Busy Monday

You're only as good as your "Mile Square sources;" apparently, Augie's stank

It is a busy, busy Monday in Mile Square politics.

First, the lovely and talented HHA Chairwoman and HDP Treasurer, Dana Wefer, has officially thrown her hat into the 4th Ward ring.  

And it is pronounced Wee-fer, not Way-fer or Weh-fer.

Congratulations to you, Dana Wee-fer.

Next, at 8 PM tonight is the much-discussed Hoboken Democratic Party re-org; we will learn who gets annointed (by ballot) Chairman.  Al Sullivan wrote 2 weeks ago: 
Some of the political power brokers are bound and determined to remove Jamie Cryan as chairman. Although these disaffected political figures claim they are doing it because they are unhappy with the job Cryan has done during his four years as chairman...At this point, the likely replacement for Cryan, if he is removed at the official committee meeting in June, will either be Councilman Michael Russo or Freeholder Anthony Romano.  
Interestingly, the question of who will prevail may not be decided by the Russo faction, but instead by a voting machine.  Or,  the privacy accorded by machine voting vs. a public show of hands. 

Bringing in a machine was a brilliant move by Cryan, who improved the odds of keeping his seat with a vote by secret ballot.  The Russos can't be pleased.

And Romano 

GA thinks our Freeholder needs to focus on reducing Hoboken's burden of County taxes before he takes on other responsibilities, such as Democratic Party chair.  Romano has a lot of work to do to help Hoboken at the County level. A 24% tax increase in 2 consecutive years?  Unnacceptable. Nope, Romano needs to focus on lowering taxes for Hoboken residents, not taking another office.  Coming up with cuts to County expenditures should keep him plenty busy.  

As for Beth Mason, Horsey reports she's lobbying hard for the Honorary Chair, a position that normally goes to Hoboken's mayor.  GA heard a rumor that Mason will run for 2nd Ward council after all; gotta keep that incompetent anchovy on the payroll, right?

Well, as hard as Mason wants to leapfrog over Hoboken to bigger, glitzier political jobs, if her support for Sweeney doesn't pan out, she'll be blackballed locally and politically DOA in New Jersey.

What a shame!

So, later this evening we'll see if the 'secret ballot'  impacted results.  In 2010, there was no secret ballot, and Augie Torres' hyped "support" for Garcia Keim bottomed out, as noted in this discussion about the Democratic Committeee election results between Bajardi v Pincus Plaintiff Kim Cardinal Bajardi and Sara Stojkovic.


  1. What a delicious email!!!! I had missed these so much.

    You have Sara complaining about Ines "It's pathetic for her to keep putting herself up for anything". Also interesting that Sara thinks cheating has happened in this Democratic group but she was involved with the Occhipinti campaign which raised the bar for VBM shenanigans

    Then you have the Slapper saying she'll never speak to Biancamano again. So in addition to being called "sandwich head" by Mr Slapp now the wife hates him too.

    And then to top it all you have this woman WISHING for something awful to happen to the city??? WTF??? Is she wishing for Hurricane Sandy? Another 9-11??? How warped can you be to pray for a disaster so that your pal can get elected to something. Sick, sick, sick...

  2. Joe Branco is trying to revive Comedy Night at Club84.

    1. Branco's in kind donation of Room 84 gets reported on the HDP's elec. 10 or 15 bucks per hr?

  3. Is Ines still friends with these people? How can they look her in the face at this point with all these emails of Sarah called her a pathetic loser out on public display.

    Also, I'm sure Biancamano lost lots of sleep about losing Kim's friendship. What a delusional keyboard warrior.

  4. Sara is right about one thing, "Ines has lost so many times, it's pathetic for her to keep putting herself up for anything."

  5. The words of a sociopath: "we need something awful to happen in this city..."

    1. Something awful did happen to this city.....Sara, Kim, Beth......

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  7. An Anonymous KreimJune 8, 2015 at 6:42 PM

    Ines could make up for her numerous defeats by winning tonight. She's going to write-in her name with other Kreim members and other true Democratic leaders like Patricia Waiters.

    Look Ines is a shoe-in at election time every single time she runs against an empty chair. Or maybe they will all vote for Beth Mason. Who's to say that's a Kreim?

    Look anytime there's an empty chair running against a slate, Ines has a perfect record!

    Ines to date has a perfect record. She's beaten an empty chair not once but twice!
    She's undefeatable on a slate against an empty chair!

    Yay go Ines! Now go run those VBMs up to the county for Michele.

    1. The fact that Ines Garcia Kreim runs the illegal VBM's up to the county on top of her other miss deeds further damages the QLC reputation. At this time it seems the only good person is Abernathy.


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