Monday, August 25, 2014

Tim's Defense

A smart politician knows when to shut up.

Enter Tim Occhipinti!

The transcript of the 8/4 HHA Special Meeting not only includes impassioned speeches by the public, you can read the manufactured outrage of City Council members: Mike Russo, Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and Tim  Occhipinti.

What GA finds interesting is how three City Council members: Russo, Mason and Castellano, offer no defense of Executive Director Carmelo Garcia, no words of personal support, no praise for his management, no plea for the Reform Commissioners to change their position and keep him.  None.

None mention Carmelo Garcia by name nor title. What does that tell you?

Russo uses his 5 minutes to admonish the Board members; an overture of sour grapes about ED Garcia's failed Vision 20/20.  He tells them, "There is nothing that you have done that has improved their homes. Nothing, nothing. And I'll bet dollars to donuts, that as long as you are on this Board, there never will be, because it is all about politics with you. It's all about politics. That's a shame...  So I promise you this: That if you don't get your head right, you will never succeed in politics. You will always be a loser. You will always be a loser."

Mason rants about the Open Public Meetings Act and comically about -of all things lawsuits:  "...we started with the City Council, and all of that stuff and $2 million in lawsuits that we can't seem to get out of, but we are also now taking it to the Board of Ed, and we're taking it now to the Housing Authority.  -- I actually had hoped that elected officials and their appointed representatives actually cared about the people instead of about the totalitarian dictatorship that you are keeping here."

Mason is so notorious for funding politically-motivated lawsuits targeting the Zimmer administration and its supporters,  Executive Director Carmelo Garcia tells the crowd: 
"And I will remindyou that the action you have taken, and I hope that Councilwoman Mason goes after you guys legally for the violation of the Open Public Meetings Act and what you have done here tonight, and you were willing to put the people in jeopardy, the safety of the people, so you can accomplish what you wanted to do, Mayor Zimmer's mission.
See that?  The Executive Director publicly calls upon Mason to "go after you guys legally"- because that is what she does and everybody in public life knows it.  Ka-ching!  

Mason does not utter the name "Carmelo Garcia" nor does Terry Castellano, who whacks Reform Commissioners with a verbal broomstick, belittling them as "sheep," having "no integrity" and "no souls" and venting her anger at the mayor with an "us vs. them" tirade.  She is angry but not because the Executive Director was about to be fired, she is angry at us (or are we "them"?)

So, those 3 Council members appearing (technically) at a rally on behalf of the Executive Director avoided mentioning him, did nothing to defend him nor his tenure at the HHA.

In steps Timmy!  

Doofus makes a beeline to "Vision 20/20".  He accuses the Commissioners of wanting control of the  HHA contracts, wanting control of Vision 20/20 and blames the Board for "not working with our Executive Director."

Tim gives an emotional defense of Executive Director's management of the HHA; Timmy wants the floor so badly, he calls for the police to remove him if he can't speak!  Wow, can I some mustard with that bologna?

In any event, Occhipinti owns his words.

And now, as Newark HUD pulls back the curtain on the management of the HHA, Tim owns this, too.

The Few. The Proud.

GA got the news yesterday: my nephew passed 'The Crucible' making it official: he's a Marine!
The Crucible is a test every recruit must go through to become a Marine. It tests every recruit physically, mentally and morally and is the defining experience of recruit training. The Crucible takes place over 54-hours and includes food and sleep deprivation and over 45 miles of marching. The Crucible event pits teams of recruits against a barrage of day and night events requiring every recruit to work together to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and help each other along the way. 
My sis tells me the temperature with humidity factored in was 118° F, the next day was 115° F... oh, dear!  Well, he made it and Aunt GA is proud... he's tough, smart and brave.  Love ya, kid.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Earwitness News: Lieutenant Gov. Mason?

Well, well!  This dish was served hot in today's Secaucus Reporter, by my friend, Al Sullivan.

We all know that Hoboken's 2nd Ward Councilwoman is ambitious.  Remember this?

New Jersey's U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg died on June 3, 2013; his corpse was still warm when Councilwoman Mason got this story into the Star Ledger:

He's barely dead!

And a reputable news source, Grafix Avenger, reported from Lautenberg's June 5 funeral:
Mason, a Hoboken Councilwoman and one of the state’s most prolific donors, has been reaching out to leading Democrats expressing interest in the seat, reportedly on a Death Watch for Lautenberg since his 86th birthday.  A witness at that birthday party said, "Mason swapped  his birthday candles for the kind that don't blow out.  The Senator huffed and puffed, and I heard her whispering 'C'mon, c'mon..."

According to two sources familiar with Mason’s thinking who requested anonymity because they are not authorized to talk about internal deliberations, Mason wanted to make sure Lautenberg was dead before she declared her run for his seat.  They quoted her as saying, "I don't care if he's still warm." 

At his funeral yesterday, Mason was seen climbing into his coffin to check Lautenberg's pulse.

"He's stiff as a board!" Mason was heard to shriek in New York City's Park Avenue Synagogue.  Then her companion, a squat dumpy-looking man who would only give his name as "James" handed out glossy fliers to the mourners that read "Beth Mason for U.S. Senate."  The slogan for her campaign appears to be "I'm Rich!"

Mason mourns the late Senator Frank Lautenberg

Ask New Jersey U.S. Senator Cory Booker how that panned out.

If at first you don't succeed.... 

Earwitness Al is reporting from his reliable sources that Hoboken's 2nd Ward Councilwoman is eying a run for New Jersey's Lieutenant Governor on a ticket with State Senator Stephen Sweeney!

Yup.  Oh, she'll get it, too.  Mark my word.  GA thinks it's great news- for Hoboken.

Bon voyage!

Future NJ Governor Sweeney and his Lieutenant Gov.?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

An Important Message From Councilwoman Mason

click image to enlarge

I hope you got your "Important Message From Councilwoman Mason" like I did, because she's  got important things to say to all of us.   Very Important!

If you haven't gotten The Important Message, I will summarize it for you in order of Importance.

I will start with "Important," proceed to "More Important", continue on to "Even More Important," then to "Almost Most Important," to  "Important-est" and finish with "Aliens are Eating My Sweater."

Important Message No. 1: Councilwoman Mason has been meeting in City Council chambers for 7 years and not once protested that members of the public are denied entry because of handicapped accessibility. The Councilwoman does not know there are handicapped accessible doors on the Newark Street Side of City Hall and an elevator. It's never too late to learn important new facts!

Important Message No. 2: Mayor Zimmer is the Mayor of Hoboken, not the Mayor of the Hoboken Housing Authority and she's not the Grand Poobah of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes Lodge No. 26, either.  Unless you vote her in! 

Important Message No. 3:   Oops, made a mistake! The statement: "Recently, various news outlets  reported about an audio recording of the Mayor's husband discussing the hiring of a new attorney for the HHA board" should read: "One year ago on August 18, 2013 the Hoboken Reporter wrote about how Garcia was wearing a wire and invited Grossbard to lunch at Jack Dempsey's in NYC, Grossbard (most likely smelling a rat) invited friend and attorney Bernie Kenny, a former Garcia mentor, Garcia recorded them both and also spoke to G-d in the crapper recording the toilet-side chat on his wire.   GA covered the "lunch", too. 

Important Message No. 4:  A very rich person can fund city-wide libelous statements in important letters, important robo-calls and in important emails about a member of the 'free press' who reports on the hypocrisy and corrupt practices of elected officials, federal employees and political operatives.   A very rich person can also underwrite SLAPP suits against such members of the 'free press' and those whom they dislike.

Important Message No. 5: The "values" of Hoboken are only at risk if you believe Beth Mason's Important Message from Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Different Century, Same Sh*t

“a monster…  filthy in word, filthy in thought, furious, raging and obscene.”
Sounds like a Mason minion raging at critics of Her Majesty, doesn't it?  Well, no.  Victorian novelist William Thackeray Makepeace rendered that judgment of Jonathan Swift after he read Swift's novel, Gulliver's Travels
In fact, every commenter posting today as "guest" or "Anonymous" for fear they will be SLAPPed,   is using anonymity in the same way as Swift, who published his 1726 satire of institutions of government under the name "Lemuel Gulliver.Imagine that!  

What was it about Gulliver's Travels that made Swift publish it under a pseudonym?
The work's satirical attacks on English politicians and social practices, as well as its coarse descriptions of bodily functions, provoke much comment and controversy among the reading public. Even the first publisher of the book fears that it is too critical of English society and expurgates the text slightly, over Swift's objections. 
Oh, so it was biting satire about politicians that some might find vile.

But that was 1726.  Haven't we come a long way?  

Turds in an 18th Century Punchbowl


Twenty-first century emissaries of Hoboken corruption excoriate free speech to discourage others from speaking.  Fear of reprisal has driven those who criticize Hoboken's political landscape into one amorphous "guest."

Different century, same sh*t.  

What brought this up?

LA is reading the unabridged 4-part (original) version of Gulliver's Travels; she's been entertaining me with passages from the book.  It is wicked, hilarious satire, clear mockery of operations of  government and particular persons.  Yep, Swift would've had the crap SLAPPed out of him by Beth Mason's ancestors and their 18th century minions.

Meanwhile, our politicians who cheer attacks on some free speech enjoy their constitutional freedom to call unpaid public servants "sheep" and incite crowds to chant "Baaaaah."

Of course, the public should feel free to criticize this behavior, and other conduct of our public officials without fear of reprisal from either them or their minions.

That is how it should be.

2015 cannot come soon enough.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

UPDATED--The Stack Giveth and (Does NOT) Taketh Away

Pool for you and you and YOU!

A reader posted a link to this August 11, 2014 article on online:
A sign posted at the entrance to the Firefighters' Memorial Pool in Union City says "adult residents" of the city can bring up to five guests -- one adult and four children.

The same sign says "adult non-residents" cannot bring any guests.

Those rules, if enforced, are in violation of state regulations, since $600,000 in Green Acres funding was used to build the $6 million pool that opened in 2009. When Green Acres funds are used for a project, a municipality cannot bar non-residents, state officials said.

Union City Mayor Brian Stack, who is also a state senator, said that no one is denied access to the popular pool, located at Ninth Street and Palisade Avenue. The pool is free.

"We always let Hudson County residents in," said Stack, who did not say why the signs are posted.
Thank you, Brian Stack!

Original post: June 26, 2014

Hoboken friends, did you get State Senator Brian Stack's latest personal greeting card? 

I'll share mine:

What?  And on the inside:

click to read in English and Spanish


Surely this was a joke since last year, our friend/amigo and neighbor Brian Stack graciously opened his lovely pool to Hoboken residents (with ID), and gave us "Non-resident" passes.

Could it be true Stack shit-canned Hoboken in two languages?  GA called Union City Hall.

Gasp!  It IS  true!

Hoboken consiguiĆ³ mierda enlatada!

Hoboken NOT welcome

Oh, no!  Why Brian, WHY?

What did we do to piss you off?  

Was it our Mayor dropping the dime on your pal, Christie?  Was it only to woo us for the upcoming election? 

It wasn't like Hoboken residents swarmed your pool- not the handful of times I was there. So, what turned you all mean all of a sudden?

I still like you. Even if the other 49,999 Hoboken residents aren't speaking to you.  I will.  So how about reconsidering?  

We are NEIGHBORS, right?   This should not be about politics, it's about heat and children. Please reconsider!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Terry says: Baaaah!

Who ever said Terry Castellano didn't have mad political skills?

How many politicians do you know who could get an angry room full of people to say "BAAAH!"
COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO: ...You guys have no souls. I don't know if you have any blood in your veins, but what do you expect from a bunch of sheep? 

THE AUDIENCE: Baah, Baah. 
Does Terry do horse impressions?  Can she "mew" like a kitten?  Bleat like a goat?  Snort like a hog?

Here she is, at last Monday's meeting praising two Commissioners who do unpaid public service for  the HHA:
COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO: Dave and Rob and Jeanne, you're awesome. You're awesome. Thank you. To this crowd, I am so proud, I have really been so proud of those two -- (Applause) - our true Hoboken residents.
They are TRUE Hoboken residents!   Not like the UN-true kind, like those five...  animals. 
COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO:...Zimmer finds people who can be easily manipulated to carry out her plan -- 

THE AUDIENCE: That's right. (Applause) 

COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO: -- and you all fall under the category of sheep. You have "sheep" written on your foreheads. 
They do?  I never noticed.  Invisible ink, maybe? 
COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO: ...Hoboken has always been a densely populated burdened city. I have been told at times that there is diversity. 
Not in Church Towers, where Cousin Mike lives.  That place is whiter than the inside of Martha Stewart's linen closet.
COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO: ...Over the years, we have lived side by side with many different ethnicities and religious backgrounds, and now you come here, and you don't want to accept us? 
You forgot to say "race."  I think a family of unicorns will get an apartment at Church Towers before an African American family does.  If you don't believe me, ask someone who knows!
COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO: ...The Zimmer strategy is divide and conquer. You are not dividing us. You are uniting us. 

(Applause and cheering) 
Mayor Zimmer had a farm... eee-iii-eee-iii-oooh.  And on that farm she had some sheep...  eee-iii-eee-iii-oooh.

Sing it, Terry!

I think Councilwoman Castellano is right: it is better to divide  the "TRUE" Hoboken residents from the animals with their pink snouts and curly woolen coats.  I mean, would YOU want to live next door to a guy with cloven hoofs?  Or a gal that bleated day and night?

Not me.   

Better to divide the "TRUE" Hoboken residents like Terry does, and call everyone else who doesn't agree with you  an "animal."  With "no soul!"

That's how you UNITE "us."


Sunday, August 10, 2014

'Alleged' Death Threat, SLAPP Suits, HR Spin

Well folks, it looks like the war on Hoboken's 'free press' hit a new low.

The SLAPP suit filed on July 26, 2012 didn't fulfill its objectives: one of them was to shut down MSV, GA and silence online political discourse supportive of Reform and/or the Zimmer administration.   

It was MSV that stepped into the void of coverage of Hoboken Housing Authority under former Executive Director Carmelo Garcia. It was MSV who attended HHA meetings where he got bullied by a Mason employee who asked him: "How's your dead brother?"

What next?
So, how desperate are opponents of free speech to silence pro-Reform online political discourse since they have failed to SLAPP it silent?

GA was mortified to read this on MSV yesterday:
If that eyewitness got it right, the gun-sign held up to the back of MSV's head means the war on  Reform's online community promises violence. Not imaginary threats in a ginned-up SLAPP, but real ones.   This is a truly sorry development in the war on Reform's online community.

Meanwhile, Carlo Davis appears to be doing a fine job as the Hoboken beat reporter for local fish wrap, The Hoboken Reporter.  In fact, he is so competent that it's easy to pick out the bits inserted by the HR Editorial Staff, which may include publisher Dave Unger.

Here's what I mean (red = inserted at the request of a fishy political operative and/or Editorial staff/Publisher):
Hoboken Police Chief Edelmiro Garcia warned that the meeting might have to be closed due to public safety. Subsequently, a man in a white polo shirt was ejected by police after, according to sources, he taunted, then put his cellphone in the face of, Garcia’s wife. The man is a Zimmer supporter who frequently makes posts against Zimmer’s critics on the internet.
Folks, that is absolute horseshit.

First, no need for anonymous "sources" when a police complaint(s) were filed. Where is the "source" for the "Zimmer supporter" who would tell you he was "assaulted"?   Crickets. The 'tell' that fin-prints are all over this article is the reference to the internet.  WHO even knows that this person comments online and the subject of his posts? And who CARES?

Mason's fishy operative, Mason and Team SLAPP.

GA Googled for his posts- this one came to the top:
Daglian is not only the HHA lawyer he's also the municipal Judge in Weehawken. Daglian had to know that legal ethics (1.7.a.2) precludes him from giving legal advice where he has a financial interest and he said nothing when Carmelo Garcia claimed hiring anyone but Daglian could be a criminal offense. It looks like Garcia tried to steer this contract to Daglian and Daglian in violation of legal ethics tried to help him. My money says that Carmelo Garcia will do what he always does, call the substance of the letter a "misunderstanding" on the part of HUD, claim he's cleared it all up, and try to pretend nothing happened. He tried something similar at the last HHA meeting when the Fire Chief called Garcia out on faulty fire prevention equipment. 
Is Charles Daglian a "Zimmer critic"?  

My cat just coughed up a hair ball, so it looks like this week's Hoboken Reporter will be put to use.

We'll see where this all goes, folks.  Using our courts to silence political speech, 'alleged' threats of violence, what next?

Friday, August 8, 2014

It's Never Too Early

Occhipinti Campaign lit: Frank Raia's $92K investment

Well folks, campaign season has not begun, it is early.  In fact, the BoE  slates have not announced, yet. But, I was reminded of something by an Anon this morning.

A former City Council candidate-now incumbent School Board candidate and his City Council running-mate now running for School Board disseminating lies about Hoboken Public Schools on campaign literature supporting  the"One Hoboken Moving Forward" slate. 

Since it's early in the season, GA will point out the three glaring whoppers.

1.  Per-Pupil Costs.  The per-pupil costs are those proposed for 2012-2013, and the numbers available to the Occhipinti Campaign and available to the public on the Hoboken Board of Education web site.  It's called the User-Friendly Budget 2012-2013.  

Hoboken BoE User friendly Budget

2.  University of Notre Dame Costs (*source:
$55,855 Annual Cost to Attend
Cost Breakdown
$42,464 tuition
$11,934 on campus room & board;
$950 books
$507 fees
3.  The CRAP "Wall Street Journal Poll."  In August 2012, GA debunked this Truila Real estate poll that 'mysteriously' ended up in the Wall Street Journal just in time for the 2012 School Board race.  You'll never guess who was the former Education Reporter at the Wall Street Journal?  Hint: not a fan of Kids First.  Read: 
 America's Least Attractive Poll 

WSJ Porno for the Dark Side
That's it for this sleepy August day.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rootin' for Carmelo and a BoE Seat

Brian Murray, BoE candidate, front and center cheering for chaos on Monday night

 And they're OFF!

This morning, announced the candidates for Hoboken Board of Education:

Hoboken's race features 10 candidates competing for three three-year terms. Incumbents Peter Biancamano, Frances Rhodes Kearns and Monica Stromwall will face Sharyn Angley, Lynn Danzker, Jackie Dowd Prince, Antonio Gray, Britney Montgomery, Brian Murray and Patricia Waiters.


GA doesn't know half of these challengers, but there are a couple of familiar names.   There is Patty Waiters, a $10,000 Aide to Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia who famously said at last April's HHA meeting:  "--and I'm going to do the right thing, okay -- but I'm going to do the right thing, not the white thing. I want you to know it..."  and:

Might Patty be running with Brian Murray, pictured above in the video, rooting for chaos? Does Brian agree with  Patty's view of the Chosen peeps (Jews)?  Let's hope not! 

GA thought Brit Montgomery was an interesting pick. GA met Brit briefly at the reception after Mayor Zimmer's inaugural.  She seems like a nice gal. Wore white, had big earrings.  I remember asking her if she thought she would ever run for office again.  She answered something like, "Yes, I like politics."

During the 2013 mayoral, Brit flew largely below the radar, and got no shrapnel hits from the Occhipinti Massacre.  But, I think this time she will have to 'bring it.'    Let's see.

In the meantime, the Fab Monica Stromwell is back on Team Kids First.  I've had my head DOWN this summer, so can't tell you much more yet, but stay tuned.

As for the return of Biancamano and Bubbles, well. To be expected.   Why do they call Frances Rhodes Kearns "Bubbles"?   Anybody know?

Okay, that's it for now.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mason Marches Along

Mason marches with Sigsby, then serenely smiles as all Hell breaks loose

Political operatives who file SLAPP suits may lie, but pictures don't.

Hudson County View posted a video "HHA Tenants march to Hoboken City Hall in support of Exec. Director Carmelo Garcia" and look who's marching along with the gang: Uptown Girl 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason!

The scene reminded me of this incident in April of 2011, the underwriting of "100 people of so" to rally with signs, $25 per person, paid for by the Uptown Girl.  
I was wondering if you could forward this to the rest of your house.
I am a brother of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity and I have been working for the Beth Mason campaign for the past couple of weeks trying to get people to register to vote in Hoboken. Tonight there is going to be a debate tonight at 7 to a little after 9 or so and basically the gentleman I am working for would like 100 people or so to stand out side of the debate and hold up signs for Beth Mason and picket line. You will be payed 25 dollars to do this. If you would like to do this we will be meeting outside of the Beta House at 6:40 tonight. Also if you want to do this please email me with your full name and phone number at (redacted) We need a good showing for this and its an easy 25 dollars to hold a sign. Hope to see you tonight.
Thank you,
(namenredacted) Stevens Institute of Technology 2012 Civil Engineering Stevens Baseball (frat ID redacted), (fraternity name redacted)
The publication of that letter on April 11, 2011 elicited this letter which GA published on April 14.

The author requested a retraction of the fraternity's identity; GA honors retraction requests, so that information was noted "redacted."
To Whom It May Concern:
As you can see by my signature, I am a graduating senior and well respected member of the Stevens community and the Sigma Chapter of Beta Theta Pi. 
I would like to formally apologize for one of my brother's actions.  He did not realize what he was doing and we as a fraternity did not realize what was going on. 
I would like to propose that you kindly remove our fraternity from the article, but please leave the article in general up, so students at Stevens do not make this mistake again. 
As a student who was attending Stevens during the Peter Cammarano incident, it was disgraceful to my university and myself as I did not like the feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing that our cherished university was being linked with a criminal.  This time, the incident hits home as our cherished fraternity, that has been in Hoboken since 1879, and even lives at the original mayor's home, has now been linked with a criminal like act of Beth Mason.  

I can assure you that this will never happen again and that the Sigma chapter always has Hoboken in it's hearts and minds when it comes to giving back to the community.  We are partnered up with a local church and routinely work in their lunchtime ministry cooking and feeding the homeless in addition to helping preserve the historic church located near campus.  We also recently won an award for being the most recognizable Greek House during the Hoboken Park cleanup two Sunday's ago and were recognized by our Inter-fraternal Council with the award for organizing, running, and having the best participation percentage at the event.  In addition to that, we also have an upcoming philanthropy event where we are raising money for The Hoboken Boys and Girls Club, and as of yesterday, we have already raised nearly $500, before the event will even take place.
I hope you can please consider removing our fraternal name due to our realization of our mistake and in good faith of the pride that our chapter takes in itself, and our beloved community that surrounds it.  If you have any further questions/comment I would love to hear them and I am open to suggestions you may have for future Philanthropic events to help the city of Hoboken, as we at Beta Theta Pi are always looking to give back to our community in our striving for excellence.
Sincerely, (redacted)
-- Stevens student  
Financial Engineering Mathematics, Economics Minor Stevens Varsity Wrestling Stevens Institute of Technology 2011
Well, I digress, sort of.

Look at Mason's serene smile (above) as all Hell breaks loose around her, a vision of contentment,  the only person in that room smiling.   United Jewish Synagogue member Beth Mason stands shoulder to should in solidarity with Sigsby Cheatham (above)- Cheatham's the guy who figured out that Jews were descended from horny cave-girls mating with jackals, which by the way was a relief to hear.  GA is Jewish, ya know.

All my life I've had questions about the family tree hanging in my parent's house...

...and wondered why my Dad had paws and a snout.

So, I can see why the Uptown Girl, Beth Mason, consorts with people who know so much about "the so-called Jew."

Is Brian Stack watching?  How about those folks in Bayonne? Bob Menendez?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Long Sleep

HOBOKEN-  In an act of civil disobedience, protesting the firing of HHA Director Carmelo Garcia,  a bird belonging to a renowned anti-Vision 20/20 activist committed suicide in its cage last night.   The bird, last seen playing happily at 2PM yesterday, had offed itself sometime before midnight, when the activist returned home to find him upside-down in his cage.  The bird had scratched a suicide note in bird seed:


A poor speller, the creature had apparently heard the news about the 5-2 vote to terminate Mr. Garcia's contract in a special meeting of the HHA last night and did not wish to go on living. The bird was known to support Vision 20/20, the proposed razing of the HHA and displacement of its' residents, and was often spotted riding the building elevator to leave droppings on its $38.K vinyl floor.  The feathered-fan of Vision 20/20 also endorsed leaving the 14 brand-new 'Sandy-proof' generators in shrink wrap to moulder in a parking lot nearby, preferring blackouts and loss of fire protection should a meth lab explode.   So furious that the safety of residents might be improved, that elevators would no longer wear diapers, that contracts would not be fattened like Thanksgiving turkeys, the young, healthy and active bird made itself drop dead in its cage.  

When the activist returned to her apartment to find the bird-suicide, her dog attacked her.  The canine was so distraught at Mr. Garcia's removal (a Vision 20/20 supporter, too) it lunged at her, terrorized and terrified at Mr. Garcia's firing as though someone had entered the apartment while she was gone.

In fact, the pup was agitated that Mr. Garcia's replacement was named "Fox."

The website Hudson County View recorded the scene at City Hall last night. They call it "Chaos Erupts at Special Meeting to terminate Executive Director Garcia's Contract."

 GA calls it "Birth of another Ginned-Up Complaint against a Local Blogger."

No funeral will be held.  In lieu of flowers, please send your next paycheck to the office of attorney Louis Zayas, who has bravely fought ethnic cleansing at the HHA and the racist policies of this administration.