Let's ruminate- UPDATED

Yesterday on  MSV:
2:35 PM - In response to this Grist for the Mill rumor piece, Perry Belfiore said he's not retained Jason Orlando as counsel and is "ruminating" over the question of a lawsuit.
GA asks: "What's to ruminate?"

In my OPINION, Perry (who caressed GA's eggplant in ShopRite) is not being honest. GA believes that he already knows the answer to the "question of a lawsuit."

What he may be "ruminating" over is:

(1) Is there a pot of gold over the rainbow?  
(2) Can I find a lawyer who'll take it?

If the answer is "YES" to the pot of gold, the answer to question (2) will be "YES."

If the answer is "NO" to the pot of gold, forget question (2).

What does Perry B. really think about his ejection from the council meeting?

On October 25, a letter written by Belfiore was published on Hoboken411 (article: "Shadowy Mayor.")  Noteworthy is that Belfiore never claims his civil rights have been violated, nor his First Amendment rights.   Instead, he poses a series of questions about the mayor, her husband, Council President Bhalla then "hopes" the "extent" of the "hold Grossbard exerts on Hoboken will come to light in the courts."   In short, Belfiore complains his ousting was a 'cover-up' by the administration- not a violation of his civil rights.  

Unlike Liebler who burst into court with a First Amendment complaint, the words "First Amendment" never appear in Belfiore's lengthy letter:  [excerpts]:
“A funny thing happened at the October 20, 2015 City Council meeting, I was ejected. What had I done to cause such ignominy? Nothing but pose a hypothetical concerning the intrusion into the workings of an independent Board or Agency by a mayor, or more importantly, a mayor’s spouse? That was it, no names, no location just the question, what is the limit, a mayor’s spouse can inject themselves in the micromanagement of a Board or Agency.

What is the secret that the Administration, as represented by the sycophantic Council President Bhalla is trying to preserve? That Stan Grossbard is the true power in the city of Hoboken? God, any dispassionate observer watching the Mayor’s schizophrenic behavior could discern that. What was lacking was the proof of the extent of Grossbard reach and power demonstrated by the 500 emails attached to the amended complaint.

Because of the production of the Grossbard emails – discovery has been extended and more people have been added. Hopefully, the truth on the extent of the hold Grossbard exerts on Hoboken will come to light in the courts, because it will never be disclosed by City Hall."
So that's what NJ courts are for: finding proof of "the extent of Grossbard's reach and power."

Let's ruminate over that.

Update:  Oh, dear.  It looks like Perry B. has been escorted offstage by Hoboken police officers during at least one (other) City Council meeting in memory- this October 17, 2013 video was forwarded by a reader.

 Perry's last words to Council President Peter Cunningham before a pair of cops escort him offstage?

"I want him to admit he's a lying son of a bitch!"


  1. Didn't that night seem a little fishy to you? The way the second gentleman acted like "oh yeah one little old thing I wanted to bring up here at the end".

  2. Perry knows better. He's a lot smarter than Liebler.

  3. Unlike like some I think Perry is always low life scum.
    But even as low life scum he has to know that after already getting called a bigot by one judge going back after the same person again with another very shaky claim is looking to get an even worse label from court or even having to pay court and legal costs.

  4. It's unfortunate your Zimmer minions dare to dance on what you think is our graves but fail to see we are assembling under the Carmelo Garcia wing rising like Ruben Ramos.

    Soon you will hear our voices rise across the fourth ward uptown to Fox Hill and across Hudson in Applied across the great divide when Zimmer is removed from office.

    Then you will rue the day when we are in control. We know how to run things and Beth and Michael would be the first to admit it.

    First, I want Ravee to admit he's a lying son of a bitch. Everyone knows I'm one. So how's it fair I don't have company?

  5. One of the interesting things about that video was that Belfiore was permitted to rant for about 7 1/2 minutes before being shut down. 5 minutes should be 5 minutes for everyone whether you like what they're saying or not. Folks should be told at the 4:30 mark that they have thirty more seconds and then at exactly 5 minutes be told your five minutes are up. Then they shouldn't be permitted to anything more than finish their sentence. And if they refuse to comply have the cops escort them out. No exceptions.

  6. Carmelo Garcia can't hide in the men's room when his emails are made public.

    It was rumored that Garcia threatened he would move out of Hoboken if he lost the election. He lost. His lawsuit was gutted by the court. Now his supposedly lost e-mails were found. Perhaps now would be a good time get out of Hoboken, property values are high, his popularity is in the toilet and sinking fast.


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