Thursday, September 3, 2015

R.I.P. Benny

GA mourns today's passing of Hoboken institution, Bari "Benny" Drishti (a.k.a. Benny Tudino.)  My sincere condolences to Benny's family and friends.

Unity plot or stirring the Pupie?

2014's  466 VBM windfall for BoE candidate Peter Biancamano

posted on Wednesday

Hoboken politics is never boring.

The latest: the Russo Faction has been working overtime on spreading the following:
PART ONEMayor Zimmer made a 'deal' with Frank 'Pupie' Raia.  The Mayor and Pupie are "working together."

PART TWO:  On Monday night, Peter Biancamano "had a fight" with Pupie, and defected to the Russo camp.  

GA knows "Part One" is wrong, for a FACT.

If and when the mayor speaks to Raia or Ramos, that doesn't mean deal-making; it is good politics to be civil to everyone (unless you want to end up like Beth Mason.)

And "Part Two"- the Biancamano switching teams rumor?  GA has couple of thoughts.
1. Who cares?

2.  If true, who cares?

3.  This smells like a dopey stunt orchestrated by dope(s).  Peter dump Pupie?  Right.... Biancamano's  going to dump the multi-millionaire developer for the guy shaking a tin cup. Sure...

Unless of course this is some kind of dopey 'Unity' orchestration.  Running Bonnie Murray as an 'independent' to siphon votes from Tiffanie Fisher?  Won't work either... she's covered in Ramos-Garcia stench.  MSV reported Mrs. Brian Murray celebrated with Ramos at his kick-off.  

More likely, Pupie is getting played somehow.  Like he got played in 2013.
Raia milked for $92K in 2013

GA hears a slimy, double-dealing Weehawken anchovy is "back in Hoboken."

In my OPINION, that rotten, scheming Benedict Tuna will go to the guy with the dough (Raia) and figure out a way to tap his Benjamins, while he sells him out to the Russos behind his back.   

Shhhh... don't let the Jersey City boys find out... 

4. Who cares?
Reform will not be distracted by these dopes running around, scheming with or against each other.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

NJSA 40A:16-3 "When office deemed vacant"- UPDATE

UPDATE- September 3, 2015 

As most know by now, the vacancy of 2nd Ward Councilwoman was unanimously excused last night, after a closed session discussion of the matter.  Mason was locked out of the closed session, during which at least one witness heard her screaming into her cell phone.

When the 8 members of the City Council recovened, Council President Bhalla introduced a resolution to excuse the 2nd Ward Councilwoman's "8 consecutive week, 56 day" absence.  Bhalla added he had spoken directly with Mason, Corporation Council and the rest of the Council members on the matter of Mason's vacancy.

Prior to the vote, a Horse galloped to the podium.  GA hopes to get the video cut of this episode, but I will state for the record, I'm in agreement with Horse's statement.

I believe Reform Council members followed the law.  On that basis, Mason was "excused" by all 8 members of the Council, allowing her to fill the remainder of her term.

The next concern for the 2nd Ward Councilwoman might be the matter of a residency requirement for a member of a governing body.  Sources tell GA the Councilwoman is living in the state of Virginia, where she operates a bed and breakfast. Virginia is a lovely state.  But how do 2nd Ward constituents access their the Councilwoman  from 300 miles away?  It doesn't matter if she has a mailing address in Hoboken; is she still living here?

The questions are:
1-- Is the 2nd Ward Councilwoman living out-of-state?  
2-- If so, does she meet the residency requirement for a New Jersey member of a governing body?

Original post 

Hoboken's 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason has failed to attend the following City Council  meetings:

Week 1: July 8, 2015
Week 2: July 15 
Week 3: July 20 
Week 5: August 5 

The 8th consecutive week was last week.  Beth Mason has failed to attend and participate in any meetings of the governing body for eight consecutive weeks- September 1 was the 56th day. .

By statute, it appears 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason's seat is vacated. 

What happens next?

Mason's seat became vacant on September 1, not "subsequent to September 1st".  

GA's reading of the above statute, NJSA 40A:16-4b: Mason's vacated seat will be filled at "the  general of regular municipal election." 

The 2nd Ward Councilwoman has missed 4 meetings and 8 consecutive weeks (56 days) of meetings.  

AWOL Councilwoman, photo credit: MSV
This is unacceptable for any City Councilperson, Reformers AND Dark Siders.

This lapse in service to her constituents and the entire City must not, should not, be condoned. It sends a terrible message to her constituents, and all Hoboken residents, that their elected representatives can go AWOL at any time without consequence.  

If the Council allows Mason to sit up on the dias with the 8 Council members, she must not (in my opinion) be permitted to vote going forward because she no longer has the legal standing to do so. The City must protect itself from liability. 

GA is no lawyer (although I did defend myself in the Bajardi-SLAPP for 17 months), but the statutes seem to be clear on the legal consequences of the 2nd Ward Councilwoman going AWOL.

Any lawyers out there to address this?  Please weigh in.

The Council must not condone law-breaking by one of it's own.    

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2nd Ward B Sting

The B's: Bonnie Murray and Peter Biancamano, 2nd Ward candidates for City Council


The eleventh hour exit of Beth Mason was supposed to clear the way for Peter Biancamano to take on Reform candidate, Tiffanie FisherSupposed to.

Ruben Ramos had other ideas.

Just two years ago, his chance to become mayor of Hoboken was dashed by the late entry of a third ticket headed by Tim Occhipinti.  This ticket, "One Hoboken," was largely funded by developer Frank Raia, an At-Large Council candidate running with longtime friend, Peter Biancamano. 

2013: Mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos with supporter Brian Murray

More recently, Ramos' allies Michael Russo and Carmelo Garcia, took a nasty dump on Raia  friend, Jamie Cryan, at the Hoboken Democratic Committee reorganization:
Cryan had appointed a Chairman Pro Tempore to take nominations but, acording to witnesses, before they could proceed Cryan was shouted down by Matt Calicchio, Michele and Michael Russo, Joe Branco, and Carmelo in an orchestrated coup to stop the secret ballot. What followed was orchestrated chaos: the Russo faction refused to acknowledge the Chair, seized the microphone, shouted, and finally took control of the mic. Chaos won. There was NO secret ballot, all forced to vote under the watchful eye of Garcia, Branco and the Russos. Here is what an eye witness told GA:"Michele, Michael, Matt Calicchio and Branco walked around telling people to raise their hands. Non Committee people were raising their hands. They pretended to count and then announced Romano as Chairman."
Russo's disrespecting Cryan and hijack of Hoboken's Democratic Committee only added to the bad blood between the Raia-Ramos camps.

And so, (in GA's opinion) that is why Raia's former "One Hoboken" running mate, Peter Biancamano, got a B-Sting yesterday.  

B as in B(onnie)... ouch!    

More: hubby Brian Murray is close to 4th Ward challenger Ruben Ramos and very close to 6th Ward Challenger Carmelo Garcia.  

How close?

Murray and pal Joe Branco were Carmelo Garcia's cheering section at the BoE...

...and Murray was at the head of the mob, cheering, "We can, we will, watch us!" for HHA Executive Director  Garcia the night he was fired.

 And so, from the heart of the Ramos camp, a B was dispatched to sting Biancamano.


GA note to Bonnie: Looking good... pretty photo.

Monday, August 31, 2015

No Unity Ticket

Thanks to Horsey's coverage of today's unfolding election drama, we now know who our candidates for Hoboken's municipal elections are.

First ward: Terry Castellano vs. Michael DeFusco

Second ward: Tiffanie Fisher, Bonnie Murray and Peter Biancamano.

Third ward: Michael Russo vs. Frank "Pupie" Raia

Fourth ward: Timmy Occhipinti vs. Ruben Ramos and Dana Wefer

Fifth ward: Peter Cunningham vs. Eduardo Gonzalez and Melissa Blanco

Sixth Ward: Jen Giattino vs. Carmelo Garcia

GA will have more to say tomorrow, but my initial thought was, "whatever happened to unity?"  There are two Dark Side tickets- it's Ramos vs. Raia.  

Another thought: "where are the Independents?"  No Patty Waiters?  No one but a Melissa Blanco?

GA finds the 2nd Ward race one of the more interesting; all candidates are 'newbies' whereas other wards are running an incumbent.

OK folks, that 's it for this evening.


HOBOKEN- In news that has stunned the Hoboken political world, 2-term Councilwoman Beth Mason has rejected the pleas of her constituents, deciding not to seek a third term in office.

Apparently Mason ignored the roar heard all weekend throughout the 2nd Ward, "Run, Beth run!" when early this morning she issued a statement on Hoboken's most respected news source,  In it, Mason pledges to remain involved and continue to help improve Hoboken in the way that has made her so popular citywide.

A lucid, coherent "Editor's note" penned by the mentally stable, Lithium non-user Perry Klaussen gives insight into... well, it is not clear:

Not to be scooped by a blog,  Hoboken's second most credible news source, The Hoboken Reporter, followed with it's own SPECIAL Beth Mason EDITION.  In an exclusive, Mason reveals she is departing Hoboken politics to focus on her other business ventures.

In a 2013-2014 application to New Jersey's Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Board obtained by GA, the liquor license for a Weehawken bar was transfered from it's original sole owner to a partnership: Councilwoman Beth Mason and James Barracato. The application shows Mason and Barracato each"owns or controls" a 50% share of the applicant business.

The 2013-2014 application shows the "license period applied for" is 07/01/2012 through 06/30/2015.

Bajardi v Pincus was filed on July 26, 2012, 3 weeks after the "partnership" obtained the license. Voluminous documetary proofs (emails) show "business partner" James Barracato acting as the SLAPP's Project Manager.

The "(bar) business partnership" created between a serving member of Hoboken's legislative body and her business partner involved in a very, very expensive SLAPP suit against her political enemies is a developing story.

For example, how do parties "running out of cash" in 2011 file an (estimated) $500,000, 3-year  SLAPP suit in 2012? 

Councilwoman Mason's mournful constituents can look forward to more on this developing story.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Much ado about Russo

Russo's 2011 campaign "fighting hate with love:"  mocking opponent's Mormon religion under screen name "LincolnWives"

GA can't figure out the hullabalo our local paper is making over the (so far) uncontested race in Ward 3.

Of course, Reform would like to run someone, or at least have Dark Side candidates firing cannons at each other.  But the fact that Reform does not have a candidate in the Third Ward is not all that deep.  It's not a metric of Zimmer's influence, nor a predictor of anything.  In fact, the Zim-bot Theory is disproven in Ward Three; Reform does have substantial support in Russo-ville as evidenced by the 2011 Election Results.

Reform candidate Greg Lincoln garnered 1/3 of the votes in 2011.  The fact is this: those interested in seeking public office are not evenly distributed in Hoboken's six wards, like sprinkles on a sundae.  No, some wards have plenty of sprinkles, others have less. In 2015, (so far) it looks like the Third Ward has none.

That's the way it goes, Dark Siders. Why get your bloomers in a twist?

As for Pupie Raia, GA would like to see him take on Mike Russo.  But the following came from a source:
Frank Raia will not be a candidate in this election. He's under doctor's orders not to run. Told me himself.
Was Frank telling the truth?

GA would implore Raia not to run if this is true.  But you know, people do what they want to do and not what they should do  (If GA had Frank's dough, I'd cash out of Hoboken in a heartbeat and buy a lakeside camp in the Adirondacks.)  So, who knows what Pupie is going to do, but MSV is reporting a rumor that "petitions were picked up late Friday on behalf of Frank "Pupie" Raia for the third ward City Council seat."

Well, it looks like the Dark Side is blowing a lot of smoke about the Third Ward, which tells you they're sh*tting pickles about the others. Ouch!  There goes another one!   

GA figures the Dark Side wants Reform to blow resources in the Third Ward, and so, this ado about Russo.   

To anyone who cares to step up: you've got 24 hours to get your petitions in.  But don't hold your breath, Dark Siders!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Who's the Boss?

And I object to being sued by pathological liars

As you know, "the SLAPP suit disguised as a defamation case" Bajardi v Pincus pulled back the curtain on years of political machinations that SLAPPers Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal were involved in.

The evidence produced by the SLAPPers plus existing evidence on film, in newspapers and miscellaneous documents was overwhelming.   As Judge Arre said when he threw the case out:
Here's a summary of my trial exhibits alone,  some presented during Bajardi's cross-examination by my attorney.
Videos: Exhibits D1a,D1b, D2-D7
Lane Bajardi Emails to Beth Mason: D8- D26
Lane Bajardi Emails to Perry Klaussen: D27- D67
Lane Bajardi Emails to James Barracato: D68-D75
Lane Bajardi to Ricky Mason: D76-D78
Micellaneous Emails by Lane Bajardi: D79, D80
Hoboken411 articles: D81-D87
Newspaper Exhibits: D88-D119
Other Documentary Exhibits: D120-D123
Interogatory Answers to be read to the jury: Answers:68,70,72,73,75,103,105
Deposition testimony to be read to the jury: excerpts from (7) pages 

But I digress! 

One of the major reveals of the discovery phase was the "working relationship" between Lane Bajardi and  It was a relationship cloaked in secrecy, as described in these email exhibits:


BEST LINE:  "My off the record comment to you is that the lawsuit is politically motivated bullshit designed to screw the political enemies of those who launched the suit.

While it was widely believed that Bajardi was writing for Hoboken411, their own discovery reveals the dynamic ("working relationship") between the two.  In particular the extent, influence and control that Bajardi held over that website.

It is a tale told by the email exhibits.  Below are 7 exhibits selected from thousands between Bajardi and Hoboken411, which have led GA and others to ask:





read from the bottom up


read from the bottom up

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hash Tuesday

GA's end-of-summer schedule does not allow time for another timeline-type narrative of emails produced by SLAPPers Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi (and filed as exhibits to my MSJ in Bajardi v Pincus.)  

No, but while narratives may show the flow of communications among the network of Mason operatives, single email communications are equally vivid snapshots  of the "misrepresentations" (Judge Arre's language) made by SLAPPer-Plaintiffs to the court, and upon which their "SLAPP-suit" was predicated.   

Everytime GA peruses the Bajardi emails, the SLAPPers' duplicitousness is exposed in new ways.

These communications between SLAPPer Kim Cardinal and 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason concern cellphone photos Cardinal took of [City official, name redacted] "shredding truck" allegedly "shredding documents."

On March 24, 2008,  Lane "not an operative" Bajardi writes to Beth Mason, his wife and others that her is "anxious to help" with (as Ricky Mason put it) "public relations" concerning an application before Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustment.  The zoning application concerned a property on Castle Point Terrace, behind the Masons' Hudson Street home.

On March 28, 2008, a Mason consultant writes "WE NEED MORE BLOGGERS" to Councilwoman Beth Mason, referring to a story about Ruben Ramos on

Who does Beth Mason turn to, to ask: "How do we get more people [bloggers]?"

Next, we have the trafficking of confidential information and use for publication on

Part 1-- At 9:35 PM on March 31, 2008, Lane "not an operative"  Bajardi desseminates "confidential information regarding closed Museum Board of Trustees discussions."

Part 2-- Several hours earlier, at 11:10 AM  Lane Bajardi forwards a link to his Hoboken411 article, boasting: "The eagle has landed."

Lane "not an operative" Bajardi's screed includes an excerpt about a "secret vote" taken by Museum Board trustees,"in exchange for the promise of a 7500 square foot payoff."

Museum Board ignores Plan, groups, election results…
Despite opposition from museum volunteers, the Board of Trustees took a secret vote to enter into a letter of intent to support Salvemini’s 10-story high-rise in exchange for the promise of a 7500 square foot payoff. Led by Chairman Larry Henriques (who along with his wife was also an active proponent of the rejected plan to build a high rise on the Church of the Holy Innocents) the Museum Board ignored the Master Plan’s parks mandate and years of work by open space advocates and the city council to build a park on Block 11. In response to this criticism, museum board supporters claim they are just saying they would take the space if a building is built there. Opponents say what they neglect to note is there would be no plan for a ten story high rise if they had not consented to it. No museum board approval would have meant no application for a high-rise condo proposal called “Museum Place”. 

Shocking, isn't it.

We were sued for telling the truth about these people. 

Judge Arre: February 10, 2015- Dismissal of Bajardi v Pincus