Trojan Mole in Bayonne?

From Hoboken to... Bayonne?

Holy MOLEy!

If sources are correct, it looks like the characters that tanked Occhipinti's campaign from the inside are looking for a second act- in Bayonne!

You just can't make this stuff up, folks.

To recap, there was at least one mole in Tim Occhipinti's mayoral campaign, presumably placed there to benefit opponent Ruben Ramos by 'screwing up' Tim's campaign and siphoning running-mate Frank Raia's loot.

Mission accomplished!  Occhipinti got an anemic 17% of the total vote.  Frank came in 7th place.

CC Dumbinatrix, Mistress Tim
Call it the mole-effect.

Not that Occhipinti was ever a 'winner' (he's our City Council Dumbinatrix), but the magnitude of failure was historic--  making national headlines for his  'Peyton Manning letter'.  Don't remember it?  Occhipinti's campaign  wrote a letter to Peyton Manning joking that his brother Eli must have a brain injury for endorsing Zimmer.   Ha ha ha?  

As reported by Earwitnesses, the mole wasted enormous amounts of Raia's campaign cash as he ran the campaign into the ground: 
Raia's reported aggregate contribution was $122,400.  Which brings Raia's portion of reported contributions to 71.3% of the total raised... GA's Earwitnesses described boxes of unopened campaign literature tossed out- 25 boxes for the BoE candidates alone, boxes of dog biscuits, money charged for street workers (but no street workers), computers and office equipment bought that weren't used, and then the expenses... like the $10,000 for an ad created by the team running the Ramos campaign, 50% reported to have been skimmed off the top by a greedy, double-crossing tuna.
Did you know the mole was a fish?   He swims in a tank owned by Councilwoman Beth Mason.
He hired the Ramos Team to do an Occhipinti TV commercial!
So, what about Bayonne?

Multiple sources claim that Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason is trying to sabotage the mayoral campaign of Bayonne's  Jimmy Davis. 


The same way the Occhipinti campaign was destroyed- from within by a mole.

Sources say that Mason has promised the Davis campaign big bundles of loot if  (and only if) they hire a certain employee of hers as a consultant. 

Can you guess who?

Sources say that Mason is shopping a lie to the Davis camp that she is "very angry" with his opponent, Mayor Mark Smith, hence the offer to "help" the Davis campaign.

What kind of "help"?

A Trojan MOLE.  

This mole comes bearing cash for the Davis campaign coffers. Once inside the gates, he spies and wrecks the campaign from within. (And no, Beth Mason is not "angry" with Mark Smith. That's a ruse.)

GA speculates this cash-for-mole swap is a favor to Mayor Mark Smith and his ally (and gubernatorial aspirant) Steve Sweeney. 

Hey, Bayonne peeps: beware of  MOLES bearing Mason-MOOLA.  

Speaking of Bayonne, GA will recount a strange incident that happened on my way to court on January 17, 2014.

I was followed as I walked south on Park, the guy was right behind me.  Then he caught up and said  "Hey! Did I meet you in Bayonne?He was short, in his 30's, dark-haired, wearing very dark glasses and holding a small, red camera. I said, "What's your name?"   He replied, "Ryan Mercado".  (Probably a fake)  I said "No" and kept going south.  The guy took off in the opposite direction.  Clearly a message designed to rattle me before my court appearance. Another one: a post appeared on MSV an hour before  court threatening GA with a second SLAPP suit.     

Hmmm... a 'message' from Bayonne, followed by an online threat. 

It is heartwarming that Mason's Trojan Mole appears to be "helping" his litigious political operative friends.

As for the plot to sabotage Davis' campaign, it begs the question: do moles fly south for the winter?

In Hudson County, they do.

One Hoboken's 10/25 2013 ELEC report, page 8


  1. those guys are such scumbags, i'm sure he had the camera to catch you if you fought back or yelled at him. hopefully davis will read this and smarten up about mason's "help". no wonder she needs a full-time staff, she's got her nose in everything....except what's best for the people of the 2nd ward.

    if this trip to court was SLAPP related, hope things went well.

    1. I was too preoccupied at the time to give it much thought, only that it was weird. Yes, it was SLAPP- related, sorry can't discuss at this time.

      It will be interesting to see how much of Mason's toxicity the rest of Hudson County will put up with in exchange for the Benjamins.

  2. Everything usually makes sense, but I'm just scratching my head here. Does Mason know she's trying to insert a double cross? Then certainly she must understand that her own campaign for Tim must have been setup as well...and yet she continues to employ the subject?

    1. Don't be puzzled. No one ever accused Beth Mason of being smart. Ever.

    2. I had that very conversation with a real savvy guy. Neither of us get it. A reader posted that she pays $150k-if true, I get the attraction from his end. But why keep him?

  3. The clock is ticking, 2015 is right around the corner. Mason has no where to land. that's all this is. She's looking ahead to a Sweeney admin, if she doesn't buy a better offer first.

  4. if u get followed again take a picture of the scumbag and post it.

  5. So what is this garbage that I hear about that skank, Spongetta. I hear that she has a new gig at some community rag in Bayonne. Too effing funny that shark bait has a new gig in Bayonne as well. These two asshats deserve each other. And any moron politico who takes the bait deserves everything bad that these two bring. Including the the more than likely valtrex prescription.

    1. I see where you get your name. That was vile. From the outside they look like a grifting team assigned to tip elections for a political master while throwing jobs to friends, inflating receipts and skimming cash off the top. It worked in Hoboken.


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