Operation Appleseed: another Mason Dud

First, here's what Renee Steinhagen's not-for-profit public advocacy group Appleseed SHOULD be doing for Hoboken.

Appleseed had 2006 Roselle, NJ election results overturned in NJ Appellate Court  due to absentee ballot FRAUD.

Sound 4thWard-familiar?   575 'paid workers-'familiar?  Or Beth Mason wheeling  $13.4K into the Occhipinti campaign-familiar?

Hoboken has 190 contested absentee ballots sitting on the desk of NJ Attorney General Paula Dow, an election fraud investigation is pending....  but Mason friend (Appleseed Executive Director) Renee Steinhagen is intervening to  advocate for a private bidder in a municipal HOSPITAL sale?

Mayor Zimmer's response to Steinhagen yesterday was pitch-perfect. The mayor noted hat the correct legal authority to hold public hearings on the sale of the hospital would be the Hospital Authority, NOT the mayor.   Or  Mason's City Council. 

So before GA unmasks Mason's latest scheme, here's an example of the good work Appleseed does:

 Absentee Ballots above ruled INVALID by NJ Appellate Court thus changing 2006 election results in Roselle, NJ- the plaintiff was represented by Appleseed
From their press release:
January 8, 2008
Contact: Renée Steinhagen, Executive Director, New Jersey Appleseed Public Interest Law Center, 973-735-0523/ Diana H. Jeffrey, Esq. Director of Government Accountability Program, 973-981-5862

Roselle, NJ – The Appellate Division issued an opinion today affirming a lower court’s ruling that “improprieties” on the part of Rosemarie Bullock’s campaign workers necessitated the invalidation of 31 absentee ballots cast for Bullock in the 2006 primary for the Borough of Roselle’s 5th Ward council seat. Those invalidated ballots voided Bullock’s victory, resulting in Christine Dansereau emerging as the winner of the primary. 
Ms. Steinhagen, won't you please bring your group into Hoboken for the May 10th election, to keep an eye on the absentee ballot chicanery that reaped the stack of  criminal complaints on the NJ Attorney General's desk?

Ms. Steinhagen, didja know your friend Beth Mason bragged to the local media about circumventing ELEC campaign donor limits by pumping cash into the campaign that reaped a tsunami of absentee ballots, including ALL the ones that are pending investigation in Trenton?

Ms. Steinhagen, have you read Blue Jersey's expose called "How much does it cost to buy an election in Hoboken, NJ?"

Adapted from the original Blue Jersey graphic

WOW.  We need you HERE, Appleseed.  For Hoboken's absentee ballot fraud and wheeling chicanery.

Onto Operation Appleseed.  From the March 2nd Steinhagen letter:

What is the Coalition for Quality Healthcare (CQH)?

Here's what they claim to be on their web site,   coalitionforquality.org:
The coalition is made up of community leaders, health care providers and employee unions, all of whom share one specific goal: Preserve HUMC as a full service acute care hospital that serves the needs of the Hoboken community.
Really?  WHO are these community leaders? WHO are their members?

Their web site doesn't say.  

Odd, isn't it? 

Look at any legitimate .org, like the Hoboken's Quality of Life Coalition and   you'll find a list of Board members.  GA adores Mike Novak.  His group, the Hoboken's Chamber of Commerce, posts  a list of their members online.

CQH doesn't want you to know who their members are.  Or doesn't have any. 

Now look at CQH's domain registration:

No legitimate .org does private registration. 

Compare with Appleseed's  (appleseednetwork.org)  registration:

Completely transparent.

So is Hoboken's Quality of Life Coaltition- GA checked. That's how legitimate not-for-profits, public interest groups and .orgs do it.

So WHO is the CQH?  Other than  Cammarano-backer CQH Co-Chair Kim Glatt? 

A source emailed me this:
It's a fake group put together by Mason, Russo, and _______________.(name removed) ___________ is the former wife of ___________ who was fired by Zimmer, they are both still Russo cronies.
Poor  Renee Steinhagen.  She's been NJDC-ed. 

Mason's used her friend, Steinhagen, and her fine organization, Appleseed, to damage  the mayor by dropping a bomb on the hospital sale.  

But like Mason's NJDC operation this bomb's a dud.

The Mayor took a pass on the bait, and the so-called 'coalition' doesn't hold up to scrutiny.  The 'coalition' is a coalition-- of Zimmer administration enemies trying to score a political hit. At the expense of Appleseed's credibility and the reputation of her honest and decent friend.

Ask Larry Stempler,  who got used in the NJDC smear-job gone awry.

Larry, if you want to make amends with me get in touch.


  1. When was Appleseed in last year's 4th Ward race, which had 30 times the number of suspicious ballots? It smells like a POG to me.

  2. Here's what real .org looks like. http://www.qlchoboken.org. Have a look:

    -Contact info (email, mailing address, phone)
    -How to join
    -Planned Events
    -Press releases
    -How to contribute / official legal designation (501c3)

    Good luck finding anything like that in the patently fake CQH. Apparently it's a coalition not looking for members, money, or support, not holding public events, meetings, or having an address.

    Here's the net effect of this latest bit of BS (following POG's "what wheeling?" ordinance, and NJDC's "what 1st amendment" condemnation of a font).

    We're all a little more cynical now.

    Whenever you hear what would normally be a public interest group taking the city to task, instead of thinking "good, checks and balances are the name of the game" you'll think, "how'd Beth get her hooks into this group; what's the money trail this time."

    You will not be giving them the benefit of the doubt; you'll assume there's a scam in the works and it's just a matter of connecting the dots.

    Thanks Beth. Why don't you poison the drinking water while you're at it.

  3. Renee Steinhagen may now assume her position as one of the latest in the firmament of the Mason cabal's star, hoodwinked victims which include NJDC, POG, Alice Crozier and the inchoate, corrupt political career of Tim Occhipinti. Not content with one, Mason is working on several deadly sins all at once. Her craven lust for power and those she would conspire with know no bounds. Eager to pick up the rallying cry, The Hoboken Distorter ran this piece of un-substantiated filth in today's canary-cage liner, even though the story only broke late Wednesday. It's nice to have low friends in high places. With certain others, Mason has high friends in low places. May all their vulgar habits and multitudinous crimes bring them down soon so that we may be rid of them and live in peace.


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