2015: The Year of the Email?

For the tiny universe of political junkies who follow Hoboken politics, 2015 may be remembered as the Year of the Email.

GA would argue that 2011 kicked off the Era of the Email; and today's obsession with OPE (Other People's Email) has its roots in the (recent) past.

Recall in 2011, City Council President Beth Mason and VP Mike Russo sponsored two City Council resolutions to obtain email from the Mayor's office.   They were, as noted in GA's  Ultimate Email Conspiracy Timeline:
April 1, 2011: City Council President Beth Mason and Vice President Michael Russo sponsor a City Council resolution to obtain ALL of the mayor's communications staff's emails (Communications Manager Juan Melli and Chief of Staff Dan Bryan) starting from January 1 2010- the SAME TIME Ricciardi began INTERCEPTING EMAILS from the Mayor and her 2 unnamed staffers!"

May 16, 2011: Beth Mason and Michael Russo re-introduce an amended resolution for the emails of Mayor's Office Employees Bryan, Melli and 12 journalists and bloggers- including Grafix Avenger  and Mile Square View.
Concurrently, Hoboken411.com was churning out breathless coverage of Mason's email jihad, when... the F.B.I. came a-knocking!

Yep,  because while Mason was trying to use the City Council's legislative process to get her hands on Zimmer's email, Zimmer discovered City Hall's IT Officer had been helping himself to her emails, copying them into an "Archive Folder,"  then distributing them to the mayor's political enemies.  Zimmer herself called in the FBI, and agents raided the IT Office, hauling away Hoboken's email servers and computer hard drives.

Hoboken411.com followed these amazing events with a series of whacko email-centric conspiracy theories:

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OPE was the epicenter of 2011's biggest political scandal in Hoboken: the F.B.I. investigation.

2011 was all about email: pursuing it, stealing it, distributing it, getting busted.

We may never know how many of the mayor's political enemies got 'intercepted' email,  but one unintended consequence of Bajardi v Pincus, was the discovery of  Dawn Zimmer's stolen email in BAJARDI_00023319.pdf, used as Exhibit D-48A in Lane Bajardi's trial.  

From the February 3, 2015 cross-examination of Lane Bajardi at his trial:

OPE has been a central theme in Hoboken political life since 2011.  GA believes that access to OPE has been a primary improper purpose for filing political lawsuits since 2011.
Like Bajardi v Pincus.  Mike Plumb, my attorney, put it this way: "After Ms. Mason lost the majority of the City Council, her investigation into the e-mails was closed. Now, Ms. Mason’s political operatives are seeking those e-mails via litigation. Again, this is an improper purpose for filing a complaint."

And, the various iterations of Carmelo Garcia's 2013 lawsuit against the Mayor, her husband and others, harvested the infamous "Grossbard emails." Garcia improperly leaked the Grossbard discovery emails without court consent, 2 weeks prior to the November 2nd election.  When GA obtained the email  package Garcia had sent to the press, it  proved The Hoboken Reporter wildly exaggerated the number and contents of the "Grossbard emails," once again trying to influence Hoboken's election outcome.

Emails, emails, emails. 

Garcia's "Grossbard Email" deployment led to 2015's email-centric lawsuit, filed by longtime anti-Zimmer political activist David Liebler.   Liebler has never made a secret of his pursuit of "all emails from Dawn that included Stan, her husband."

GA does not know of a single example of a Reformer initiating a lawsuit for improper purposes to read OPE.  Do you?

Yes, 2015 has been awash in OPE- SLAPP emails, Grossbard emails.

And the voyeurs of Hoboken political life are not going anywhere.   2016 promises Carmelo Garcia's trial (starring more email) discovery in Leibler's case (email requests) and...?

The Dark Side never considers the unintended consequences.


  1. So Lane Bajardi wrote that nutty shit on Hoboken411- took a look and it looks like the email Lane sent to perry went up verbatim. Man what an ahole. You believe bajardi didn't "review" the mayor's stolen email? I wish she had testified.

    1. Remember how PK used to dismiss any talk of other writers as pure nonsense? He was so adamant. Well not many people believed him but it is good to see so much proof of his BS

  2. They (dawns stolen emails) "weren't on my computer" means literally they weren't on his hard drive... because they were in his web-hosted AOL account!!!! In the cloud. WEASEL!!!

  3. Hector Torres JunyaDecember 30, 2015 at 8:53 PM

    If Ole Scratch is the father of lies, then Lane Bajardi is his son.
    How'd all that dancing perjury work out for him? Hahahahahahahaha!
    In Hoboken, we have an old saying, you want to be a shim, be a shim.
    Now pay that man his money.

    1. Shim shim-a-nee
      Shim shim-a-nee
      Shim shim shir-ee
      Because of our SLAPP
      We owe lots of mon-ee

      Shim shim-a-nee
      Shim shim-a-née
      Shim shim shi-roo
      We stepped in shit
      It's all over our shoes

  4. "The attachments are not on my computer at the time they are sent" means they were in HIS AOL account accessed by HIS unique password and login only HE was authorized to use. Oh, but they weren't on his computer... lol. "Attachments" = mayor's stolen email.

    1. That's so funny. Is he saying no one can read their AOL email unless they download it onto their hard drive? LAME!

  5. It's too bad that Perry wasn't deposed. They could never have kept these stories straight between the two of them. I wish I could watch Lane dance on the head of a pin the way he seems to be in this deposition.

    1. Never say never. Perry is a witness waiting to happen.

    2. Look again. Lane is lying his ass off in front of a jury and the judge.

    3. The judge thought so too and called Lane and Kimberly Bajardi's complaint bordering on a fraud upon the court and fined his ass and his lawyers asses too.

  6. It is doubtful that even after the humiliating public exposer of this hand full of haters that they will slip quietly away into the cesspool from which they came.
    They still are bitching and moaning and spreading their lies and bile to anyone who will still listen.

  7. i always have to laugh when i read lane's testimony, he is absolutely convinced that he's so damn clever in the exact weasel wording of his replies. he really thought he was sneaking by legally...until, of course, the judge through the case out, called his accusations a "fraud upon the court", and leveled hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages against him.

    i wonder if lane bajardi still smugly considers himself to be the smartest guy in the room? the evidence and reality show otherwise.

    1. I do not think that in the tiny universe of dim sycophants that Richard Mason's money bought to surround his wife, that even a very limited Lane Bajardi didn't have much competition at thinking he was the smartest one in the room most of the time.

    2. Sounds like he thought he was the smartest one there in the courtroom. I imagine he thinks he'll weasel out of paying back the $$$$$$ he owes everyone because he is so much smarter than the judge.

  8. Lane's testimony makes Bill Clinton's "is" exercise seem sincere.


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