'Alleged' Death Threat, SLAPP Suits, HR Spin

Well folks, it looks like the war on Hoboken's 'free press' hit a new low.

The SLAPP suit filed on July 26, 2012 didn't fulfill its objectives: one of them was to shut down MSV, GA and silence online political discourse supportive of Reform and/or the Zimmer administration.   

It was MSV that stepped into the void of coverage of Hoboken Housing Authority under former Executive Director Carmelo Garcia. It was MSV who attended HHA meetings where he got bullied by a Mason employee who asked him: "How's your dead brother?"

What next?
So, how desperate are opponents of free speech to silence pro-Reform online political discourse since they have failed to SLAPP it silent?

GA was mortified to read this on MSV yesterday:
If that eyewitness got it right, the gun-sign held up to the back of MSV's head means the war on  Reform's online community promises violence. Not imaginary threats in a ginned-up SLAPP, but real ones.   This is a truly sorry development in the war on Reform's online community.

Meanwhile, Carlo Davis appears to be doing a fine job as the Hoboken beat reporter for local fish wrap, The Hoboken Reporter.  In fact, he is so competent that it's easy to pick out the bits inserted by the HR Editorial Staff, which may include publisher Dave Unger.

Here's what I mean (red = inserted at the request of a fishy political operative and/or Editorial staff/Publisher):
Hoboken Police Chief Edelmiro Garcia warned that the meeting might have to be closed due to public safety. Subsequently, a man in a white polo shirt was ejected by police after, according to sources, he taunted, then put his cellphone in the face of, Garcia’s wife. The man is a Zimmer supporter who frequently makes posts against Zimmer’s critics on the internet.
Folks, that is absolute horseshit.

First, no need for anonymous "sources" when a police complaint(s) were filed. Where is the "source" for the "Zimmer supporter" who would tell you he was "assaulted"?   Crickets. The 'tell' that fin-prints are all over this article is the reference to the internet.  WHO even knows that this person comments online and the subject of his posts? And who CARES?

Mason's fishy operative, Mason and Team SLAPP.

GA Googled for his posts- this one came to the top:
Daglian is not only the HHA lawyer he's also the municipal Judge in Weehawken. Daglian had to know that legal ethics (1.7.a.2) precludes him from giving legal advice where he has a financial interest and he said nothing when Carmelo Garcia claimed hiring anyone but Daglian could be a criminal offense. It looks like Garcia tried to steer this contract to Daglian and Daglian in violation of legal ethics tried to help him. My money says that Carmelo Garcia will do what he always does, call the substance of the letter a "misunderstanding" on the part of HUD, claim he's cleared it all up, and try to pretend nothing happened. He tried something similar at the last HHA meeting when the Fire Chief called Garcia out on faulty fire prevention equipment. 
Is Charles Daglian a "Zimmer critic"?  

My cat just coughed up a hair ball, so it looks like this week's Hoboken Reporter will be put to use.

We'll see where this all goes, folks.  Using our courts to silence political speech, 'alleged' threats of violence, what next?


  1. Who's the man next to Carmelo?

  2. Luckiest thing Horsey did was get film of the non-existing assault on Ms. Garcia. Otherwise God knows what kind of legal crap they'd have tried to drag him through. As has been proven before certain characters on that side have no problem lying in a court of law.

  3. Yeah that idiotic reference to the "Zimmer supporter who frequently posts to the internet" smells like rotten fish. A rotten fish from Weehawken.

  4. Who gives a damn that FAP posts? Slapp slapp slapp.

  5. Watching Horsies tape where he says, "stop bothering me Carmelo is like watching the police tapes where the police are physically brutalizing a pinned to the ground subject yet their words are "stop resisting, stop resisting". Alot of opinion Graffie for some one who was not there.

    1. And I wasn't at that air field in Lakehurst, NJ either, but I'm sure the Hindenburg crashed and burned.

    2. Melissa, think of the upside, Carmelo now has more free time to pay you a visit on Park Avenue

  6. For the record Melissa Blanco, the response to Carmelo's coordinated sneak attack from behind with Assembly aide Nick Calicchio and a HHA employee was a simple, "Leave me alone."

    The filming messed up a plan unrelated to another political operation planned to shut down a legally noticed federal government meeting.

    For the record, I was a crime victim at that meeting. But you already knew that.

  7. Melissa Blanco sounds like Beth Mason's new competition. Crazy, uniformed and insanely jealous of zimmer-- oh and let me add hates kids in the park!

  8. SHe calls herself "Blanco" because that's what she wants Hoboken to be--todo Blanco


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