Sunday, October 28, 2012

Move Forward Tragedy: Campaign Canceled

HOBOKEN- As reports of Hurricane Sandy's destruction in the Caribbean come in, Hudson County municipalities continue their efforts to prepare for Sandy's arrival here.

The National Weather Services has indicated that Sandy could bring more than 5 inches of rain and wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour to the area.

In an unprecedented response to the pending weather emergency, Joe Branco and John Castellano, campaign co-managers of the Move Forward ticket have announced the cancellation of  their campaign.

"It's just too dangerous" said Castellano, "Getting hit in the face with a Nazi Truck flying at 70 MPH could cause serious injury, perhaps death. Now, if we could aim the truck at somebody's house- you know who" said Castellano winking, "Not mentioning any bloggers' names or a tie-breaking City Council member, that would be different. But Mother Nature is unpredictable and the truck could hit someone we like."

Branco, proprietor of a local business, said he was turning it into a temporary shelter during the storm.  "The first 50 refugees get a free drink," he said.

Other concerns about the effects of the storm are causing Move Forward to take precautions at their 1200 Washington Street campaign headquarters.   Said Castellano,"We are fastening down our political operatives with duck tape and have stored our midnight flyers above the acoustical tile ceiling.  We hope to keep our furniture down using Matt Calicchio as a counterweight."

Calicchio was asked if he minded being taped down atop a pile of furniture.  "Nah," he said smiling "The Boss Lady's sending me to Smackdown in Fayetteville next week with a credit card and a pile of fifies."  Asked how he'd manage his bathroom needs for the next 48 hours, Calicchio pointed to a box of Depends. "No problem. That videographer guy changes me when I fill up." 

The candidates did not appear concerned about the cancellation of their campaign.

"Look" said one candidate, "Less Nazi Truck means more cash in the bank. That means more votes for us."

Meanwhile, their opponents Kids First continue to spread the word about the tremendous progress they've made in cleaning up the corruption left by Move Forward's backers.   They affirmed that they did not need to cancel their campaign, as getting the message out does not require smear campaigns, dirty tricks or flashing swastikas on 5 large screens on a truck throughout Hoboken.


Tom Kuepfel
Jean Marie Mitchell
Ruth McAllister

Friday, October 26, 2012

Move Forward's Voting Record


These two Move Forward School Board candidates, Anthony Oland and Felice Vasquez, have lived in Hoboken for YEARS and vote in general and municipal elections but have STAYED HOME when it's time to vote for the School Board.   What does that tell you?   At least Markevitch votes in BoE elections. And attends School Board meetings when she's a candidate.

But Oland and Vasquez?

MIA.  When it  came time to select those to run our public schools, these two couldn't be bothered to vote.  NOW they want OUR vote?   Move Forward candidates front wealthy, powerful machine politicians and corrupt players from Hoboken's dark days when the BoE budget was used like a slush fund.

Please, on November 6th VOTE for the moms/dad who have 'cleaned house' and are leading our schools back from the dark days of theft and neglect.

Tom Kluepfel
Jean Marie Mitchell
Ruth McAllister

Move Forward Makes History

Move Forward's campaign literature written by Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Ruben Ramos.

Move Forward is a history-making School Board campaign.

The Move Forward campaign is fueled by illegal donations:  $7,117.05 'in-kind' contributions from Councilwoman Beth Mason, $1,000 from the Mayor of Elizabeth, NJ Chris Bollwage. Hoboken's Pay-to-Play ordinance restricts individuals and PACs to a $500 maximum donation.

The Move Forward Nazi Truck- Let's see... a  news-making 'Nazi Truck' garnering condemnation of Hoboken rabbis; this is first-time ever a Hoboken campaign has used swastikas to attack its opponents.

Remarkably, the subjects of Move Forward's Nazi Truck are not candidates nor are they involved in the BoE election. One is a blogger/activist with a child in public school. The other runs a widely-read Hoboken government and politics web site.  BOTH Nazi Truck victims support Reform.  Both are Named Defendants in a SLAPP suit with a total of 22 Defendants- the suit was filed by Beth Mason political operatives.  At best, this display amounts to harassment-- one victim's personal telephone number is being given out as a 'Tip line'.  More likely, a federal 'hate crime'-- a Jewish woman's name and photos were spliced with swastikas and Nazi posters, displayed across town and at the school her child attends.

These Third Reich symbols did not originate on a blog; they have existed for 80 years in the dark pages of history.  The Move Forward plucked these symbols as though invented by a blogger, and rode about Hoboken flashing them to Hoboken residents- men, women, children and visitors.  This truly disgusting act puts Move Forward in a league of its own- having offended our entire community and our religious leaders.

No Move Forward candidate has yet to come forward and apologize or at a minimum, repudiate the use of swastikas by their campaign.  To the contrary, GA's unfortunate encounter with Move Forward's Felice Vasquez only confirmed my suspicion the candidates silently endorse the campaign's Nazi truck.  When I asked what she had to say about the use of swastikas by her campaign, she attacked me.  Absolutely shameless.

Finally, why has Beth Mason, a congregant of the United Synagogue of Hoboken been absolutely SILENT on this?  Two years ago, Mason herself made a personal complaint to Etzion Neuer, Executive Director of the NJ Anti-Defamation League about the graphic on my blog, one week before her operative Lane Bajardi excoriated me at the City Council on November 15, 2010.  From the Jersey Journal on November 18, 2010:
"Neuer said he first heard about the graphic through Mason who pointed out it out to him last week before Bajardi's presentation before the council."
You get it? 

Clearly the marketing campaign to Jewish leaders and organizations and the Jewish press in 2010  by Beth Mason and her operatives was designed to "destroy" me (Lane Bajardi quote).

Well, whaddaya know!   It looks like the same crew are still at it in 2012, this time with a truck.  

left: Bajardi graphic juxtaposition on Nazi Truck on October 16, 2012   right: Bajardi presenting his creation: blog graphic juxtaposed with Nazi poster, November 15, 2010 City Council meeting

left:  Known Mason videographer filming Nazi Truck vide (right)  at the Zoning Board.

(Note: the2010 graphic was soooooo offensive to Mason crew they turned it into a movie, and played  it for hours all across Hoboken on 5 giant video screens )

The Move Forward Nazi Truck was Condemned by Hoboken rabbis- Has a local political campaign EVER outraged Hoboken rabbis, driving them to ask for an apology?  None was given.  Not yet.   It takes character, maturity and humility to apologize. 

Enough said.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


WOW, and I thought Finboy was dumb- remember the electronic fingerprints that dim-bulb anchovy left on his Photoshop-of-horrors to the Hoboken Reporter...

Well, look who trumped him with the Ace of Stupid... we now have our Nazi Tuck renter... drumroll please.... its:

Now, GA isn't saying it's THE Joe B-campaign co-manager of Move Forward but...

If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck AND it drives a Nazi truck like a duck... well, it MUST BE... one DUMB F*CK! 

(unless it's a gag...)


Mason Wins Court Battle, Hides Result from THE PEOPLE

"Waaaaaah!  Boo-hoo! Why can't I buy the election?"
Beth Mason is busy these days- defending a whopping $7,000+  'in-kind'  contribution to Move Forward's BoE campaign; when busted for breaking Hoboken's Pay-to-Play ordinance she cried to the press that the campaign finance limit is "legislating a political vendetta."

And who knows more about vendettas than Beth Mason?

Actually,  it's about a law to protect our elections from being bought by RICH people (like Mason) and their PACs ("Friends of Beth Mason").

Certainly those in the game of infusing cash 'in-kind' revenue streams into political campaigns (like Mason) for street workers, votes, midnight flyers, Nazi videos and trucks to play them on... certainly these big-money donors won't like legislation that stops them from determining election outcomes. Yeah, boo hoo.

Teeny weenie violin

So, instead of OBEYING THE LAW Mason weeps a disingenuous refrain of fighting for "Hoboken residents" rather than herself.  Here's what she bawled to Patch:

"... I will fight for the rights of Hoboken residents to support whomever they choose."

Yawn. Mason IS a Hoboken resident, and she CAN support whomever she chooses- $500 worth of support.  To Move Forward.  That's 5 hours of Nazi-Truck time.  As for the latest, Patch is reporting that hubby Ricky Mason (Treasurer of Friends of Beth Mason?) and Move Forward's Treasurer, Frank Raia, have been notified that the excess contribution must be returned within 30 days.  Well, she's not just bawling, she's bragging:

"I fought City Hall all the way to Supreme Court when they tried to make it very difficult for Hoboken residents to obtain public information and participate in public meetings."

Yes, indeed.  But what did she have to show us for her fight?  Not much.  Take a look back.

From May 6, 2005:
A review of Hudson County municipal cell phone records by The Jersey Journal found that Hoboken taxpayers have shelled out at least $230,000 in cell phone bills over the past three years.  By way of comparison, Union City - which has a slightly larger population and more city employees - spent just $5,000 during the same period.
As a result of that expose, Beth Mason OPRAed the City's cell phone bills for the 2005-2006 fiscal year.  She was reportedly unsatisfied with the response:
The city supplied bills a month later, but with information blacked out. Mason was allowed to see the monthly cost for each phone, but not the name of the person using the phone, the phone's number, or any information about the individual calls. In addition, the city failed to explain the redactions. 
Mason wanted to know WHO had been given cell phones, and the City would only release the expenses.  So what did she do? .  In 2005 she filed a law suit against the city, to get those NAMES.   This was the same year the BoE had paid for 157 cell phone accounts.  (Those flew under the radar.)

So what happened to Mason's 2005 lawsuit?

She won.  It was settled in August, 2008:

As part of the settlement, Hoboken will give Mason a list of names of all the municipal workers, including police and fire fighters, who have cell phones and the monthly bills they have incurred. Mason will also be given a record of all calls made on each phone for the period between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005.

"This is about city employees having cell phones with public money," said Mason. "It's critically important to know how much they're using and why they're using them."

As part of the settlement, the city must also pay Mason $10,000 in legal fees.
Mason said she is concerned about city employees using the cell phones for personal use and racking up long-distance and roaming charges.
Isn't that interesting? Back then, the Mason brand was advocating for good government and transparency- she even had a web site from 2006 - 2008, an open government forum for City and School Board business, videotapes, etc.  So in August 2008, Mason got what she wanted- a list of the people whose cell phones were being paid for by Hoboken taxpayers.  

Then what?  What did she do with those names?   

She ran for Mayor.

On a 'unity ticket', targeting the 'Old Hoboken' constituency, quietly romancing the Russos for the Church Towers vote.

So Mason held onto her hard-fought list of City cell phone account holders- municipal workers in the police and fire departments.
Why didn't she release those names?   Did Mason use the list as leverage on a 'trade' with the Russos?  Russo boasted on the FBI surveillance tape how Mason had let him pick her ticket in exchange for his support.  
Mason cost the City significant legal fees on top of a $10,000 award of taxpayer money, purportedly to find out WHO was spending taxpayer money on cell phones.... good work.  But...why did she withhold this information from The People?

So Mason can flail about NOW, complain about laws protecting our elections from being bought.  And when she reminds us of old court battles for transparency, ask: WHY didn't you release the names?


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Damage Control: Anonymous 'Apology' On Nazi Truck

"Always remember that others may hate you but 
those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. 
And then you destroy yourself."

The Sequel: Move Forward's Nazi Truck features a HORSE

Last night's appearance of Move Forward's Nazi Truck was yet another dry twig tossed on Mason's Bonfire of the Insanities.  A wise and judicious friend put it this way:
"She's lost her f***ing mind."
Any rational person viewing the last night's kookiness would agree.

Where do we begin?
  • He's ba-ack!  The videographer known to work for Beth Mason, whose footage at the Zoning Board was used on Move Forward's Nazi Truck on Oct 16th and 17th showed up for at last night's ZBA Special Meeting:

Known videographer of Beth Mason at the ZBA on October 23, 2012.
Now, this guy has shot hours of footage of yours truly and the rest of the Board.  He certainly doesn't need MORE.  So, why's he there?  To intimidate and harass not only me, but others on the Board who may seek elected office or express a critical opinion of Beth Mason someday.  See above Richard Nixon quote.
  • The Nazi Truck- Part 2, featuring a HORSE.  Now, I adore Da Horsey, and he does have the widest readership of any blog in town- his readership dwarfs that of the cyber-cemetery  That said, who gives a rat's ass about bloggers in a General Election?  The over-estimation of the blogs' influence in the general public by Mason & her gang is bizarre.  YES, those in political life read them and to that extent they are influential, BUT trying to beat up bloggers as an election issue is idiotic. Nobody cares about bloggers.  EVERYBODY cares about the offensive behavior of the Move Forward campaign, riding around town and parking outside of a school with SWASTIKAs and other offensive imagery flashing in a loop.  I have already heard anecdotal evidence of  formerly-undecided voters grossed out by the Nazi Truck and midnight flyers who are now SURE who they are voting for- Kids First.  This truck has been POLITICAL SUICIDE and all over an issue 99% of Hoboken doesn't give a damn about- blogs. Instead, the tarring of one blogger with Nazi symbols on this truck may constitute a  hate-crime at the federal and state level. See above Richard Nixon quote.
  • The Anonymous Apology. Based on my recent communications with a Jewish Community leader about the Nazi Truck,  GA expects this anonymous 'apology' to go over like a lead balloon.  This is not an apology, it is damage control by the Move Forward campaign,   cynically crafted for PUBLIC consumption, and designed to remove the story from MSV. It is not the apology the rabbis asked for.  It offensively pimps the moral equivalency argument (we took  it off the truck, tell Horsey not to blog about it) and does so ANONYMOUSLY ON A TRUCK.  A phone call to the rabbi, a signed letter of apology, a show of humility and sincerity.  It takes character to do that, it takes maturity to face our community and the public and admit a mistake.  NO ONE from MOVE FORWARD has publicly repudiated using swastikas in a political campaign- theirs.  I am a witness. Felice Vasquez, a candidate actually came to my door and asked for my vote! When I confronted her with her campaign's usage of Nazi iconography, Vasquez attacked me.   No one on their campaign has or will take responsibility and acknowledge their mistake. NOBODY.  Instead they limply hire a truck and cut another video attacking someone ELSE with a despicable moral equivalency rationale.  See above Richard Nixon quote. 
  • The SLAPP suit against 2 named bloggers, 20 Screen Name bloggers.  Plaintiffs want a $2 million payday from each of us. See above Richard Nixon quote.  
Hey, Move Forward.  How about putting THIS video on your Nazi Truck?

video credit: Greg Bond

Remember to repudiate this nuttiness on November 6th.

 Say NO to Nazi-Truck campaigns.  

Tom Kluepfel
Jean Marie Mitchell
Ruth McAllister

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The FBI Steps It Up

Well, GA was surprised to see 2 visits from the FBI, 5 days apart, one of them this morning. An uptick in frequency.  


But really, the FBI can visit anytime undetected.  So it's interesting to see them 'show' their presence twice in one week.  We know they are monitoring the blogs, as FBI Special Agent Christian Schorle indicated in the United States of America vs. Patrick Ricciardi:

So why show up twice in a week?  Dunno.

One thing's for sure: Nazi trucks are reprehensible but legal.  But stealing...?

Hoboken's 2005-2006 Board of Education writing a $500M check to itself?   Or having 1,050 employees on the payroll?  Or  spending $48K on 157 cell phone accounts?  Or taking pals to Atlantic City AND giving them $300 stipends? 

That kind of stuff may be interesting reading for our federal law enforcement friends.

Though I would mention to my law enforcement friends: Nazi trucks are deployed against whistle-blowers and truth-tellers to make them go away.  I think you get it.

So follow the money...  and you'll find who is trying to hide corruption and shut down speech, among other nefarious motives.

Start with: who's been dumping cash into the Move Forward campaign?

Who's been sponsoring the filming of Nazi-truck videos?   

left: Mason videographer filming at the ZBA,  right: his film on the Nazi-Truck

And providing content for the film?

left: Nazi Truck at Wallace School on Oct 16, 2012  right: Lane Bajardi at the City Council on Nov. 15, 2010. His presentation appears on the Nazi truck.

And if the Nazi truck strategy works,WHO wins?

Move Forward's Treasurer is Frank Raia, who was 2005-2006 BoE President- see 2005-2006 BoE audit

 Say NO to Nazi-Truck campaigns.  


Tom Kluepfel
Jean Marie Mitchell
Ruth McAllister

Monday, October 22, 2012

Chutzpah: Vasquez on the Nazi Truck

Felice Vasquez of Move Forward is the Special Counsel to Kean University President Farahi. Kean University nearly lost its accreditation because of Farahi's extensive resume fraud , Vasquez tried to derail the Senate faculty from a 'no confidence' vote against Farahi.
Did you know that Move Forward's Felice Vasquez is Special Counsel to the scandal-ridden Kean University President Darwood Farahi, who nearly lost the university's accreditation due to extensive resume fraud?  There you go, Ms. Vasquez defending resume fraud at Kean University, and seeking a seat on Hoboken School Board.

So none of this should have surprised me.
Noun:   Shameless audacity; impudence. 
Yesterday the first campaign in Hoboken history to use swastikas and Nazi iconography in a political campaign- for the School Board no less, came to my door.  On Sunday, at about 11:20 am, Move Forward candidate Felice Vasquez a petite and attractive lady, rang my bell and asked for my vote.

Moving Forward with Nazi Trucks at Wallace School- when will someone apologize?

Stunned, I said,  "I'm not a supporter." A moment later, I stepped outside and identified myself.  I  asked her what she had to say about her campaign, Move Forward putting me on a truck with swastikas.

What do you think this School Board candidate said?

Did she distance herself and her campaign from the stunt the media has labeled the 'Nazi Truck' with a reply such as: "I don't condone the use of swastikas in political campaigns, I don't condone the use of that truck."  Or how about "I agree with the rabbis of Hoboken, there is no place for Nazi discourse in a political campaign?"

Hoboken Rabbi Mosche Shapiro told The Hoboken Reporter on Friday:
He added, “Whoever is responsible should immediately remove it and apologize. I am shocked this could happen in this day and age. In other countries it’s a crime to use that image. We have freedom of speech, but a million and a half Jewish babies were killed…this is not something that should be used for some political gain.”
Rabbi Robert Scheinberg of United Synagogue said this:
“Using Nazi imagery in a local Hoboken election, trivializing the cataclysmic events of World War II, is completely inexcusable. I would urge whoever is responsible for these projected images to follow the example of the local blogger who, two years ago, publicly apologized for her use of such images on her blog and immediately removed them.”
So what did Vasquez say when I asked her about the vile 'Nazi truck'?

She doubled down by attacking me, my blog- not the use of Nazi iconography on the truck, thus >defending the use of swastikas by her campaign with a moral equivalency argument.   Felice Vasquez approves of the Nazi-truck?  Well, Vasquez didn't care to debate the subject and scampered away without canvassing my Willow Terrace street that her campaign had covered with midnight flyers.

And we all know the Nazi truck and the midnight flyers were done by the same team. Beth Mason's videographer taped the film on that truck,  Friends of Beth Mason wheeled $7,117.05 'in-kind' to Move Forward, Move Forward meets at Mason's Gallery at 1200 Washington, and more. 

It's all quite disgusting. A hate crime.  This campaign has crossed a line NO ONE ever has-  swastikas in a political campaign- and Hoboken rabbis are asking those responsible to step forward and apologize.  I am shocked the Move Forward candidates have not yet apologized or publicly repudiated this vile attack.

This is okay with Felice Vasquez?  And her Move Forward running mates Markevitch and Oland? Nazi truck parked outside Wallace School, flashing swastikas in a quiet residential neighborhood.

Since Ms. Vasquez asked for my vote-  and yours- for the privilege to sit on our School Board perhaps she owes us an explanation.

Why does Vasquez believes she has the moral standing to lead our School District when as the Special Counsel to Kean University President Darwood Farahi (see Facebook 'Farahi Fraud Investigation' ) she DEFENDED him from losing his position in the face of resume fraud.

Kean University President Darwood Farahi continues to raise the ire of faculty. Within the last few months Farahi received a vote of “no confidence’ by the faculty. In addition, the Middle States Association refused to renew the University’s accreditation, placing the higher education institution on “Probation”. Loss of accreditation could destroy the value of any degree earned by students.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nazi Truck Video Source: Beth Mason's * Videographer

left panel: Mason's * videographer filming at the ZBA.  Camera is in his lap.  right panel: ZBA film used in Nazi Truck video.  Note camera angle.

Did you know that Beth Mason's been sending her * personal videographer with Not-Perry to Zoning Board meetings now since last March?  (Not-Perry looks like Perry Belfiore's decoy- if  he had one.) 

Well, GA knew they were there for nefarious purposes, to collect stock footage for 'use later'.  I figured I'd pop up somewhere; on Hoboken411 or in a print ad, but never on a truck.

Yes, the provenance of the Nazi truck video seems to lead to Beth Mason.

Because in my almost 3 years of service, no one has ever filmed a meeting that I attended except for Beth Mason's * videographer.  (Martin Scorsese may have filmed one in my absence.) When I finally watched the video yesterday (forcibly) I couldn't believe it- that the Nazi truck video was filmed by the very same guy who films City Council meetings...

 and BoE meetings...

and criminal harassment trials of Mason Civic League employee Matt Calicchio... 

and Mason's * videographer taped Mayor Zimmer's deposition for Hoboken411 in the case of William Campbell vs. the City of Hoboken...

Wow, that's quite a stockpile of footage. Certainly, the filming of public meetings is allowed; all in the spirit of open government and transparency. Well...

Mason's * videographer's (M*V) first showed up to film the Zoning Board on March 27, 2012.  He stayed about 2 hours- enough time for a bounty of stock footage- and left.  He's been a regular at my meetings since. Shoots about 2 hours of film and leaves. Comes and goes.

While other 'clues' about the video point in the same direction, the usage of M*V video on the Nazi truck is a fingerprint.  That is privately obtained and owned video.   

I urge the press to ask Councilwoman Mason how her  *videographer's film ended up on a truck with swastikas parked at a school.

CLUE: The SAME graphic juxtaposition created by Lane Bajardi  for his Dec 15, 2010 City Council attack on me appears on the Nazi truck video. Another graphic Bajardi brought to the City Council AND BoE in April 2010 appears on the Nazi truck video.

While you ask her that, don't forget to ask:
  • How much the Move Forward campaign is paying to use her 1200 Washington Street gallery space for their campaign headquarters?  
  • Does that in-kind contribution to Move Forward meet Hoboken's Pay-to-Play ordinace?
  • Is the Gallery still funded by her  501(c)(3), the Mason Civic league, Inc.?  If so, does she know that tax-exempt, non-profits can't host political campaigns (Move Forward) nor employ political operatives?
  • What was your $7,117.05 in-kind contribution to Move Forward really used for?

And have you read the response of Hoboken's two rabbis to this historic usage of swastikas and Nazi iconography in a political campaign?

Read it here.   

 * suspected

Friday, October 19, 2012

Who Hired Move Forward's Swastikas-on-Wheels? -UPDATE

Does anybody know?  We've got a real mystery on our hands.

top left, clockwise: World Media Entertainment (WME) listing on Manta, Google street view of WME business location, Lane Bajardi presenting his juxtaposition of a GA caricature next to a Nazi poster to the City Council on Dec. 15, 2010, Lane Bajardi's presentation graphic displayed at Wallace School on October 16, 2012.

Back on April 6, 2011, the very same truck sat across from Hoboken City Hall playing an F.B.I surveillance video showing Mike Russo directing Maher Khalil, Solomon Dwek's bag man, to put the $5,000 bribe in the Russo For Hoboken account (its Treasurer is Move Forward's Campaign Manager, John Castellano).

GA was there and snapped this pic:

April 6, 2011- World Media Entertainment truck plays the FBI surveillance tape of  the Russo-Dwek meeting

Pulling off a multi-media event of this kind is a collaborative process.  You have those who produce the video: the cameraman, narrator, graphic artist, audio and video production crews , the financier, and of course, the 'idea' people: planners, strategists and those who execute the plan directly with the vendor.  In this case, Neil Torres of  World Media Entertainment.

Now that you understand it take a village to raise a video-truck event, let's talk about the one at City Hall on April 6, 2011.  The video shown that evening was produced by the FBI with titles by Hoboken resident Greg Bond, the narrators were Mike Russo, Solomon Dwek, Khalil Maher.  As for the rest of the team...  those who planned and executed the hiring truck in 2011 freely admit to it, and have gone on record, either directly to GA or as noted.

Here are a few of them:

Greg Lincoln (email)
You may already know this.

Back during the 2011 city council campaigns, a few days prior to the protest at the city council meeting (after the FBI tapes had been released), Joe Branco had suggested to me that our campaign should hire this video truck to play parts of the FBI tape. He knew all the details about the truck, and who to contact. He was really pushing for it, it sounded like he was friends with the owner.

While the idea seemed intriguing, we were working off a very limited campaign budget and decided not to spend the money on that. Now, I can't remember if the city-wide campaign ended up paying for it, or if Joe himself paid for it. But it certainly wasn't funded by my campaign.

Greg Bond did create the video that played on the truck though.

I recalled reading somewhere that the either someone said (or Joe himself) that they had no idea who was hiring the truck, and they had no knowledge about it. Of course that's BS, there is no way Joe Branco isn't involved with the renting of the truck.

Jake Stuiver (email)
As I recall, it was Joe who suggested the idea of using the "media truck" when I was organizing last year's protest in the wake of the Russo FBI tapes coming out. Joe brought the existence of such a truck-for-hire to my attention in the first place and enthusiastically championed the idea of using it. He gave me the name and phone number of the truck's proprietor, suggested some possible routes and parking locations near City Hall, and explained how the truck could be used to draw the attention of uninformed passers-by to the message we were seeking to convey. Once Joe provided the proprietor's phone number, I coordinated with the driver and helped raise money to cover the cost (which I recall as being $100/hour), and throughout the day I continued to consult with Joe on various logistics. I can certainly say that the idea and execution of the media truck for the Russo protest would not have been possible, or even on anyone's radar, without the invaluable and eager assistance of Joe Branco.

Greg Lincoln (MSV post)
Just reposting from the HR site:

With a little bit of due diligence, the HR could actually follow up and find that Mr. Castellano is not telling the truth. "Move Forward" is indeed behind the video truck rental.

The video truck also appeared in Hoboken about a year and a half ago, the night of the protest at city hall after the FBI video was released of Mike Russo's meeting with Solomon Dwek.

The person responsible for bringing the truck to Hoboken that time was Joe Branco. The same Joe Branco who is the campaign manager of the "Move Forward" efforts.

According to Roman Bryce's inquiries of Mr. Branco, "MSV spoke to Move Forward co-campaign manager Joe Branco. Asked about the origins of the truck and its appearance outside the Wallace School, Branco repeatedly said he didn't "know anything" about it including its cost."

That also is an outright lie. Joe Branco was the person who suggested having the van last time, and was the one who made all the arrangements. If I remember correctly, Joe described it to me as "I have a friend who has this truck...". For him to deny any knowledge of it at this point is patently ridiculous.

Joseph Branco  (MSV post)
Greg, for complete transparently I didn’t hire the truck this time or last time. I didn’t make the arrangements for the truck this time or last time either. You are correct that I did give his number out last time but it wasn’t my idea for the video nor did I make the video. I had been asked for his number and I gave his number to one of your co-commissioners and he called and made the arrangements. Your co-commissioner also had the video edited by one of your buddies. This time is a little different; I had absolutely nothing to do it. Nobody asked me for his number, nor did I arrange it. The real Joseph Branco. 

Thanks, fellas for going on the record.  You had nothing to be ashamed of in 2011.

That video was simply a hidden camera surveillance tape. It  wasn't made to disseminate lies or present out-of-context imagery spun out of malevolence.  The 2011 truck did not ride around town flashing swastikas.

I guess that's why no one has a problem admitting to 'hiring' WME back in 2011.

Then what about Move Forward's Swastikas-on-Wheels?  Here it was, outside my daughter's school on the night of October 16, 2012:

October 16, 2012- repulsive: Move Forward flashes swastikas on their video truck parked outside Wallace School

 That was before and after Move Forward's Third Reich Cinema drove up and down Washington street blasting:

"I think all good people of Hoboken should stand up and condemn Nancy Pincus for what she is!" 

Oh wait... that was Lane Bajardi to the City Council on  December 15, 2010.  He created  the juxtaposition of graphics- mine and a Nazi poster- that was used on Move Forward's Swastika-truck!  Perhaps it was blasting this:
"Do you condone this type of stomach-turning scatological display as appropriate political activity?"

No...  that was Lane Bajardi to the City Council on April 7, 2010.  He handed out  color copies of the 'poop' graphic that was used on Move Forward's Swastika-truck!  Maybe the 'Nazi truck' said this:
"Ms. Minutillo wrote a letter of thanks. Liz Mulholland and Kyra Bond were the first and second people thanked. The third person was Nancy Pincus. Ms. Minutillo proudly identified Ms. Pincus as quote "our graphic designer" and she plays the same role..."
Wrong again!

That was Lane Bajardi to the Board of Education on April 10, 2010.   He distributed more color copies of the 'poop-graphic' that was used on Move Forward's Swastika-truck!


Until someone Moves Forward and admits they hired Joe Branco's friend to drive around town showing swastikas... 

Until someone Moves Forward to say he called World Media Entertainment with the telephone number provided by Joe Branco...

Until then we'll never know WHO was behind the political stunt that flashed Nazi symbols on Washington Street and at a school, defamed a local resident/mom/blogger to win VOTES for Move Forward, co-managed by Joe Branco.

Illegal donation to Move forward: enough to buy 70 hours of MF's vile Swastika-video on Washington St.
(Update: 4:20 PM)

The media has coined it a 'Nazi Truck'.  Now Hoboken's rabbis are weighing on Move Forward's use of a swastika in their BoE campaign against Kids First:  According to the Hoboken Reporter:

Rabbi Moshe Schapiro of Chabad in Hoboken said he hadn’t seen the truck himself, but “I’ve seen pictures and I think it’s despicable. I’m appalled and shocked that anyone can use an image of such hatred and bigotry. I don’t know whose side, what side, if they’re repeating something, but how can one be so insensitive to Holocaust survivors who will walk by, or people who had grandparents who survived the camps, and have to witness such an image driving around the city?” 

He added, “Whoever is responsible should immediately remove it and apologize. I am shocked this could happen in this day and age. In other countries it’s a crime to use that image. We have freedom of speech, but a million and a half Jewish babies were killed…this is not something that should be used for some political gain.” 

Rabbi Robert Scheinberg of the United Synagogue of Hoboken, who two years ago issued a statement after Pincus was criticized for using Nazi imagery in a parody on her blog, said this time around, “Using Nazi imagery in a local Hoboken election, trivializing the cataclysmic events of World War II, is completely inexcusable. I would urge whoever is responsible for these projected images to follow the example of the local blogger who, two years ago, publicly apologized for her use of such images on her blog and immediately removed them.” 

Yep, follow my example Joe.

And John, Beth, Ricky, Mason's videographer who filmed me at the Zoning Board then put it on this 'Nazi truck', and whomever else participated in this historic first usage of Nazi imagery in a Hoboken political campaign.

That's quite a distinction.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Statement to The Hoboken Reporter

I got a call from Al Sullivan at 10:56 am.  His editor was asking him to reach out to me for a statement about the Move Forward campaign's Swastika-on-Wheels.

I told Al I needed to run this by my lawyer.  It took about 2 hours to reach him then clear my statement.  Well, guess what?

They DIDN'T publish  my statement.  Well, I do  nt discuss the SLAPP suit as you know, but I am publishing the following that was vetted by my lawyer.

So, here is my comment to The Hoboken Reporter:

I have no role in the current school board campaign. My inclusion in this campaign is patently absurd. This vicious, anonymous attack appears to be retaliation for my efforts to expose political corruption in Hoboken through my blog. Such attacks are not new. Lane Bajardi and his wife, Kim Cardinal, political operatives for Beth Mason, have filed a frivolous defamation lawsuit, prominently referenced on the van, in a misguided attempt to silence my blog. One element of the van’s display, the graphic juxtaposition of my caricature of Beth Mason with a Nazi film poster, is identical to a juxtaposition created by Lane Bajardi for his City Council rant attacking me on November 15, 2010. Another image on the van was toted to the City Council and BoE in April 2010 by Lane Bajardi as a visual prop for similar rants. These images are years old and have nothing to do with the current campaign. I urge voters to repudiate this most vile campaign tactic in modern Hoboken political history- displaying swastikas on our streets to elect School Board candidates- at the polls on November 6th.

Bhalla: Move Forward Owes Mason PAC $6,617

Last night at the City Council,  Beth Mason got BUSTED for wheeling 'in kind' megabucks to the Move Forward campaign, exceeding the $500 Pay-to-Play limit.... all thanks to GA!

Don't take my word for it.   I was fast asleep by 9:30, didn't watch it.

From a reader:
Beth Mason ran out of the meeting in time for the public portion. Maybe she knew what was coming, Ravi said it was really unfortunate that Beth Mason is not here because he would like to discuss her the violation of the local campaign finance ordinance.  That the Friends of Beth Mason organization located 1103 Washington donated $7,000 to Moving Forward school board slate.  Donations in excess of $500 is not allowable by our pay to play ordinance, and Moving Forward must repay the money to Friends of Beth Mason in excess of $500.  Ravi said he'd be asking the city clerk to notify the attorney about this issue and to to determine what fines are appropriate. You know everybody reads GA.


Will we see a 'Thank You GA' note added to Move Forward's Swastika-on-Wheels?   GA hears it was parked across from City Hall, entertaining visitors to Carlos' Bakery, with a cigar-smoking Move Forward's co-manager standing by, watching the revolting video loop.

Move Forward's Swastika-mobile at Carlo's Bakery last night- across the street from City Hall credit: MSV

Note the cost to produce the video, soundtrack, and nightly roadshow is STEEP.   Where is that kind of money coming from?  Check  Move Forward's ELECs. 

I did.  And posted an excerpt yesterday.  


'Friends of Beth Mason' PAC gave a total of $7,117.05 in-kind contributions to their campaign. WOW.  That's the kind of money that buys a citywide midnight mailer campaign and a Swastika-on-Wheels.

As Ravi stated,  Hoboken's pay-to-Play ordinance permits a maximum contribution from a PAC or individual is $500.  Which means Mason's PAC gave an EXCESS contribution of $6,617. 05- that's all her PAC declared on paper. 

But we KNOW she's given MORE.

Because the in-kind value of use of Mason's NON-PROFIT, TAX-EXEMPT Art Gallery at 1200 Washington St. for Move Forward's campaign headquarters must be worth at least $8,000 (2 months estimated).

When does the City's Tax Collector hoof it over to the 'Gallery' to investigate whether a tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) is a political campaign headquarters?   I am sure the NJ Attorney General and the IRS would like to know.

Because when our institutions of government and law enforcement  don't pursue the law-breakers   it emboldens them to continue, escalate their behavior and emboldens our media to collude with them.   

The Hoboken Reporter writes the Old Guard's material.  It seems they want to destroy Reform, and are assisting the Old Guard in their vicious campaign.

Here's what the BoE paid them in 2005-2006 when the Old Guard was running the School Board.

Funny, but The Reporter has just  asked me for a statement.  You know what that means.

They're salivating to publish more operative spew- this distraction from the real issues affecting the children of Hoboken and avoidance of substantive articles about past corruption at the BoE. And what's at stake now.  For me, it's keeping Kids First at the helm, and not turning it over to the people who buy steak dinners and trips to Atlantic City for pals with our kids' money.  And YOURS. 

Which makes the only people with balls to confront corruption and myself, and other internet voices, become their targets.

New friends to GA, please see below why I have been made the central campaign  issue of the Move Forward campaign- because of my history of exposing corruption at the BoE.  And, the SAME people behind the Move Forward slate are those that did the following- and just in ONE YEAR:


And that's just PART of it.  Folks, I have nothing to do with the BoE campaign, other than respond as an outraged parent that the people who've abused our schools so badly want them BACK.

Badly enough to display swastikas at a SCHOOL in order to elect Move Forward.