Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Liver Blues

Mason Civic League violates Hoboken City § 110-45?

A reader sent this photo with a message:
Visual pollution. I saw four taped to street lights along the waterfront from 13th to 14th. It looked like she hired a tall third grader to put them up.
Indeed, reader!  Unless of course, the signs were authorized by "the owner of said pole."  

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Greatest Sacrifice

Prayers for the souls of our nation's heroes, and for their families.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Liebtigious Liebler: "You are risking... the biggest lawsuit this town has ever done"

David Liebler  and Chris Campos at the front lines of the August 4, 2014 HHA meeting to terminate ED Carmelo Garcia's contract  (source for video stills  MSV)  

In retrospect, now that David Liebler is suing the City of Hoboken for allegedly "depriv[ing] Plaintiff of his right [to political free speech] through the use of censorship, intimidation and physical force...it is reasonable to look back at Plaintiff Liebler's conduct at public meetings when he was not allegedly "deprived" of speaking time.

Has Liebler respected the mandated time allotment?

Has Liebler respected the orders of the Chairperson?

The transcript of the August 4, 2014, HHA meeting  (resolution to terminate HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia's contract)  shows us the answers to those questions are "NO" and "NO."

You will see for yourself Liebler's response to Chairwoman Wefer when she said, "Your time is up.  Wrap it up:"
"I'll wrap it up when I am finished."
A reasonable person watching this and other Liebler speaking appearances- and his lack of self-control: shouting, yelling, refusing to obey the order of the person running the meeting-  might come to the same conclusion.

Looking back at Plaintiffs' disregard for rules of order, it's no big surprise that Liebler got his ass booted out of the October 21, 2015 Hoboken City Council meeting- for disorderly conduct.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Live from Washington Street

A reader texted me these pictures yesterday:
Look who's marching together!

 Look who's in the crowd!!

Thank you, reader!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Carmelo's "public relations" pitchman

On or before July 3, 2013, the date of the email below, Hoboken politico David Liebler "volunteered his time" to Carmelo Garcia for his "public relations campaign for Vision 2020."

One week later, on July 10, 2013, Liebler came to the Hoboken City Council meeting garbed in a Vision 20/20 t-shirt to "set the record straight" for Carmelo Garcia.   The back of his t-shirt: "We Can We Will, Watch Us."

At the podium, Liebler did not identify himself as a "public relations campaign volunteer."

Instead,  disingenuously represented himself  as a "visitor to the HHA" where he "got this free t-shirt."

Does it matter whether Liebler has made other Hoboken City Council appearances as a "public relations campaign volunteer" for a special interest--without disclosing that to the public?

GA asks because Liebler is suing the City of Hoboken for "silencing his political speech" at the City Council podium on the night of October 21, 2015.  Was it "political speech" or pre-election strategy coordinated with Carmelo Garcia, the Grossbard email leaker, to derail Reform's slate of candidates on the eve of the 2015 municipal elections?

GA thinks that's an avenue to explore during discovery.

Email communications, text messages, phone records; that's all fair game in discovery, to find out when or if Liebler ever "quit" using the City Council podium to advance the interests of Carmelo Garcia?  

Bear in mind, Liebler's October 21, 2015 eruption happened because he was stopped from discussing Carmelo's Grossbard-email leak.  

As a Hoboken taxpayer who will  bear the cost of the City's defense, this ridiculous lawsuit is a matter of public interest and public concern.

In GA's opinion, the lawsuit is so disingenuous; it entirely omits Liebler's public persona as a Hoboken political activist, campaign volunteer, online commenter and political satirist/cartoonist.

GA predicts the defense will have a field day with these omissions during discovery.

click image to read
Liebler's "Political Comics" posted on Pinterest 

They can, they will, WATCH THEM!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HHA Living for Friends vs. Foes

left:  HHA resident "Save TheProjects" activist, Jessica Coco, right: HHA General Counsel Charles Daglian and  Executive Director Carmelo Garcia

Back in the day, and once upon a time....

Word on the street alleged that an HHA apartment- providing one or evicting a tenant- was done at the sole discretion of Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

True or false?

Until Garcia's 'ethnic cleansing' lawsuits opened a  Pandora's Box of Secrets (a.k.a. thousands of emails left on HHA servers), there was no objective documentary evidence to support these allegations.  

Then Garcia's 'ethnic cleansing' lawsuits pulled back the curtain.

Further, the extent of HHA General Counsel Charles Daglian's cooperation with the will of HHA Executive Director Garcia was heretofore unknown.  Ironically, Garcia's civil rights complaint has exposed questionable actions impacting the civil rights of HHA tenants and applicants.

In the words of a melting Witch: "Oh, what a world!"

In this case, Carmelo Garcia has thrown the water on himself to melt under his own hubris.

That is my OPINION.

So, draw your own conclusions from objective documentary evidence, uncovered in Garcia's ethnic cleansing" litigation.  What follows are two examples: the first concerns a "foe," the other, a "friend."

EXAMPLE #1  -  Garcia's communications re: the tenancy of an HHA resident well-known for criticizing ED Garcia and his redevelopment proposal Vision 20/20.


 On September 3, 2013:    


 File attachment 201309031551.pdf

EXAMPLE #2  -  Garcia's communications  re: the proposed tenancy of a client of Chris Campos, The man jumps to #1 on the waiting list for a 2-bedroom apartment with no more than an Affidavit signed by Campos, and without proof of past Hoboken residency (living temporarily with relatives).  GA has redacted his name and personal information.


On February 3, 2012:  HHA staff receives Campos' Affidavit on behalf of an applicant for HHA Housing.  She writes "based on the facts they provided, I don't think they qualify for Hoboken residence preference."

AFFIDAVIT (excerpt)

On February 13, 2012:  HHA staff notifies Garcia she had received the Campos Affidavit, and the applicant is #1 on the wait list.   She asks "should he now get a letter."

On February 15, 2012:  Garcia asks Daglian to "provide an opinion that would allow us to accept this certification as proof to offer the applicant an interview for future housing."

On February 15, 2012:  Daglian's legal opinion on Campos' Affidavit: "under our requirements a person has to be a resident of Hoboken...  in each residency he does not supply any objective documentation to support these claims...  he did reside with these people for a couple of months."

Daglian Legal Opinion

In GA's opinion,  Daglian wiggles like a belly dancer.

How does Daglian reconcile these two statements:  (1) "in each residency he does not supply any objective documentation to support these claims... " with  (2) "he did reside with these people for a couple of months."

How does Daglian know where the applicant resided without "any objective documentation?"

Well, the HHA General Counsel did as he was told.

Friends ( left to right:) Chris Campos, Matt Calicchio, Carmelo Garcia, Peter Belfiore, and Anthony Romano.

Monday, May 23, 2016

GA says, "zank you, Augie"

GA was pleased to see the Emeritus of New Jersey political commentary, Agustin "Augie" Torres, mention this blog in his Saturday column (albeit in Svedish):

Zank you, Augie!

read column HERE

Torres called  "NJ Senator Weinberg, Mason host Sweeney in Fulop's backyard", "interesting stuff," hinting cryptically: "there is some collateral damage."

Not yet, Augie!

There are 18 days until June 9, the day Steve Sweeney's Super PAC, New Jerseyans for a Better Tomorrow fundraiser is hosted at the "also known as" address of  a 501 (c)3, The Mason Civic League, Inc.

18 days is plenty of time to prevent "collateral damage" to the co-host of a PAC's  mega-bucks fundraiser at the registered address of a 501(c)3.

left: Mason Civic League e-Postcard IRS return for 2014  right: Sweeney Super PAC Hoboken Fundraiser invitation

GuideStar USA, Inc., a 501(c)3,  has a database of  1.9 million U.S. nonprofit companies.

As GA noted before, taxpayers subsidize the operation of charities like The Mason Civic League.

So, from a taxpayer's perspective,  a tax-exempt 501(c)3 is a  highly unusual venue for a big bucks Super PAC fundraiser.   Particularly when that 501(c)3 files e-Postcard returns to the IRS, and taxpayers cannot SEE what they are subsidizing. Oh yeah, on December 30, 2015 Mason dropped $40K on New Jerseyans for a Better Future.

So, to repeat, it seems to me there is plenty of time for NJ Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg  to dodge incoming shrapnel. Hint: change the venue.

Hoboken has lovely restaurants- too many to name!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Romano tells Kids First: "Petrosino's an asshole..."

Folks, this is weird.

Yesterday at 6:30 pm, GA got a phone call from the same guy/girl who had promised that Anthony 'Stick' Romano would write a statement repudiating Anthony Petrosino's attacks on the Hoboken School District.  The caller had told me Stick was "outraged" by the lies Petrosino was spreading about our schools on his "education" blog.

As GA told you, the caller did not like Stick in a tutu ("Stick-a-rina"), and wanted me to take down the image.

So, last night's caller left a vm:
"Hi, that's coming tonight. Stick just got tied up the bar with some mechanical problems at the bar. That's coming tonight."

At around 8:30 PM a friend texted me from a fundraiser in Hoboken..
Stick and Peter are trying to get into the gala. They didn't buy tickets. Sold out. 170 people.  They're holding them at the door. Lol. They have their wallets out. Moths coming out of Stick's. 
This morning, a Kids First member (and former BoE Trustee) who attended the fundraiser gave me this rundown:
About 30 minutes into the event, Peter Biancamano tried to get in at the door.  The event was sold out and he was gracefully refused entry.  He hung around the upper lobby for about an hour, talking on his cell.  He tried several times to enter.  No dice.  After about an hour (maybe more) he got in with Stick.  I saw them both walking around, but not together.  I was talking with two other Kids First members.  Stick approached us and tried to clink his glass. One waved him off.  He tried to clink my glass so I looked him in the eye and said, “How’s your friend, Petrosino?”  That set him off like a Roman candle!  He got really aggravated. Stick said "He's an asshole... his whole family is upset with him." So I said, "Why don’t you tell that to Nancy?  I don’t care what his family says, I’d like to read a statement from you.”  Stick said that he will provide you with a statement, he has it, and that I’ll have to apologize to him.  I told him after I read his statement." Then Stick walked away.
We crossed paths later and he told me that he was "very busy" today then rattled off a bunch of events he attended – J.C., Hoboken, etc.  Stick said he’d send his statement to you by midnight.  He called Petrosino an asshole (again).  He said "Petro’s own family works in the school district, do you know that?"  He made like he had a written statement in his pocket and reached for it.   (yeah, right)  I said I’m not interested in your document,  I said I want to see it posted online.
Maybe Stick meant "by midnight" of 2017?

Really, GA's got a statute of limitations on ballerina take-downs... the window of opportunity won't stay open forever, Freeholder Romano!

Well, speaking of the DEVIL Petrosino... GA cant keep up with all of the LIES he spews about Hoboken District public schools.

One LIE Dr. Crapademic has been chanting like a mantra is that "district enrollment is going down."

Umm... no.  It is NOT.  

You don't need a PhD to look up Hoboken district enrollment; Google "NJDOE District Enrollment."
It's not that complicated.

But Crapasino makes it  sound complicated- that's the idea.

Has District enrollment gone down since 2010?  Take a look:

click image to read

 Are we clear on that?

NY Daily News: Bhalla invites Trump bigot to lunch

Read the entire NY  Daily News article HERE

Yeah, Ravi!

GA respects the way Ravi handled himself here, with dignity and ( undeserved) kindness.

It seems Bhalla is trying to turn a racist Trump moron's Tweet into a 'teaching moment.'

That's all noble and good. But...

Taking this moron- a stranger- to lunch is putting himself at personal risk. As a husband and father, Ravi should not be making lunch dates with racist lunatics.  I mean it.   Anyone who would attach their name and photo to that kind of militantly racist commentary is way off the spectrum of  'normal.'  Before any such meeting ever takes place,  this creep should be thoroughly checked out, to make sure he doesn't have a criminal record.

Those are my two cents!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hot Air, Ballerinas and Crickets

There's been a little blow-back from yesterday's post; the one depicting Anthony 'Stick' Romano as a ballerina dancing on a devilish Crapademic's (Pinocchio) nose.

The private dancer graphic is GA's visual commentary that Stick is colluding with smear-merchant, Anthony "I shit on Hoboken Public Schools" Petrosino against the Hoboken District Public Schools.  The "private dancer" metaphor is how Stick Romano wants to be perceived- "above it all," a "nice guy-" who pirouettes gracefully while his Texas hit squad fires on our schools, teachers and children.

That was the premise of the post; GA's reasonable belief that Stick and Petrosino are colluding to manufacture harmful narratives about the the Hoboken District schools so they can blame fictitious "failure" on Reform management.

Is GA's belief correct?

Well, I got a call last night from SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless) vehemently denying the accuracy of my post.

"Why didn't you talk to Stick first?" he/she said.

The caller used words like "outrage" and "asshole" to describe Anthony Petrosino and his unrelenting attacks on the Hoboken District School System. The caller said that Petrosino's childhood friends ("Raslowsky") and his own siblings were upset by their brother's attacks on Hoboken's public schools,  that no one could understand why he was doing this. The caller agreed when I said that Petrosino needs to be shunned by the decent people of our community. The caller said that Stick had nothing to do with the attacks written by Petrosino on his "education" blog. The caller named HoLa Board members who wanted to kick Petrosino off their board but couldn't because he was "with Frank Raia."  The caller asked me to remove the ballerina.  A couple of times.

Okay, I replied.  That all sounds good, so if I was wrong about Stick, if he is not colluding with Petrosino, I would change the ballerina graphic accordingly.   That's fair.   But  to do so, I needed a statement from Stick Romano repudiating Anthony Petrosino for his unrelenting attacks and LIES about the Hoboken District Public Schools.

From the heart.

What should it say?  the caller asked.

I said it should be longer than 5 words.

The caller asked for my email and promised that Stick would write the statement repudiating Petrosino's attacks on schools, teachers and children after his Hudson County Planning Board meeting.

I forwarded my personal email.

And....  here's what Stick has to say publicly about Anthony Petrosino's vicious attacks on the Hoboken District Public Schools:

GA knows the difference between a gust of wind and smoke blown up my ass.

Maybe Stick  Romano will change his mind and stand up for the teachers and children of the Hoboken District Public Schools.


Until then:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dr. Crap's Private Dancer

Beloved, uber-successful HHS Theatre Arts Teacher Danielle Miller advances HHS actors to national and statewide competitions- while Anthony "I shit on Hoboken District Schools" Petrosino stays silent, churns out more, more, more attacks on Hoboken District children  and teachers. 

In the words of Stick Romano at "Monarch Man" Biancamano's September 17, 2015 campaign Kickoff....

"This is a war"

Who knew that in 2016, Stick and his cabal would launch the dirtiest kind of war: on the children of the Hoboken Public School District.

Dr. Anthony "I Shit on Hoboken Public Schools for Giggles" Petrosino is Anthony Romano's political operative.  

Don't believe it?

Petrosino and Romano outed their alliance in the "Big Oops Scandal.  You knowwhen Dr. WeEvil added Romano and his cabal, including sitting Board Trustees, as "with" his vicious Facebook attack on the Hoboken district.  


And when GA notified the public about the cabal's exposure, the post went *poof.*

So, you may ask: what does the  "Dr." do for Romano?

Dr. Crap's observable assignment is to fling poo at the Hoboken School District, in particular the faction who fired him in 2009.  And the collateral damage?  The kids who hear adults repeat his lies- GA can tell you all about that from personal experience.

Dr. Cretin has no conscience about throwing  them under the bus.

What exactly is his goal?

GA can give you 69 million reasons.  

It is not rocket science.

Dr. WeEvil's unrelenting attacks on District children are in service of cronies, who want to "take back" the Hoboken School Board. All the way back....  to the bad old days of emptying school coffers for personal expenses (junkets to Atlantic City, Steakhouse dinners, $48K expense for cell phone accounts, 1050 employees on the payroll, petty cash account drained of thousands, no invoices or evidence of approval on numerous LARGE contracts...)

Who was on the 'bad old days' Hoboken School Board?

Anthony Romano.

Who hired "Dr." Petrosino? 

Anthony Romano!  Along with his cronies on the Hoboken School Board!

GA already told you that the Romano-Petrosino School Board didn't keep a ledger of payroll...

The Romano-Petrosino school board didn't follow check-signing protocol, making it possible for "unauthorized payments..."

And you know... when a District School Board doesn't "keep books," unethical transfers of money OUT of BOE funds allocated to Charter Schools happen. 

Ask Stick.  The audit shows he was a BoE Trustee the year of the Charter allocations transfer. 

Now you know why Crapasino and his private dancer will do anything to take back the School Board. 

Anthony Petrosino was employed at an annual salary of $144,900 as Assistant to Hoboken Superintendent Raslowsky for the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 school years. 

GA has a reasonable to believe that every attack you read on Dr. Crap-o-sino's shitty blog-  attacks on the children of the Hoboken District- is endorsed by Dr. Crap's private dancer, Stick-a-rina,  

If a fact can be tortured, if a graph can be rigged, if political spin can be cloaked in academic-sounding mumbo-jumbo, the Dr. Crapademic is a regular bullshit-factory.

He's got one lie he's been beating like a Stick-a-rina War Drum. That one is next, but not today!

Honestly, a dozen GAs are needed to debunk the gas from Dr. Crap's cyber-sphincter.   Wait until you read my next one on this topic. Meanwhile...
Can't Anthony Romano run an honest, issue-based campaign for School Board?   

Monday, May 16, 2016

Down to the wire

Certification issued to Carmelo Garcia at City Hall on February 7, 2014

GA note: All documents except for the 'bathroom transcript' were obtained from the HHA by OPRA request.