City Council: End of an Error

Apologies for the late post; GA has been busy today- Ho ho ho!   

Busy with what, you say?

Well, it isn't that appealing, so I appeal to you to discuss more appealing matters.  Catch my drift?

Last night, GA watched the City Council swan song of Beth Mason, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti.   Yep, it was a soft landing for a long, wild ride.

Ask yourselves:   WHO will be there to "clear up" future missing millions of quarters?

WHO will be there to defend Hoboken from monster raccoons and dog-eating opossum?

GA will miss Timmy most of all.  He matured on the job- growing from a complete asshole to a guy who worked with his better angels.  Yeah, yeah, this is not an endorsement for the 2010 vote farming that swept him in, but acknowledgment that once there,  he (finally) became a productive Council member.  Whatever his motives- rejection by the Russo-Mason faction-  GA doesn't care.  I don't care about motives, I don't care about sex lives... it's all noise.

Votes matter.

Beth Mason and Terry Castellano will NOT be missed. Terry's ungracious manner toward Mike Defusco when he stood up to speak;  keeping  her eyes lowered, refusing to acknowledge his presence and courteous remarks addressed to her- is all one needs to know about her character.   After 21 years on the job, she truly believes she owns it- is entitled to it- how dare this young whipper-snapper take it away.  If Castellano had an ounce of class, she would have looked DeFusco in the eye and smiled.

Beth Mason?  She was all smiles- big ones. GA heard a lot of perfunctory "Thank-yous"-  one Reform official went too far in her comments to Mason, but hey, that is my OPINION.

There isn't a whole lot to say, except Thank God she (and her operatives) have their claws off the levers of power.

GA wishes to thank Mike DeFusco for his remarks at the mic.  GA deeply appreciates his acknowledgment (by -omission) that Hoboken has had a cancer plucked from its midst.  Mike stood up and spoke about a First Ward issue of concern then thanked Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano for their service.

Is there any need to "thank" an individual who has done grievous harm to Hoboken residents, attacked their First Amendment rights to free political speech, and cost many dearly?

GA does NOT think so.   Nevertheless, the bullshit parade went on last night.

GA appreciates the succinct remarks of Jen Giattino, a victim of Mason smear fliers, to her tormenter.

Giattino simply said, "I wish you good luck."


  1. I personally look forward to having a Councilperson who is concerned about the entire First Ward.

  2. Hector Torres JunyaDecember 18, 2015 at 1:05 AM

    Oh now I see that TD Bank building downtown. Lovely Christmas card GA, thank you very much. Looks like the tundra over there!

  3. Looks like the freeze hit the TD bank especially hard. Lots of icicles.

  4. Beautiful card. Currier and Ives?

  5. i made fun about "timmy" for years but, as MSV pointed out yesterday, he was the one who sabotaged the mason/russo plans to kill the hospital and bankrupt the city. for that, i can excuse a lot of the dopey things he said in the past.

    and cheers to michael, that was the perfect way to deal with a cancer like beth mason.

  6. While Mrs. Richard G. Mason will thankfully no longer have any official power in Hoboken, one must remember that she still is can and most likely will use her husband's vast wealth to continue to harm the people of Hoboken.

  7. Mazel Mazel, good thingsDecember 18, 2015 at 12:15 PM

    So what's this about downtown TD Bank hitting an iceberg?
    Something bad befall the "Hoboken couple?"

    Karma. Not always a chameleon.

  8. Heard there's a gate sale this weekend on Park Ave, just as soon as they flea bomb the furniture.

  9. "one Reform official went too far in her comments to Mason, but hey, that is my OPINION."

    Couldn't agree more GA. Not off to a great start in my mind after watching that.

    1. i didn't watch the meeting, who was it? and what did she say? c'mon, don't be a tease...


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