Fish Head Inn

According to sources, it is an out-of-town political operative- not Beth Mason, who is driving the "desperate campaign" for Mason to be the next Hoboken Democratic Party chair.

One source told GA:   
Without the democratic chair she can't launder money into nov elections. once she is out of office Ricky is going to clean house. [redacted] becomes Woody from Cheers.  Irrelevant nobody. Fish Head inn where nobody knows his name.

Disgusting fish. (And the one in the graphic, too.)

Another source told me:
[redacted] wants Beth to be chair so he'll control the democratic party.
What does this all mean?

Well, the Hoboken Democratic Party (HPD) raises money and donates it to Democratic candidates and causes to advance said candidates.  From the HPD by-laws:

The activity of the Hoboken Democratic Party depends on who's running it.  Reporting and transparency have varied greatly over the years.

The 2014 Hoboken Democratic Party was pretty inactive.  The Jan 15, 2015 ELEC filing for the period from October 10, 2014 to December 31, 2014 shows ZERO receipts, one expenditure of $400 and a balance of $4,455.21.

 The ELEC filed for this period was 11 pages long.

Treasurer Dana Wefer reported: (1) Receipts, (2) Itemized Receipts, (3) Adjustment Schedule, (4) Loans, (5) Itemized Disbursements, (6) Itemized Monetary Contributions to Candidates and Committees, (7) Itemized Expenditures Made on Behalf of Candidates /Committees, (8) Debts and obligations Owed by Committee  and (9) Debts and Obligations Owed to Committee. 

That's a lot of transparency for ZERO receipts and one $400 expenditure.


For the same time period in 2003, the Hoboken Democratic Party  reported $128,750 in monetary receipts, $130,035 in expenditures, the year-to-date monetary receipts were $240,269.43 and $239, 279.28 in expenditures.  

The balance left for that period was $990.15.

The ELEC for this period was 2 pages long.   No contributors or disbursements reported.

Where did the contributions come from?  Where did they go? 


Same party, different year.  

And 2015?

We'll find out who's in charge on Monday after the HDP reorganization. Word on the street is, it will not be Mason.  More word on the street is that one rotten tuna will be put out to pasture shortly after. 

Last stop, Fish Head Inn.


  1. Great reporting as usual, GA. Can't wait for it to happen.

    BTW, I have to take issue with one point from your source: Woody Harrelson has had a great post-"Cheers" career, I particularly love his dark/weird roles in "True Detective", "Natural Born Kilers", "Wag the Dog", "The People Vs. Larry Flint", etc.

    Not to diminish your source's point, just saying'. ;)

  2. A tuna put out to pasture is fertilizer. How appropriate. Finally making himself useful.

  3. No wonder the Russos want control of the Dem committee.

  4. Much of that money in 2003-05 was blown on attacking reform candidates and slates led and backed by Carol Marsh and Tony Soares. VBM harvesting, smear campaigns and TV ads with horrible anti reform and race baiting undertones

  5. Poor fish head. Without Beth's checkbook to play with, decide who gets $ and who doesn't (and skim $ off the top for himself) he's nobody. Ricky wants him gone yesterday.

    1. does beth have any sense of loyalty to fishboy? they've been together a long time and "partnered" on lots of things, including that dive bar. he know LOTS of her secrets and questionable actions, gotta believe she wouldn't want to be on his bad side.

  6. Imagine Finn boy in control of the Hoboken Dems. It's bad enough he reads confidential City email
    because his boss is too lazy, spoiled and dumb to do the part time council job herself.

  7. In Feb Beth testified in open court that Barracato was her "business partner." Cutting him off will not be a simple matter. They are enmeshed.


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