Wiki war! prosbus666 vs. Dr.Bungle!

It all started last night with an innocent comment posted by "Science Fiction:"

When GA clicked on the link to Beth Mason's Wikipedia bio, the page looked like this:

click screenshot to read

But, this morning the page looked like this:

click screenshot to read

What happened?

GA checked Wikipedia's "Revision History" page (or "Revisionist History" in this case)... and discovered a battle had occurred last night between two Wiki-Warriors: prosbus666 and Dr. Bungle!

Yes, the two went at it- keyboard to keyboard, slugging it out over what would remain on the page...
During the heat of battle,  prosbus666 made 5 edits to Mason's page--  only to have each undone by the fearless Dr. Bungle!

And the victor was...

Dr. Bungle

The TRUTH was the big loser.

Well, to the victor go the spoils. In this case, the spoils sound like this:

Here's what else Wiki's "Revision History" shows...

On March 29, 2016, registered Wiki user "Rchavezf9" did a massive re-write of Mason's bio page, adding  2,028 characters to "the introduction, personal life and political career sections."  In the next 2 days, 13 edits were made by IP  Operation Reputation Rehab was in full swing!

Everybody, thank "Rchavezf9" and IP  for their hard work- see below:

click screenshot to read


  1. A more effective and truthful bio would include a total of the political contributions made possible by he husband Richard G. Mason. Just say'n

  2. Does the bio include her bragging about not accepting city council salary and benefits before quietly putting in for back pay?

  3. So Dr. Bungle and company didn't include Beth Mason's support for the SLAPP-suit? Gee, wonder why?

  4. My husband is an IT guy for a telecom and he said that IP is one of their customers. He wouldn't say who but said it's not a company but a person in Weehawken.

    Do you know anyone there?

  5. Dr Bungle is great!


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