Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's ON

Oh, boy.

GA just got off the phone with the City Clerk's Office; I'd called to ask  why tomorrow's City Council agenda wasn't posted online  and when it was expected.  Well, the reason was there'd been "no internet  since last week".  So no agenda online.

But the nice, helpful voice on the other end of the phone retrieved a hard copy for the answer to my next question: was the Mason Melli/Bryan email-grab resolution still on for tomorrow night?

The answer: YES.  It's on!

Simply amazing.  Some people just screw the pooch.  Beth Mason screws it, then marries it.

When Lane Bajardi has his fingers on your cockpit controls, this is what happens. 

Because when  being stupid isn't good enough, double down-- the Bajardi Way. 

Who does he and Mason think has custody of City Hall's emails?

The F.B.I.

Who would 'need' to release said emails should the City Council resolution pass?

The F.B.I. 

How does the Mason think she's going to get the F.B.I. to release EVIDENCE in an ongoing wire fraud conspiracy case- one in which SHE is (likely) a person of interest?

They're the F.B.I., not the downstairs help.

What's she going to do, SUBPOENA them for it? 

This is rich. Mason PROVOKING the F.B.I. with her resolution demanding THEIR evidence back in a conspiracy cased in which SHE'S a player.  

NOT SMART.  Mike Russo is a helluva lot more streetwise, I'm surprised he hasn't talked her out of it.  Unless Mason's mini-Rottweiler won't be reasoned with.

Were I a person of interest in an F.B.I. investigation, I'd be baking them banana muffins and dialing 1-800-FLOWERS.  Not demanding THEIR evidence BACK.

Wow.  And these people have their hands on the levers of power in Hoboken City government.  Thank G-d, not for long.

In the  majority, anyway.

Whose Phones Have Been Tapped?

Like most on Hoboken's blogosphere, GA's woven scraps of information, rumor and educated guesswork into a narrative tapestry of why the F.B.I. came to town.

But let's face it, people: none of us really know. It's a stealth investigation unfolding in real time.  And whatever we can glean propels us a little further to the answer we think we know.  Which we don't.  But listening to the chatter online has revealed insightful nuggets from folks who seem familiar with the people and practices of our 'guests' from Newark.

And not to sound like a smarty-pants, these anonymous posters concur with GA's belief that this investigation started months back, that the F.B.I. came in with enough hard evidence to justify the vast allocation of resources to our humble metropolis.  And their insight goes beyond mine.

In a nutshell here's what they say:
  • The Feds have Hoboken in their crosshairs and have for some time.  They WANT to scour this town. Or as my friend put it, "They've got a hard-on for Hoboken.".  (HE said it, not ME.)
  • Their real target is NOT the City Hall IT leakage, it's the Russos and their enterprise.
  • Beth Mason, etc. are peripherals that will go down because they participated in the transfer of illegally -obtained IT documents, but are not the F.B.I.'s 'main course'.
  • Surveillance in the form of wire taps started months ago.
Isn't that interesting- the wire taps part.  Because GA suspects many of those the F.B.I. is talking to now weren't involved at all in the theft of electronic communications.  Nope. The IT leakage was a foot in the door, but it's much much wider than that. And it may have involved cooperation from some in Hoboken in the initial phase. Ponder this: aside from phone taps, is it possible some conversations were recorded by cooperating witnesses wearing a wire?

Whose phones were tapped?  Who may have assisted the F.B.I.?

Remember Deep Uvula (DU) said this:
I told you last week.  Not talking.  Orders are no emails, no phone calls, face to face only. And only when necessary. And stay off the fucking internet.
and this:
Cant give you details, but the shit show has started. You already heard about the Marine View visit.  People starting to scramble. 

So were the Russos tipped off about phone taps and electronic surveillance?  Or just savvy about how the F.B.I. does business?  The ultimate surprise will be if one of their own has been working with the Feds, wearing a wire.

Things that make you go 'hmmm'.

Here are the posts I referenced, from MSV:

Take all of this for what it's worth. We may all be wrong.  But you never know.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hitting the Pipe

Now I know why my relationship with my ex-boyfriend Al Sullivan lasted 13-minutes.  (But oh, what a 13 minutes it was. Passion, ecstasy, then disgust, disillusionment, nausea).

On a personal level, I adore Al. He's a font of creativity, an intense and interesting fellow. But as the Hudson Reporter 's political columnist, he's been sucking the crack pipe.  Hard.

Look, Al.  I promised I'd never put you in a bun.  But if you're going to rant like a half-cocked lunatic, I've got to say something.  With affection.  You know, the kind every rotten kid gets from his parent occasionally. A whack on the bum with stick or a paddle or a belt- never a cat-o-nine tails. Nor a hammer.  Certainly not a chainsaw. A simple assault and battery given with love is for your own good,  the public's protection, and my pleasure.  Nobody's perfect.

That loaf you pinched in this week's Hoboken Reporter is an award winner- the kind of award  you'll receive on the Other Side from a guy in a red suit, 2 horns and pitchfork.

Let me break it down- what you said with my 2 cents below:
 Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer is getting fired at from every direction as her opponents seek to determine whether or not her administration is using public resources for political purposes.

"Every direction?" Let me guess WHO they are: all the folks YOU speak with on the Dark Side, plus YOURSELF and AUGIE TORRES, a couple of self-important assholes in Hudson County with no love lost for Mayor Dawn Zimmer,  candidate for Assembly Ravi Bhalla, and the REAL Democratic Organization in Hoboken, now named the Democrats for Honest Government.   Which means the "fire" is coming from ONE DIRECTION.  You sorely underestimate the public support Zimmer's got here in Hoboken.  You need to talk to RESIDENTS, not hacks, paid political operatives, paid political strategists, and Old Guard Reform-haters.

This is part of the reason why Councilwoman Beth Mason is seeking to get copies of official emails to determine how much of the dialogue being done through official channels involves ways to frustrate political opponents.

I hope Beth Mason thanked you for explaining the "reason" she wants "official emails".  How thoughtful of you to express her point of view (a.k.a. "reason") for the unwashed masses. You left out the other 99 reasons.  Here's one: an effort to embarrass political adversaries while EXCLUDING those who give her/Russo favorable press- like Augie Torres.  I'll bet you $$$ that the leaky IT Office GAVE her political operation at Hoboken411 emails she is chomping at the bit to dump online.  You OK with her effort to silence critics and suppress free speech? 

The Zimmer administration has been criticized for using the official city website as a political vehicle, most notably reporting on the video tapes of Councilman Michael Russo, while not mentioning other people connected with her administration who might also have met with federal informant Solomon Dwek.

 Jeez, Al.  Those are Russo talking points.  I'd call it transparency.  This elected official did everything to sell out Hoboken except pick up the 5 grand.  Don't you think the public has a right to know?  I do.

More Mason-Russo talking points: NAME NAMES if you think anyone in the Zimmer administration met with Dwek.  Zimmer FIRED Public Safety Angel Alicea because he admitted to doing so. Jake Stuiver accompanied Beth Mason to HER meeting with Dwek.  And THAT'S IT.  If you are privy to anyone else in the Zimmer administration having met with Dwek, why don't YOU name names? If not, don't SMEAR them with Mason-Russo  propaganda.

No one really knows if this is the case with Zimmer, partly because she has slammed shut the door on open government with a gag order for city employees. Anyone who gives information out risks losing his or her job and thus, their pension.

City Hall was leaking like a sieve.  What was she SUPPOSED to do?  You sound cranky.  Like you're upset because maybe you lost some sources in City Hall?   That's a guess. If  'open government' means sensitive City business gets dumped on that cyber litter-box Hoboken411, used to spin and smear good people simply because they work for the mayor, or damage the City's ongoing settlement negotiations potentially costing taxpayers millions,  then I'm all for the gag-order.

Some sources say that the city’s communications director was falsely accused of leaking information out of city hall without prior authorization, and that the information involving two separate cases was actually leaked by a lawyer involved with one case and a police officer involved with the other, not the communication director.

 My "other sources" say your sources are bullshitting you.  Off-the-record.  Do you think the F.B.I. swoops in on a whim?  My sources suspect the IT Department has been under surveillance for months and have this stuff called "evidence" which brought them here to get more stuff- evidence.   Whom do you believe?  Why so ready to render a verdict?

The utter secrecy around these emails leads many to wonder why they are so sensitive that they need to be kept from the public. Some believe that they will show a pattern of abuse behind the scenes, not crimes, but political manipulation done on city time at tax payers’ expense.

"Utter secrecy"? How about being fed  up with Mason-Russo grandstanding, wasting taxpayer $ (estimated cost of Mason email jihad 50K-100K)  and trying to bully Reform bloggers into shutting up.  Which the traditional media supports, by the way.  You guys would like us to disappear, methinks.  Except for the cretins of Hoboken411 who coordinate polticial strategy with the people who call you on the phone and spin you like a top.

The use of a city attorney to remove candidates from the Democratic committee primary fight is one visible sign that the Zimmer administration doesn’t know where the line is between political and governmental function.

Al,  you may think I'm full of crap on everything up until this point.  And disregard it. But hear this: you owe the Zimmer administration an apology with a retraction in the Hoboken Reporter. An irate GA reader sent me this in response to your claim about the"use of a city attorney to remove candidates from the Democratic committee primary fight":

The second point he makes, though, is how the City is wasting  resources suing to knock people off the Democratic Committee line.   That's true BS, though, because it was Jimmy Farina, who knocked the candidates off the line (Republicans, Unregistered and Unaffiliated  voters), and then the HCDO SUED THE CITY.  THE CITY NEVER SUED TO  KNOCK THOSE PEOPLE OFF THE LINE.  THE HCDO DID. If you look at the  decision that I sent you, you will see in the caption that the plaintiff (the person who filed the lawsuit) is the HCDO.  The party  who is the defendant (who is being sued) is Jimmy Farina and the City of Hoboken.  Al, once again, is buying their BS hook, line and sinker.

If you don't take the reader's word then see for yourself:
Ummm, see what it says at the top?

OK, I've made it a little bigger.  There it is: the HCDO sued Jimmy Farina (Hoboken).

What say you?  

Al honey, you've GOT to stop regurgitating what the paid professionals stuff in your ear. And you've drifted so far off the path of reasonable subjectivity that your own credibility is... let's say you're viewed as pitching for the 'other team'.  

Al, we never would have made it into the 14th minute without killing each other. No bun for you.  Just a spanking.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

DTR Flow Chart

There's the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words"; I'd like to add "at least".  

And in that spirit provide an illustration of what GA's coined the Data Theft Ring (DTR) in an earlier blog post; specifically the flow of email communications between selected individuals and City Hall and those suspected of receiving illegally obtained emails.

This is a theory until proven; the evidence is sitting in Newark in one of the hard drives seized in the F.B.I.raid of City Hall's IT Department.

Let's see if the Mason-Russo 'resolution' for email communications from selected individuals, 3 of them pictured in the illustration below, sees the light of day at next Wednesday's City Council meeting.  It will be a fantastic display of daring and hubris if it does since the F.B.I. is in possession of digital fingerprints for this information flow, with time, date and recipient tagged for all emails forwarded from City Hall.  GA thinks definitive proof that City Hall's been leaking e- correspondence to Zimmer's opponents who then devise and coordinate strategy with Hoboken411 is all sitting in Newark awaiting forensic analysis.

Behold GA's DTR Flow Chart.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Not a Creature Was Stirring...

A new reader email:
I live around the corner from Russo's lair - his social club on 5th and Adams.  It was all but shuttered last night.  Not a soul on the streets hanging out there.  No one.
GA heard the F.B.I. was knocking on doors all over town today.  As for who's been questioned, the only name I've confirmed tells me one thing: the tentacles of this investigation run deep. 

Very deep.

This pic was taken today, late afternoon. Lights out. Door locked. Quiet as death. Nothing but the sound of crickets.

Deep Uvula: Those F.B.I. Blues- UPDATED

GA pried this update from a reluctant Deep Uvula (DU):
I told you last week.  Not talking.  Orders are no emails, no phone calls, face to face only. And only when necessary. And stay off the fucking internet.  

This is ugly.  Jail is no joke.  Nobody signed on for that.

(Updated 5/27/11)
I heard from DU today, but it was so brief I'm posting it as an update:
Cant give you details, but the shit show has started. You already heard about the Marine View visit.  People starting to scramble. 

I may lay low for a while.
Say it ain't so!

GA Releases Dan Bryan Email #5

Knock Knock

Fresh from GA's Inbox :
the FBI were in (redacted)'s home this morning.... Marine View..

I don't know more than that...??

Sorry, can't say who.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Tell

Folks... it's all  coming  into focus. 

A tell in poker is a change in a player's behavior or demeanor that is claimed by some to give clues to that player's assessment of his hand. A player gains an advantage if he observes and understands the meaning of another player's tell, particularly if the tell is unconscious and reliable.

A Tell at Hoboken City Council...

Let's start here:

It looks like Klaussen threw us a few clues here. Ones he didn't mean to.

Here's what GA believes happened.

Some weeks ago, Mayor Zimmer, suspicious that the source of leaks of confidential City documents and private communications were from City Hall's IT office called in a team of independent investigators to do  a forensic review of the It Department's hard drives. 

GA believes the investigation results prompted the employee 'gag order'- not only to contain the data leakage that Zimmer had independently verified and to put employees on notice, but to establish individual liability should anyone participate in the transfer of leaked material.

GA believes Zimmer took her results to the FBI and surveillance of the IT Office activities under IT Department head Patrick Ricciardi began-- months ago.

Concurrently, before and during the FBI surveillance, GA believes emails had been illegally transferred to a member of this data theft ring (DTR).

GA believes that a determination was made by the ringleader- the recipient of these emails- and her political operatives that one or more of these emails needed to go 'public'.   Pick a reason: to embarrass the mayor and/or selected members of her administration (Dan Bryan and Juan Melli), to embarrass the other party- a reform blogger, perhaps one holding a municipal board position, or an administration critic, to damage the effectiveness or credibility of the critic.  GA guesses the pathological obsession of a known political operative, a DTR member,  drove the whole scheme.

How can illegally-obtained emails go public?

A member of the DTR-- an elected public official on the Hoboken City Council, uses the power of her office to legislate the release of these email communications.  

In other words, legitimize stolen goods by resolution.

The Tell.

Hence, the (first)  Beth Mason-sponsored, Mike Russo co-sponsored resolution demanding the release of ALL email communications between Juan Melli and Dan Bryan.  GA believes that these 2 employees were chosen BASED on the emails that were already illegally obtained and NOT before.  Because those were the ones that City Council member wanted to release. 

As soon as GA saw the resolution, I believed Mason already had the emails. And the F.B.I.'s  computer forensics will confirm it, if true.

Now, after this (first) Mason resolution was roundly criticized as being highly wasteful  due to the extraordinary volume of communications, a SECOND version was issued with a list of 12 names. Only THOSE  12 were targeted to have their emails released. 

Any rocket scientists on board?    

GA believes the emails warming the hands of this City Council member and her obsessed minion belonged to names on that list. Maybe one or two and the rest of the names were 'padding'.  So here was the Mason  plan:
STEP 1: Pass the resolution and publicly obtain the emails.
STEP 2: Leak selected emails to Hoboken411.
But this plan was kneecapped by Mayor Zimmer.  She outsmarted them.  Mason showed us her cards with the resolution that was so transparently cobbled together.

The Tell.

And a lawyer friend of mine who'd just read the Mayor's press release said the most significant line in it was the last one:
The FBI and the City request that anyone with information that may be relevant to this matter call the FBI’s Newark office at 973-792-3000. 

Because the F.B.I. is sending out a message that it's open season. They're warning ANYONE who knows ANYTHING to be the first one to get there before the next shoe drops on THEM.

That's going out to members of the DTR.  Better lawyer-up.

BREAKING: Mayor's Statement on FBI Investigation


May 26, 2011

As a result of compromised security in the electronic communications within the City (in violation of 18 U.S.C.A. section 2511 and 1030), Mayor Zimmer’s office contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation notifying the agency of the potential breach. The FBI is investigating the matter with the full cooperation of the City. The FBI and the City request that anyone with information that may be relevant to this matter call the FBI’s Newark office at 973-792-3000.

Party with Ravi!

GA wants to thank the Hoboken Journal for providing these photos from Tuesday night's Bhalla for Assembly Kick-off at the Hudson Tavern... and what a night it was!

Hoboken's A-list turned out to hear why every voter in Hoboken should vote for Ravi Bhalla on June 7th- whether you're a registered Republican, Democrat or Undeclared- you ALL can vote in the primary. ALL of you,  though Undeclareds will NOT receive a sample ballot.  So stay on your toes, you Undeclareds!

Amongst the celebrities who attended the gala fundraiser were Phil Cohen, Al Benninghoff, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Greg Bond, Ravi's lovely wife Bindya, President Barack Obama with his lovely wife Michelle (not pictured)Joe Branco, Amardeep Singh,  Jen Giattino, Former President Bill Clinton, Dave Mello,  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Peter Cunningham, and of course, the ultra-famous Mike Lenz.   Everyone was clamoring around Lenz for his autograph; he signed napkins, t-shirts and one adoring fan's... um... well... ahem.

Now, who else should you be voting for on June 7th?

Your Committeepersons, of course.  They're the ones you go to for help, to get your City Council person's ear if you need attention or intervention on a local matter.  For example, say your street sign was vandalized-  you bitch to your Committeeperson and they'll make sure your Councilperson takes care of it.  They'll help you with all kinds of things; except for maybe dog doo.  Unless you know who the perp is (owner, not dog), in which case I'd call the Hoboken cops.

So where on the ballot will  you find your GA-endorsed Committee persons?

ROW C, people. 'C' as in CLEAN up Hoboken. 'C' as in CHANGE.  'C' as in CALAMARI. And CORN ON THE COB. And CLAMS CASINO.

 They're called the Democrats for Honest Government.  

OK, GA will probably remind you again about this election.  It's important for Hoboken to send a message to the machine- who threw our honest, Reform Dems off their ticket for Michelle Russo's hand-picked candidates.  The message we want to send- it's the finger.  In my house, we call it 'Tall Man'.

Please remember to vote for Ravi Bhalla for Assemblyman on June 7th- and your Row C Committeepersons (1 boy and 1 girl).

Peace out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dumb in New Jersey

I thought I'd share 2 emails I found in my Inbox this morning from a GA reader. 

Subject: I'm having fun with this


Maybe she should write about fucking to get on the waitlist. Maybe that might have a shred of interesting content. The conception of Kathy Zucker's baby." I can see her headlines:

Kathy's Conception Blog

F*cking into Daycare

Ivy-League Native New Yorker babymaking tips - scheduling conception before September enrollment
Subject: I can't stop giggling

I found an even narrower niche:

"Do I represent a narrow population niche? Absolutely. There are not many NYC-native Ivy-league educated households in New Jersey with itchy cooters."

Huh?  "Itchy cooters"?  I looked up 'cooter' in the  Urban Dictionary... shame on you, reader! 

NO, giggling GA reader.  The actual quote is:
"Do I represent a narrow population niche? Absolutely. There are not many NYC-native Ivy-league educated households in New Jersey."
Which got me thinking: is that true?

I mean, the borders are pretty porous between states- anyone can pass through without a passport, even a member of Al Qaeda, not that GA is encouraging that activity... and when you cross a state line there's no actual line on the ground like on the map.  It's kinda hard to know who's from where anymore, unless people have a funny accent or wear one of these:

Do you wear one?  

GA's from New York, but I don't.  As for Ivy-League alum  living in our state;  does not attending one make one a dummy?  Our state, New Jersey, is often used as a punchline...  because we have too many dummy-led households? I'll bet that's it.  Mine is. (Although Cooper Union is nothing to shake a stick at- brag brag)

Here's a list of Ivy League Colleges in the Northeast:

Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Harvard University
University of Pennsylvania
Princeton University
Yale University

Did you go to one?  Maybe you're not smart enough to head a household all by yourself.  Or procreate.  G-d forbid your offspring take after you. A non-Ivy Leaguer.  A dummy. You need help.

Well, I certainly do.  And I know where to get it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NOT Playing at a City Council Near You

Now look, people.  There's a FALSE rumor going around that Ravi Bhalla's race for Assembly will somehow impact the Reform majority, should he prevail.

Who are you going to believe?  GA or your lying ears?


We want ALL of Hoboken to turn out to give the machine the finger, and vote for RAVI BHALLA on June 7th.

Here's the deal: should Ravi prevail, The Reform Council Majority and Mayor Zimmer will pick his successor. And although Perry Belfiore has the BEST hair in Hoboken, I don't think he'll get the nod.

Now, this Reform pick will serve out Ravi's term into November 2012when a SPECIAL ELECTION will be held in tandem with the 2012 Presidenital Election... wouldn't it be funny if there were a ballot misprint and Hoboken elected Ravi for President?

Okay, maybe not that funny.  But kinda cute.  I think he'd make a great president, don't you?

Anyway, nervous-nellies and nail-biters, you MUST ignore the vicious rumors out there started by folks trying to suppress Bhalla's vote.

VOTE for Ravi Bhalla for Assemblyman on June 7th.

Monday, May 23, 2011

GA Releases Juan Melli Email #4

The Paulas

Maybe it's a GA-thing, but the notion that Hoboken's 2 It Girls at the center of our churning zeitgeist are both Paulas seems, well... funny.

First, there's Paula Ohaus, who's become a cause célèbre around town, as admired for her theater as she's loathed for her theatrics. It depends on who you ask. And like buzzards circling a rotting corpse are the politicians tearing at our wounds, neither assessing nor caring about collateral damage.  In this case, students in the district who aren't served by the escalation of acrimony between School Board factions, the Superintendent and parents.

But what do such politicians care?  Many avoided the public schools like they would a leper colony. Because public schools are for other people's children.  So why not stir a lynch mob when our Superintendent enforces rules designed to protect other peoples' children?  And our district. Who cares if the massive distraction undermines the ability of the School Board and Superintendent to tend to the massive majority of kids who are not in the HHS theater program.

Makes sense to me. 

Rules are for the Little People.  So bourgeois.

Next there's Paula Dow, the N.J. Attorney General.  GA is saying she's the Paula behind the criminal probe at City Hall.  Does anyone think the F.B.I. got off at the wrong bus stop? Who else would have sent them in?   No, the noise from Hoboken was too loud to ignore.  The stink of Al Arezzo, election fraud criminal complaints, GA's citizen petition asking for the AG's election oversight,  rumblings from mistreated City employees... 

I'll credit Mayor Zimmer for her courtesy to Republican  Governor Christie with her early endorsement of his 'tool kit', a lone Democrat extending the hand of bipartisan cooperation in densely Democratic Hudson County.  Either it warmed the Big Guy's heart or it's the political calculus of returning a favor or the thrill of Democratic scalps dangling from his belt at the 2012 Republican Convention-  probably all of those.  

Who cares?

As long as our girl Paula is here.  Because if there's one thing we know about our girl, she takes care of business:

PATERSON — Eleven people have been arrested for voter fraud connected to the May 2010 city council election in Paterson.

State Attorney General Paula Dow announced the arrests today.

The defendants are accused of tampering with mail-in ballots and filling out mail-in ballots on behalf of voters who either did not receive the ballots or who did not authorize them to vote for them.

One of the women arrested was accused of voting twice — once using her maiden name, and once with her married name.

Authorities began investigating after receiving complaints of possible voter fraud following the 2010 election.

If convicted, the maximum sentence is 10 years in jail and a $150,000 fine.

That case took 8 months to develop.  The 4th Ward special election was 6 1/2 months ago. Is that why Paula's here (if she is)?  If  so, why would the IT room be a padlocked 'crime scene'?  And the videographer/ IT Department head M.I.A.? 

It's anybody's guess why she's here, but one imagines that as our Paula roots around City Hall her net will widen.

Here's a third Paula to weigh in.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Investigators at City Hall

What do we know about the padlocked IT office, the missing videographer and whispers of investigators at Hoboken City Hall?

Not more than was reported on Patch:

A criminal investigation regarding City Hall personnel is underway, according to Assistant Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo. Outside agencies are conducting the investigation, she said, but she declined to comment on which agencies were involved.

Who are these "outside agencies"?   And if we knew, what would that tell us about the crime(s) being investigated?

I may have mentioned that GA has a Legal Department-  my friend Larry the lawyer, whom I'll call 'Not-Stempler' so you won't get confused with that other one. So I asked Not-Stempler for his opinion on WHO might be poking around City Hall after what kind of  criminal activity.

Here's what my friend-  who is definitely not Larry Stempler- had to say:

Generally, criminal fraud and corruption cases are handled by non-uniformed special investigators, not uniformed police officers. 

Most local police departments focus solely on criminal activity which we commonly refer to as “street crime”, such as burglary, robbery, assault, rape and homicide and do not have a separate squad devoted to what is commonly called “white collar” crime, such as governmental corruption, financial fraud, etc., where there is no physical injury involved.  

The county prosecutor’s offices also generally do not get involved in white collar crimes.  There are exceptions, but the general focus of the local and county law enforcement agencies is on street crime. The US Attorney also investigates serious street crime, like drug smuggling, organized crime syndicates, etc., and generally relies upon the FBI for such criminal investigations.  

Investigators that do, however, become involved in investigating white collar crimes are generally associated with either the NJ Attorney General’s Office or the U.S Attorney’s Office.  Both Offices may use the services of special State Police investigators or special FBI agents, but both the NJ AG and the US attorney offices have their own staff of investigators that work to develop white collar crime cases. 

When most lawyers who refer to someone as an “investigator” with regard to a white collar crime, it is generally understood that person is working for either one of those offices.  

Thank you, Not-Stempler.  And thank G-d you're working  pro bono. To break it down, you believe the agencies involved are either the N.J. Attorney General's Office or the U.S. Attorney's Office. And if the FBI was poking around, as was reported, their services are used by both offices.  They'd be looking at criminal fraud or a corruption charges.

Something tells me it's the N.J. Attorney General Paula Dow who may have been quietly spending the past months getting her ducks in a row for a Hoboken round-up, while we all thought she was knitting Christie a pair of socks.   After all it took her 8 months to make those 11 arrests for absentee ballot fraud in Patterson, NJ.

Could it be you're finally here, Paula?

We may not know who came to Hoboken, what exactly they're looking for and  who'll be doing the perp walk but one thing's for sure: it ain't small potatoes.  And I suspect when it's over a few familiar faces will be riding that bus to Rikers.


Obtuse Uvula

Strange chat I just had with my fleshy, pink informant, Deep Uvula (DU).  

Normally loquacious, DU had little to say. He/she sounded tense.  And asked me not to take notes, so here it is as I remember it:
A wall's come down-no one is talking. A gag order.  Everyone is nervous. Everyone.  No smiles or jokes.

It's not over. More bodies are going overboard. And no life jackets are getting thrown at those swimming with the fish.  They're on their own. They did it to themselves.

Stay tuned.
You know what this is about... the criminal investigation at City Hall.

And the one thing DU repeated, sounding not at all like the cocky morsel of dangling flesh I know, was that there's much more to come.

Another Mystery

As the padlocked IT office at City Hall and missing videographer/IT Department head, Patrick Ricciardi, remain at the center of a mystery that's got tongues wagging all over town, GA recalls another  strange episode involving Mr. Ricciardi.

In addition to taping City Council meetings, Ricciardi used to be the BoE videographer.  Used to be. 

What happened?

He was fired by then-Interim Superintendent Peter E. Carter in December 2009. Here's the story.

Back in 2009,  the (new) Kids First majority hired an auditor to comb through the 2008 BoE budget and expenditures;  the audit results were to be presented at the November 17th, 2009 meeting.  In addition, Mr. Carter was going to present NJ ASK test score results at the same meeting.  Both were unprecedented in recent BoE history;  they were Kids First initiatives to bring transparency to the BoE and 'clean house'.

Well, guess what?  The audit turned up a heap of 'irregularities'- which is putting it nicely.

Excerpts from nj.com's Nov. 20th article, "Scathing Audit of Hoboken Board of Education Finds More Than Two Dozen Irregularities"

Auditors released a scathing audit of the Hoboken Board of Education Tuesday that cited more than two dozen irregularities, including the misuse of candy-sale funds, incorrect approval of overtime and the payment of administrators out of funds meant for instructors.

“It was just shocking,” said Board of Education trustee Maureen Sullivan.

In a random sampling, auditors found two cases in which funds raised by students through candy sales and other activities were used to reimburse teachers for stolen iPods – to the tune of $400 each.

In addition, overtime was being improperly approved by consultants, instead of employees, auditor Dieter Lerch said at Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting.

Auditors also found that stipends to several employees were either not approved by the board or did not have other necessary documentation. Sullivan said in most of those cases the work was likely being done, despite the lack of documentation, but that interim Superintendent Peter E. Carter said he would conduct a thorough investigation to make sure.

In other findings, several administrators were being paid out of funds designated for instructors, the purchases for janitorial and that office and other supplies were not put out for public bid when they should have been.

But the most egregious aspect of the report, in Sullivan’s view, was that 20 of the recommendations were also on last year’s report and were apparently not rectified.

“If an auditor tells you you’re to do these things you do them,” she said. “Nobody was minding the store.”

Get it, folks?  Before Kids First took over, the BoE coffers were a veritable grab bag of goodies for the 'old guard'.

And now, an auditor had uncovered massive 'irregularities' that were going to be presented to the public at the meeting on November 17th. To be recorded by then-videographer Patrick Ricciaridi and televised on Channel 77.  Guess what happened?

The Channel 77 broadcast aired with the audit presentation and test score presentation MISSING.

That's right.  I remember watching the whole damned thing on Channel 77, waiting for the audit and...nothing.

Here's a lettter from a Hoboken Journal reader that was posted there on December 2, 2009:
Thought I would bring to your attention, an issue of contention for some time. The BOE videos seem to have been edited.

This was a common occurrence with the last administration and prior board. Now it seems it continues. Instead of starting from the beginning and ending at the end,, it starts with the Committee Reports and ends with Closed Session. 3 major parts have been left out -The audit presentation, the test score presentation and the taping of any voting that may or may not have taken place, after closed session.

I have contacted the KF board members as well as the administration. They were shocked to hear of this as they worked diligently to present this to the public and were finally able to get the meetings aired consistently on ch. 78.

There may be many reasons for the editing to occur, but my strong hypothesis would be that someone does not want those reports presented--and it certainly was not Mr. Carter nor KF, as this was the first time scores were presented and a thorough explanation of the audit given.

Here's a graphic I did for that HJ piece:

Yep, he's back from the dead!  Or else...

Funny business at the BoE.  Here's the explanation Ricciardi offered to Carter:
Apparently, the video problems are part of a code issue although still retaining the audio portion. Unfortunately software tools from the hard disk manufacturer for the special hardware were not successful in fixing the video corruption. Another source confirmed to us via email that Patrick had conveyed concern about the video problems a couple of days after the meeting. The hard drive in the cartridge mechanism, approximately 170 GB goes back to 2007. It is used for every single city event.

The problem with that explanation is.... audio of the missing portion was found.  Only the visual part  was missing.  The videographer had turned off the 'camera' during those portions of the meeting, but not the audio component.

The conclusion:  audio was restored to the Channel 77 broadcast- the screen goes black for those portions, so you can HEAR the audit and test score presentations, you just can't SEE them. 

And Ricciardi was fired.

So, one wonders after this happened, why was he kept on staff at City Hall?  City Council taping 'irregularities' have been noticed as recently as the meeting before last, when a chunk of Mike Lenz' remarks were edited out.

And guess what?

As head of IT, of course Ricciardi would have access to City Hall's servers and email server.  Betcha Mason already has a pile of emails she's waiting to spring on Hoboken411-  her screw-loose Resolution is just cover.

That's my theory, anyway.  

How much do you want to bet it's true?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

GA Releases Juan Melli Email #3

Spark in The Dark

It sure was dark last night.  So dark.  The lights were out on U-Stream.

But not for a horse we'd still all be in the dark today.

Amidst an unexplained padlocking of the City Hall IT office and the absence of videographer Patrick Ricciardi, a cloud of mystery envelopes the dark curtain around the servers maintained by Mr. Ricciardi.  Which include email servers.

Far be it for GA to spread rumors at a time like this (as opposed to a time like that) but whispers about an investigation into the leak of confidential City Hall SWAT settlement negotiations to Hoboken411 coincident to possible payments made to certain parties through an un-named third party add up to a kettle of fish.

Or a cooked goose.

What GA can say is that certain friends of Councilwoman Beth Mason are feeling the heat. Because our intrepid horse reported a fascinating revelation made in the City Council chamber by Mason friend, Lane Bajardi. 

Riled by a series of questions Da Horsey directed to Mason earlier that night asking for:
"...all the text messages, emails between Beth Mason and her friend Lane Bajardi limited to the resulting stories on Hoboken411?"
...Bajardi, in a fit of pique, requested permission from Mason to speak at the end  of the public potion.   

Permission granted.  Mason may regret that today.  Because the King of Libelous Invective Against Others ended his tirade this way:

"I'd  like to ask Councilwoman Mason,  at any time, have you paid me for my friendship?

Mason replied, "No."


Bajardi, in all his conviction that he's the smartest-guy-in-the-room, unwittingly CONFESSED to being paid by Beth Mason.  That's right.

He asked if she paid for his "friendship".   

But he ONLY asked about friendship.   Which omitted all the services we know he provides for Mason, left them hanging in the air: political operative, Hoboken411  ghostwriter, political strategist, campaign strategist-  their exclusion so painfully deliberate it was an admission of guilt.

For Bajardi to go up there at all tells me the pressure is getting to him. Because in a series of exclusives, GA has uncovered Mason shell companies which exist for no other purpose than hiding the flow of her cash, ostensibly to full-time political operatives like Bajardi who never  appear on her ELECs.

The reason Mason won't own up to OWNING Bajardi means maintaining plausible deniability about the activities of Hoboken411. So Beth publicly disowns Bajardi and Klaussen (he's not on her ELECs either in spite of 24/7 advertising).  Which feeds her confidence that she won't be tied leaking City business to Hoboken411.


Methinks if Ricciardi gets squeezed, he'll sing like a bird. And the Mason House of Cards will come tumbling down. With Bajardi and Klaussen in it.

Yes, Bajardi's nervous. Otherwise he wouldn't have tried to convince us he's not getting paid--  and in the process, convinced us he IS getting paid.

Now, watch THIS commanding performance which has earned Da Horsey a dozen long-stemmed carrots from me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GA Releases Dan Bryan Email #3

The One to Watch Tonight

Political junkies and the usual suspects will be tuned in to tonight's first post-election City Council meeting, all eyes on the soon-to-be-jettisoned Beth Mason, and Mike Russo, whose position on the HHA teeters on the shoulders of the new Reform majority (don't bet on it,Mike).  And of course, the tuned-in crowd will be waiting with buckets of buttered popcorn  for the main event: that batty Mason resolution to pump emails out of City Hall like black gold, complete with 'enemies list'- folks in the media, including bloggers!

I hope it passes...  for GA this would be hitting the comedy jackpot.  An excuse to publish my emails from now until... eternity.

So while all eyes are on the Mason-Russo Theater of the Absurd, GA's will be  watching someone else up there on the dais.

Nino Giacchi.

He's the one to watch.

Most of you know Nino's my Councilman.  And  I've said it here before,  I like him.  Of any of the Council of No members, Nino's shown his professionalism and maturity up there on the dais winning the title, 'Least Likely to Be Medicated'.   My problem with Nino has always been with how he voted.

And I believe Grafix Avenger has been fair to Nino throughout the campaign.  Now it's over.

So in the waning days of Councilman Giacchi's term will his better angels take the wheel?  He's a man liberated.

I will tell you, I don't publish everything Deep Uvula tells  me. Most often because he/she tells me that it would lead others back to him/her.  But I will say I've heard that Nino's back is pretty riddled with fire from his 'friends' who feel like he didn't turn out the vote in the 6th Ward.  So much for 'friends'.

So, will a liberated Nino turn to those better angels?  Will he 'go out' as the decent guy GA believes he is?  That means being the Nino Giacchi, partner of a law firm who's guided by his judgment, rationale, and legal sense, and not by a political strategist's decree?

Here's why I think Nino will go out with honor.

His mom.

GA's got a funny anecdote (well, I think it is).  I was a (vote) Challenger for Jen Giattino on  Election Day. My shift  was from 6 am to 2 pm at Marineview Plaza.

I have to be honest, I'd never been a Challenger before, didn't know what to expect, and certainly wasn't expecting a warm reception amongst that Castellano-friendly crowd.  So upon my arrival I approached my table (6-7) with a smile and introduced myself to the poll workers and the opponent's Challenger.

And who do you think that was- the  Challenger for Councilman Giacchi?

His mom. The lovely- inside and out- Valentine (Tina).

Can you imagine: GA paired with Nino's mother for an 8-hour shift?

Well, I won't relay what we said, but we talked for hours.... just chit-chat.  No politics. What a nice, kind, intelligent, classy woman.  A truly lovely person. And of course, I  would never begrudge any mom for showing unconditional support for her child. 

So that's what makes me think Nino's core will prevail, having been raised by someone like her.  Call me crazy. But that's what I'm thinking.

So that's what I'll be watching for tonight.  Signs of independence.  Rejection of crass, borderline-demented politics. Embrace of the rational. We'll see.

Go for it, Nino!  And regards to your lovely Mom.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GA Releases Juan Melli Email #2

My goodness, this post has only been up for a few minutes but the requests are pouring in... for the song playing uninvited inside GA's head.  It was "The What" by The (late) Notorious B.I.G.  

Click here if you must hear it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ruben, Do Your Homework

The way politicians are humping the Paula Ohaus drama- and humping it hard- for their proxy war on Mayor Zimmer has so turned me off that I've largely avoided the topic, online and in the papers.

Which means I hadn't read the letter State Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, Jr. wrote to the Editor of Patch.

Just like one doesn't have  to smell garbage to know it stinks, one doesn't have to read the letter of a political candidate during election season to know it's about the bottom line- getting votes.   And GA doesn't care for politicians campaigning on the backs of children, so with that in mind I ignored Ramos' letter.

Until today- a friend directed me to this passage:

"In the Johns Hopkins program, that instructor has organized a curriculum that has enabled students previously non-achieving in math to not only achieve, but thirst for knowledge and pursue their dreams."

Somebody, quick!   Take this away from Ruben:

I am sorry...but since Ramos begins his letter this way:
"As Hoboken’s State Assemblyman and a public school teacher myself, I have watched the recent Hoboken Board of Education meetings with much interest."
...one expects that he's actually WATCHED these meetings and KNOWS what he's talking about.


His ignorance of the fundamentals of the Johns Hopkins program shows that he HASN'T paid attention at ALL.  It just validates GA's assumption that he's politicizing a School Board issue for his own political advantage.

Worse, Ruben Ramos has actually INSULTED every child participating in the Johns Hopkins program by calling them "non-achievers". Imagine that.

Ruben, you own these kids an APOLOGY.

My daughter is in the Johns Hopkins Gifted and Talented Program, so let me set you straight about the program.  Children with a record of achievement are selected to take a competitive exam for acceptance into the program. The children are tested at 2 grades above their level;  so if my daughter is in 3rd grade (she is) that means she was tested at the 5th grade-level.

You don't have to take my word- here's her Johns Hopkins test result: she scored in the 93rd percentile at the 5th-grade level, meaning she scored higher than 93% of 5th graders who took the same test.

Is that what you call "non-achieving", Mr. Ramos?

You've certainly hurt any Johns Hopkins child who's read your ill-informed remarks.

Why would you call kids 'non-achieveing' without doing minimal due diligence to understand the program and its mission?

Here it is.

The  entire purpose of the Johns Hopkins Gifted and Talented Program is to provide stimulation and advancement for high-achieving kids beyond what their current school curriculum can  offer at their grade level.  And by doing so, keep them excited and encouraged about school, and the opportunities ahead.

Ms. Hildebrandt is wonderful.  I hope whatever the issues are they can be worked out and she can continue her great work with our children.

We DO need the program, the one she created for our district.

We DON'T need politicians glomming onto matters they know little about, in this  case insulting hardworking kids, all for scoring some votes.

GA Releases Juan Melli Email

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Murrow vs. Mason

McCarthyism is back-  brought to Hoboken by Beth Mason and her compliant boy-toy, Mike Russo.  Jeez, she sliced the nuts off  him pretty quick with that checkbook.   

Chop! Chop!

Whatever you say, Beth!

Enemies lists, baseless persecutions of artists, bloggers, reporters, journalists, city employees- anyone suspected of supporting  the Zimmer administration (Substitute 'Commie' with 'Zimmertini').  Swap the House of UnAmerican Activities with the Hoboken City Council under the leadership of President Beth 'I Want your Email'  Mason, and you've got a hair-raising assault on the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment.

Think I'm kidding?  Exaggerating?

Here's a list of selected members of our community: reporters, bloggers, artists, journalists, political activists, campaign workers targeted to have their EMAILS handed over to the City Council of unAmerican Activities tribunal headed by Serpent Queen Beth Mason, in a resolution cosponsored by her castrati, Mike 'My Balls Are Gone' Russo:

 Any old-timers out there?  Does this list bring back memories?  Like this.

McCarthy targeted writers and the Hollywood creative community; Mason targets bloggers, artists, political activists and the Fourth Estate.  Those who aren't 'with' her.

Mason's effort to intimidate critics and control speech in Hoboken wears a transparent dress called 'fighting taxpayer waste';  alleged time-wasting email correspondence with poor bastards Dan Bryan and Juan Melli, who seem to be favorite Mason targets for her proxy war on Zimmer.   

Moral of this tale: Don't piss off the Queen. Or she's coming after you with hubby's checkbook.

How long do you think it will take Mason to leak those emails on her own private Pravda, Hoboken411.com?  Anybody have a watch that counts nanoseconds?

You know, GA famously got accused on comparing Mason with a Nazi in an image.  I never did.  I 'd own up to it, if so.  But now I WILL compare Mason to the disgraced U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy.

I call it 'Seperated at Birth'.

Left panel: U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy with propagandist-advisor Roy Cohn.  Right panel: Hoboken City Council President Beth Mason with propagandist-advisor Lane Bajardi

Can you even tell the difference?  Except for the 100-dollar bills raining down like confetti from Ricky Mason's wallet.  When does that guy grow a conscience?

Note to the Easel-Weasel: High resolution versions of the above are available for your easel at a fee of $500, which will be donated in full to the U.S. Red Cross.

 Listen to the words of American broadcaster Edward R. Murrow telling us "the line between investigating and persecuting is a very thin one".  And as he excoriates Senator McCarthy for those witch hunts,  imagine what he'd say to Beth Mason and Mike Russo, who dare to use the power of their office to persecute critics.

Good night and good luck, you'll need it.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

GA Releases Another Dan Bryan Email

GA always likes to get ahead of a story.  Since it's inevitable my massive and taxpayer-wasteful email correspondence with City employees Dan Bryan and Juan Melli is gong to be forced into the sunlight by Beth Mason and Mike Russo by Resolution, I'm going to publish them ALL here first.

Only because Beth Mason and Mike Russo WANT to see them.  GA is happy to oblige.


My goodness, so many more emails to go!  There's nothing like a good, hard suck off the Hoboken taxpayers' teat.

Wouldn't you agree, Mike?

Friday, May 13, 2011

BREAKING: GA Releases First Dan Bryan Email

In advance of City Hall releasing my email communications with both Dan Bryan and Juan Melli as Beth Mason and Mike Russo will be demanding in a Resolution before the City Council, GA will release them on this blog... one by one.

Here's the first:

GA Note:  I was told I'd way overstated Dan's salary in my email, so I've revised accordingly.  The poor bastard!

GA Technical Note

Disappearing posts... commenting disabled... unable to publish posts... not at GA's hand.

Blogger.com, the host of Grafix Avenger,  crapped out for the past day taking my 2 most recent posts with it.  Fortunately I'd saved copies, so we're back up now.  The problem was system-wide also affecting MSV and Hoboken Journal. 

 Unfortunately, it appears associated comments were hosed. Sorry if any were yours.

Thank you for your patience.  And if you weren't patient, thanks for nothing.

Return of One-Eye

Another day, another shell company.

Remember One-Eye?  He's GA's super-sleuth, the one who figured out Mason must have someone sent to Florida to pull that hit on Greaney.  

Remember why he's called 'One-Eye'?  Because he's got one frigging eye.  Isn't it obvious? I've never asked him how it happened.  What would I say?  "Nice day isn't it?  Where's your eyeball?"

It's none of my business.   All I can tell you is that Cyclops can sniff out anything.  

So after Mason issued that oddly evasive ELEC report on May 3rd,  who do you think I called?  My friend One-Eye.

Take a look at that ELEC. Here's the list of disbursements totaling $34.7K.

Nearly half of those disbursements went to a company called Bluewater Operations, LLC in Clifton, N.J. for performing  "Admin/Campaign Organization" operating out of a P.O. box?  

What's that smell?

So I asked One-Eye to scare up some information on that company.

Here's his response:
Here is a screen shot of the Blue Water filing certificate from the Secretary of State of New Jersey. Google map the street address and click on the street screen view.

It is some random two family house in a very residential neighborhood where apparently these two chuckle heads live together in the 2nd floor unit. Not a very fancy place either. 

Run a search on them under any search engine, your choice, and you come up empty.  No office, telephone number, nothing.  So what exactly are they doing for the Mason campaign that justifies all those checks?  

It smells like another shell company that exists on paper as a way for Mason to hide the flow of money. 

It does not appear to own anything, have any outward business presence and does appear anywhere as advertising for any business or promoting the business of Blue Water.  Checked in all of the usual places and come up ZERO!  

If they are in fact running a business out of the second floor, it seems that they are in violation of the Clifton Zoning Code.

Checked that as well. No office or business use of any kind in the zone where the property is located.  Here is the link to the Clifton Zoning Code.  It is all in there. I spoke to  the Zoning Officer to confirm. 

It is weird that Mason does all this monkey business with non-functioning paper entities. 

Her resume and the description of the company claimed this vast Fortune 500 client base.  People get fired for much less than this kind of fakery.  I guess I just don’t get politics.  

Below is the information from the Clifton Tax Assessor office for 119 Orono Street.  

I wonder if the owner is aware that an illegal business is operating out of his building?  This was kind of fun.  Let me know if you want anything else.  There is a lot more that I could find from what you told me so far.

Great job, One-Eye!

Hmmm.. Mason employing a 'company' run illegally in a zoned-residential neighborhood? Ryan Yacco, the reputed King of VBM harvesting at the helm.  This fish stinks from the head down.

Who's the other guy?

Yes, One-Eye. Check your Inbox.  You'll find something there from me. 

Something tells me we're getting closer to finding out how the money is flowing into Mason's operatives pockets- Lane Bajardi, Hoboken411, James Barracato, and how her other many generous financial 'contributions' stay off her ELECs.

What's the smoking gun in all of GA's recent revelations about Mason- her shell company, the Florida operation to smear Tom Greaney and her bogus resume entries?

No denials from the Mason camp.

Ohaus Screwed the Pooch

GA hasn't weighed in on the Paula Ohaus 'situation' for a couple of reasons. Until now.

When I heard a raging mob bearing torches and pitch forks turned Tuesday's BoE meeting into a free-for-all lasting until 2am attacking the new Superintendent and selected Board members, well... I've got something to  tell you.

Reality check time.

First, let me say that I understand Paula Ohaus.  She's got an artistic temperament. So do I.  Which is one reason I'm inclined to give her latitude on 'things' others may not. There's the greater good principle at work--if someone does so much good, then looking askance here and there if they buck the system on the 'small' things, well what's the big deal?  That's how I  think. That's ME  talking.

Like any true artist- and Ohaus is, she is compelled as a force of nature to follow her own voice, her spirit defies subjugation.  That makes her wonderful and special.

Now it's caused her demise.

When Ohaus stood up last month and said on camera that she's taken students with her in her car and had them for sleepovers, GA knew there was no recovery.  NONE. 

If you think the Superintendent or School Board has the option to REHIRE her after that, then you're living in an episode of  Leave It to Beaver.  Or maybe  Father Knows Best.  What about The Donna Reed Show?  Didn't  you just love her?  She was so nice.

Those were the good old days, when front doors were left unlocked, kids rode in the front seat without seat belts, and teachers had kids for unchaperoned sleepovers.

Welcome back from that safe, happy world. This is 2011.

So when GA heard that Ohaus testified about driving kids and sleepovers, I felt SAD.  To lose  an important inspirational and creative figure that loomed so large in the lives of so many.

Paula honey, you own this.  You screwed the pooch.
screw the pooch  
1. To utterly and completely ruin a work venture, akin to "a royal fuck up".
People know me as a blogger.  Blogging is something I do.  A parent is what I  am. 

The rules that 'condemn' Ohaus exist to protect our children.  After her testimony on camera, our district has NO CHOICE but to enforce them. NO CHOICE.

Selective enforcement when it comes to rules that apply to the safety and security of our children is NOT negotiable.   What if the teacher has a car accident that injures a child?  What if the teacher is not who we think he or she is?  The next teacher who wins the trust and affection of a child and their parents may NOT have Ohaus' good intentions.

Take a look online. Here's just one story: there are plenty of others.

The first responsibility of our school administration is to PROTECT our children. This kind of  breech put on the record in public by Ohaus herself cannot be ignored.

It's tragic to lose her. But she owns it.  So STOP BLAMING our school officials. She's forced their hand.  By her own admission.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Deep Uvula: Day 2

Well, it didn't take long for that dangling pink gossip, Deep Uvula, to dish on the Day After.

Here's the latest 'uvulation':
So the strollers got that Jen girl elected somehow.  Not too happy with the effort by Nino.  He shouldn’t have lost with no real turnout.  He let a lot of folks down.  

Mason is a lock. We know the results already.  She is ours for good now.  She would have lost without us. Clear as day.  Michelle can break her anytime she wants to.  She won’t, as long as the checkbook stays open.  

Next stop is to kick some ass and take back the Dems. No question on that one.   Stay tuned.  

Someone is going try and make a play to break up that cozy little Zimmer group on the council. One of your guys will turn, its just matter of  making the right deal.  

Tim is a winner.  Hes got a future, as long as Beth flashes him the green.  He just has to find a way to start putting into the kitty on his own and he will be fine, just as long as he understands who controls his leash.  And it aint’t Beth. 

Not happy at all with the 5th. Perry don’t listen too well.  He needs to move to another ward because he aint winning nothing where he is.  And it don’t look good city wide for him.  But he will always run for something.  At least Pupie finally got it.  Sometimes its better to be in the drivers seat and steer the car and let someone else sit in the back.  They’re going where you take them. 

That Scot kid was a real disappointment.  Turned out to be a real gasbag.  

But now you guys got that budget thing hanging around your neck – we just get to stand by and take shots at you.  Nothing is on our backs, its your show.  Perfect way to set up the mayor race.  Ruben better find a way to deal with Beth. 

Hmmm... so someone on the Other Side is going to make a play for a Reform majority member... make them some sort tasty, irresistible offer to 'flip' them to the Dark Side?  So Russo holds his position in the HHA?  To keep Beth and Timmy in the top spots?

Jeez ,Uvula... I think you've been out drinking with your neighbors, the Tonsils. That ain't happening.

Any time soon.