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2015: The Year of the Email?

For the tiny universe of political junkies who follow Hoboken politics, 2015 may be remembered as the Year of the Email.

GA would argue that 2011 kicked off the Era of the Email; and today's obsession with OPE (Other People's Email) has its roots in the (recent) past.

Recall in 2011, City Council President Beth Mason and VP Mike Russo sponsored two City Council resolutions to obtain email from the Mayor's office.   They were, as noted in GA's  Ultimate Email Conspiracy Timeline:
April 1, 2011: City Council President Beth Mason and Vice President Michael Russo sponsor a City Council resolution to obtain ALL of the mayor's communications staff's emails (Communications Manager Juan Melli and Chief of Staff Dan Bryan) starting from January 1 2010- the SAME TIME Ricciardi began INTERCEPTING EMAILS from the Mayor and her 2 unnamed staffers!"

May 16, 2011: Beth Mason and Michael Russo re-introduce an amended resolution for the emails of Mayor's Office Employees Bryan, Melli and 12 journalists and bloggers- including Grafix Avenger  and Mile Square View.
Concurrently, was churning out breathless coverage of Mason's email jihad, when... the F.B.I. came a-knocking!

Yep,  because while Mason was trying to use the City Council's legislative process to get her hands on Zimmer's email, Zimmer discovered City Hall's IT Officer had been helping himself to her emails, copying them into an "Archive Folder,"  then distributing them to the mayor's political enemies.  Zimmer herself called in the FBI, and agents raided the IT Office, hauling away Hoboken's email servers and computer hard drives. followed these amazing events with a series of whacko email-centric conspiracy theories:

read from BOTTOM up


OPE was the epicenter of 2011's biggest political scandal in Hoboken: the F.B.I. investigation.

2011 was all about email: pursuing it, stealing it, distributing it, getting busted.

We may never know how many of the mayor's political enemies got 'intercepted' email,  but one unintended consequence of Bajardi v Pincus, was the discovery of  Dawn Zimmer's stolen email in BAJARDI_00023319.pdf, used as Exhibit D-48A in Lane Bajardi's trial.  

From the February 3, 2015 cross-examination of Lane Bajardi at his trial:

OPE has been a central theme in Hoboken political life since 2011.  GA believes that access to OPE has been a primary improper purpose for filing political lawsuits since 2011.
Like Bajardi v Pincus.  Mike Plumb, my attorney, put it this way: "After Ms. Mason lost the majority of the City Council, her investigation into the e-mails was closed. Now, Ms. Mason’s political operatives are seeking those e-mails via litigation. Again, this is an improper purpose for filing a complaint."

And, the various iterations of Carmelo Garcia's 2013 lawsuit against the Mayor, her husband and others, harvested the infamous "Grossbard emails." Garcia improperly leaked the Grossbard discovery emails without court consent, 2 weeks prior to the November 2nd election.  When GA obtained the email  package Garcia had sent to the press, it  proved The Hoboken Reporter wildly exaggerated the number and contents of the "Grossbard emails," once again trying to influence Hoboken's election outcome.

Emails, emails, emails. 

Garcia's "Grossbard Email" deployment led to 2015's email-centric lawsuit, filed by longtime anti-Zimmer political activist David Liebler.   Liebler has never made a secret of his pursuit of "all emails from Dawn that included Stan, her husband."

GA does not know of a single example of a Reformer initiating a lawsuit for improper purposes to read OPE.  Do you?

Yes, 2015 has been awash in OPE- SLAPP emails, Grossbard emails.

And the voyeurs of Hoboken political life are not going anywhere.   2016 promises Carmelo Garcia's trial (starring more email) discovery in Leibler's case (email requests) and...?

The Dark Side never considers the unintended consequences.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015

FRAUD: IMPOSTER signs petition as Mayor's husband!

My goodness, the intrigue surrounding pop-up grassroots Save Our Streets ("SOS") and Concerned Citizens of Hoboken ("CCH") keeps on growing!

First, GA noted the striking similarities between SOS and Citizens for Accountability ("CFA"), including lack of disclosure on identifying the founders/financial backers, and effort to tie Rebuild By Design (federal grant) to local infrastructure repair.

Next, GA saw that a local celebrity, an NBC News Correspondent  had signed the petition:

Then,  at 5:56 AM this morning, an Anonymous commenter alerted GA:
I just scrolled through some of the names on the petition these folks put up. I was shocked to see Stan Grossbard's name there. Any idea if that's actually the Mayor's husband? He said, "Because the DEP has clearly mismanaged this project and must eliminate Plan A."
Here it is (screen cap)-  the alleged Grossbard signature:

So, to answer Anon's question: "Any idea if that's actually the mayor's husband?"

GA will let HIM answer... Grossbard contacted me this morning:
"FYI I did not sign the petition. I suspect the anon who pointed it out knows that..." 
WHOA! That's fraud.

Is this an imposter, too?

Well folks, that's Hoboken- even at Christmas, the hijinks go on!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

NBC News Correspondent accuses NJ officials of "kickback scheme"

NBC News correspondent Natalie Morales alleged the Mayor of Hoboken, Dawn Zimmer and NJ officials were parties in a "kickback scheme at the highest levels"  in a comment she wrote on a petition.   Morales is a Hoboken resident.

The petition,  "SAY NO TO OPTION A: Stop Hoboken from Building a Wall that Doesn't Protect All Residents," was started by "Concerned Citizens of Hoboken" last week and has grown to 662 signatures.

In fact, the petition title is a misnomer; there is no "Option A."  There is "Concept A,"

Concept A is one of five flooding mitigation concept plans provided to the municipalities of  Hoboken, Jersey City and Weehawken by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection engineers for resident feedback.  Each of the Concept Plans is labeled, "DRAFT IDEAS FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY."

Concept A is controversial in Hoboken because of a "wall" shown running down a residential street in Hoboken's R-1 zoning district, leading to the "Concerned Residents of Hoboken" petition drive and a pop-up group called "Save Our Streets."

The preamble of the petition pits residents against the Mayor of Hoboken: "the mayor now wants to spend that money on A WALL ON GARDEN STREET from Weehawken Cove as far as 12th Street, destroying a historic residential neighborhood..."

The petition also claims that Hoboken residents have had "virtually no notice, no vote, no representation from public officials, and no due process in which the affected residents have any meaningful voice."  In fact, the Rebuild By Design Citizen Advisory Group has been holding public events and meetings for months, all of which have been publicly noticed and meeting materials and presentation boards are online at

NBC News Correspondent Natalie Morales signed the petition (screenshot):

Comment on Petition: SAY NO TO OPTION A: Stop Hoboken from Building a Wall that Doesn't Protect All Residents

NBC's Morales has not provided proof of her allegations of "corruption at its finest" nor "kickback scheme at the highest level."

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

KNOW the group you join

For the record, GA opposes Rebuild-by-Design's Concept Plan A.  It sucks.

The suck-i-ness of putting walls on 'interior' residential streets, the unsuitability of  Plan A for Hoboken, is the alleged premise of a "new grassroots organization" called Save Our Streets ("SOS".) 

Well folks, before you 'hop on the bandwagon' and join any organization which purports to serve the public interest, first ask: WHO are the organizers, and WHAT do they really want?

Opposing walls on Hoboken's beautiful, residential streets is a no-brainer.

The SOS narrative that walls going up on our R-1 residential district streets are "being considered" is a frightening, disturbing call to action.  "FIGHT THE WALL!" cry posters which appeared overnight on Hoboken streets, and "SAVE OUR STREETS!"  SOS posters threatened: "DO YOU KNOW THAT A PLAN IS BEING CONSIDERED  THAT WILL DIVIDE HOBOKEN?"

These 'midnight fliers' (did anyone actually see who put them up?) included a logo- a pretty professional effort for an overnight 'grassroots' organization; they've also put up a well-maintained Facebook page.

This logo and Facebook presence are strikingly similar to that September pop-up political interest group whose anonymous founders pushed a vehemently anti-Zimmer, anti-Reform agenda.

SOS soliciting "requests" for a "Save our Street's website"- that's NEXT 

People, please read before you "like."

You have just joined a group whose anonymous founders

Monday, December 21, 2015

GA's (preliminary) take on "The Walls"

Everybody's got an opinion on "The Walls," also known as the Rebuild-by-Design Concept Plans; a pop-up group called "Save Our Streets (SOS)" has declared war on "the Wall," alarmed residents have packed recent Rebuild-by-Design meetings. 

GA has a unique perspective having lived both sides of the controversy. (1) My first home purchase was in 1996 on the Hoboken waterfront (1st and River); the panoramic view of NYC from the roof (deeded exclusive roof rights) and windows on 1st Street were a major selling point for the 4th floor, walk-up.  In 2002 the 14-story Hoboken Waterfront Corporate Center (Wiley & Sons building) was built blocking GA's gorgeous waterfront view, and sunlight.  (2) In 2012, GA's home on Willow Terrace flooded, with massive property damage and property loss.

So... GA can relate to the feelings of concerned residents living on the waterfront AND the reality that climate change and rising sea levels cannot be avoided.  Did you hear, it may hit 70 degrees on Christmas.  When (not if) we get flooded again, no one will want to buy in Hoboken; your property will be worthless.

Okay, to the plans.

I need clarification on the elevation markers. It seems the "above ground elevation"  is the height as it would appear at ground-level, and not the actual built height (including structure below ground and/or below water line).  That is a BIG 'marketing' point. Because the "ground elevation" heights are much lower than the heights noted: take a look:

Well, here goes:

Concept A sucks.

Concept B "no"- doesn't protect Hoboken Terminal, seems to protect the northern part of Hoboken, so the rest of us can float away?

Concept C- GA's choice.  This one has "in water revetments." The revetments appear to be below ground height so should not impact views from the waters' edge. Protects "99%" of the population, and protects Hoboken Terminal.  It's designed for a "500 year flood event and rising sea levels."  NO direct access to the waterfront, but that can be addressed with pedestrian overpasses.  Perhaps "walls" can be landscaped (maybe the ground can slope with grass infill, or otherwise built with walkway, benches.) This option has a "Lincoln tunnel tie-in."

Concept D-  Similar to C. Differences include no "in-water revetments".

Concept E- "no." We either protect our city with respect to climate change or we do not. This proposal does not protect Hoboken from rising sea levels. It does not protect Hoboken Terminal. It is a "90%" solution,

GA imagines residents of 'cities on the edge' around the world resisted engineering solutions to flash flooding and rising sea level.  Hoboken is no different, and it is understandable.

Amsterdam, another city on the edge

GA believes the more creatively we can integrate engineering solutions with public use, the "rebuild by design" can bring activity to water's edge, and make our city even better.

Bikes on dykes, Netherlands

GA wants to learn more about these proposed concepts.

I think we all need to understand the proposed elevations better. If the 'ground elevation" is above-ground height,  GA believes that sight-line studies will show the heights of the walls will barely impact light and views from waterfront residences.

Developments like Maxwell Place, the Hoboken Waterfront Corporate Center, W Hotel, and Shipyard has literally walled off the rest of the city from waterfront views (ones we had when GA moved here) so it seems the 'sacrifice' of a low wall at the waters edge to protect ALL of us is not asking 'too much.'

What everyone needs to do is calm down.  Make yourself heard. Voice your concerns.

But at the same time, this $230M grant is a historic opportunity to help Hoboken engineer its way out of the next disaster which will be a loser for ALL of us.

Here are the CONCEPT PLANS:

Sunday, December 20, 2015

"How do I get off this list?"

"For the love of do I get off this list?"read the text sent to GA, with a couple of photos attached.

Followed by...

"Why say civic league but come from her lair on Hudson.  I want it to STOP.... I don't want to appear ungrateful for her "warm wishes" and all but after multiple subpoenas... I think I got the message.  In the season of good will I would like to offer the savings of future stamps and remove me from the list."

Yes, this Mason Civic League card victim was subpoenaed by Plaintiffs Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi in their SLAPP suit.

Is there such thing as harassment-by-holiday-card?  Technically, no.

But if you were in any of their shoes would you welcome a card from Beth Mason?

Emails and letters to the Court during Bajardi v Pincus discovery, document the abusive treatment of third party witnesses (like the Mason card-victim).  In fact, letters to the Court complaining about the abuse were written both by aggrieved third parties and yours truly.

Oh yes, there is abundant documentation demonstrating the abuse of witnesses, some of which were entered as exhibits by Defendants.

*Exhibit  in Defendant Pincus' Motion to for Protective Order to Preclude Plaintiffs from Videotaping my Deposition

It is my OPINION that fishing a little girl's picture blowing out her birthday candles off her mom's personal Facebook page to serve a subpoena at the child's elementary school is outrageously abusive.   

*Exhibit  in Defendant Pincus' Motion to for Protective Order to Preclude Plaintiffs from Videotaping my Deposition

Note, the witness' request to end the deposition at 1:30PM was to pick up her little girl from Wallace Elementary School... to which Cohen replied, "I will not commit to any 1:30 PM ending to your deposition...."

What a prick.

Another example of how witnesses were treated: a demand to appear at the trial everyday. Oh yeah, this witness parents 3 children.  In fact, this witness was never called.  Then why the asshole-y demand letter?


Demand for trial witness to appear at EVERYDAY  at "9:00AM...  until excused by the Court or me"  

Now do you see why anyone put through the grinder of Bajardi v Pincus  is  much too polite to tell Beth Mason to shove her "warm wishes" cards up her ass, instead asking: "How do I  get off this list?"

Oh yeah, Mason's "warm wishes" were extended to Irene Sobolov. 

"And I laughed when I saw the photo"  HO! HO! HO! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Icy Forecast

GA hears Hoboken temperatures are headed down, down, down... it might get pretty frosty.   HO! HO! HO!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

City Council: End of an Error

Apologies for the late post; GA has been busy today- Ho ho ho!   

Busy with what, you say?

Well, it isn't that appealing, so I appeal to you to discuss more appealing matters.  Catch my drift?

Last night, GA watched the City Council swan song of Beth Mason, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti.   Yep, it was a soft landing for a long, wild ride.

Ask yourselves:   WHO will be there to "clear up" future missing millions of quarters?

WHO will be there to defend Hoboken from monster raccoons and dog-eating opossum?

GA will miss Timmy most of all.  He matured on the job- growing from a complete asshole to a guy who worked with his better angels.  Yeah, yeah, this is not an endorsement for the 2010 vote farming that swept him in, but acknowledgment that once there,  he (finally) became a productive Council member.  Whatever his motives- rejection by the Russo-Mason faction-  GA doesn't care.  I don't care about motives, I don't care about sex lives... it's all noise.

Votes matter.

Beth Mason and Terry Castellano will NOT be missed. Terry's ungracious manner toward Mike Defusco when he stood up to speak;  keeping  her eyes lowered, refusing to acknowledge his presence and courteous remarks addressed to her- is all one needs to know about her character.   After 21 years on the job, she truly believes she owns it- is entitled to it- how dare this young whipper-snapper take it away.  If Castellano had an ounce of class, she would have looked DeFusco in the eye and smiled.

Beth Mason?  She was all smiles- big ones. GA heard a lot of perfunctory "Thank-yous"-  one Reform official went too far in her comments to Mason, but hey, that is my OPINION.

There isn't a whole lot to say, except Thank God she (and her operatives) have their claws off the levers of power.

GA wishes to thank Mike DeFusco for his remarks at the mic.  GA deeply appreciates his acknowledgment (by -omission) that Hoboken has had a cancer plucked from its midst.  Mike stood up and spoke about a First Ward issue of concern then thanked Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano for their service.

Is there any need to "thank" an individual who has done grievous harm to Hoboken residents, attacked their First Amendment rights to free political speech, and cost many dearly?

GA does NOT think so.   Nevertheless, the bullshit parade went on last night.

GA appreciates the succinct remarks of Jen Giattino, a victim of Mason smear fliers, to her tormenter.

Giattino simply said, "I wish you good luck."

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

What will Santa leave under the tree?

Oh look, up in the sky!  It's a's a plane... it's Santa on his sleigh!

Yes, in-DEED... one never knows what toys Santa's got for you in his bag.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Russo-Ramos debut a big drip (of water)

This weekend Hoboken got a preview of what the next few years are going to look like.  Did you read the "proposal" in the  Hoboken Reporter?

Get used to it!

Expect 'Boss' Russo and Mini-Me Ramos to latch on to issues of public concern, twist facts like licorice, and solve them with cotton candy.

Their first policy roll-out:  a 5 year plan to "fix our water infrastructure."

Boss and Mini-Me propose using $2 million/year (approx) from the surplus, with "contributions" from SUEZ, and "bonding a portion"  for "a simple and economical solution providing much needed improvements without breaking the bank."

Ummm....  are they kidding?

Boss Russo and Mini Me Ramos solve Hoboken's water supply infrastructure crisis 

Doesn't one need a plan before one knows what one is doing, when one needs to do it and how much it will cost?

Wouldn't one want input from engineers with expertise in design/repair of a city's water supply infrastructure to determine what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how to do it, which all drives the cost?

Jeez, I think the supplemental budget Boss Russo presented on a napkin at the City Council made more sense.

Now, the Boss and Mini Me (B&MM) have hit on a critical issue that hopefully, the new Council will address immediately.

But, GA would suggest to avoid looking silly next time, Boss and Mini Me refrain from bursting out of the gate with a numb-nuts 'solution' to a complex problem.  STOP getting your 'proposals' from political strategists.

Enough already. THINK. WORK.

No need to showboat, just do your job.

For anyone who has lived here for at least a decade, busted water mains in Hoboken are nothing new. An article by the talented Ray Smith in 2011 discussed the recurrent problem:
United Water has run the city’s water infrastructure since signing a 1994 contract with the city. As part of the contract, United Water is required to contribute $350,000 annually for capital improvements to the water infrastructure. The contract is in effect until 2024.

United Water receives approximately $8 million in annual revenue and has approximately $4 million in annual expenses, according to a letter from United Water to Zimmer.

Zimmer said the contract between United Water and the city of Hoboken is “a challenge” for the city.

“We sold the rights to our water main system for $13.2 million,” Zimmer said. “In exchange we get $350,000 a year in improvements and they get $4 million in revenue.”
The contract was signed by former Mayor Anthony Russo to fill a gaping municipal budget deficit.

Zimmer called the contract short-sighted, and was disappointed that the revenues are going to United Water and not the city of Hoboken.

...Beginning in 2014, the $350,000 in capital improvement funds can increase if the consumer price index spikes.

The water main system is distinct from the city’s combined sewer system, which is operated by the North Hudson Sewerage Authority. The combined sewer system is for rainwater drainage and sewage.
Well folks, B&MM are correct- the city needs to take action to prevent future disruption in our city's water supply.

Even if it costs more than "2 MILLION DOLLARS... muaaa ha ha ha ha!"

Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Star was Born

Born December 12, 1915

Happy 100th birthday, Frank.

Friday, December 11, 2015

"War" Stick at Peace with County Tax Hikes- UPDATED

When it comes to relief for Hoboken taxpayers, Freeholder Romano's stick is limp.

Anthony "Stick" Romano knows how to talk tough in a Tapas bar basement. Here is what he told attendees of municipal candidate Peter Biancamano's Sept. 17th kick-off:

That's why GA calls him 'War-Stick'.

Everyone knows the Teddy Roosevelt quote: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

In Romano's case, it's "Speak loudly and carry a one-incher*."  (*one-incher a metaphor for a teeny-tiny, inadequate and unsatisfying stick, as compared with Roosevelt's much bigger stick.)

Freeholder Romano carries his one-incher to Freeholders' meetings and keeps it in his pocket.

That is why Hoboken's share of  County Taxes looks like this: 

Freeholder Romano: Makes love, not war, to Hoboken tax hikes
Someone needs to wake the War-Stick up from his mayoral dreams.

In fact, Dawn Zimmer has "spoken softly but carried a big stick" to lower municipal taxes while War-Stick cries "This is war!" on Hoboken citizens and lets Hoboken's County taxes soar through the roof.

GA's taxes went up about $300/month- and it had NOTHING to do with the reval. It's War-Stick's COUNTY TAX HIKE.

Did you read Phil Cohen's November 15 letter published in The Hoboken Reporter? He wrote:
"Freeholder Romano has shrugged his shoulders, blamed an unfair “state formula”, and watched Hoboken get socked with a 15 percent county tax hike in 2014 and a 12 percent county tax hike in 2015.

A few weeks ago, the Hoboken City Council called on Freeholder Romano to introduce a resolution committing Hudson County to voluntarily commit to complying with the 2% tax cap that the State has imposed on municipalities like Hoboken. The agenda item passed unanimously, making it clear that notwithstanding their differences on other matters, our entire City Council is united behind this request.

 It’s time that Freeholder Romano move on from his “war” on his perceived local political opposition and join with a united City Council and declare war on our common enemy – Hudson County’s runaway tax burden on Hoboken’s homeowners."
Oh, yeah...

If Romano doesn't stop making love, not war, on Hoboken's share of County taxes his mayoral candidacy is dead in the water.  

There wont be enough nasty fliers or pop-up special interest groups in the world to fool Hoboken taxpayers in 2017.

UPDATE- 12/14/2105

Thanks Steven Sandman for the link to this excellent October 25 letter published in the HR:
Over the last year, Hoboken Reporter writer Al Sullivan has continued to promote the rumor that Anthony Romano is preparing to run for mayor of Hoboken in the next mayoral election. As a matter of background, Mr. Romano is currently Hoboken’s sole representative as Hudson County Freeholder. One of the many responsibilities of this position is to represent the best interests of Hoboken especially when it comes to Hudson County taxes. As it has been documented ad nauseam, the Hudson County tax burden upon the Hoboken taxpayer has increased astronomically over the past few years. Accordingly, I am perplexed why Al Sullivan would continue to write about Mr. Romano’s potential run for the mayor of Hoboken when it seems he has done nothing to stabilize, besides reduce Hudson County’s tax impact upon the residents of Hoboken?

I do not know Mr. Romano personally and I am sure he is perfectly nice person but he simply has done nothing to address the Hudson County tax problem? If Mr. Romano is seriously considering running for the mayor of Hoboken I would suggest he focus on his current job first and get the Hudson County tax impact on Hoboken reduced. There have been plenty of suggestions over the years about how this could be accomplished beginning with a performance audit of Hudson County but to this date, Mr. Romano has done nothing in this regard?

Mr. Romano I suggest you learn the lessons of others before you (e.g. Beth Mason), if you don’t focus on your current constituents, you won’t have to worry about any future job in politics.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

"I write my own stuff!"

read from the bottom up


 "I write my own stuff!"

 read from the bottom up

"I write my own stuff!"

"I write my own stuff!"

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

BUSTED: Garcia Assembly Funds used for Hoboken Municipal Race

Ho Ho Ho!

Guess what Santa stuffed in ELEC's chimney: Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia's July 2015 ELEC report!

Ho Ho Ho!  That's even better than a lump of coal.  Yep, Santa delivered this July ELEC on December 1, 2015- 4 months late...

Which isn't as late as Assemblyman Garcia's April ELEC (filed 6 months late) and January ELEC  (filed 4 1/2 months late).   Prior to January 2015, Garcia's ELECs were filed timely.

So, what happened after January 2015 to cause Garcia's ELEC train to go off the rails?

(1) State Senator Brian Stack dumped Garcia from the 2015 ticket.
(2) "campaign" expenditures began popping up on Garcia for Assembly's January, April and July ELEC reports.

Campaign expenditures? What campaign?

For Hoboken City Council.

Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia has not reported a single contribution or expenditure for his Hoboken 6th Ward municipal campaign (R-1 form) while thousands of dollars appear to have been spent directly from Garcia for Assembly's accounts on his Hoboken municipal campaign. 


Garcia for Assembly reported monthly payments to Nation Builder for "campaigning software" starting in January 2015. All were paid by "Debit card."

Garcia for Assembly  reported  no disbursements to Nation Builder prior to the January 2015 ELEC.

Nation Builder is the host of  The domain was registered by Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia.

Carmelo for Council's web site was created with Nation Builder software.

Example #2: Teak on the Hudson

Carmelo Garcia held a fundraiser at Teak in March 7, 2015. Hudson County View wrote:
According to sources, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, Garcia held a private fundraiser at Teak on the Hudson Thursday night – one of Hoboken’s premiere upscale restaurants that doubles as a nightclub.Approximately 50 guests passed through the event, with state Sen. Ronald Rice (D-29), Hoboken Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) and former Assemblyman Ruben Ramos among those making appearances, sources said.  
Garcia posted this photo of his Teak event on his Instagram account, iam4cg.

Total disbursements made by Garcia for Assembly for the Teak fundraiser (including the services of a professional fundraiser) was $4,541.70. 

It is not clear or unreported how much money was raised at Garcia's Teak fundraiser, nor where the contributions were deposited.

Example #3: "Meals for campaign meeting"

Disbursements for Garcia for Assembly meals for "campaign meeting" appear on the January 2015 report, and reported total to date is $1,956.20.  


The total reported disbursements by Garcia for Assembly's for Nation Builder, Teak Fundraiser and "campaign meeting" meals is $7,841.90.

Note Garcia for Assembly has only reported disbursements made through June 29, 2015-- before Carmelo for Hoboken Council kicked into high gear.  

Hence, GA has a reasonable basis to believe Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia has been liberally spending his Assembly funds for his Hoboken 6th Ward campaign, and... Garcia's receipts and expenditures for August September, October  2015 have NOT been reported yet either Garcia for Assembly nor Garcia for Hoboken Council.   

Oh what a tangled web.