Dr. Crap's Private Dancer

Beloved, uber-successful HHS Theatre Arts Teacher Danielle Miller advances HHS actors to national and statewide competitions- while Anthony "I shit on Hoboken District Schools" Petrosino stays silent, churns out more, more, more attacks on Hoboken District children  and teachers. 

In the words of Stick Romano at "Monarch Man" Biancamano's September 17, 2015 campaign Kickoff....

"This is a war"

Who knew that in 2016, Stick and his cabal would launch the dirtiest kind of war: on the children of the Hoboken Public School District.

Dr. Anthony "I Shit on Hoboken Public Schools for Giggles" Petrosino is Anthony Romano's political operative.  

Don't believe it?

Petrosino and Romano outed their alliance in the "Big Oops Scandal.  You knowwhen Dr. WeEvil added Romano and his cabal, including sitting Board Trustees, as "with" his vicious Facebook attack on the Hoboken district.  


And when GA notified the public about the cabal's exposure, the post went *poof.*

So, you may ask: what does the  "Dr." do for Romano?

Dr. Crap's observable assignment is to fling poo at the Hoboken School District, in particular the faction who fired him in 2009.  And the collateral damage?  The kids who hear adults repeat his lies- GA can tell you all about that from personal experience.

Dr. Cretin has no conscience about throwing  them under the bus.

What exactly is his goal?

GA can give you 69 million reasons.  

It is not rocket science.

Dr. WeEvil's unrelenting attacks on District children are in service of cronies, who want to "take back" the Hoboken School Board. All the way back....  to the bad old days of emptying school coffers for personal expenses (junkets to Atlantic City, Steakhouse dinners, $48K expense for cell phone accounts, 1050 employees on the payroll, petty cash account drained of thousands, no invoices or evidence of approval on numerous LARGE contracts...)

Who was on the 'bad old days' Hoboken School Board?

Anthony Romano.

Who hired "Dr." Petrosino? 

Anthony Romano!  Along with his cronies on the Hoboken School Board!

GA already told you that the Romano-Petrosino School Board didn't keep a ledger of payroll...

The Romano-Petrosino school board didn't follow check-signing protocol, making it possible for "unauthorized payments..."

And you know... when a District School Board doesn't "keep books," unethical transfers of money OUT of BOE funds allocated to Charter Schools happen. 

Ask Stick.  The audit shows he was a BoE Trustee the year of the Charter allocations transfer. 

Now you know why Crapasino and his private dancer will do anything to take back the School Board. 

Anthony Petrosino was employed at an annual salary of $144,900 as Assistant to Hoboken Superintendent Raslowsky for the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 school years. 

GA has a reasonable to believe that every attack you read on Dr. Crap-o-sino's shitty blog-  attacks on the children of the Hoboken District- is endorsed by Dr. Crap's private dancer, Stick-a-rina,  

If a fact can be tortured, if a graph can be rigged, if political spin can be cloaked in academic-sounding mumbo-jumbo, the Dr. Crapademic is a regular bullshit-factory.

He's got one lie he's been beating like a Stick-a-rina War Drum. That one is next, but not today!

Honestly, a dozen GAs are needed to debunk the gas from Dr. Crap's cyber-sphincter.   Wait until you read my next one on this topic. Meanwhile...
Can't Anthony Romano run an honest, issue-based campaign for School Board?   


  1. I know ballet, and I have to say Stick's form on his moves are textbook. Who knew he was such an accomplished danceur.

    I kid, I kid. He's a shady McShaderson.

  2. Huh. Interesting that Romano hired sore loser Petrosino. Makes his blog attacks look like quid pro quo to get his paycheck back.

  3. Romano is just one of those guys who can rock a tutu. I'm sure all his cop friends agree.

  4. Why does Hola keep this guy on their board?

    1. It can only mean they endorse his YEARS of attacks on the Hoboken school district, teachers and kids. No one on the Dark side has the BALLS to repudiate what he is doing to our schools and our children.

  5. The behavior of Stick's three proteges on the BOE has been absolutely appalling this year. They brazenly colluded with another school to "call a vote" and drop the lawsuit, as documented by GA. They recently voted against the school budget even though they all claim to support the Superintendent and the district children. These three have let their true colors shine. They are true obstructionists through and through. I would not be surprised if Biancamano and Montgomery run for at-large seats on the City Council in 2017. 2016 is a presidential election year of course, which means bigger turn out at the polls in November. Time to keep individuals such as these at bay. Great things are happening at the district level. Let's squash these malicious efforts once and for all. Keep Stick and his cronies out of the BOE!


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