Is Tiffanie up to the job?

GA hears many 2nd Ward residents are concerned that if Tiffanie Fisher replaces Beth Mason on the City Council...

1. Will Ms. Fisher know how to sit on her chair?

Chair-sitting is an acquired skill; it takes time for a Council-person to master.  Beth Mason had a team to guide her on how and where to sit on her chair, what is a "good" position versus a "bad position," and whether a cushion would raise her enough so she would not be blocked by Jimmy Farina or the seahag to her right.   These advisors, who prefer to be called "volunteers" instead of "political operatives," were believed to throw the Councilwoman a biscuit when she obeyed their instructions.

Will Ms. Fisher know how to sit on her chair without a team of advisors?  The 2nd Ward wants to know.

2.  Will Ms. Fisher wear a Halloween costume?

It is critical to choose the correct Halloween costume for Hoboken's Ragamuffin parade. Does Tiffanie Fisher have a team to dress her up on Halloween and tell her what treats she will distribute?  No????  Beth Mason did. One Halloween, Mason's team dressed her up like a drag queen and sent her out in the street with a giant piece of fruit. Another year, after Beth Mason tried to close the hospital, she dressed up as a nurse and marched with a bloated, green Gumby.  

Tell me, what will Ms. Fisher do without a Halloween team?   The 2nd Ward wants to know.

Drag Queen and the Banana
3. Will Ms. Fisher post on Hoboken Moms? 

Beth Mason had a team of 'volunteers' (remember DO NOT call them "political operatives") monitoring the popular Yahoo forum called "Hoboken Moms."  Not only did they tell the Councilwoman what her constituents' concerns were, but instructed her how to emulate concern ("formulate a response... start posting messages on the Hoboken Moms board") so that her neglected constituents believe she cares.  That's how to run a Ward!  Posting on internet message boards!

Who will tell Tiffanie when and what to post on Hoboken Moms?  The 2nd Ward wants to know.

Because without um, 'volunteers' (don't call them "political operatives") like Beth Mason's to sit Tiffanie on her chair (on a purple pillow), dress her up like RuPaul and force her to post on Hoboken Moms, how will Ms. Fisher know how to govern?

The 2nd Ward wants to know.



  2. Fyi. Tranny is a slur like the n Word or the m Word for little people . Can you take that out of this post? You are so good most of the time it kinda shocked me it's in here.

    1. Jeez, I had no idea. I just googled the word and you're right!

      Now I'm nervous... okay, I've swapped it out. Sincere apologies to all my GLTB brothers and sisters.

    2. Awesome thanks for making the change. I figured you were probably just unaware. We all live and learn. Keep up the good work! You rock!

  3. Tiffanie Fisher for 2nd Ward!!!

  4. These emails are hysterical!!!
    Kim: continue to sit as close to Terry as possible.
    Kim: report this in new business at the council.
    Cardinal fancied herself Mason's Karl Rove. Hey Kim, Rove was successful, you're not. Rove elected a president, you couldn't get Beth elected mayor. Your and Lane's meanness made her a pariah. Now look at yourselves- failures, publicly humiliated even famous for lying to the court and perpetrating a fraud. You and Lane are notorious now, congratulations!

    1. Rove would never have filed this slapp. Stupid asses!

    2. and Rove would have NEVER handed over all these unbelievable emails that make THEM look like laughable idiots. Dopes.

  5. Kim Cardinal Bajardi, coaching anyone on their style of dress, behavior, demeanor or decorum? And Mason took the advice, making her more of a freak than she would have been otherwise.

  6. Serious OMG there - by the way, everyone should check out Tiffanie at tonight's council meeting. Must have been a room FULL of developers and she was the only citizen in the room and the only one that addressed the council and reminded them about what the citizens of Hoboken asked for. They are there to serve and vote on what the residents want. I don't know Tiffanie, but I like what I saw tonight. Second ward may have caught a good one!

  7. More e-mails!!!! Amazing. Please keep em coming

  8. Whoa look at that shelf on Gumby. Does anyone have her number? Is she single? Could I be that lucky?

  9. Tiffanie will do a good job for the 2nd ward and the city in general, she actually cares unlike she who will not be named...

  10. Journal coverage, finally!

  11. Interested in the TRUTH about Tiffanie Fisher?

    I live in Hudson Tea Builder where Tiffanie Fisher is still "illegally" the Board of Directors President. From my personal experience with her she is a LIAR and feels/acts above the rules that non-Board members MUST follow or be fined.

    I have a Service Dog (for 3 years) and Tiffanie Fisher continues to fine me for "Pet Policy Violations." She has fined me $850 for having my Service Dog "on the grass" when the ADA (Americans with Disabilities) clearly stated Service Dogs are NOT pets and pet policies MUST BE WAIVED. According to the the ADA, she is DISCRIMINATING against me by illegally assessing me fines based on "Pet Policy Violations" for having my Service Dog on PUBLIC property. Yes, I am being fined for having my Service Dog on property that is OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. More than 6 TIMES she has ignored the laws against DISCRIMINATION of people with disabilities set forth by the Federal Government under the ADA!!

    (I've hired an attorney and now suing my Home Owners Association because of her discrimination towards me.)

    To highlight just how crooked (my opinion) Tiffanie Fisher is, she herself has been in violation of two Pet Policies for years!!!! According to the Hudson Tea Building Master Deed and Rules & Regulations only 1 pet per unit is allowed and the ONLY animals allowed to be kept as pets are DOGS, CATS, BIRDS and FISH. Tiffanie Fisher has THREE RABBITS. First, she has more than ONE PET PER UNIT, and, Rabbits are NOT ALLOWED to be kept as pets in the Hudson Tea building, therefor she is in violation of the Master Deed and Rules & Regulations on two accounts. But she has NEVER been reprimanded or fined for her violations. Amazing right?? In my opinion, Tiffany Fisher feels she DOES NOT HAVE TO ABIDE BY THE RULES, but, she has NO PROBLEM assessing me FINES for LEGALLY doing what is allowed by the Federal Government under the ADA!! Rules don't apply to people in HIGH places and this demonstrates what Tiffanie Fisher might be like in the future.

    But, wait, there's more...

    Every year from about March through the summer we have a horrible infestation of geese. This last season was especially bad and the geese took over our frot lawn and left pile after pile of feces day after day making our lawn completely useless. Complaint after complaint Tiffanie Fisher REFUSED to do anything about the geese or even CLEAN UP THE FECES! I've documented this in detail. Residents and owners pay a high monthly fee just for things like maintaing the Common Elements so they can be used by all. Yet Tiffanie REFUSED to maintain the property by doing NOTHING to remove the geese nor clean up the geese feces making is SAFE for children to play. I just wonder where all that money went to, since it was not being used for maintaining the property.

    To make this worse, at the same time the geese were allowed FULL ACCESS to the lawn and poo anywhere, I was actually FINED several times for having my Service Dog on this VERY SAME GRASS!!! So, wild geese leaving piles of bacteria infested feces is OK with Tiffanie Fisher, but NOT OK for my 17lb Service Dog that's LEGALLY ALLOWED!!! Besides being against the law, her motives are completely twisted.

    One last tidbit...

    Our Vice-President of the Board of Directors has TWICE physically assaulted my Service Dog in the elevator. Once he kicked my dog, a Cavalier King Charles (weighs 17lbs), in the mouth because he sniffed his shoe! It was not personally, he's done this to other dogs, he's just scum bag.

    In my experience Tiffanie Fisher feels no remorse for making my life miserable by illegally forcing rules that she willfully ignores, because, being "President of the Board of Directors" means the rules don't apply.

    Is this the future of Hoboken's 2nd Ward? God I hope not.

    Any questions? Need proof? Just ask.


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