Rootin' for Carmelo and a BoE Seat

Brian Murray, BoE candidate, front and center cheering for chaos on Monday night

 And they're OFF!

This morning, announced the candidates for Hoboken Board of Education:

Hoboken's race features 10 candidates competing for three three-year terms. Incumbents Peter Biancamano, Frances Rhodes Kearns and Monica Stromwall will face Sharyn Angley, Lynn Danzker, Jackie Dowd Prince, Antonio Gray, Britney Montgomery, Brian Murray and Patricia Waiters.


GA doesn't know half of these challengers, but there are a couple of familiar names.   There is Patty Waiters, a $10,000 Aide to Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia who famously said at last April's HHA meeting:  "--and I'm going to do the right thing, okay -- but I'm going to do the right thing, not the white thing. I want you to know it..."  and:

Might Patty be running with Brian Murray, pictured above in the video, rooting for chaos? Does Brian agree with  Patty's view of the Chosen peeps (Jews)?  Let's hope not! 

GA thought Brit Montgomery was an interesting pick. GA met Brit briefly at the reception after Mayor Zimmer's inaugural.  She seems like a nice gal. Wore white, had big earrings.  I remember asking her if she thought she would ever run for office again.  She answered something like, "Yes, I like politics."

During the 2013 mayoral, Brit flew largely below the radar, and got no shrapnel hits from the Occhipinti Massacre.  But, I think this time she will have to 'bring it.'    Let's see.

In the meantime, the Fab Monica Stromwell is back on Team Kids First.  I've had my head DOWN this summer, so can't tell you much more yet, but stay tuned.

As for the return of Biancamano and Bubbles, well. To be expected.   Why do they call Frances Rhodes Kearns "Bubbles"?   Anybody know?

Okay, that's it for now.


  1. Brit, "yes I like politics." Isn't that sweet?

    Has "Brit" EVER been to a board of ed meeting? I bet she rides her mint beach cruiser over this September to familiarize herself with how the meeting are conducted.

  2. I see three, wait 5, Carmelo Garcia lovers: Lynn Danzker, Brian Murray, Petey, Franny, and always a candidate never an elected member, Patty.

    Eh gads!

    1. Maybe those 5 can install the generators?

    2. Do they actively look for the most useless possible candidates? Because that is what it appears every time they come out w/ a slate.

  3. Pat "I hate Jews" and Brian "I hate public schools"- whatta team.

  4. At the council forum Brit said she was involved because she watched the meetings on TV. My guess that is the extent of her involvement in the schools too. If that.

  5. Good God. Anti-Semites who can't utter an English sentence so we're in too much of an hysterical fit to be offended, bimbos who think TV is reality and sleaze-bag Hoboken-hating real estate pimps - there's a business model for you - what agency is he with again? It's a cartoon freak-show. Well, at the very least, it will make things interesting.

  6. Campaigns need money. Last time peter and Fran rode on Carmelo's wave. Who will Raia put his money on? He's connected to Peter, Fran, Brit, Murray and Lynn. What to do?

  7. Occhipinti, Frank, Peter (school board trustee) and Brit put out lies about the public schools in their campaign lit. Peter and Brit will have to answer for that now.

    1. I would just add to your comment noting that Occhipinti as a councilman and Frank Raia as an ex-Board of Ed member and current Board Member, assemblyman and ex-director of housing, Carmelo Garcia, and current board member Francis Rhodes Kearns, are all responsible for the inaccuracies of the campaign lit. The games they play at students expense is not representative of any politician with an ounce of moral fiber.

      Peter Biacomano was brought up on ethics charges for this and it is believed that the charges will stick.


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