NY Daily News: Bhalla invites Trump bigot to lunch

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Yeah, Ravi!

GA respects the way Ravi handled himself here, with dignity and ( undeserved) kindness.

It seems Bhalla is trying to turn a racist Trump moron's Tweet into a 'teaching moment.'

That's all noble and good. But...

Taking this moron- a stranger- to lunch is putting himself at personal risk. As a husband and father, Ravi should not be making lunch dates with racist lunatics.  I mean it.   Anyone who would attach their name and photo to that kind of militantly racist commentary is way off the spectrum of  'normal.'  Before any such meeting ever takes place,  this creep should be thoroughly checked out, to make sure he doesn't have a criminal record.

Those are my two cents!


  1. I have seen Hoboken's Old Guard politicos repeatedly use bigoted terms attacking Councilman Bhalla and other members the City Council and the Zimmer Administration. I think the the best way to handle haters is to confront their hate directly. Kudos to Councilman Bhalla for doing just that and holding the moral high ground.

  2. So wait, this is a a racist "Trump" (bolded) moron? Is he anything like the Obama backed and publicly supported Black Lives Matter racist moron who was arrested just this week for pimping out a 17 year old?

    Yes, a 17 year old.

    That BLM Obama backed moron was invited to the White House. Perhaps he'll teach the racist Trump moron (Trump bolded so we all can be sure what this is about) how to get his pimp gold medal award at the White House.

    If that doesn't work out, he can give the racist "Trump" moron lessons on how to get WH support (and get paid by George Soros) when you plan to riot and burn down hundreds of business in Ferguson or engage in some good old local community murdering of your fellow man.

    Which sadly means all of those black lives (and businesses) don't matter at all. Not that any of this is racist and won't be continually supported by an Obama moron. The original.

    So there's the facts and my First Amendment opinion to add to other opinion.

    1. Did you mistake this blog for FreeRepublic.com? Are we having a moron contest? I hope you feel better now. Breathe in, breathe out. You are on record as having expressed your First Amendment opinion, added to mine. Here's more of mine: Trump sucks, he's got the bigot vote, the toothless redneck opposed to single payer vote, the Confederate flag hanger vote, the angry white guy vote, but prefer you not hijack this thread about Ravi Bhalla to defend the billionaire moron. Ok?

    2. It's a barely breathing Constitutional Republic and will be again healthy in November. It won't be "racist" to protect and defend America and its borders either - a shocking "development."

      Ravi Bhalla handled a single loon twit just fine. It doesn't our excellent Hoboken councilman to try and turn it into a Bhalla v 'racist Trump moron' meme but it's certainly revealing how that dovetailed in the media in mere hours. See the Daily New and NJ.com for that.

      Trump is the only solution to get America back on track despite all his warts. But hey, Hillary has the La Raza vote, the Wall St. monied vote, the gangbanger vote, the pimp vote, the gold toothed ill educated fly rims vote, the Mexican flag waving vote, the anti-American nihilist Left vote, the anti-Western civilization vote, the Kumbaya singing we hate whitey 'white privilege' racist vote.

      Left out the "Can me and my family go to the damn bathroom in peace vote?" That's because she's not getting that vote. She'll get the mentally ill why doesn't my dick fit into the little girls room vote.

      Let's call it a draw.

      Perhaps we'd all prefer this be about one lunatic who ignorantly attacked our councilman and not try to turn it into the imaginary "racist Trump moron" so-called "vote."

      Hey he's a moron anyway. There's nothing to worry about. We really don't even need elections.

    3. In order to call it a draw, I would have to join your debate. I am not.

  3. Win by KO for Bhalla and Illuminati. America wins in November.


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