GA says, "zank you, Augie"

GA was pleased to see the Emeritus of New Jersey political commentary, Agustin "Augie" Torres, mention this blog in his Saturday column (albeit in Svedish):

Zank you, Augie!

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Torres called  "NJ Senator Weinberg, Mason host Sweeney in Fulop's backyard", "interesting stuff," hinting cryptically: "there is some collateral damage."

Not yet, Augie!

There are 18 days until June 9, the day Steve Sweeney's Super PAC, New Jerseyans for a Better Tomorrow fundraiser is hosted at the "also known as" address of  a 501 (c)3, The Mason Civic League, Inc.

18 days is plenty of time to prevent "collateral damage" to the co-host of a PAC's  mega-bucks fundraiser at the registered address of a 501(c)3.

left: Mason Civic League e-Postcard IRS return for 2014  right: Sweeney Super PAC Hoboken Fundraiser invitation

GuideStar USA, Inc., a 501(c)3,  has a database of  1.9 million U.S. nonprofit companies.

As GA noted before, taxpayers subsidize the operation of charities like The Mason Civic League.

So, from a taxpayer's perspective,  a tax-exempt 501(c)3 is a  highly unusual venue for a big bucks Super PAC fundraiser.   Particularly when that 501(c)3 files e-Postcard returns to the IRS, and taxpayers cannot SEE what they are subsidizing. Oh yeah, on December 30, 2015 Mason dropped $40K on New Jerseyans for a Better Future.

So, to repeat, it seems to me there is plenty of time for NJ Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg  to dodge incoming shrapnel. Hint: change the venue.

Hoboken has lovely restaurants- too many to name!


  1. I'm against hosting political events at 501c3s. I'm pro-Beth('s checkbook). I'm for every one. I'm a nice guy. Please like me.

    Stop calling me Tutu!!!!!

    1. So let me get this straight, I can't call you Tutu, but me and every taxpayer gets to subsidize your lifestyle at MarineView even though you could move into any number of properties you own??

      Screw you Tutu. Good luck getting voters to look past that in November of 2017

    2. But just listen to yourself. You get to subsidize my lifestyle.

      You're WELCOME! What would you do with that money anyway? Whereas I'm having a blast. So you have that going for you.

      But stop calling me Tutu!!!

    3. Romano isn't the only Elected official/ Cop Marineview Squatter making over 150,000 with buildings and multiple public cheques far exceeding affordable housing income standards.
      The Mayor needs to call upon all of her staff and appointees squatting like this as well as call for statewide change through her allies in The Assembly, State and National Senate too.
      Mayor Zimmer is a National Figure and she is the change agent who can lead the moochers like Romano ( and others ) out of MarineView. Rather than ANOTHER tax increase or 2017 reval- The Mayor needs to end PILOTS and reform the rules . Yes, it's not a local law. Yes, she has the pulpit that will draw attention if she would take on the task.

    4. Agreed. If others are in a similar position to Romano and collecting government salaries in excess of 100K, they should also be called out and removed.


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