Did GA "squeel" like a pig?

GA has a reasonable basis to believe that screen name Hoboken Questioner was a future-SLAPPer, and that is my NON-ACTIONABLE OPINION.

In fact, GA has voluminous reasons to attribute these comments to a SLAPPer and/or SLAPP enabler.

But I digress.

If "Hoboken Questioner" is reading this, then no need to wonder.  Here's your answer.

Not only didn't GA "squeel" like a pig when served, I knew I would fight the SLAPP filed by Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal with whatever it took, however long it took, until I was the last one standing.

And I am. With a Horse and a John Doe.

Now, it would be impolite of me to wonder if you "squeeled like a pig" on July 8, 2015 when you read this:

So, I won't ask.

But, I am pretty sure there was some "squeeling" going on uptown and downtown in Hoboken.

Oink oink!


  1. Correction - my client only squeals in the very authoritative manner associated with the deliverers of deliverables.

  2. Why did Heyer receive so much?

    Your attorney fees were paid but what about damages?

  3. Defendants cannot apply for damages in this case. We can recover damages in a SLAPP-back once this is over. Stay tuned.

  4. A troll is certainly out on force on the HR article. Love how they always start off the same -- somewhat reasonable sounding, take a soft swipe at Mason, allude to how they "generally" support the mayor (yet only refer to her as "Dawn"), etc. -- before eventually getting a little off base before ending in a full-on wackadoodle diatribe of nutty accusations and a million things out of context.

    This judgement clearly touched a nerve.

    1. So funny! It's hilarious how I drive them crazy.... all of the Mason loons. In the post-SLAPP era I don't respond nor engage any of them, I shun them. The internet-obsessed screen name guessing is a signature. Nutjobs.

  5. In my OPINION HQ was Lane Bajardi. and I noticed HQ left the scene when prosbus appeared. In my OPINION prosbus was also Lane Bajardi.


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