MSV: Hoboken Dems undergo Sex Change


Congratulations are in order! 

Reported today on MSV, the Hoboken Dem Committee will be undergoing a sex change, the first ever of its kind in Hoboken history!

The sex change was not anticipated, until Chief Surgeon Romano learned his Vice Chair was missing an X chromosome. It is believed Dr. Stick learned that by reading the Hoboken Democratic Party bylaws or online.

The sex change will be performed without anesthesia in an unsterile room.  Let's hope the surgeons  have clean hands!  The patient is expected to make a full recovery.  Once it's over the Vice Chair will have a full head of hair, wear skirts, lipstick, sport a trim figure and be married to a man.

Congratulations to the Hoboken Democratic Committee on performing historic corrective surgery!



  1. That's an awfully small scalpel!

  2. I think we should call her IINO (Ines in name only) because she'll just do whatever the Russos want her to do. Not much independent leadership here.

  3. Ines will be carrying Michele's Pom Poms!
    Hey Ines, you've always been a dope and now you're a glutton for punishment.

  4. I think the gender swap was supposed to happen quietly... hilarious to see it on the blogs. Like Al Sullivan said: "not ready for prime time!"

  5. Word is Mikey & Carmelo are gonna change the by laws.

  6. This is just an example of Junta 101.

    Junta 101 Rule 16 reads as follows: After publicly executing the leaders of the former government, make an empty populist gesture to mollify the grumbling herd. Lower the sales tax on ice cream or something like that.

    In the case of the Hoboken Junta, they are appointing the strategically inconsequential and demonstrably unelectable Ines to a body that won't give her the time of day.

    Whatever. Romano looks like more of a jerk with each passing minute.

  7. Appointing a Beth Mason loyalist is not a dumb move. Mason might have dragged the hdp to court without a woman in that slot. Ines is one of Beth's tentacles, doesn't ruffle JC feathers, is obedient.

    1. Fulop and his team aren't stupid, they know full well that Ines is Beth's pawn.

    2. Yes but Beth and her minions are pretty stupid so they think they got away with being clever. Fulop won't be fooled but Beth, Ines and company are dumb enough to think they fooled Fulop.

    3. If anyone is worried, writing an email to Fulop and outlining who Ines is wouldn't kill you.

    4. One of Fulop's advisors once worked for Mason and knows all of her people.

      He probably knows more about Ines then Ines does.

  8. So in other words her whole family is nuts.

    I wish she could be on the democratic committee if only to listen to her share her batshit cosmology with the Russos.


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