Hot Air, Ballerinas and Crickets

There's been a little blow-back from yesterday's post; the one depicting Anthony 'Stick' Romano as a ballerina dancing on a devilish Crapademic's (Pinocchio) nose.

The private dancer graphic is GA's visual commentary that Stick is colluding with smear-merchant, Anthony "I shit on Hoboken Public Schools" Petrosino against the Hoboken District Public Schools.  The "private dancer" metaphor is how Stick Romano wants to be perceived- "above it all," a "nice guy-" who pirouettes gracefully while his Texas hit squad fires on our schools, teachers and children.

That was the premise of the post; GA's reasonable belief that Stick and Petrosino are colluding to manufacture harmful narratives about the the Hoboken District schools so they can blame fictitious "failure" on Reform management.

Is GA's belief correct?

Well, I got a call last night from SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless) vehemently denying the accuracy of my post.

"Why didn't you talk to Stick first?" he/she said.

The caller used words like "outrage" and "asshole" to describe Anthony Petrosino and his unrelenting attacks on the Hoboken District School System. The caller said that Petrosino's childhood friends ("Raslowsky") and his own siblings were upset by their brother's attacks on Hoboken's public schools,  that no one could understand why he was doing this. The caller agreed when I said that Petrosino needs to be shunned by the decent people of our community. The caller said that Stick had nothing to do with the attacks written by Petrosino on his "education" blog. The caller named HoLa Board members who wanted to kick Petrosino off their board but couldn't because he was "with Frank Raia."  The caller asked me to remove the ballerina.  A couple of times.

Okay, I replied.  That all sounds good, so if I was wrong about Stick, if he is not colluding with Petrosino, I would change the ballerina graphic accordingly.   That's fair.   But  to do so, I needed a statement from Stick Romano repudiating Anthony Petrosino for his unrelenting attacks and LIES about the Hoboken District Public Schools.

From the heart.

What should it say?  the caller asked.

I said it should be longer than 5 words.

The caller asked for my email and promised that Stick would write the statement repudiating Petrosino's attacks on schools, teachers and children after his Hudson County Planning Board meeting.

I forwarded my personal email.

And....  here's what Stick has to say publicly about Anthony Petrosino's vicious attacks on the Hoboken District Public Schools:

GA knows the difference between a gust of wind and smoke blown up my ass.

Maybe Stick  Romano will change his mind and stand up for the teachers and children of the Hoboken District Public Schools.


Until then:


  1. Shame Stick doesn't support hometown schools. Where's he hiding his balls?

  2. HHHHAAAAAA! Looks like GA struck an OG nerve, ouch it hurts so good, LOL!

    1. Stick does look lovely in light pink chiffon.

  3. GA, if he does decide to call you (not holding my breath), please ask him about the 2015 BoE election results. It appears that he did a lot of work for that election. 'Nice', 'above it all', or 'helpful to Hoboken District Public Schools' are not the first words to come to mind to describe what transpired.

    1. Hey, that's all true but in the past. Romano and others in his political faction have NEVER taken a public stand against Anthony Petrosino's constant bashing of Hoboken district schools. Many of them were educated in the schools Petrosino constantly shits on in his angry, dishonest screeds. So, why hasn't even ONE of them stood up to this Texas LYING SMEAR MERCHANT. Actions matter, not words. Stick (as of this writing) has not repudiated the lying smear merchant Petrosino. Why not? You tell me.

      There is literally nothing to change my mind that Petrosino is working with Romano. Talk is cheap.

    2. I would tend to agree with GA that Romano is working with Petrosino and that's the bottom line. Nice guy Romano is really all about Romano. Problem that blog people don't get is that, for the rest of us, you don't really like us. The reform crowd will still bash us, its like, Oh they did the right thing this time, but they're still corrupt. We don't want to be used by someone else and thats how it feels. These people use us or those people use us. Some choice.

    3. Hey, 4:28, not sure which "us" you're referring to.

      But I'm fresh out of kleenexes for the "us" that publishes endless Goebbels-esque propaganda-posing-as-scholarly work to destroy the public schools in the name of destroying KF.

      Petrosino will go to his grave with nothing to show but the screeds he wrote chasing a soulless vendetta, egged on by people who don't even respect him but want him around because "he writes good and makes them charts we need for the fliers."

      What's missing from their "us" and Petrosino's "us" and your "us" is the kids who have to live with the wreckage that you all accept as collateral damage.


  4. Petrosino won't be happy when he sees how Stick threw him under the bus.

  5. Maybe we should call him HoLa-sino. The guy has been trashing the Hoboken district schools since 2010- that's SIX years. Never heard a peep from Jen Sargent, Barbara Martinez or Susan Costomiris, Biancamano's campaign treasurer. Why is that scum still on their Board?


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