Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swimming with Mumfords

Mumbo jumbo
GA will fess up; I'd never heard of the UK band Mumford and Sons until they decided to collapse  Pier A sending themselves and 15,000 concertgoers to the bottom of the Hudson. 

That's according to Hoboken411 and a swarm of hornets on Patch.

If only GA had a civil/structural engineering department to study  the impact of adding a live/dead load combo of a couple million pounds to Pier A (my guess would be 3 million) I'd have an intelligent rebuttal.

But I don't, so here's my own.

Mumbo jumbo

We all know that structural systems are designed to distribute loads and materials can be engineered to increase load-bearing strength, such as pre-stressing concrete or adding steel reinforcement.

Bla, bla, bla.

We know the types of loading that Pier A bears: dead loads- the weight of the soil, pier construction, paving, trees, lighting, benches, concrete knee walls, all of the 'stuff built on top of the pier (vertical loads) and live loads- people and their stuff (vertical loads) and water movement, wind (lateral loads).

Bla, bla, bla.

Tomorrow night, add 4 skinny Brits (600 lbs. = avg 150 lbs/Mumford) and 15,000 fans (2,500,000 lbs. = avg 167 lbs/fan) and the stage, equipment, chairs (500,000 lbs)

Please note per my calcs an American fan weighs slightly more than a skinny British Mumford.

Got that?

Now, distribute the 3 million lb. vertical live/dead load combo over the entire structural system and what have you got?

I have no idea.

Extreme mumbo jumbo


Using the dimension someone posted on Patch,  Pier A is roughly 200 ft x 600 ft (120,000 sf) which may be smaller than it's actual size.   Distribute the 3,000,000 lbs. of Mumfords and fans over 120,000 sf, and your additional load is  25 lbs/square foot or 0.172 psi

NEGLIBIBLE!  I mean, that's nothing for a steel/concrete structural system supporting a whole frigging pier.

Now, I know a few real engineers out there may be laughing at me but is GA's conclusion wong?

Certainly not!

And you know it.

That's why the show is going on tomorrow night, and why the anti-Administration fear-mongering is lethally stupid.

So, if you are going have fun!

Mumord and Sons- no more than 600 lbs.

Or if you're a cheapskate like Timmy, you'll be perched on a River Street rooftop getting your Mumfords  for FREE.  

Timmy the Tightwad

Whatever it is, enjoy.

Drawing The Line

Calicchio and his attorney Elise DiNardo listen to Minutillo's testify- June 7, 2012

Did you visit Da Horsey's stable today?

He's released a portion of the State of New Jersey vs. Matt Calicchio court transcript!   Wow! 

GA has read the full 45-page document, but as a courtesy to Da Horsey who obtained it through a reader fundraising drive, will limit discussion here to whatever my 4-legged friend chooses to release.

Until of course, the whole thing enters the public domain. 

Until then: drip... drip... drip...

First, I wish to thank the Plaintiff's lone supporter left in the court that day (after the rest of us were ousted) who gave GA her copious notes- they were on-point accurate.  Miss Witness, you were terrific.

Onto the published excerpt. Let's play a game called 'WHO Said It'.

Straight from the transcript, the 'charity' was referred to by 3 different names.  One was correct. Match the name with the person who said it:  

     (a) Elise Dinardo (Defense attorney) 
     (b) Matt Calicchio (Defendant)  
     (c) Tania Garcia (Defendant's witness)
  1. "Mason Family Civic" 
  2. "Mason Civic " 
  3. "The Mason Civic League" (correct)
Hint #1: Calicchio and Garcia are on the charity's payroll since June 2011 and January 2012, respectively.

Hint #2:  DiNardo is a practicing New Jersey attorney since 1989 and has had her own firm since 1992.  Her specialties:
"Elise is recognized for her prominence in criminal defense endeavors on both the State and Federal levels including but not limited to police misconduct, sexual harassment, civil rights, racial profiling, and employment discrimination. She has represented individuals in murder, arson, and white-collar crimes always helping to insure the constitutional guarantee of a fair trial."
(Listen, somebody has to defend alleged murderers, arsonists, sexual deviants and Lane Bajardi right?)

Ready for the answers?  They are:  (a) 3, (b) 1 and (c) 2.

So what? you say.  Big deal, that neither Calicchio nor Garcia could name their employer. It was just an innocent mistake. 

Oh no, my friend.    The 'tell' is that DiNardo got it right.  A lawyer-friend I spoke to this morning put it this way: "She was not going to participate in their charade, in their games."

So, DiNardo drew the line at co-conspiracy.

By referring to the 501(c)(3) 'charitable organization' by an alias,  which any money laundering investigator will tell you is a method of shielding an entity's financial operations from public scrutiny,  DiNardo would have been a participant in the 'game'.

She elected NOT to do that.

(Unlike ANOTHER lawyer who DID.)

Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive. - Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)

But, assuming she prepped her client's court testimony, and that of his witness,why did neither know where they worked?

DiNardo walked with them up to the line and they crossed. 

GA has observed that the 'charitable organization' where Garcia and Calicchio claim to work seems to be closed more than it is open.

Then how to explain all those hours on the payroll of  a tiny Gallery plus that of  a part-time curator (the girlfriend of Mason operative Ryan Yaaco) as a tax-exempt charity-after filing 2 years of e-Postcard tax returns to the IRS?

How does the charity actually pay their employees?

Beth Mason has not filed mandatory expense reports to the NJ Attorney General for the past 2 years.  

And Mason's e-Postcard IRS filing omits any detailed reporting of income and expenditures.

That means state and federal tax collection entities don't know.  And neither Calcchio nor Garcia know who they work for.  AT least under oath.

That's a whole lotta smoke.

 No wonder DiNardo drew the line. The fire is on the other side.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Is Castellano Running for Mayor?

GA's heard from multiple sources that Terri Castellano is not happy with her cousin Mike Russo.

Because of reports like this: 
(July 8, 2012)  Councilman Michael Russo apparently supports Ramos, but this has put him at odds with his very close associate Councilwoman Terri Castellano, who apparently thinks she would make a viable candidate – and indeed she would.
And this:
(July 22, 2012)  Raia appears to have the support of Councilwoman Beth Mason, whom he befriended during Occhipinti’s victory over former Councilman Michael Lenz two years ago. This poses a problem for Councilman Michael Russo, whose support is being courted by Ramos and by his relative, Councilwoman Theresa Castellano, yet another possible mayoral candidate.  
GA hears Castellano is angry that the Dark Side spinners unleashed on the press have thrown water on her mayoral ambitions.  But she's angriest that the one holding the watering can is her very own cousin.

Et tu Russo!

Julius Caeser getting his in the Roman Senate-44 BC.
Theresa Castellano got hers in The Hoboken Reporter-2012 AD.

This public repudiation of his cousin's ambitions seems manufactured to cause trouble in the Russo family ranks.  Certainly one would expect behind closed-door diplomacy before burying a shiv in the back of a family member.


GA would be pissed, too.  Blood is thicker than Ruben Ramos.

Ah, well.  All this chatter indicates (to GA) that Castellano is indeed serious about a mayoral run.

One thing is for sure, Castellano is on the front lines of the all-out Dark Side campaign to take down  BoE slate Kids First.  Someone sent me this:
Terry Castellano's son is heavily involved in the campaign for Markevitz/Vasquez/Oland. 

Markevitz showed up at the St. Ann's Mass with Terry Castellano. 

Occhipinti was introducing Markevitz and Vasquez to the senior citizens at the multi service center bbq.
Can you believe it? Timmy campaigning for a School Board slate?

Has he ever been to a School Board meeting?  You're more likely to find him at a Mensa gathering.

You know, GA is a mom, a supporter of public education and a Hoboken Public School parent. Those things are FIRST and foremost to me. My political activism (or whatever you call it) is a means to an end; an end to rampant abuse of Hoboken public schools by parasites that don't give a shit about our kids' education.

No, to THEM the 60 million dollar BoE budget is a grab bag to reward themselves and friends. Take a look:

And thats a fraction of what's out there buried in the pages of state-mandated Hoboken school audits from the Bad Old Days. You'll be hearing more.

That's why GA supports Kids First.  Kids First STOPPED this rampant THEFT and with an honest, effective Superintendent like Mark Toback, are turning the 'ship' around.

So it's an OUTRAGE to see craven opportunistic politicians like Timmy trying to hand our schools   back to the ones that tapped them like a beer keg and let them decline.

Not  happening.  

Back to Castellano, and the question whether she will run against Zimmer.  

GA thinks "yes" if other  aspirants on The Dark Side get out of her way.

But that's not likely.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lisa Hait Goldman


My cousin Jeremy, his wife Lisa (pregnant)  and their beautiful children.

תנוח בשלום על משכבה.

According to Al

Here's what Al Sullivan, my ex-boyfriend of 13 minutes, had to say about Hoboken this week:
This also poses some interesting issues for Hoboken, where Assemblyman Ruben Ramos is likely seeking to challenge Mayor Dawn Zimmer in next May’s municipal election. Second Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason is reportedly considering a run for the Assembly. The problem is that she would seek Ramos’ seat. One of the two Assembly seats in state Sen. Brian Stack’s district would have to go to a Latino. If Mason was to replace Ramos, then the Jersey City seat currently occupied by Connors would have to go to a Latino instead. If all this sounds to you like an elaborate game of musical chairs, you’re right.
Interesting stuff!  

About that Latino-slot conundrum, can Mason be considered Latino if she's got one cooking meals, washing dirty socks, and scrubbing toilets in her Hudson Street mansion?  GA's got no idea if she does, but it's worth looking into.

Well, GA likes Ruben and hopes he does run against the mayor.

Why do I like Ruben?  He makes a great sandwich.  Though respectfully, I would ask him for a gluten-free version.

Ruben's sandwich

What's Zimmer got to offer? 

Organic greens from Whole Foods with a bag of alfalfa sprouts.  No thanks, skinny lady.  Now get on your bike and shoo!

GA's been brainstorming on slogans for the Ramos campaign:
  • No Baloney, just Corned Beef
  • Ramos Cuts Taxes Like Your Sandwich 
  • Ruben Melts Taxes With Your Cheese
  • Ready to Serve Hoboken: Lower Taxes and Lunch
  • Ruben Slices Taxes and Cuts the Cheese
Pretty good, no?  I realize it's early to be thinking about this... GA's giving the Mayor a heads-up that she'd better get with the menu or else. 

Do The People really want what's good for them- salad topped with shredded carrots?   Or a heart-clogging platter of sodium and cholesterol?  

I'm going with the sandwich.  Sorry, Mayor.

Meanwhile, good luck to Mayor Brian Stack.  I love him; he sent me another birthday card and the pic of him on the cover doesn't look a day older than he did on last year's.  In fact, it is the one he sent last year.  No wonder!

 Enjoy your day, folks.

He sings, too!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fish Story

Here's some minor scuttlebutt concerning Trustee on the Board of the Mason Civic League, Inc. James 'Finboy ©' Barracato.

Barracato is 'the brains' of the Mason Gang, Matt Calicchio the 'brawn'.  Unfortunately this Weehawken-based 'brain' has some wiring defects; its synapses fire at each other resulting in disaster after disaster for his boss, Beth Mason.

His latest blunder: buying up a block of page 3 ads in The Hoboken Reporter under the alias "Mason FAMILY Civic League" in exchange for a hit piece about 'Nazi discourse' on MSV and GA.  Not only did the stupid ass feed reporter Stephen LaMarca utter nonsense, he gave him doctored  screenshots from this blog to make his 'point'. But left his electronic signature on his fakery.

Mason Civic League, Inc., Certificate of Incorporation, 
created on July 21, 2010- page 2
Needless to say, The Hoboken Reporter was embarrassed by this, Barracato's Nazi story went up in smoke, and paper felt compelled to explain what happened- which Al Sullivan sort-of did in his column.

So what does a covert, behind-the-scenes Hudson County operative DO after this kind of humiliating exposure?

Find a new profession or disappear for awhile.

Lo and behold, GA heard some buzz that Finboy© had "left", "moved away".  Really?

GA tapped a reliable source to confirm and was told that Finboy© was "doing campaign work in New England."  And would be back "in a week or two".

Campaign work in New England?  What's going on in New England? Why would they need to import 'talent' like him from Weehawken, NJ?

Yeah, right.  A minor operative who's only worked in Hudson County is needed in New England- and needed there, because  phone, email, internet just aren't good enough.

What a load. Another Finboy© fish tale.  More likely, Finboy© has taken himself off the radar, waiting for his notoriety to cool.

"A week or two."

Judging from recent events: questions raised about the income and expenditures of the Mason Civic League, Inc. and looming publication of the Calicchio trial court transcript, Finboy© may wish to hide out in his tank a lot longer.  

left: Barracato's doctored screenshot he gave to the Reporter to peddle Nazi fabrication-- right: authentic screenshot

Friday, July 27, 2012

Breaking: Timmy to Issue Revised Ordinance

GA just got this exclusive straight from the desk of Councilman Tim Occhipinti!

Occhipinti's office has been bombarded with demands for some action regarding the recent conduct of an elected official in his ward- Ward 4, District 4: Ground Zero for the VBM harvest that swept him into office in 2010 and 2011!  (The Occhipinti campaign is currently under investigation by the NJ Attorney General's office on charges of voter fraud)

Timmy's plan of action is the re-issuing of a revised version of his July 7, 2012 ordinance.

The original ordinance proposed to "establish a code of conduct for municipal employees" and was tabled after being denounced and ridiculed by Corporation Counsel and members of the Council majority. Even his ally on the Council minority, Mike Russo, voted to table.

Not to be discouraged, Councilman Occhipinti will resubmit the ordinance at the next City Council meeting revised to address the conduct of the 4th Ward elected official, Democratic Committeeman Matt Calicchio.

An Occhipinti spokesman told me that the 4th Ward Councilman made these changes himself to avoid additional legal costs.

The Credit Card

credit: MSV

Did Beth Mason or the Mason Civic League charity provide a credit card to fund an employee's personal WWE junket to St. Louis that's made headlines around the globe?

Headlines, because St. Louis airport police were called to scene of a commotion between Mason's employee and the WWE superstar, CM Punk. And CM Punk has millions of fans around the globe.

GA was pondering why Matt Calicchio's Facebook page came down so fast.

One reason could be substantial documentary evidence of numerous events he's attended since he has been on her payroll.  And while it's not too late to report 'gifts' or 'personal expenses' made in 2012 as taxable income at the end of the year, what about 2011?

Calicchio testified, "I am on the payroll of the Mason Family Civic League since June 2011."   Da Horsey will have the transcript soon.

Was the documentary evidence of other WWE junkets the reason those Facebook pages  came down so fast?

Or did the WWE have something to do with it?

WWE is billion-dollar business; it's programming reaches 600 million homes worldwide. It's wrestlers ARE it's assets.  Though wrestlers work as independent contractors , paying for their own travel expenses and medical insurance, it is in the WWE corporation's interest to keep its most valuable commodities safe and protected from harm by malevolent fans.

And one of WWE's top wrestling commodities is CM Punk.
Phillip Jack Brooks, or better known as CM Punk, is an American professional wrestler with a net worth of $7.5 million. Brooks gained his net worth by signing to WWE and winning five world championships including the WWE Triple Crown Championship and World Tag Team Chapmionship.. Brooks was born in Chicago, Illinois.
I cannot imagine a billion-dollar corporation ignoring a serial problem for one of it's top earners. 

Whatever it is, it all comes back to the credit card. 

Because whomever financed the junket is its 'sponsor' and if it is a Hoboken elected official, she needs to accept responsibility as enabler for the incident in St. Louis.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

"...she pays him to stalk people in Hoboken..."

GA received this nugget yesterday:
"I hear that Calicchio has a credit card from Beth Mason."
Wow.  Is that true?

I guess that's another question for the I.R.S.

If a credit card was provided by his employer, the Mason Civic League, Inc., the Masons have an obligation to allocate Matt Calicchio's personal expenses and report them to the I.R.S. as taxable income.

And Calicchio would have to pay tax on these personal expenses paid with a Mason Civic league, Inc. credit card.  Junkets to wrestling matches, front row seats, car service, hotels, etc. are personal expenses. 

That is, IF Calicchio were given a 'company' credit card- in this case the company is a 501(c)(3) charity that receives support (tax-relief) from the I.R.S.

But who knows if that's the case?

What a funny coincidence then to find these Tweets today from a person totally outside of the Hoboken political world, someone Calicchio runs into at WWE events, another hardcore wresting fan. Read them from the BOTTOM UP.

My goodness!  It is truly coincidental to find Hoboken insiders and strangers from cyberspace telling similar stories.

But that's all they are.  Stories.

Until the I.R.S. determines whether or not these stories are fact; whether or not Calicchio's WWE junkets are being paid for by the tax-exempt charity, the Mason Civic League, Inc.

And if so, whether Calicchio's personal expenses have been reported and taxes paid.

Remember, Beth and Ricky Mason's charity accepts donations from the public and receives tax relief. GA can't believe they would be that reckless to let an employee tap a charity for wrestling events.

Here another Twitter exchange that caught my eye- this one you read from the TOP DOWN (confusing, I know):

Wow.  "...she pays him to stalk people in Hoboken..."

GA didn't say it.

GA does say this story has more legs than a centipede.

Save a Life at St. Ann's Festival (or Willie's)

With a simple cheek swab, you can find out if you're a 'match' for the adorable 5 year-old Jake, whose bone marrow has mysteriously stopped producing blood cells.

Well, not-so mysteriously; he has Severe Aplastic Anemia. It used to be fatal, but can now be completely cured with a procedure as painless as a blood transfusion.

The only thing preventing a happy ending for little Jake is he hasn't found a match. Yet.

It could be you.  Imagine, you could be the difference.

Tonight there will be two testing stations in Hoboken.  One at the St. Ann's Festival from noon to 11pm, and the second at the bar Willie McBride's from 6 to 10 p.m. The bar is offering a free pint to everyone who takes the swab test.

Yummy! Free if you take the swab test at Willie's.

You can read Jake's story here.  This little boy has virtually no immune system now and dangerously low blood levels.  His life has gone from a normal kid's to a series of medical appointments, transfusions, medications and severely restricted activity. I remember what that was like;  GA had immune thrombocytopenic purpura at age 4 and spent weeks in the hospital, some tethered to my bed because normal activity was life-threatening.  

Jake's health and life can be restored with very little from the right person.

Find out if it's you tonight at St. Ann's Festival or Willie McBride's.

Help me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Calicchio's Alleged WWE Antics- UPDATED

Councilwoman Beth Mason and employee Matt Calicchio, arm-in-arm on Jan 25, 2012. credit: MSV

Folks, did I promise you this one was going to get weirder?

GA is fascinated by this story.

Not because of Calicchio's taste for pro-wrestling; millions of Americans are hooked on the sport.   It's the countless online accounts of behavior which in my view, provide a more complete picture- not of what he does, but of WHO he is.

Because it explains what Calicchio actually does for Councilwoman Beth Mason. 

She doesn't even need to give him instructions, she doesn't need to tell him who to provoke, she doesn't need to tell him to file a false complaint with the HPD.  Mason simply lets her ape off his leash to just be himself.

Which means everything Calicchio does while on her payroll belongs to her. Her responsibility.  She owns the ape, she hired him to be himself.

And he is the guy who danced menacingly around GA after a BoE meeting, the guy who followed a BoE member and her 5 year-old into a pizzeria to stare at them as the little girl ate her pizza, the guy who filed a harassment complaint against our future mayor, and... he's an elected official serving his Ward and District, 4-4.

Because that is WHO he is.  Outside of a Hoboken primary school or in an St. Louis airport.

Therefore, the employment of Calicchio by a member of Hoboken's City Council, Beth Mason, tells you all you need to know about her motivation for hiring him.  

And the picture emerging of Calicchio in the context of his reported behavior with others at pro-wrestling events is that he cannot control himself. 

Matt Calicchio (Gumby) with boss Councilwoman Beth Mason- 2011 Hoboken Halloween Parade

As GA mentioned, wrestling discussion forums across lit up moments after the 'incident' and Calicchio's notoriety amongst hardcore fans became evident. (GA's still getting Google traffic)

Two posts on an 18-page wrestling forum discussion caught my attention.  Make of them what you will. These are not GA's accounts but those posted on public internet forums.

Here's the first:

It's too small to read, so GA will break it down.  It has an embedded Twitter series.

Start reading the embedded Twitter FROM THE BOTTOM UP.


Disturbing- if you believe Strycharz.  That's up to you.  Ask him on Twitter.

But here is Calicchio in his own words, in an exchange with a female WWE fan named Ashley Meyers. Again, read the Twitter from the bottom up.


Matt Calicchio on duty for Councilwoman Beth Mason

(Updated, 7:30 pm)
This just came in:
Hmmmmm...... Matt took down his facebook page??? can't find it...facebook says page requested not found.. 
Yup, took a look and it's gone.

Calicchio must have posted about 400 photos taken of himself with various WWE wrestlers and 'divas', WWE personalities and with all of the McMahons (owners Vince, Stephanie, Shane and CEO Linda).  The pics appeared to have been taken in a variety of locales: bus terminals, garages, airports, hotel lobbies.

So it's down.

Permanently?  Or just until this story cools off?

GA wonders if Calicchio has received an edict from on high to 'make it go away.'

Or has a representative from the WWE initiated contact following Sunday night's incident with wrestling superstar CM Punk?

Whatever it is, I'd call the removal of the 400 photos damage control.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Did Calicchio Provoke the WWE Wrestler?

Pro-wrestling superstar couple: CM Punk and girlfriend Lita

Folks, the Smackdown in St. Louis story keeps getting stranger.

Just so you understand the reach and popularity of WWE wrestling and it's stars, from their corporate website:
WWE programming is broadcastin more than 145 countries and 30 languages and reaches more than 600 million homes worldwide. Each week, WWE creates seven hours of original programming that is watched by approximately 11.5 million fans in the U.S. WWE's flagship program, "Monday Night Raw" on USA Network among the most-watched regularly scheduled programs on primetime cable television and anchors USA, helping make it a top-rated network.

WWE is watched by 11.5 million fans each week in the United State alone. Our diverse audience spans generations of fans. Approximately 35% of WWE's audience is female and 21% are under the age of 18.

So, from the moment Councilwoman Beth Mason's employee Matt Calicchio provoked one of the WWE's biggest stars, CM Punk, at a St. Louis Airport on Sunday night, a veritable brushfire lit up  online message boards, fan sites, sports sites, and social media across the nation.

Well, it appears our little Matty is well-known in the circle of hardcore wrestling fans who attend live WWE events.  Some know him by sight, others by name.  An eyewitness to the incident identified him as 'Matt' and other wrestling fans posted the 'Calicchio' and soon thousands hit Google and... 

Rat-a-tat tat the hits keep coming.

Unusual traffic alerted Da Horsey who got to them bottom of it- bless his 4 hooves.

Meanwhile, the picture of Beth Mason's operative emerging from the cyberspace chatter is quite frankly, a bit... um... uncomfortable. Not from a single source. 

Whether Mason employee Calicchio has incited other incidents with WWE stars is a question raised by comments like this one:

Anyway, one thing that's not in dispute is that Calicchio provoked wrestler CM Punk with comments that were described as 'rude". An eyewitnesses reported Calicchio followed the wrestler, snapping pictures of him as he waited for his luggage. The angry wrestler dumped Calicchio's backpack in the garbage.

So, what "rude' thing did Calicchio say to the WWE superstar that so enraged him?

According to another eyewitness:

Did you hear that?

Calicchio reportedly asked CM punk for a "threesome" with his girlfriend, WWE superstar Lita. 

Isn't she gorgeous?  I love that hair. 

Well, the hits keep coming, the buzz grows louder, and the stories get weirder.

All in a day at the Mason Civic League, Inc.!