Undisclosed location

GA got in early this AM from an undisclosed location. No, not Dick Cheney's underground lair.

Hint: sea urchins, plantain, coconut trees, ugly ducklings, blizzards of color and hanging fruit. Oh yeah, a beach.

And flowers from the Royal Poincia tree.

These are edible sea grapes, that grow by the- ya know, sea. Why they're called sea grapes.  The tree leaves are thick, hard and roundish and were once used by inhabitants as dinner plates.  Sea grape leaves have a medicinal use too, for the treatment of diarrhea. I am not making that up, people.

Plantain. Doesn't that droopy purple flower remind you of Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors?

Got no clue what these are.  Anybody? 

We collected 5 ripe coconuts; ripe ones have a smoothe, brown outer shell. The hard shell and woody fiber below were almost 2 inches thick...that's before  you get to the coconut.  It took 2 days of hacking to open one, so we put the other 4 back where we found them (on the ground.) 

Flower or leaf?

Now that's a face only a mother could love.

Sea urchin condos. Very fancy.  

A brown grouper and some unidentified striped fish.  Our taxi driver said that grouper are "ugly" and have "big, fat lips and close-together eyes like my ex-wife."

This flower is called Frangipani or Bridal Bouquet.

Fave haunt: the grotto in the pool (a.k.a. bar in a cave).  That's Alfie the bartender, in the blue shirt.  Hoboken needs one of these.  How about it, Stick?

Lazy GA in the hammock.  

GA got a kick out of the interactive map on the back of each seat- played with it the whole flight home.  Here comes "Plane-zilla!"

Okay folks, those are a few pics from my week offline at an undisclosed location.  What did I miss?


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    1. To afford Belmar, you'd have to have lived for three generations in subsidized housing you didn't qualify for, so you could sock away a lot of dough, and then have your felonious parent deed it over to you for one dollar. The rest of us are stuck going on vacation to beautiful locations that we've paid for.

  2. I'm sure a floating barge pool with swim up bar docked on the river front could easily break even in this town :)

    But we'd have to have one for the kids too... farther up town, LOL

    1. too bad Zimmer doesn't want a pool in Hoboken-she has hers in the Catskills anyway, she promised developers and the unions who endorsed and campaigned for her to keep the 4th ward project kids in the back of town.
      Dawn the fraud- same old same old...

    2. anon-troll @9:34, already trying (unsuccessfully) to bring down the wonderful vacation vibe. fail. we ain't buying' what yr selling', troll. crawl back into your hole.

    3. ANONther Troll at 1o:12.
      Pot meet Kettle....
      The "Stick" reference wasn't a "vibe" killer?

      Oh please,

    4. We're not feeding you, troll@11:22, repeat fail. Have a nice day and a wonderful 4th!

  3. lovely photos, wish i was there now! welcome back, we missed you. and please try to retain that vacation glow for at least a few days before reality sets in.

  4. Glad to see that you finally took some time off. Creative people need to recharge the batteries every so often. Keep up the good work. You're still one of the best investigative reporters around. (your old computer student)

    1. Love and miss ya. I waved when we passed by but not sure you saw at 35,000 feet.

  5. You were definitely missed. You gone felt like we were all on vacation from the news about town. Which I guess in itself was a blessing.

    What has been going on?

    1. That's real sweet. Wifi was spotty at my undisclosed location, and had no cell/texting, so I have to catch up myself over this holiday weekend. I heard there were fireworks at the BoE meeting, have to catch up on that as well. In the meantime, everyone should have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.


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