Romano tells Kids First: "Petrosino's an asshole..."

Folks, this is weird.

Yesterday at 6:30 pm, GA got a phone call from the same guy/girl who had promised that Anthony 'Stick' Romano would write a statement repudiating Anthony Petrosino's attacks on the Hoboken School District.  The caller had told me Stick was "outraged" by the lies Petrosino was spreading about our schools on his "education" blog.

As GA told you, the caller did not like Stick in a tutu ("Stick-a-rina"), and wanted me to take down the image.

So, last night's caller left a vm:
"Hi, that's coming tonight. Stick just got tied up the bar with some mechanical problems at the bar. That's coming tonight."

At around 8:30 PM a friend texted me from a fundraiser in Hoboken..
Stick and Peter are trying to get into the gala. They didn't buy tickets. Sold out. 170 people.  They're holding them at the door. Lol. They have their wallets out. Moths coming out of Stick's. 
This morning, a Kids First member (and former BoE Trustee) who attended the fundraiser gave me this rundown:
About 30 minutes into the event, Peter Biancamano tried to get in at the door.  The event was sold out and he was gracefully refused entry.  He hung around the upper lobby for about an hour, talking on his cell.  He tried several times to enter.  No dice.  After about an hour (maybe more) he got in with Stick.  I saw them both walking around, but not together.  I was talking with two other Kids First members.  Stick approached us and tried to clink his glass. One waved him off.  He tried to clink my glass so I looked him in the eye and said, “How’s your friend, Petrosino?”  That set him off like a Roman candle!  He got really aggravated. Stick said "He's an asshole... his whole family is upset with him." So I said, "Why don’t you tell that to Nancy?  I don’t care what his family says, I’d like to read a statement from you.”  Stick said that he will provide you with a statement, he has it, and that I’ll have to apologize to him.  I told him after I read his statement." Then Stick walked away.
We crossed paths later and he told me that he was "very busy" today then rattled off a bunch of events he attended – J.C., Hoboken, etc.  Stick said he’d send his statement to you by midnight.  He called Petrosino an asshole (again).  He said "Petro’s own family works in the school district, do you know that?"  He made like he had a written statement in his pocket and reached for it.   (yeah, right)  I said I’m not interested in your document,  I said I want to see it posted online.
Maybe Stick meant "by midnight" of 2017?

Really, GA's got a statute of limitations on ballerina take-downs... the window of opportunity won't stay open forever, Freeholder Romano!

Well, speaking of the DEVIL Petrosino... GA cant keep up with all of the LIES he spews about Hoboken District public schools.

One LIE Dr. Crapademic has been chanting like a mantra is that "district enrollment is going down."

Umm... no.  It is NOT.  

You don't need a PhD to look up Hoboken district enrollment; Google "NJDOE District Enrollment."
It's not that complicated.

But Crapasino makes it  sound complicated- that's the idea.

Has District enrollment gone down since 2010?  Take a look:

click image to read

 Are we clear on that?


  1. Looking forward to some more "boo-boo no one likes us" from Team Ahole.

  2. Petro has always, always been dishonest as hell. His preferred mode of disingenuity is to play with numbers to create an factual-seeming illusion that supports his hatred for Kids First. Which is really the animating feature of his entire wasted adult life.

    Let's go back to some of his greatest hits. He was CuriousGal on Patch. He testified to that in the Bajardi Slapp suit. So check out this thread on Patch.

    Lots of CuriousGal comments. Lots of people refer to CuriousGal as Kim. As in Kim Cardinal. CuriousGal never corrects them, which was vital to the filing of the Suit.

    But when it was time to attempt to bankrupt the Hoboken reform blogging world with the Bajardi Slapp suit, suddenly CuriousGal/Petrosino had plenty to say. This despite all the high-minded progressive/liberal/I'm-with-Bernie crap on his facebook page. At the end of the day he cast his tawdry lot with the anti-free speech folks. Quelle suprise!

    So right off the bat you know you're dealing with a total weasel. By the way CuriousGal isn't the only name he's using on that thread. You can figure it out easily enough.

    But let's look at the actual statements of Anthony Petrosino, aka, CuriousGal.

    "There are 590 Operating School Districts in NJ. 63% of the school districts in the state of New Jersey have no plans of moving their April elections.
    They want you to believe moving the elections is VERY popular. It isn't. Not even half the districts are doing so. But, the lies and smears continue."

    Yes, 590 school districts but only 538 had budget elections. In other words only 538 were in play. But Petrosino, being this particular brand of liar, kept saying 590. Sound familiar? Same guy is telling you district enrollment is going down. Yep, districts on their way out are easily recognized by their PEF galas........... Like the sold-out one the other Anthony attended, Anthony Number One. I think we'll just call you Tutu Anthony to avoid confusion. You're welcome!

    But what a curious gal indeed, that Anthony Number Two!

    Oh, and the "less than half" the districts? Actually over 400 of 538 moved to November elections by the time of PetroGal's postings.

    For those who care about numbers as a means to doing something other than destroying Kids First, 468 moved to November in 2012. Last count was 514 statewide. Is that over half yet, Anthony Number Two?

    Now why would Farmer Frank's internet ghoul and Slapp Suit Surprise Witness want to fight so hard and so dishonestly for April low turn-out elections vs November high turn-out? Why indeed. Let's all pretend we need to grapple with it.

    Anthony "Slapp Suit" Petrosino.

    Anythony "Whatever Is Bad for Kids First Is Good No Matter Who Gets Hurt" Petrosino.

    Anthony "Tutu Romano's Running Mate" Petrosino.

    Seriously, you guys look PERFECT together. Anthony Number Two and Tutu Anthony BTW, who's the guy in the middle?

  3. LOL, Stick official crowns him "A-hole Petro", I LUV it!!

    1. Stick and an a-hole.....make up your own punchline.

  4. Stop talking about me! I need Petro for the charts for Beth's fliers so we can get the BOE back. Calicchio don't make charts. Duh! As soon as the charts are done I'll throw him under the bus. Is that a deal?

    And stop calling me Tutu Romano!

  5. Stick, speaking of education, tell your constituents why you got dumped from your Adjunct post at St. Peter's University. Or don't you "feel good" about that?

    1. Q - U - I - E - T!!!!!

      And don't call me Tutu. Can't everyone just like me?


  6. It's a typical old-guard maneuver to not buy tickets to an event, show up late and hope they can slip in. They do it every time. Classless neanderthals.

    No amount of distancing themselves from Petrosino will alter their history with the Hoboken school system and how they exploited and abused it for decades for patronage jobs, no-bid contracts, issuing high school diplomas to kids who were illiterate, designating average kids as "special needs" to obtain more state funding, having more principals than we do schools, etc. The list is endless. It will take time to reverse that damage, but it's happening.

    1. I saw Romano do that a couple of years ago at the Wallace dance. He showed up late with Biancamano. Stick schmoozed his way in. No exchange of money. No $30 tickets- a donation for Wallace Field Day.

    2. Mason would do that too events at Museum. She would say " I gave a big check this year" and try to get her goon squad in with her while not buying tickets or claim she did and they must be mistaken.
      People volunteering at the door, say she seemed to think that giving a donation annually means a free pass to all events with her thug brigade and the Kriems - ( hide the wine )


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