Update: Looking for a date or a council seat?

UPDATE:  Mike DeFusco's political smear campaign to disable this blog with false, spurious attacks is tanking.

Below is a personal letter from respected Hoboken born-and-raised LGBTQ activist, Paul Somerville, to me; he consented to its publication.  In his letter, Somerville reminded me that this was not the first time Mike DeFusco exploited his minority status for political gain. 

Much love to my gay and trans brothers and sisters.  

Would DeFusco call the Kevin Kline character in a Fish Called Wanda "homophobic"?  'Cause that uber-narcissistic character whose ritualist boot and armpit-sniffing preceded sex with the Jamie Lee Curtis character was my inspiration.  This scene never gets old. 

Hard to believe that a Jewish artist/writer was attacked by Mike DeFusco's fancy PR firm with access to the levers of NJ state power on the High Holy Days.  I am deeply offended.  Shame on him, and this is not the first time he has disrespected the Jewish Community.  

Yes, GA is Jewish.  And am supporting DeFusco's opponent, Hoboken's first openly lesbian political candidate, Migdalia Pagan Milano.

 Michael DeFusco has the balls to try to silence political free speech when he breaks the law every day by blocking members of the public on his Facebook and Twitter social media accounts.  Even his idol, Donald Trump, has unblocked his Twitter account.

(I call Mike DeFusco a Trumper-by-Proxy since he posts official press releases on a local Alt Right Trumper web site. Ya'll know what I'm talking about.)

Just so you know, disrepect for the Jewish community is a pattern with Councilman DeFusco.  two prior examples of his contemptuous conduct: 

  • Michael DeFusco was witnessed campaigning outside of Hoboken's United Jewish Synagogue during memorial service for "Tree of Life" shooting victims
  •  Michael DeFusco wrote on his web site "If we have runn-offs they would be during December but not during the holiday season. Runoffs for Hoboken's next mayoral election in 2021 falls during Hanukkah week. That is the "holiday season" for Jews. 

  • Sadly, not only is Michael DeFusco punching down to silence the political free speech of a Hoboken constituent, but he is using the levers of political power to do so.  Well, GA is the descendant of Jewish Warsaw ghetto fighters, I don't  lay down to bullies.    
    Original post:

    Councilman Mike DeFusco has been very busy these days.  When he isn't pumping iron at the gym, he's running shirtless on Sinatra Drive.  But, if pectorals grow in a gym and no one's there to hear them grunt,  did they really make a sound?

    That's why Councilman DeFusco works diligently at taking lifestyle selfies to post on his council Facebook page.  This way, he keeps the public informed about his latest bead of sweat while showing parts of him we've never seen willingly.

    Make today count!  Out on a run!  What next?  Chin-ups on the men's room stall?  Arm-pit sniffing?  Oh, we are enthralled.

    Clearly, the First Ward incumbent  has disposable time for a Facebook lifestyle diary, while his opponent Migdalia Pagan-Milano has none.  Girlfriend is busy.  Mig's meeting First Ward residents and business owners, one-by-one, listening to their concerns, talking to them about what she would like to accomplish. Nope, she doesn't have fancy, pie-in-the-sky renderings paid for by mysterious funding sources. She's not making promises that she does not intend to keep.  It is clear: First Ward residents and business owners can tell the difference between a salesman pitching snake oil and an honest, caring straight-shooter who inspires trust.  

    That's why DeFusco's base is jumping ship.  

    Vote for Migdalia Pagan-Milano signs are springing up all over First Ward storefronts and awnings. And not just any businesses, but 2017 DeFusco donors and supporters and venues for his fundraisers.   And, more are coming... so I hear.  

    Folks, every newbie candidate has an uphill climb to beat out an incumbent. That's a fact. That's why Mike DeFusco is running shirtless, pumping iron and taking selfies while Migdalia works her butt off.  He isn't worried. 

    Does he know something we don't?  Or is he a hopeless, lazy narcissist who's been taking his constituents for granted since he was elected in 2015, and still does? 

    Hemorrhaging support from his First Ward base- bars and restaurants- does not translate to the polls without a lot of work and door-knocking. If you live in the First Ward, or don't but want to help, please see what you can do.  Mig is the grassroots candidate up against a guy with so much PAC and Union loot gushing in that he can afford to take shirtless selfies to post on Facebook.   

    If you don't believe me, watch this short clip. 


    1. Is that his Grindr photo? The chiacchierones of Columbian Towers wanna know how he keeps his moobs so perky.

      I think McSwiggans is owned by the Cryan family, a Jersey political dynasty. If they're not supporting DeFiasco, that says a lot.

      Great video! Fisher is such a fucking hypocrite. Ever try to have a conversation with her? It's a monologue. Never listens, never will.

      1. He is not not on Grindr from what I can see. He is partnered so I doubt he would be so open on Grindr. Agree he should not be shirtless with those man boobs. The guy has no shame.

      2. Anon @ 3:34- I don't believe that Anon @1:50 was speculating about MDF's private life, but instead taking a (deserved) shot at him for posting a sexy-time photo on his council FB and Instagram. I've heard from a few people that he's been told these vanity posts make him look foolish, but he hasn't listened. Oh, well. Imagine if one of the Councilwomen took a bikini selfie and put it on their council FB page.

      3. Is there any data saying who is leading the race ?

      4. Anon @ 3:34, you're assuming they're monogamous

    2. A guy who posts his titties on facebook is not a serious candidate.

    3. Apparently no one here ever read Hugh Huge’s autobiography:

      Hugh Huge: The Man, The Myth, The Moobs

      You’d be telling a different story if you had. Stupid disliterates!


    4. When Mike said he was going try to change his public image by not wearing suits to try to appeal to more people, I had no idea that he would take that to such an extreme.


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