Monday, June 22, 2015

Debunking LIES about "violent" Hoboken District Schools

Excerpts from the certification of HoLa Executive Director Jennifer Sargent, supporting opposition to Hoboken BoE's Motion to Stay.

GA would like everyone to be on the same page about the Hoboken district schools.

Specifically, about allegations repeated ad nauseum that our schools are "among the most violent" in NJ with the "highest rates of vandalism" in the state.  These 'factoids' have been repeated so often, for so long, that like any Big Lie, they've become accepted as truth.

So accepted, HoLa's top admnistrator certified that HoLa's expansion is the only thing standing between "innocent" children and that seething pit of violence, vandalism and debauchery ("pornography") better known as Hoboken Junior/Senior High.


As a parent of a 7th grader at HJSH, GA doesn't recognize that violent, scary place where kids are allowed to surf  porn sites and game on classroom computers.

But hey, don't listen to me.  Let's look at the most current NJ Department of Education data for 2013-2014 

GA has highlighted districts which have reported the same or higher total number of incidents as Hoboken City for "violence" and "vandalism."  

All districts self-report.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Lying under Oath to the NJ-DOE

Pants on Fire

Oh, boy.

GA obtained copies of the June 3, 2015 letter brief  to the NJ Department of Education filed by HoLa attorneys in opposition of the BoE's Motion to Stay.  Attached to the brief was a certification by HoLa's Executive Director, Jennifer Sargent. 

My hair caught fire a few times as I read Sargent's sworn statement.

The main argument seems to be that the Hoboken District Junior/Senior High School is an unpalatable choice for HoLa 7th and 8th graders.  Sargent claims repeatedly it has "among the highest rates of violence and vandalism in the state."

No, it doesn't.

Full reports for violence/vandalism in NJ schools (1999-2014) are online at:   See below Appendix D for 2013-2014, district totals of incidents by County.


Are we clear that Hoboken district is NOT one of the "most violent" in New Jersey?

Are we clear that the Hoboken  district does NOT have "the highest rates of vandalism" in New Jersey?

Are we clear that lies perpetuated about the Hoboken district are... lies?  

And ones that do great damage to the morale of teachers and district students. 

Yes, our kids hear adults repeat this crap, and it affects their self-esteem.  It is awful. 

Then of course the lies spread like a contagion, and a whole community feels their only recourse is to flee to the burbs.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

STOP Christie from taking $528,000 MORE out of Hoboken District Schools

New Jersey legislators are finalizing the 2015-16 state budget this week!

CLICK HERE to drop Christie's plan to defund Hoboken district schools in the dumpster!  It only takes a minute.

And don't miss!

As GA posted on Monday, Christie's budget freezes Hoboken district school funding while increasing funding for charters at "2016 or 2014 per pupil enrollment whichever is higher,"  Hoboken district will be defunded another $528,000 on top of the state funding formula for Charters. 

Folks, the continual defunding of public education in Hoboken district schools is unsustainable.

Christie's message to our schools: "drop dead."

David Sciarra, the Executive Director of NJ's Education Law Center said “The Governor provides no funding increase to support the education of district students, but then instructs districts to transfer more of their limited funds to charters to make sure they don’t suffer the same cuts districts are now implementing in their schools. The solution is for the Legislature to reject the Governor’s hold harmless proposal and instead increase state school aid for all students in 2015-16. ” -

 Well folks, here is where you can do it.  

Please add your voice to the thousands of New Jersey residents fighting to protect critically needed resources in our district schools.

  Thank you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6th Ward white people

Anybody curious how Carmelo Garcia's lawsuit alleging that Mayor Zimmer, Dana Wee-fer and David Mello are white and affluent, will go over in a ward which is (generally) white and affluent and (generally) supports the Mayor?  Garcia may hope to win the hearts and minds of those African-American voters living in Church Towers- oh wait, he moved.  

It's true, not all 6th Ward voters are white and affluent, but we are intelligent life forms. We recognize crap on our shoe.

Okay...  whatever you say...

We can, we will, watch for Jen Giattino

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MSV: Hoboken Dems undergo Sex Change


Congratulations are in order! 

Reported today on MSV, the Hoboken Dem Committee will be undergoing a sex change, the first ever of its kind in Hoboken history!

The sex change was not anticipated, until Chief Surgeon Romano learned his Vice Chair was missing an X chromosome. It is believed Dr. Stick learned that by reading the Hoboken Democratic Party bylaws or online.

The sex change will be performed without anesthesia in an unsterile room.  Let's hope the surgeons  have clean hands!  The patient is expected to make a full recovery.  Once it's over the Vice Chair will have a full head of hair, wear skirts, lipstick, sport a trim figure and be married to a man.

Congratulations to the Hoboken Democratic Committee on performing historic corrective surgery!


Monday, June 15, 2015

Christie Hits Hoboken District for $528K More Charter funding

Table 1: Office of Legislative Services Analysis of  DOE Budget Fiscal year 2015-2016 (page 23)

Folks, take a look.  From June 2nd's  Education Law Center press release:
According to the non-partisan Office of Legislative Services (OLS), Governor Chris Christie is asking the Legislature to hold charter schools harmless from the negative impact of his proposal to flat fund public education in FY16. This budgetary maneuver, if approved, will mean 83 school districts must send an extra $37.5 million to charter schools across the state.

Under the Governor’s proposal, charter schools would be funded at the 2016 or 2014 per pupil level, whichever is highest, plus enrollment growth over 2015. This change guarantees charters at least as much per-pupil funding as they had two years ago plus enrollment growth, even though district budgets are frozen at last year’s level with no increase to cover higher costs, new mandates or more students.

In nine districts, this change results in a loss of over $500,000 from their budgets. The Newark district must pay out a staggering $25 million more to hold charters harmless, or 66.5% of the statewide total. 
What does this mean for Hoboken?

Christie plans to freeze Hoboken district school funding while increasing funding for charters at  "2016 or 2014 per pupil enrollment whichever is higher" which will defund district schools an additional  $528,000  on top of proposed HoLa expansion costs (subject to pending appeal.) 

Who will get hurt?  

(1) The majority of kids enrolled in the Hoboken District are minority, compared with Charter enrollment:

 (2) The Hoboken District schools educate the highest percentage of economically disadvantaged kids compared with Charters. (The metric used is children on "free and reduced lunch")


See what's happening?

Our governor is picking winners and losers.  In Hoboken, the winners are most likely white and affluent.  The losers are most likely poor and minority.  

That's Christie pandering to his base as he seeks the Republican presidential nomination.

This is outrageous and incredibly divisive.  Education funding should be increased for ALL. 

Freeholder Anthony Romano, who did nothing to cut County taxes in Hoboken, had the NERVE to bitch about about increased school taxes at the last Freeholders meeting.  Does Romano know that the Hoboken district paid $8,277,790 to Charters in fiscal year 2014?  In 2015-2016, if the HoLa expansion is granted plus the Christie hit, the funding for Charters may well exceed $9,000,000 while State funding to the District stays FLAT.

How the hell does that happen without cutting teachers and services?

David Sciarra, ELC Executive Director said “The Governor provides no funding increase to support the education of district students, but then instructs districts to transfer more of their limited funds to charters to make sure they don’t suffer the same cuts districts are now implementing in their schools. The solution is for the Legislature to reject the Governor’s hold harmless proposal and instead increase state school aid for all students in 2015-16.

GA will get information on organized efforts in opposition of Christie's "hold harmless" proposal.

Hoboken (33rd District) Legislators' contact information is HERE.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hoboken's Rat Problem?

Is it true?  

Will Hoboken Democratic Committee Chairman Anthony Romano and Vice Chair Mike Russo reward anti-Fulop activist Beth Mason with an 'honorary chairman' title?

Sources tell GA that Dark Siders are boasting the transfer of  "Honorary" Democratic Committee Chairman title to the key Sweeney ally Mason will not be stopped!   Only 2 years ago, Mason launched an aggressive campaign to derail Fulop's mayoral aspiration. Mason campaigned for Jersey City mayor Jeremiah Healy, she (and hubby) were Healy's top individual donor(s) with a $52,000 contribution and her paid political operative ran a vicious smear campaign against Fulop's top political strategist.

What kind of rat would reward that conduct with an honorary position in Hoboken's Democratic Committee?


I don't know any rat-finks like that (personally), do you?


Folks who 'poo-poo' the honorary title: if it's "meaningless" then why does Beth Mason want it so badly?

Because it's not.   The (imagined) 'clout' of this 'honorary' Party title will launch a thousand Brinks trucks; some will be dispatched to Hillary Clinton,  others to the coffers of Stephen Sweeney who wants the Democratic party's gubernatorial  nomination.   

Uh-oh, so does Fulop. 

Well, rats don't care about such trivialities.  Rats make deals behind the backs of their 'allies'.  Why?

Because they are... 

Turning on Fulop?

Well, let's hope the rumors aren't true!   GA is a Democrat, after all.  To think the Hoboken Party has come to this.

Moving along... it appears Beth Mason has told some Reformers she is running for 2nd Ward City Council.  True or rattling Reform's cage? 

More dish: sources say the Dark Side is confident they can beat Jen Giattino in the 6th Ward. And the 4th?  The rumor mill has been very quiet on Dana Wee-fer (do not pronounce it "Way-fer" or "Weh-fer").   GA has noted pop-up screen names attacking Ms. Wee-fer on MSV.  It's early for that, no?  

Well, summer is quiet; people are more interested in summer fun than political warfare.  But then, this is Hoboken, and we may have a rat problem. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Nutzi Truck

Ready for November

Look out, everybody... 

Headed for a Hoboken municipal campaign near you!  It's Reform's answer to the Dark Side's horrific, offensive 2012 "Nazi Truck"- meet 2015's Nutzi Truck!

Featuring Monday night's breakdown of rule, order and civility, playing on FIVE oversized video screens, the Nutzi Truck will loop the OFFICIAL (don't be fooled by imitations) Nutzi Truck Video, starring Hoboken Democratic Comitteemen Carmelo Garcia, Joe Branco and the back of Matt Calicchio's head.

The Nutzi Truck will ride up and down Washington Street for hours, maybe days or weeks, blasting the shocking Dark Side chaos to motivate otherwise ambivalent Hoboken voters that the Russo faction is not to be trusted with their hands on the levers of power!

Bananas will be available to remind residents that Hoboken is NOT the Banana Republic we see in the Nutzi Truck video.  

The Nutzi Truck will also appear at voter registration drives.  Trust GA, the Nutzi video of Carmelo Garcia yelling into the mic WILL send folks running to the polls! For Reform!

Instead of  GOTV (Get Out The Vote),  the 2015 buzzword will be GONT (Get Out The Nutzi

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

BOMBSHELL: "Secret Agreement" to backstab Fulop, Mason WILL get Hoboken Dem Party "Honorary Chair"

Et tu, Russo?  

GA thought something smelled when  Hudson County View reported that Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia (D-33) was named the Hoboken Democratic Committee’s Honorary Chairman

It turns out, I was right. 

The Honorary Chair usually goes to the Hoboken mayor or else a highly prominent person within NJ's Democratic Party.   Carmelo Garcia, rumored 6th Ward challenger to incumbent Jen Giattino,  had lobbied hard for Councilwoman Beth Mason to take HDP Chair; Garcia was the only  politico to 'go public' telling The Hoboken Reporter“She’s ideal for the job.”  

Then why give it to Garcia, and not Mason? 

I'll spell it out: S-T-E-V-E  F-U-L-O-P.

Mason continues to play an active role in trying to sabatoge Steve Fulop's political careeer.  In 2013, she and hubby dumped $52,000  (the maximum allowable contribution) into Fulop's opponent, incumbent Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healey's campaign warchest.  At the same time, Mason political operative James Barracato, was shopping thumb drives to local media containing ancient 'dirt' on  Tom Bertoli, Fulop's Chief strategist.  Barracato's ham-handed ploy proved the lows to which Mason would sink in order to destroy Jersey City's Fulop. This was a personal betrayal as well, since Bertoli allegedly had gotten Barracato his highly-paid gig with Mason in 2008.  How else has Beth Mason opposed Fulop?    PolitickerNJ refers to her as " a key northern ally of Senate President Steve Sweeney." As Hoboken Democratic Party Chair (or "Honorary Chair"), Mason would have a prominent platform to organize support and fund raise for Fulop's opponent, Stephen Sweeney.   

That explains our neighbor's opposition to Beth "ATM" Mason assuming even an honorary position with the Hoboken Democratic Party.

Tough luck, Mayor Fulop.

The Backstabbers have figured out a way to empower the woman who has used her great personal wealth to destroy you.

Unimpeachable sources with direct knowlege, and confirmed by a third, told GA:
Stick Carmelo and the Russo diss tonight a secret agreement with her to do honorary chair by letter in a few weeks when they think nobody is looking. Until 5pm [re-org] she was going on Sticks ticket as co honorary chair. That was going to be her title.  They got scared off of doing it by [redacted]. He was yelling for 3 weeks up until 3 hours before. This is the bs compromise to appease her and hide it from fulop. I believe she expected to be honorary co chair going into the meeting. I doubt there is an exact offering on the table but the expectation is make her happy and get fundraising asistance.
With these folks, cash trumps honor.

Chairman Anthony Romano, Vice Chair Michael Russo and Honorary Chairman Carmelo Garcia must take responsiblity for this "secret agreement" to sneak Beth Mason into the power structure of the Hoboken Democratic party behind Steve Fulop's back.

 'They' are a coalition. Stick said it himself to PolitickerNJ.
“It was a coalition: Michael Russo, [1st Ward Councilwoman] Theresa Castellano, [2nd Ward Councilwoman] Beth Mason and Carmelo Garcia,” said Romano..." 
They smile in your face
All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers (back stabbers)...
A few of your buddies they sure look shady
Blades are long, clenched tight in their fist
Aimin' straight at your back
And I don't think they'll miss 
-The O'Jays, 1972

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hoboken Dem's New King and Queen

All hail the new King and Queen of the Hoboken Democratic Party!
Last night, after delivery of a voting machine was blocked by the proprietor of Room 84, the venue hosting the HDP re-org meeting, GA was told wooden ballot boxes sent from the County did arrive.

What happened to the vote by secret ballot?

NOTHING, as the meeting degenerated into a coup by the Russo faction, beginning with Michelle Russo's "unrecognized" nomination of Carmelo Garcia as Chairman Pro Tempore, a chaotic "raise your hands" vote count, unauthorized parties allowed in the room (Beth Mason) and subsequent election of two male top officers in violation of HDP by-laws.    

HDP's new logo
One of many shockers was the outrageous treatment of Chairman Jamie Cryan 

Cryan had appointed a Chairman Pro Tempore to take nominations but, acording to witnesses, before they could proceed Cryan was shouted down by Matt Calicchio, Michele and Michael Russo, Joe Branco, and Carmelo in an orchestrated coup to stop the secret ballot.   What followed was orchestrated chaos: the Russo faction  refused to acknowledge the Chair, seized the microphone, shouted, and finally took control of the mic.  Chaos won.  There was NO secret ballot, all forced to  vote under the watchful eye of Garcia, Branco and the Russos.  

Here is what an eye witness told GA:

"Michele, Michael, Matt Calicchio and Branco walked around telling people to raise their hands. Non Committee people were raising their hands. They pretended to count and then announced Romano as Chairman."

No Michelle, Calicchio or Branco intimidation mentioned in the bylaws
Well folks, this is a lesson to the entire city of Hoboken what government looks like under Romano, Russo, Garcia 'leadership.'

It ain't a pretty picture. GA predicts the videotaped bedlam will bite them all in the ass for years to come.

As for Beth Mason, she showed up with the expectation she would 'get' something.  She got NOTHING.  GA was told: "she stormed out in a  huff, dragging her checkbook behind her."

Tonight is the HCDO re-org, where GA hears Beth Mason will get even more NOTHING.

OK, so here are the 'winners' in last night's coup:

King: Anthony Romano
Queen: Mike Russo
Honorary King: Carmelo Garcia
Money Handler: John Castellano
Girl Friday: Joe 'Carmelo BFF' Branco
Seargeant at Arms: Ms. Petruzelli

Finally, GA contacted Jamie Cryan for comment. Here is his statement:    
"It has been my pleasure to serve in the capacity as Chairman of the Hoboken Democratic Committee over the past 4 years and it's been a great honor to have worked alongside some amazing  committee people. I wish nothing but the best to the new leadership during their tenure and hope they continue the legacy of doing what is right for Democrats in Hoboken."
Well, that's class, unlike the conduct of the Russo faction last night.  See for yourself (courtesy of Hudson County View):

Monday, June 8, 2015

Branco's Plot to Block Voting Machine Foiled!

Too funny!

As Horsey reported earlier this evening, Joe Branco, owner of Room 84, refused to accept delivery of a voting machine for tonight's Democratic Committee re-org.

A source has confirmed to GA that the vendor's offer to carry the voting machine downstairs was rebuffed by Branco. Branco allegedly claimed that hauling the machine down a flight of stairs was a "liability issue." When the vendor said he would bring his Certificate of Insurance with him, Branco still refused.

Well folks, what happens when political pros deal with a bush-league amateur?

Before you could say the word "out-smarted"  a political pro had the County deliver a wooden ballot box to Room 84!

Ha ha!

Nice move!

Next year, the Dem. committee must find a different venue- one that would accept a voting machine, if one is requested.

In the meantime, GA doesn't know how the vote went, but glad the plot to thwart the secret ballot crashed and burned- just like Branco's 2012 BoE "Move Forward" campaign.

Tsk, tsk!

Busy Monday

You're only as good as your "Mile Square sources;" apparently, Augie's stank

It is a busy, busy Monday in Mile Square politics.

First, the lovely and talented HHA Chairwoman and HDP Treasurer, Dana Wefer, has officially thrown her hat into the 4th Ward ring.  

And it is pronounced Wee-fer, not Way-fer or Weh-fer.

Congratulations to you, Dana Wee-fer.

Next, at 8 PM tonight is the much-discussed Hoboken Democratic Party re-org; we will learn who gets annointed (by ballot) Chairman.  Al Sullivan wrote 2 weeks ago: 
Some of the political power brokers are bound and determined to remove Jamie Cryan as chairman. Although these disaffected political figures claim they are doing it because they are unhappy with the job Cryan has done during his four years as chairman...At this point, the likely replacement for Cryan, if he is removed at the official committee meeting in June, will either be Councilman Michael Russo or Freeholder Anthony Romano.  
Interestingly, the question of who will prevail may not be decided by the Russo faction, but instead by a voting machine.  Or,  the privacy accorded by machine voting vs. a public show of hands. 

Bringing in a machine was a brilliant move by Cryan, who improved the odds of keeping his seat with a vote by secret ballot.  The Russos can't be pleased.

And Romano 

GA thinks our Freeholder needs to focus on reducing Hoboken's burden of County taxes before he takes on other responsibilities, such as Democratic Party chair.  Romano has a lot of work to do to help Hoboken at the County level. A 24% tax increase in 2 consecutive years?  Unnacceptable. Nope, Romano needs to focus on lowering taxes for Hoboken residents, not taking another office.  Coming up with cuts to County expenditures should keep him plenty busy.  

As for Beth Mason, Horsey reports she's lobbying hard for the Honorary Chair, a position that normally goes to Hoboken's mayor.  GA heard a rumor that Mason will run for 2nd Ward council after all; gotta keep that incompetent anchovy on the payroll, right?

Well, as hard as Mason wants to leapfrog over Hoboken to bigger, glitzier political jobs, if her support for Sweeney doesn't pan out, she'll be blackballed locally and politically DOA in New Jersey.

What a shame!

So, later this evening we'll see if the 'secret ballot'  impacted results.  In 2010, there was no secret ballot, and Augie Torres' hyped "support" for Garcia Keim bottomed out, as noted in this discussion about the Democratic Committeee election results between Bajardi v Pincus Plaintiff Kim Cardinal Bajardi and Sara Stojkovic.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Bend over, Hoboken

Watch last night's special meeting of the Hudson County Freeholders at Hoboken City Hall on MSV (thanks, Horsey) and your blood will boil.

Another proposed double-digit tax increase (11%) after last year's 14% county tax increase  and our representative, Freeholder Stick Romano talks about how many County Roads Hoboken and potholes were repaved.

Very nice.  I'll bet that happens in municipalities that don't get double-digit tax increases.

Stick Romano is a very nice guy.  But's that all.

Remember this?

 Romano delivers more tax increases

Romano said in 2014: "...lowering taxes is next to impossible."

Really?  Mayor Zimmer did it.  

Hoboken municipal taxes have stayed FLAT.

Sorry Stick, but you  CAN'T GIVE UP ON HOBOKEN.  When your constituents are being forced to sell their homes and leave Hoboken because of annual double-digit tax increases, it's your obligation to FIND A WAY.

Big props to the Hoboken taxpayers who showed up and spoke eloquently about how Hoboken has reached a tipping point.  We cannot afford another double digit increase.  The mayor spoke about the WORK and SACRIFICES the City made to keep our municipal taxes FLAT.

GA completely agrees with Phil Cohen, who said last night the County must hire an independant firm to do a thorough performance audit of Hudson County operations.  Cohen said the Freeholders had already approved last year to perform this audit. So what's holding it up?

County Executive Tom DeGise.

Enough is enough.

Hoboken homeowners are still recovering from property losses from 2012's Superstorm Sandy, and just got whacked again with flooding last week. 

This city needs a grassroots campaign to DEMAND the County perform a Performance Audit to CUT TAXES.   It is time for Hoboken to organize against this bullshit.  Our residents are not a keg for the County Frat House to tap at will.

Another excellent idea (Horsey's): the County should videotape it's meetings like other municipalities do.  Transparency, anyone?
Hoboken residents, we  must DEMAND a Performance Audit of County Operations, now.

Trust me, it's their worst nightmare.

credit: graph provided by Phil Cohen

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fish Head Inn

According to sources, it is an out-of-town political operative- not Beth Mason, who is driving the "desperate campaign" for Mason to be the next Hoboken Democratic Party chair.

One source told GA:   
Without the democratic chair she can't launder money into nov elections. once she is out of office Ricky is going to clean house. [redacted] becomes Woody from Cheers.  Irrelevant nobody. Fish Head inn where nobody knows his name.

Disgusting fish. (And the one in the graphic, too.)

Another source told me:
[redacted] wants Beth to be chair so he'll control the democratic party.
What does this all mean?

Well, the Hoboken Democratic Party (HPD) raises money and donates it to Democratic candidates and causes to advance said candidates.  From the HPD by-laws:

The activity of the Hoboken Democratic Party depends on who's running it.  Reporting and transparency have varied greatly over the years.

The 2014 Hoboken Democratic Party was pretty inactive.  The Jan 15, 2015 ELEC filing for the period from October 10, 2014 to December 31, 2014 shows ZERO receipts, one expenditure of $400 and a balance of $4,455.21.

 The ELEC filed for this period was 11 pages long.

Treasurer Dana Wefer reported: (1) Receipts, (2) Itemized Receipts, (3) Adjustment Schedule, (4) Loans, (5) Itemized Disbursements, (6) Itemized Monetary Contributions to Candidates and Committees, (7) Itemized Expenditures Made on Behalf of Candidates /Committees, (8) Debts and obligations Owed by Committee  and (9) Debts and Obligations Owed to Committee. 

That's a lot of transparency for ZERO receipts and one $400 expenditure.


For the same time period in 2003, the Hoboken Democratic Party  reported $128,750 in monetary receipts, $130,035 in expenditures, the year-to-date monetary receipts were $240,269.43 and $239, 279.28 in expenditures.  

The balance left for that period was $990.15.

The ELEC for this period was 2 pages long.   No contributors or disbursements reported.

Where did the contributions come from?  Where did they go? 


Same party, different year.  

And 2015?

We'll find out who's in charge on Monday after the HDP reorganization. Word on the street is, it will not be Mason.  More word on the street is that one rotten tuna will be put out to pasture shortly after. 

Last stop, Fish Head Inn.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

UPDATED--Machine Results: Highest Vote Getters by Ward

* GA note: The Ward Elections Results chart has been updated to show the 9 'Column B' votes for 2-3 candidate Patricia Waiters .

UPDATE- 12:00 noon
GA has confirmed the following:
  • There were Reform write-ins for "unopposed slots"  in Ward 2-District 5, Ward 4-Districts 2 and 5, Ward 5-Districts 2 and 4.
  • (3) Reform write-ins have won, others are unconfirmed but, all 7 seats are believed to have been won.
  • The machine data sheet issued by the City Clerk last night (and posted here) contained errors, but they are not believed to impact results.
  • Write-ins which were filled out incorrectly (man/women candidate slots switched or names misspelled) are being discarded.  READ YOUR BALLOT CAREFULLY, PEOPLE.
  • GA assumes there were additional write-ins (other than those noted below).  The ones noted here are specific to slots absent an HCDO candidate.
  • Absentee and provisional ballots will be counted on or by Friday when the election will be certified.
The chart below is updated to show confirmed Reform write-ins, but vote counts for these write-ins are pending.

That's it for now!
Original post:
GA posted raw data (machine vote tabulations) last night Hey, they came in after my bedtime. 

Below are vote totals per candidate in each district ward, with the highest male/female vote-getters per ward noted in RED.  Please note these numbers do not include write-ins.  When those come in, I will add/merge to this chart.

In the meantime, have at it, folks!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hoboken Ward Election Results: June 2, 2015

click image to enlarge 

5th Ward 3rd District Results: Reform Wins!

Melissa Abernathy 53
Phil Cohen 51
Vincent Rossi 25
Melissa Blanco 18

Congratulations, winners!

There's no place like home

former SLAPP Defendant
Today, GA blogs from my 'home away from home'- Hudson County Superior Court.

Yep, I've spent some time in this place: 18 weeks ago Lane Bajardi's trial began, 16 weeks ago it ended, thrown out on a (rare) directed verdict, 3 weeks ago was the hearing for reimbursement of our legal fees from the Bajardis and their counsel.

But I admit, it's a surprise to be back in these halls of justice so soon!

What would not surprise GA would be to see a certain former Plaintiff lurking behind me with a notepad.  Why?

Because according to witnesses, ever since the dismissal of Bajardi v Pincus, this former Plaintiff has been lurking in courtrooms in Newark and Jersey City, notepad in hand. Not random courtrooms, either.  The former Plaintiff appears at courtrooms for trials involving Bajardi v Pincus defendants or their attorneys.

For example, last April the former Plaintiff showed up to take notes at a trial in a Newark district courtroom. Last week the former Plaintiff  showed up to take notes at a Jersey City municipal courtroom in the trial of Beth Mason.

Notes, notes, and more notes.

GA is unsure if the note-taking relates to statements made in the former Plaintiff's outburst outside the courtroom in the hall, at the conclusion of our May hearing. The screaming was witnessed by GA and others, including attorneys, and was directed at a Hoboken Reform politico who had come to watch the proceedings. He was called "evil" and "a bad Catholic" (he's not Catholic), and so on.  In my non-actionable opinion as a witness to this outburst, it appears to GA someone's circuitry has become unglued. Call an electrician!

Anyway, nothing bizarre like that is happening here today.

GA really wanted to remind everyone to vote today. Polls are open until 8pm.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Where Reform Can Win: 2-2, 5-3

VOTE GREEN, people!
GA has posted the above map to remind folks that there are (2) contested races, so if you live in 2-2 or 5-3 (or know someone who does) make sure you GET OUT and VOTE tomorrow, June 2.  Polls are open from 6AM to 8PM.

Back in 2010 GA won my Dem committee seat (Ward 6-District 5) with 7 votes- or was it 11?

You get the picture.  Turnout is LIGHT. GA hears Beth Mason may be 'helping' Melissa Blanco and Vincent Rossi in 5-3. It is important that you VOTE.

If you are unfamiliar with Ms. Blanco from her prolific online commentary under a variety of screen names, below is a transcript of Blanco's appearance in support of Carmelo Garcia at the August 4, 2014 HHA meeting; Garcia's contract was terminated for cause by the Reform commissioners at that meeting.

Here is what Ms. Blanco said:

Baaaaaaaaaaaah!  Or should GA say "woof woof?"

Aug. 4, 2014 : Beth Mason  marches with Garcia supporters to HHA meeting