Friday, July 31, 2015

Emails reveal: it takes a village to be Beth Mason

2nd Ward voters need to understand that that a vote for Beth Mason is a vote for the "team" that govern for her.

How do I know?

Because thousands of email communications between Beth Mason and SLAPP Plaintiffs Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal that entered the public domain during their failed SLAPP suit, reveal the shocking truth: Beth Mason outsources governing to her consultants, operatives, hangers-on and relatives.  Her "team" writes her statements, reads her email, drafts her platform, instructs her (via text) what to do in real time during City Council meetings, and in the example to follow, answer a Hoboken Revolt questionnaire for her in the 2009 mayoral race.

The public got an inkling of Mason's detachment from her duties on July 10, 2013 when Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo revealed that 1st Ward Councilwoman Terry Castellano had sent James Barracato, Beth Mason's political operative on an internal request for information in place of Beth Mason!

The 2nd Ward can only imagine how detached their Councilwoman is from her duties...  Mason doesn't read her own email!  SHOCKING. 

The reality, exposed in hundreds of emails between the 2nd Ward Councilwoman and her political operatives, exposes the extent to which others handle simple tasks for her.

Can Mason answer a simple questionairre about her policy position in the 2009 mayoral race on her own?

Apparently NOT.

read from the bottom up


 GA doesn't understand why it takes a village for a Ward Councilwoman to perform her job in a small city like Hoboken- do you?

2nd Ward residents have to ask: is this "team governance" normal?

Is Mason mentally and physically fit to govern without a "village"?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

SLAPP Plaintiff to Mason: "Your hospital vote tonight"

Recent phone polls reported on MSV suggest that Beth Mason is testing her viability for another City Council run.

Is anybody surprised?

The operatives who've brought Mason from presumptive-mayor to unelectable (while lining their pockets with her loot), seem determined to scam her once more... with cooked polling.   Indications are that Mason does not wish to run again.  That all may change once well-cooked data 'proves' she can beat Tiffanie Fisher.  

But 2011 is not 2015.

If Mason's abysmal City Council record were not enough, thousands of email documents provided by  SLAPP Plaintiffs Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal in their disgraced litigation, raise serious questions about her competence to govern. One is Mason's outsourcing of critical decision-making to her political operatives. 

At 5:04 PM on Wednesday September 21, 2011, SLAPP Plaintiff Kim "not an operative" Cardinal writes to an email to Councilwoman Beth Mason, "Your hospital vote tonight." 

Beth Mason relies on operatives to guide her on decisions which impact the entire city and the lives of its residents; her operatives are not deciding what is in the best interest of the city, but what is in the best interest for Beth Mason.   And the operatives always guide her to do what will hurt Zimmer, not for the public good.

At 8:42 PM on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Mason political operative James Barracato emails Sara Stojkovic to "Buy the Star Ledger... Dawn is going down the tubes with the hospital sale." 

Ricky Mason's behind-the-scene role in his wife's effort to sink the sale of the HUMC, a public asset, has never been fully explored.

Emails show political operatives asking for input from Ricky Mason as his wife publicly opposed the HUMC sale, others show him on group emails regarding his wife's alleged "Council Minority Agreement" with the buyer, Holdco.

If anyone recalls, Beth Mason's jihad to kill the sale of Hoboken's only hospital came to an end on  the night of Sunday, October 30, 2011.   That night was a special meeting, which drew standing room only crowds of residents, to vote for (or against) the sale of the hospital to it's only viable bidder, HoldCo. It was literally, do-or-die.

In a stunning and comical moment, Councilwoman Mason read a document which she had distributed to the crowd. The document was called, "City Council Minority reaches Agreement with Buyer to Save Hoboken Hospital."

Mason reading her "...agreement with Buyer to Save Hoboken hospital"-  check out Russo's reaction

Mason's hand-out:


GA's then-legal department, Not-Stempler, had this to say about the Mason "Agreement with the Buyer":
It is horn book law that a municipality can only act in accordance with the powers conferred upon it by statute. As a Faulkner Act municipality, the enabling statute does not create within Hoboken a separately recognized “Council minority” and there is no precedent that would confer upon the council minority (emphasis on minority) to bind the City in any event; especially in light of the fact that the functions related to the sale of the hospital have been properly delegated to the municipal hospital authority created for that purpose. It also does not appear that the Council minority had municipal legal representation during the course of its “negotiations”. Only duly retained council, paid for by the City, can assist and advise government officials in the discharge or exercise of their duties. Perhaps if the Council minority had the assistance of effective counsel, then the letter may have contained different terms.It goes without further comment that there is no authority for the council minority members to act in any official capacity as representatives of the City to designate a board member of the buyer.  

Likewise, emails exchanged before and after the October 30 special meeting show the Managing Director of an investment bank is flummoxed by the Mason "Agreement." Not Ricky Mason, who calls his wife's bizarre agreement "innovative."

These telling communications only scratch the surface of the very strange conduct of Councilwoman Beth Mason on the sale of our public assset, the HUMC.

This promises to be a very interesting 2nd Ward race.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

1st Ward Fever

It's official: Michael DeFusco wants to unseat Terry Castellano from her broomstick!

That's right.

Next November DeFusco will be running with- not against, Reform on a ticket with Tiffanie Fisher (2nd ward), Dana Wefer (4th ward-pronounced Wee-fer), Peter Cunningham (5th) and Jen Giattino (6th).    DeFusco is a surprise for those who know he has long been allied with folks GA affectionately calls 'The Dark Side.'

I am not surprised.

I served two years with DeFusco on the ZBA, and know he's decent, smart, cordial and reasonable; not your typical Dark Side traits. Young and energetic-  he has more to offer First Ward residents than some bitter, crusty sea hag whose name escapes me.

In 2011, First Ward candidate Eric Kurta lost by 151 votes...  but that was before Castellano's abysmal performance in the aftermath of  Hurricane Sandy....

Castellano TRASHES Zimmer's appeals for HELP in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

In 2011, Reform came close to winning the First Ward, and that was before Castellano:
  • tried to KILL the sale of the HUMC to HoldCo ...which would have doubled (or tripled) municipal taxes to pay off the $52M bond default ...lost 1,200 hospital jobs at Christmas ...destroyed our City's Bond rating making bonding to fund City operations extremely expensive ...likely resulting in massive layoffs of municipal workers 
  • voted NO on a cost-free garage bond refinance forcing a preventable $4,500,000 payment of taxpayer money from our surplus 
  •  tried to ZERO-out our budget surplus in 2011, which we need for emergencies like Sandy 
  • voted NO to bond to repair Sandy damage to Pier C Park, keeping the park closed for months
  • voted NO to bond for a traffic light at a dangerous Hoboken corner near 1600 Park 
  • voted NO to replace HOP buses destroyed in Hurricane Sandy 
  •  SUED the City to keep Jim Doyle off the City Council in the aftermath of the hurricane, after Mason and Russo rigged an absence and an abstention from the City Council on the vote to fill the Marsh vacancy... and the list goes on.
Mike DeFusco  needs our help to unseat this disaster...  


Art girl

 Acrylics on canvas
GA's 12 year old, at the Art Student's League of NY.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Garcia's Lawsuit(s) cost Hoboken Taxpayers $150,000

GA is a white citizen with freckles, in Hoboken's 6th Ward.

Holy smokes!  

Citizens of the 6th Ward: whites, non-whites, whitishes, milky whites, ghostly whites, whites who are sunburned, speckled and jaundiced, GA has an announcement to make.

Hoboken taxpayers have paid the $150,000 deductible for the legal defense of Mayor Zimmer against Carmelo Garcia's THREE versions of his 'ethnic cleansing' lawsuit(s).

That's right.

Carmelo Garcia filed his first 'orginial' complaint on August 12, 2013.

Garcia filed his "Amended complaint" on January 23, 2014.

He  filed his "Second Amended Complaint" on April 7, 2015.

The City of Hoboken has been defending Mayor Zimmer against Carmelo Garcia's claims for 714 days (filing date to present).


In 714 days Carmelo Garcia could not work out his dispute with the Mayor and others amicably wihout hurting Hoboken taxpayers?

Don't forget, federal tax dollars from the HHA have paid to defend our HHA Commisioners thrown into Garcia's 'ethnic cleansing' lawsuit(s).

Carmelo Garcia has taken Hoboken taxpayers to the CLEANERS with his THREE ethnically and racially charged complaints against the Mayor of Hoboken, her husband, and HHA Commissioners.

GA will have more on this.

In the meantime, 860 voters from the 6th Ward turned out to vote in 2011.  Every one of these  households paid into defending this "ethnic cleansing" trio of complaints with their tax dollars.

Personally, GA doesn't understand WHY Garcia thinks 6th Ward voters want to elect a PLAINTIFF to serve on Hoboken's legislative body with DEFENDANTS in his "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit, and with a Mayor who is also a DEFENDANT whom he has accused of THIS:

If Garcia couldn't resolve his dispute with the Mayor, et. al. amicably without hurting Hoboken taxpayers, how can he work with others on Hoboken's governing body?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Happy Sting-iversary

top photo: Peter Cammarano associating with Lane Bajardi at his July 1, 2009 mayoral inauguration , bottom photo: Mayor Peter Cammarano arrested on July 23, 2009, charged with accepting $25,000 in cash bribes from an undercover cooperating witness

It was 6 years ago today, on July 23, 2009, that 44 individuals were arrested in New Jersey's largest political corruption sting to-date; 29 were public servants and political operatives, 5 were orthodox rabbis from the Syrian Jewish community.

Yes, our mayor, Peter Cammarano was one of them.

Before Peter Cammarano was elected mayor in a run-off with Dawn Zimmer, he was the general election opponent of a field of candidates which included Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Many attribute Mason's distant third place finish to the sheer nastiness of her campaign, believed to be fueled by a small but influential group of political operatives.

Emails produced by Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal in their failed SLAPP suit prove this to be true.  Speaking of sheer nastiness, what about dropping a 'deadbeat dad' story about a political rival, outing his illegitimate child, casting the poor thing in the NJ media spotlight?

WHO would be that debased, that cruel, that disgusting to humiliate someone's child, expose her to scorn, just to advance Beth Mason's mayoral campaign?

WHO is that big a scumbag?

At 3:33 AM on May 7, 2009 Lane Bajardi emails James Barracato "T-Minus Five Hours from the email."  The message: "Our favorite website [] will blast the deadbeat off at 8:30 Thursday morning."

At 8:30 AM, on May 7, 2009  Hoboken411 publishes, "Peter Cammaranos Hidden Life. " The reaction from the Cammarano campaign is immediate, and candidate Cammarano held a press conference to deny the filthy smear posted on Hoboken411:
At a press conference he held today to announce his platform, Hoboken mayoral candidate Peter Cammarano vehemently denied internet rumors that he's a deadbeat dad who was taken to court for not paying child support.... "These people who are behind this, if they have their hands on some kind of arrest warrant -- unless someone can demonstrate I've actually violated my obligation, that I've been in arrears .... this is a private family matter."   Cammarano said the deadbeat dad allegation is a "shameful, low, disgusting, false and fraudulent" rumor spread by his mayoral rivals, specifically Beth Mason.
Emails prove that Camarrano was right.  Mason's Minstrels of Smear were neck-deep in this mud.

Starting at 9:28 AM this exchange occurs that morning, as the Mason campaign rushes to do damage control.

That day, emails [not posted] show both the Zimmer Campaign and Ravi Bhalla contact Hoboken411 rquesting to pull ads effective immediately.

At 6:03 PM Michael Goldberg, attorney working with Peter Camarrano, emails Hoboken411; Hoboken411 forwards the email to Lane Bajardi.

At 7:51 PM on May 7, 2009 Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi emails Hoboken411: "I'm going to have to write a substantial update that will need to run in the morning.  I want to do everything we can to avoid a lawsuit..."

At 2:34 AM on May 8, 2009, Lane Bajardi emails "Cammarano Part Deux" to Hoboken411 with the message: "Here we go again..."

These emails prove that the ghostwriter of this notorious Hoboken411 smear, an eleventh hour effort to influence the election outcome in favor of Beth Mason, was none other than the Plaintiff of the failed SLAPP suit, Lane "Not an operative" Bajardi. 

Hence it is fascinating that only 10 weeks later, here Lane Bajardi was at the City Council, urging his "deadbeat dad" target to keep authority over zoning board appointments.

And the next day...

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Killer Combo

According to an article in today's PolitickerNJ, Carmelo Garcia's camp is rolling out their 6th Ward candidate as a "killer combo."

GA thinks that's a terrific metaphor for a political candidate, because everybody loves a 'killer combo'.  For example,  who doesn't love these killer combos: lettuce and tomato, mustard and ketchup, spaghetti and sauce...

The "killer combo" that Garcia reminds GA most of is ham and cheese.

Yep, give him a mic, and you'll see.  He can, he will, watch him!

Well you know, GA lives in the 6th Ward;  I will be paying close attention to this race.   That's why I found the quote from the Garcia camp so facinating...

“To be honest, no one has seen Giattino much,” said a Hudson source close to Garcia. “Carmelo is actually gaining traction, due to his highly visible nature. When you combine his natural personability but also his intellect, its a killer combo. Formidable support is lining up behind him – hes a new generation guy with deep roots in Hoboken. Another killer combo.” 

"No one has seen Giattino much....  

Where are we supposed to see her-  on a bar stool at Room 84?  She's at City Council meetings, doofus.  Where 6th Ward residents want her to be.

"Carmelo is gaining traction...."

No, he's not.   It's mid-July and my ward is dead quiet... nobody is paying attention to local politics. Nobody except for political junkies.

Giattino is diametric opposites of  Carmelo the Killer Combo.   She is modest, works without fanfare, shuns  bullhorns, slogans, and self-promotion.  She quietly goes about her volunteer community service and acts of  charity.

Bullhorns, crowds from other wards and "formidable support" don't impress us in the 6th Ward.  Neither do fictitious Harvard resumes.  That's why next November, the 6th Ward may eat ham and cheese but we won't vote for it.

We can, we will, watch us!

OOPS!  Garcia campaign changes location after being called out on GA.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Join Carmelo's "Annual" City Council Kick-off (at Hoboken Public Library)

source: Facebook

Gee, does Carmelo have a 6th Ward kick-off every year?  I missed that.

At Hoboken Public Library?

Interesting!  GA didn'tknow that taxpayer-funded municipal buildings could host political campaign events.

Listen, who am I to argue with a Harvard man.

source: Facebook

Two years at Harvard: 2012 to 2014... that explains the (bi-weekly) empty chair! 

Hoboken School Board meeting, May 8, 2012

Monday, July 20, 2015

3 Tickets form

GA largely agrees with MSV's zomborgland on the formation of three tickets in next November's municipal election.

The only difference is that GA sees a post-Beth Mason era.  The Russos have denied Mason even an honorary slot on Hoboken's Democratic Committee; if Peter Biancamano wants to run, Mason will be denied a place on Raia's ticket.

Beth Mason is an outcast in Hoboken politics, a status unlikely to change as enemies in Jersey City consolidate political power in Northern New Jersey on their journey to Trenton.  The implosion of the SLAPP suit, (on track for historic fees/sanctions in NJ) which email evidence proves was aided and abetted by her closest aid, James Barracato, will have consequences for all involved.

Then, there is the pending trial for Mason's claims of "harassment" against a horse.  GA does not see this as going anywhere but far south for the alleged 'victim.'

So, GA excludes Mason from Ticket C.  For now.  

Ticket A:
1st Ward Terry Castellano
2nd Bonnie Murray
3rd Michael Russo
4th Ruben Ramos
5th Eduardo Gonzales
6th Carmelo Garcia

Ticket B:
1st Ward: Michael DeFusco
2nd Tiffanie Fisher
3rd X
4th Dana Wefer
5th Peter Cunningham
6th Jennifer Giattino

Ticket C: 
1st Ward: X
2nd  Peter Biancamano
3rd Frank Raia
4th Tim Occhipinti
5th X
6th X

So far, no Reform giant-slayer for the 3rd Ward but a challenge from Frank Raia.  Go, Frank!

Interesting possible First Ward candidate on the Reform Ticket- Mike DeFusco.  GA knows Mike; I served on the ZBA with him for 2 years.

Well folks, to be continued....

Friday, July 17, 2015

Suggested mockery?

For those who don't know it, the Wounded Warrior Project is a wonderful charity that serves wounded military veterans with programs, services and events. The charity was created following the events of September 11, 2001.

The mission of the Wounded Warriors Project is to "To honor and empower Wounded Warriors."

Their stated purpose is to raise awareness and enlist the public's aid for the needs of injured service members- and on August 16, 2009 they came to Hoboken to do just that.    .

Does anybody remember?

At 4:13 PM on Saturday August 15, Hoboken411 received a press release from City Hall announcing the Wounded Warriors' visit: "Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Fire Chief Richard Blohm, and the Hoboken Fire Department to welcome Injured Iraq War Veterans, former POW's from WWII, and Freemasons."

At 5:17 PM ,Hoboken411 forward the CIty Hall press release to Lane Bajardi.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

In the News...

No, not custom-ordered news... like news you order in April that you're still waiting for in May.

No, GA's got real news of real significance- to practitioners of political discourse online in New Jersey.

That  could mean you.  

Because the New Jersey Law Journal published "Sanctions, Fees Top $280K After Defamation Suit Tossed" last night and, according to a (lawyer) friend:
This is the premiere legal publication for NJ lawyers. Every good, practicing NJ lawyer and judge reads this weekly. So this case will now be known statewide.
You will have to register for a free limited membership to access the full article. But, unlike custom-news, there is no editorializing, moralizing or finger-wagging in the NJ Law Journal.

Just facts.

And the facts are not a pretty picture for the Plaintiffs nor their attorneys, Whitney Gibson of Vorys, Seymour, Sater and Pease, Amy Cox, and Jonathan Z. Cohen.
"In the July 8 ruling, Arre found the defendants fulfilled the procedural requirements of Rule 1:4-8 and N.J.S.A. 2A:15-59.1, which allows a prevailing party to collect legal fees and costs upon a showing that litigation was frivolous. He said the Bajardis "manipulated their attorney to perpetrate and perpetuate a SLAPP suit disguised as a defamation case involving weighty issues of constitutionally protected First Amendment political fee speech."

Gibson and Cox failed to conduct a reasonable inquiry into whether the allegations in the suit had evidentiary support, Arre said. And Cohen's claim that he had a reasonable basis to believe actual malice could be proven was contrary to evidence that the defendants' allegedly defamatory statements were substantially true.

The Bajardis never provided support for their claims of economic and reputational damage, and they were not forthcoming about the extent of their political involvement, Arre said. Their claims were pursued in bad faith with the purpose of harassment, delay and malicious injury, in violation of N.J.S.A. 2A:15-59.1, Arre said."
GA hears that other legal journals have picked up the scent.

This case may become a national story.  Maybe.

But for now it is a big story in New Jersey's legal community.  Holding lawyers accountable for bringing garbage to court does not happen every day. Sanctions are a black mark on the record of any attorney, sanctions must be reported to their insurance carrier, and dog him/her throughout their career.  This decision will chill legal spines, and (one hopes) make CRAPP suits rare events in New Jersey.

Another result (one hopes) is freedom from fear of retribution for unpopular political speech or speech critical of the rich and/or powerful.

An encouraging sign is seen below the HR article "Payback": the return of rtrux.

GA remembered that screen name; rtrux was one of many who disappeared in the aftermath of the 2012 SLAPP.

In today's comment, rtrux  testifies to the chilling effect of the Bajardi's law suit on Hoboken's online political discourse; rtrux disappeared in 2012  because, "I didn't want Lane, Kim and Beth to sue me."  

And that is the intended chilling effect of a SLAPP.

But... rtrux is back.  Presumably he/she finds Arrre's decision safe harbor from attacks on his/her political speech, like the ones Bajardi v Pincus Defendants battled.

The return of rtrux is but one tiny example of how the Arre decision has strengthened First Amendment protections for ALL online political discourse in New Jersey.

But GA will leave the legal analysis to the lawyers, and we can expect plenty of that in the days ahead.   Thank you, Judge Arre.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Is Tiffanie up to the job?

GA hears many 2nd Ward residents are concerned that if Tiffanie Fisher replaces Beth Mason on the City Council...

1. Will Ms. Fisher know how to sit on her chair?

Chair-sitting is an acquired skill; it takes time for a Council-person to master.  Beth Mason had a team to guide her on how and where to sit on her chair, what is a "good" position versus a "bad position," and whether a cushion would raise her enough so she would not be blocked by Jimmy Farina or the seahag to her right.   These advisors, who prefer to be called "volunteers" instead of "political operatives," were believed to throw the Councilwoman a biscuit when she obeyed their instructions.

Will Ms. Fisher know how to sit on her chair without a team of advisors?  The 2nd Ward wants to know.

2.  Will Ms. Fisher wear a Halloween costume?

It is critical to choose the correct Halloween costume for Hoboken's Ragamuffin parade. Does Tiffanie Fisher have a team to dress her up on Halloween and tell her what treats she will distribute?  No????  Beth Mason did. One Halloween, Mason's team dressed her up like a drag queen and sent her out in the street with a giant piece of fruit. Another year, after Beth Mason tried to close the hospital, she dressed up as a nurse and marched with a bloated, green Gumby.  

Tell me, what will Ms. Fisher do without a Halloween team?   The 2nd Ward wants to know.

Drag Queen and the Banana
3. Will Ms. Fisher post on Hoboken Moms? 

Beth Mason had a team of 'volunteers' (remember DO NOT call them "political operatives") monitoring the popular Yahoo forum called "Hoboken Moms."  Not only did they tell the Councilwoman what her constituents' concerns were, but instructed her how to emulate concern ("formulate a response... start posting messages on the Hoboken Moms board") so that her neglected constituents believe she cares.  That's how to run a Ward!  Posting on internet message boards!

Who will tell Tiffanie when and what to post on Hoboken Moms?  The 2nd Ward wants to know.

Because without um, 'volunteers' (don't call them "political operatives") like Beth Mason's to sit Tiffanie on her chair (on a purple pillow), dress her up like RuPaul and force her to post on Hoboken Moms, how will Ms. Fisher know how to govern?

The 2nd Ward wants to know.

Did GA "squeel" like a pig?

GA has a reasonable basis to believe that screen name Hoboken Questioner was a future-SLAPPer, and that is my NON-ACTIONABLE OPINION.

In fact, GA has voluminous reasons to attribute these comments to a SLAPPer and/or SLAPP enabler.

But I digress.

If "Hoboken Questioner" is reading this, then no need to wonder.  Here's your answer.

Not only didn't GA "squeel" like a pig when served, I knew I would fight the SLAPP filed by Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal with whatever it took, however long it took, until I was the last one standing.

And I am. With a Horse and a John Doe.

Now, it would be impolite of me to wonder if you "squeeled like a pig" on July 8, 2015 when you read this:

So, I won't ask.

But, I am pretty sure there was some "squeeling" going on uptown and downtown in Hoboken.

Oink oink!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Dreams of a big payday

If I were a rich man...

On February 8, 2012, future SLAPP Plaintiff Lane Bajardi sent James "Finboy" Barracato, Beth Mason's chief political operative, an email which contained the attachment: "Attorney Intro.doc." 

In the email, Bajardi had forwarded his "screen grabs" (of allegedly-defamatory posts) to Beth Mason's henchman for his review ("tell me what you think.")  We see that finding an attorney to sue bloggers was a team effort between future-Plaintiff  and Beth Mason's operative. In GA's opinion, Bajardi reveals "Ricky and Beth" are silent partners in the SLAPP: "I realize going with an attorney who Ricky and Beth are comfortable with is key."

The Bajardis withheld all financial statements from Defendants after November 2013 when they switched attorneys (Whitney Gibson of Vorys, Seymour, Sater and Pease to Jonathan Cohen). They claimed to owe Vorys $40,000 but produced no attorney invoices or any evidence to prove this was true, in spite of requests for this information.

All of the money to pay legal bills for 3 years and 68 motions had to come from SOMEWHERE...

On March 4, 2012, Lane Bajardi writes to Ricky Mason and Beth Mason (copying "Finboy" Barracato and Kim Cardinal) about "some of the latest rants... designed to incite violence against my family."

Lane Bajardi added that Brice, Lenz, Soares and Pincus (me) are "threatening to send their kids in to assault mine.

This was the Big Pitch to grease Ricky Mason's wallet: "I don't need a million dollar attorney... the time to take legal action is long overdue."

On April 5, 2012, James "Finboy" Barracato suggests an attorney- Karen Desoto, also an MSNBC legal analyst, named in the Hudson Reporter's  "Top Most Influential in Hudson County":

On April 30, 2012, Lane Bajardi sends "Finboy" Barracato an email titled "Defamation Award."

Bajardi notes he has "never heard back from Karen" DeSoto. The subject "Defamation Award" is linked:

The article:

Anybody think that somebody- or a pair of somebodies-  expected a big payday from anonymous commenters and bloggers?

In 2012, the Bajardis refused to withdraw their SLAPP suit; their Ohio dumpster diver told my lawyer they wanted "north of seven figures" to settle.  

Dreams of a big payday...