BUSTED: Garcia Assembly Funds used for Hoboken Municipal Race

Ho Ho Ho!

Guess what Santa stuffed in ELEC's chimney: Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia's July 2015 ELEC report!

Ho Ho Ho!  That's even better than a lump of coal.  Yep, Santa delivered this July ELEC on December 1, 2015- 4 months late...

Which isn't as late as Assemblyman Garcia's April ELEC (filed 6 months late) and January ELEC  (filed 4 1/2 months late).   Prior to January 2015, Garcia's ELECs were filed timely.

So, what happened after January 2015 to cause Garcia's ELEC train to go off the rails?

(1) State Senator Brian Stack dumped Garcia from the 2015 ticket.
(2) "campaign" expenditures began popping up on Garcia for Assembly's January, April and July ELEC reports.

Campaign expenditures? What campaign?

For Hoboken City Council.

Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia has not reported a single contribution or expenditure for his Hoboken 6th Ward municipal campaign (R-1 form) while thousands of dollars appear to have been spent directly from Garcia for Assembly's accounts on his Hoboken municipal campaign. 


Garcia for Assembly reported monthly payments to Nation Builder for "campaigning software" starting in January 2015. All were paid by "Debit card."

Garcia for Assembly  reported  no disbursements to Nation Builder prior to the January 2015 ELEC.

Nation Builder is the host of CARMELOFORCOUNCIL.com.  The domain was registered by Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia.

Carmelo for Council's web site was created with Nation Builder software.

Example #2: Teak on the Hudson

Carmelo Garcia held a fundraiser at Teak in March 7, 2015. Hudson County View wrote:
According to sources, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, Garcia held a private fundraiser at Teak on the Hudson Thursday night – one of Hoboken’s premiere upscale restaurants that doubles as a nightclub.Approximately 50 guests passed through the event, with state Sen. Ronald Rice (D-29), Hoboken Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) and former Assemblyman Ruben Ramos among those making appearances, sources said.  
Garcia posted this photo of his Teak event on his Instagram account, iam4cg.

Total disbursements made by Garcia for Assembly for the Teak fundraiser (including the services of a professional fundraiser) was $4,541.70. 

It is not clear or unreported how much money was raised at Garcia's Teak fundraiser, nor where the contributions were deposited.

Example #3: "Meals for campaign meeting"

Disbursements for Garcia for Assembly meals for "campaign meeting" appear on the January 2015 report, and reported total to date is $1,956.20.  


The total reported disbursements by Garcia for Assembly's for Nation Builder, Teak Fundraiser and "campaign meeting" meals is $7,841.90.

Note Garcia for Assembly has only reported disbursements made through June 29, 2015-- before Carmelo for Hoboken Council kicked into high gear.  

Hence, GA has a reasonable basis to believe Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia has been liberally spending his Assembly funds for his Hoboken 6th Ward campaign, and... Garcia's receipts and expenditures for August September, October  2015 have NOT been reported yet either Garcia for Assembly nor Garcia for Hoboken Council.   

Oh what a tangled web.


  1. Does this loser do ANYTHING that's above board? Geez, what a sleaze.

  2. ELEC's self-contribution limit for Garcia is about $8k. Looks like he shot his load already.

  3. Want to know how this incompetent has gotten so far? Everyone who's ever called him out gets called a "racist" or "anti-Hispanic". The people who had the BALLS to stand up to him and throw his ass out on the curb got SUED for "discrimination" and "conspiracy". That's his game. While he grabs whatever he can from anybody no matter what their condition. Anybody wonder how he got that beautiful million dollar brownstone on Bloomfield for $400k?

  4. Race-Baiting for Profit 101 - Is NOT a course they teach at Harvard.


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