UPDATED--The Stack Giveth and (Does NOT) Taketh Away

Pool for you and you and YOU!

A reader posted a link to this August 11, 2014 article on nj.com online:
A sign posted at the entrance to the Firefighters' Memorial Pool in Union City says "adult residents" of the city can bring up to five guests -- one adult and four children.

The same sign says "adult non-residents" cannot bring any guests.

Those rules, if enforced, are in violation of state regulations, since $600,000 in Green Acres funding was used to build the $6 million pool that opened in 2009. When Green Acres funds are used for a project, a municipality cannot bar non-residents, state officials said.

Union City Mayor Brian Stack, who is also a state senator, said that no one is denied access to the popular pool, located at Ninth Street and Palisade Avenue. The pool is free.

"We always let Hudson County residents in," said Stack, who did not say why the signs are posted.
Thank you, Brian Stack!

Original post: June 26, 2014

Hoboken friends, did you get State Senator Brian Stack's latest personal greeting card? 

I'll share mine:

What?  And on the inside:

click to read in English and Spanish


Surely this was a joke since last year, our friend/amigo and neighbor Brian Stack graciously opened his lovely pool to Hoboken residents (with ID), and gave us "Non-resident" passes.

Could it be true Stack shit-canned Hoboken in two languages?  GA called Union City Hall.

Gasp!  It IS  true!

Hoboken consiguiĆ³ mierda enlatada!

Hoboken NOT welcome

Oh, no!  Why Brian, WHY?

What did we do to piss you off?  

Was it our Mayor dropping the dime on your pal, Christie?  Was it only to woo us for the upcoming election? 

It wasn't like Hoboken residents swarmed your pool- not the handful of times I was there. So, what turned you all mean all of a sudden?

I still like you. Even if the other 49,999 Hoboken residents aren't speaking to you.  I will.  So how about reconsidering?  

We are NEIGHBORS, right?   This should not be about politics, it's about heat and children. Please reconsider!



  1. All politicians are vindictive sons of bitches. Even ones bearing turkeys.

  2. Does this mean we don't get the annual holiday turkey this year now that you were unable to give the projects away to your friends for millions under the table??


  4. Yes this is the thanks we get for the 15% county tax hike. D-BAG!!! Him and Romano fn P'sOS.

  5. I went on Saturday & was given a non resident pass. Is it no longer valid?

    1. No kidding! The person I spoke to at UC City Hall told me straight-up that Hoboken residents were not being admitted this year.

      Of course you can use your pass! Good for you! And you presented Hoboken ID? Hmmmmmm.

      If I was given bum information, I will certainly update accordingly.

  6. [URL]http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2014/08/hudson_county_residents_welcomed_at_union_city_pool.html[/URL]

  7. http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2014/08/hudson_county_residents_welcomed_at_union_city_pool.html

  8. Wasn't this supposed to be available to all Hudson county residents. Is that what they mean by resident.

  9. I'm so sick of King Stack and his peacock strut.

  10. Yes, 20/20 was about the money, but the other form of illegal capital was just as if not more important than the cash and that is vote harvesting in its many forms.

    With the Applied buildings moving towards market rate, those blocs become less and less easy to count on, even as the Barry brothers give Mason unbridled access to them.

    At the HHA, it is likely that 20/20 would continue the formula which is that a bloc of voters would remain dependent (at least in their minds) on the largesse of Garcia, Stack and whomever else would exploit them for their votes, to be paid off with turkeys, birthday cards and short-money for their VBM ballots.

  11. Well, if the powers of evil would have been able to pull off Vision $/$, they would not have worried about voting buying, because they'd have enough to retire forever; because they know without the Projects VBMS would be gone and how would they get the vote out there for them?

  12. Imagine if the OG didn't do any proactive VBM harvesting? I wonder what an election would look like if voters just voted entirely on their own, either in person or by mail but without the "helping hand" for seniors or the $40 for "campaign workers"? How close would the races be, do you think? Would someone like Timmy or Beth get 75% of their past level? 50%? Less?

    Alas, we'll probably never know.


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