The Nutzi Truck

Ready for November

Look out, everybody... 

Headed for a Hoboken municipal campaign near you!  It's Reform's answer to the Dark Side's horrific, offensive 2012 "Nazi Truck"- meet 2015's Nutzi Truck!

Featuring Monday night's breakdown of rule, order and civility, playing on FIVE oversized video screens, the Nutzi Truck will loop the OFFICIAL (don't be fooled by imitations) Nutzi Truck Video, starring Hoboken Democratic Comitteemen Carmelo Garcia, Joe Branco and the back of Matt Calicchio's head.

The Nutzi Truck will ride up and down Washington Street for hours, maybe days or weeks, blasting the shocking Dark Side chaos to motivate otherwise ambivalent Hoboken voters that the Russo faction is not to be trusted with their hands on the levers of power!

Bananas will be available to remind residents that Hoboken is NOT the Banana Republic we see in the Nutzi Truck video.  

The Nutzi Truck will also appear at voter registration drives.  Trust GA, the Nutzi video of Carmelo Garcia yelling into the mic WILL send folks running to the polls! For Reform!

Instead of  GOTV (Get Out The Vote),  the 2015 buzzword will be GONT (Get Out The Nutzi



  2. Looks like a porno flick. Is Branco wearing pants?

  3. This takes the cake GA!

  4. The nutzi truck can park at Room 84.

  5. i hate summer fridays when everyone seems to be too busy heading out to their summer houses and the comments get quiet. so much good reporting and conversation here lately, look forward to it picking up again on monday!

    1. Yes, and corrupt politicos retreat to their shore homes that we paid for.


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