"War" Stick at Peace with County Tax Hikes- UPDATED

When it comes to relief for Hoboken taxpayers, Freeholder Romano's stick is limp.

Anthony "Stick" Romano knows how to talk tough in a Tapas bar basement. Here is what he told attendees of municipal candidate Peter Biancamano's Sept. 17th kick-off:

That's why GA calls him 'War-Stick'.

Everyone knows the Teddy Roosevelt quote: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

In Romano's case, it's "Speak loudly and carry a one-incher*."  (*one-incher a metaphor for a teeny-tiny, inadequate and unsatisfying stick, as compared with Roosevelt's much bigger stick.)

Freeholder Romano carries his one-incher to Freeholders' meetings and keeps it in his pocket.

That is why Hoboken's share of  County Taxes looks like this: 

Freeholder Romano: Makes love, not war, to Hoboken tax hikes
Someone needs to wake the War-Stick up from his mayoral dreams.

In fact, Dawn Zimmer has "spoken softly but carried a big stick" to lower municipal taxes while War-Stick cries "This is war!" on Hoboken citizens and lets Hoboken's County taxes soar through the roof.

GA's taxes went up about $300/month- and it had NOTHING to do with the reval. It's War-Stick's COUNTY TAX HIKE.

Did you read Phil Cohen's November 15 letter published in The Hoboken Reporter? He wrote:
"Freeholder Romano has shrugged his shoulders, blamed an unfair “state formula”, and watched Hoboken get socked with a 15 percent county tax hike in 2014 and a 12 percent county tax hike in 2015.

A few weeks ago, the Hoboken City Council called on Freeholder Romano to introduce a resolution committing Hudson County to voluntarily commit to complying with the 2% tax cap that the State has imposed on municipalities like Hoboken. The agenda item passed unanimously, making it clear that notwithstanding their differences on other matters, our entire City Council is united behind this request.

 It’s time that Freeholder Romano move on from his “war” on his perceived local political opposition and join with a united City Council and declare war on our common enemy – Hudson County’s runaway tax burden on Hoboken’s homeowners."
Oh, yeah...

If Romano doesn't stop making love, not war, on Hoboken's share of County taxes his mayoral candidacy is dead in the water.  

There wont be enough nasty fliers or pop-up special interest groups in the world to fool Hoboken taxpayers in 2017.

UPDATE- 12/14/2105

Thanks Steven Sandman for the link to this excellent October 25 letter published in the HR:
Over the last year, Hoboken Reporter writer Al Sullivan has continued to promote the rumor that Anthony Romano is preparing to run for mayor of Hoboken in the next mayoral election. As a matter of background, Mr. Romano is currently Hoboken’s sole representative as Hudson County Freeholder. One of the many responsibilities of this position is to represent the best interests of Hoboken especially when it comes to Hudson County taxes. As it has been documented ad nauseam, the Hudson County tax burden upon the Hoboken taxpayer has increased astronomically over the past few years. Accordingly, I am perplexed why Al Sullivan would continue to write about Mr. Romano’s potential run for the mayor of Hoboken when it seems he has done nothing to stabilize, besides reduce Hudson County’s tax impact upon the residents of Hoboken?

I do not know Mr. Romano personally and I am sure he is perfectly nice person but he simply has done nothing to address the Hudson County tax problem? If Mr. Romano is seriously considering running for the mayor of Hoboken I would suggest he focus on his current job first and get the Hudson County tax impact on Hoboken reduced. There have been plenty of suggestions over the years about how this could be accomplished beginning with a performance audit of Hudson County but to this date, Mr. Romano has done nothing in this regard?

Mr. Romano I suggest you learn the lessons of others before you (e.g. Beth Mason), if you don’t focus on your current constituents, you won’t have to worry about any future job in politics.


  1. But but but wait, Al Sullivan writes about him every week as the proverbial frontrunner! And Al's insider sources are impeccable! Well, either Stick or Ramos, anyway. Because, ya know, Mayor Zimmer's gonna resign soon.

    1. Zimmer is too busy endorsing Phil Murphy in Atlantic City to resign- just ask Finboy.

  2. Thanks for posting Cohen's letter as I never read the Reporter. Because county taxes are based on property values, Romano can pretend he has no control, but while proportionately our burden would be greater, it would be more balanced if Stack and others would stop keeping their property values artificially low. Romano can do two things in the short term: he can vote for the 2% cap and he can advocate on Hoboken's behalf with the other municipalities to force them to stop the manipulation of property values.

  3. Well we all know the real story how a cop gets a nickname like "Stick."
    To be in your sixties an still using it is just plain sad.

  4. GA, you know there was another letter in the hoboken reporter a month before Phil's stating something similar...sad to see you did not include it especially when it was two for one with a glancing shot at beth mason to end the letter...

    1. I didn't see it. Send me the link: grafixavenger666@gmail.com, so I can update.

    2. Don't sweat it, GA. Anon 4:35 is a dick, and I am sure he/she isn't "sad."
      Don't hold your breath to get that link.

  5. Sticks got no chance. Ruben will have a record to run on. Sticks a loser.

    1. Milk toast Ramaos ? What kind of record ? He has little chance after two years of oblivion and now having to be Mike Russo's extra vote he will be unknown to most voters. If they remember him he is known for bankrupting Hoboken and Camarano's gopher.

    2. http://www.hudsonreporter.com/view/full_story/26924541/article-Focus-now?instance=more_page


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