HHA Living for Friends vs. Foes

left:  HHA resident "Save TheProjects" activist, Jessica Coco, right: HHA General Counsel Charles Daglian and  Executive Director Carmelo Garcia

Back in the day, and once upon a time....

Word on the street alleged that an HHA apartment- providing one or evicting a tenant- was done at the sole discretion of Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

True or false?

Until Garcia's 'ethnic cleansing' lawsuits opened a  Pandora's Box of Secrets (a.k.a. thousands of emails left on HHA servers), there was no objective documentary evidence to support these allegations.  

Then Garcia's 'ethnic cleansing' lawsuits pulled back the curtain.

Further, the extent of HHA General Counsel Charles Daglian's cooperation with the will of HHA Executive Director Garcia was heretofore unknown.  Ironically, Garcia's civil rights complaint has exposed questionable actions impacting the civil rights of HHA tenants and applicants.

In the words of a melting Witch: "Oh, what a world!"

In this case, Carmelo Garcia has thrown the water on himself to melt under his own hubris.

That is my OPINION.

So, draw your own conclusions from objective documentary evidence, uncovered in Garcia's ethnic cleansing" litigation.  What follows are two examples: the first concerns a "foe," the other, a "friend."

EXAMPLE #1  -  Garcia's communications re: the tenancy of an HHA resident well-known for criticizing ED Garcia and his redevelopment proposal Vision 20/20.


 On September 3, 2013:    


 File attachment 201309031551.pdf

EXAMPLE #2  -  Garcia's communications  re: the proposed tenancy of a client of Chris Campos, The man jumps to #1 on the waiting list for a 2-bedroom apartment with no more than an Affidavit signed by Campos, and without proof of past Hoboken residency (living temporarily with relatives).  GA has redacted his name and personal information.


On February 3, 2012:  HHA staff receives Campos' Affidavit on behalf of an applicant for HHA Housing.  She writes "based on the facts they provided, I don't think they qualify for Hoboken residence preference."

AFFIDAVIT (excerpt)

On February 13, 2012:  HHA staff notifies Garcia she had received the Campos Affidavit, and the applicant is #1 on the wait list.   She asks "should he now get a letter."

On February 15, 2012:  Garcia asks Daglian to "provide an opinion that would allow us to accept this certification as proof to offer the applicant an interview for future housing."

On February 15, 2012:  Daglian's legal opinion on Campos' Affidavit: "under our requirements a person has to be a resident of Hoboken...  in each residency he does not supply any objective documentation to support these claims...  he did reside with these people for a couple of months."

Daglian Legal Opinion

In GA's opinion,  Daglian wiggles like a belly dancer.

How does Daglian reconcile these two statements:  (1) "in each residency he does not supply any objective documentation to support these claims... " with  (2) "he did reside with these people for a couple of months."

How does Daglian know where the applicant resided without "any objective documentation?"

Well, the HHA General Counsel did as he was told.

Friends ( left to right:) Chris Campos, Matt Calicchio, Carmelo Garcia, Peter Belfiore, and Anthony Romano.


  1. Campos can't even get the date right on his stuff. The blank line June 15, ____, 2011 is pretty terrible. Sigh.

  2. Quite the photo there.

    a guy just arrested in a massive scam
    a guy who followed around a 5 year old girl
    a guy canned from his job for numerous shady contract moves
    a guy who an administrative law judge once said makes "malicious, bigoted personal attacks"
    and Tutu the public housing leech

    1. Just my opinion but that is a photo of five of the most ethically challenged, morally bankrupt, men Hoboken has ever produced.
      It is no wonder they all work together.

  3. Those guys fit right in


  4. Carmelo called Ms. Coco a liar for saying the ED was trying to have her evicted.

  5. I just happened to be there when they took that picture. I can't stand those guys.

    I love all those guys, great group.

    Everyone LIKE me. If you don't like me yet, try harder. You must be doing it wrong.

  6. Just curious... whatever happened to Ms. Coco? Is she still active in HHA community activism or did the OG succeed in booting her out?

    As for Matt Cal... wasn't he at the last Board of Ed meeting trying to cast a threatening presence? Like roaches that keep coming back, the Old Guard just doesn't give up...


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