Emails reveal: it takes a village to be Beth Mason

2nd Ward voters need to understand that that a vote for Beth Mason is a vote for the "team" that govern for her.

How do I know?

Because thousands of email communications between Beth Mason and SLAPP Plaintiffs Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal that entered the public domain during their failed SLAPP suit, reveal the shocking truth: Beth Mason outsources governing to her consultants, operatives, hangers-on and relatives.  Her "team" writes her statements, reads her email, drafts her platform, instructs her (via text) what to do in real time during City Council meetings, and in the example to follow, answer a Hoboken Revolt questionnaire for her in the 2009 mayoral race.

The public got an inkling of Mason's detachment from her duties on July 10, 2013 when Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo revealed that 1st Ward Councilwoman Terry Castellano had sent James Barracato, Beth Mason's political operative on an internal request for information in place of Beth Mason!

The 2nd Ward can only imagine how detached their Councilwoman is from her duties...  Mason doesn't read her own email!  SHOCKING. 

The reality, exposed in hundreds of emails between the 2nd Ward Councilwoman and her political operatives, exposes the extent to which others handle simple tasks for her.

Can Mason answer a simple questionairre about her policy position in the 2009 mayoral race on her own?

Apparently NOT.

read from the bottom up


 GA doesn't understand why it takes a village for a Ward Councilwoman to perform her job in a small city like Hoboken- do you?

2nd Ward residents have to ask: is this "team governance" normal?

Is Mason mentally and physically fit to govern without a "village"?


  1. And it continues:
    --Ricky and his team is telling Beth what to do on every issue, therefore Stan Grossbard must be telling Dawn what to do on every issue. False.
    --Beth (and Ricky) is paying people to post online to further her agenda, therefore Dawn must be doing the same. False.
    --Beth and her minions are using multiple names to post online to further her agenda, therefore Dawn must be doing the same. False.

    There are more, but it is laughable that those minions think that the sleazy tactics that they used were also being used by reform. It is also laughable that they pretty much outlined all of their tactics in their online accusations against Dawn.


  2. Not surprising but still amazes me that a grown woman is incapable to having and expressing her own thoughts. WTF?

    Also, I always have to laugh at these emails because they continually reveal how the faux-consultants on Team Mason are so obsessed with political minutiae that only about 20 people in town even notice or care about. The average voter has no concept and could care less about most of this stuff, yet Lane stays up all night drafting impassioned pleas about "strategy", LOL! What a bunch of jagoffs, I swear.

  3. The little man thinks he is so self important. This wasn't a Hilary campaign it's a podunk town election for all and intensive purposes.

  4. Beth isn't mentally fit to be the village idiot.

  5. I hope there's a way for 2nd ward candidates to raise this issue about Beth Mason's apparent inability IN MY OPINION to do her own work and make her own decisions. It's really appalling that a councilperson is unable to handle those basic tasks of the job. I'm not a fan of negative campaigning, but there must be a way to illustrate this to voters in a professional manner.

    In my mind, Tiffanie brings so many positives to the council that I don't think she needs to go negative and nasty, just state the facts as spelled out by these and many other SLAPP emails and inform the voters that they've previously been represented by a fraud, IN MY OPINION.

  6. By the looks of these and many other SLAPP emails, Ricky does a lot of his wife's work on company times. I guess partnership has its benefits.


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