A Star was Born

Born December 12, 1915

Happy 100th birthday, Frank.


  1. To be is to do. - Socrates
    To do is to be. - Plato
    Do-be-do-be do. - Sinatra

    1. Hector Torres JunyaDecember 13, 2015 at 6:27 AM

      My family knew his family back when he lived here before he moved uptown with his Mom Dolly.

      Some people resented that he moved out of the neighborhood. That was the way Hoboken always was, now we hate you for moving in.

      Anyway, he was a typical skinny kid I hear but my grandparents loved him and my dad really liked his movies.

      Did you know the cartoon Scooby Doo was based on his lyric, "scooby doobie doo?"


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