-destructive as a certain SLAPPing duo.

    4. Yes, he is quite the curious gal with his twisted out of context facts and shilling.


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