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former SLAPP Defendant
Today, GA blogs from my 'home away from home'- Hudson County Superior Court.

Yep, I've spent some time in this place: 18 weeks ago Lane Bajardi's trial began, 16 weeks ago it ended, thrown out on a (rare) directed verdict, 3 weeks ago was the hearing for reimbursement of our legal fees from the Bajardis and their counsel.

But I admit, it's a surprise to be back in these halls of justice so soon!

What would not surprise GA would be to see a certain former Plaintiff lurking behind me with a notepad.  Why?

Because according to witnesses, ever since the dismissal of Bajardi v Pincus, this former Plaintiff has been lurking in courtrooms in Newark and Jersey City, notepad in hand. Not random courtrooms, either.  The former Plaintiff appears at courtrooms for trials involving Bajardi v Pincus defendants or their attorneys.

For example, last April the former Plaintiff showed up to take notes at a trial in a Newark district courtroom. Last week the former Plaintiff  showed up to take notes at a Jersey City municipal courtroom in the trial of Beth Mason.

Notes, notes, and more notes.

GA is unsure if the note-taking relates to statements made in the former Plaintiff's outburst outside the courtroom in the hall, at the conclusion of our May hearing. The screaming was witnessed by GA and others, including attorneys, and was directed at a Hoboken Reform politico who had come to watch the proceedings. He was called "evil" and "a bad Catholic" (he's not Catholic), and so on.  In my non-actionable opinion as a witness to this outburst, it appears to GA someone's circuitry has become unglued. Call an electrician!

Anyway, nothing bizarre like that is happening here today.

GA really wanted to remind everyone to vote today. Polls are open until 8pm.


  1. If either plaintiff had a meltdown in front of witnesses, especially officers of the court, that could be good news for the defendants - going forward - if it helps to establish malice on the part of the plaintiffs. Because if they are still hanging around Beth Mason they may not be done with trying to ruin their perceived enemies.

    1. That's true. Did you thank her?

    2. weird and creepy stalker. who was she screaming at?

    3. Operation Beg RickyJune 2, 2015 at 2:57 PM

      All the noise and lamentations by Kimbo are part of her sour grapes. Her notetaking expeditions to Newark and Jersey City may be either:

      a) part of her work-to-pay agreement for the Mason loot for litigation
      b) part of her anticipated need for more Mason loot to pay a coming legal bill

  2. While you're in the neighborhood, you might consider dropping by Arre's courtroom and asking what gives on the counsel fee motion.


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