Terry says: Baaaah!

Who ever said Terry Castellano didn't have mad political skills?

How many politicians do you know who could get an angry room full of people to say "BAAAH!"
COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO: ...You guys have no souls. I don't know if you have any blood in your veins, but what do you expect from a bunch of sheep? 

THE AUDIENCE: Baah, Baah. 
Does Terry do horse impressions?  Can she "mew" like a kitten?  Bleat like a goat?  Snort like a hog?

Here she is, at last Monday's meeting praising two Commissioners who do unpaid public service for  the HHA:
COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO: Dave and Rob and Jeanne, you're awesome. You're awesome. Thank you. To this crowd, I am so proud, I have really been so proud of those two -- (Applause) - our true Hoboken residents.
They are TRUE Hoboken residents!   Not like the UN-true kind, like those five...  animals. 
COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO:...Zimmer finds people who can be easily manipulated to carry out her plan -- 

THE AUDIENCE: That's right. (Applause) 

COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO: -- and you all fall under the category of sheep. You have "sheep" written on your foreheads. 
They do?  I never noticed.  Invisible ink, maybe? 
COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO: ...Hoboken has always been a densely populated burdened city. I have been told at times that there is diversity. 
Not in Church Towers, where Cousin Mike lives.  That place is whiter than the inside of Martha Stewart's linen closet.
COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO: ...Over the years, we have lived side by side with many different ethnicities and religious backgrounds, and now you come here, and you don't want to accept us? 
You forgot to say "race."  I think a family of unicorns will get an apartment at Church Towers before an African American family does.  If you don't believe me, ask someone who knows!
COUNCILWOMAN CASTELLANO: ...The Zimmer strategy is divide and conquer. You are not dividing us. You are uniting us. 

(Applause and cheering) 
Mayor Zimmer had a farm... eee-iii-eee-iii-oooh.  And on that farm she had some sheep...  eee-iii-eee-iii-oooh.

Sing it, Terry!

I think Councilwoman Castellano is right: it is better to divide  the "TRUE" Hoboken residents from the animals with their pink snouts and curly woolen coats.  I mean, would YOU want to live next door to a guy with cloven hoofs?  Or a gal that bleated day and night?

Not me.   

Better to divide the "TRUE" Hoboken residents like Terry does, and call everyone else who doesn't agree with you  an "animal."  With "no soul!"

That's how you UNITE "us."



  1. Terry's HobokenAugust 11, 2014 at 6:55 PM

    There's our hero of the hour Sigsby raising up our righteous lynch mob against that damn Horse. Well if you can't lynch the Horse, then rob him. Terry stood supportively and graciously backed the Horse lynching but we didn't have a strong enough rope. We'll have a better equipped lynch mob back to protect our rights against you sheep bastards.

    We will take Hoboken back for our true Hoboken residents not you fucking yuppie scum.

  2. I can see from the preceding comment that the debate in Hoboken has risen to a new level -- the assholes from the HHA have learned how to spell. In either case, Terry is fully aware of baa baa sheep -- she was the leader of the herd during the Russo administration where she kissed ass every council meeting.

    1. i believe the previous commenter was mocking terry and the carmelitos, not supporting them.

  3. Nice. A paid elected official calling volunteer board members "sheep." Terry should know, she suckles the taxpayers' teats like a baby goat.


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