BREAKING: HHA Sues Carmelo Garcia!

Not only did the HHA file a lawsuit against Former Executive Director Carmelo Garcia- but they filed it before Louis Zayas re-filed the "new and improved" Ethnic Cleansing Lawsuit!

Why does that matter?

Because when the cases are consolidated, the party that filed their complaint FIRST (HHA) is the PLAINTIFF, and the slowpoke (Carmelo Garcia) becomes the DEFENDANT.   As you can see, the HHA's docket number (L-001722-16)  is lower than Carmelo Garcia's (L-00181-16).

The Plaintiff puts their case on FIRST.  In GA's opinion, there's a huge advantage to being on the Plaintiff's side of the courtroom.

Further, the optics for Carmelo have changed.  I cannot explain at this time-- GA does not want to release names until all of his victims have all been notified.  He has, in fact, added 3 victims to his lawsuit.

It is telling that Garcia has not leaked his complaint to the media- yet.

Look what he did on August 13, 2013 when the ORIGINAL "ethnic Cleansing" lawsuit was filed:

email returned on OPRA request to HHA

Garcia to Zayas' Paralegal: "Please forward" the complaint to The Hudson Reporter, Hoboken Patch, Jersey Journal, The star Ledger, The New York Times NJ Section...  and "let me know who else we can send to?"

And this time?  


  1. What is Garcia being sued for?

    1. I hope to know that myself, shortly. It's all on file at the courthouse.

  2. what do you mean by "victims"? are there three additional people he's suing?

    1. Yes. IMO, they are victims. So are the taxpayers who've already shelled out $150K to the City's attorneys, and will pay any future judgment to Garcia. He asked for a $2.4 M settlement in an earlier mediation- the $2.4 M to be split between the City and the HHA.

  3. After reading the HHA suit against Garcia on MSV's site, I think he is finally going down for the count.
    Also just my opinion, Garcia got wind of the HHA filing and tried to get to court first with a deflection suit of his and failed.

  4. Enough is enough with this guy. He was fired for his inferior performance. Glad the HHA is fighting back. The HHA and city should absolutely be looking to recover every dime they have spent as a result of these frivolous suits


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