Thursday, May 21, 2015

"I'll add her to my list of Lenzians"



That burger sure looks good. If it ever comes, I hope it's juicy, not filled with empty calories.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Who needs her money?

credit: Mile Square View

The buzz is that Beth Mason has offered to underwrite her allies' political campaigns if they bring her the votes for Hoboken Democratic Chair.

Putting aside that paying for committee votes is illegal, two questions come to mind:
  1.  Is it worth 'war' with Mayor Fulop and his camp?
  2.  Who actually needs Beth Mason's money? 
Aside from Beth Mason, no one (yet) openly opposes the Jersey City mayor.   The incentive to do so might be a 'money problem,' which begs the question: who would really need the cash to run?
A look at the spending habits and funding sources of the incumbent candidates' 2011 campaigns tell quite a story.   

GA looks at the last 2011 campaign ELEC filed for Michael Russo, Theresa Castellano, Tim Occhipinti and yes, Beth Mason (who may decide to run.)

3rd Ward

RUSSO spent $33,160, account balance $0-- funding: 56% monetary contributions (over $300), 8% small monetary contributions, 17% in-kind contributions, 19% loans.
Campaign HQ: Yes

Result: 844 votes
Cost : $39.20 per vote

Russo for Council, October 15, 2012 ELEC
1st Ward  
CASTELLANO spent $24,595.54, account balance $0--funding: 92% loans (self-funded),   7.1% in-kind, 0.9% small monetary contributions
Campaign HQ: No 
Result: 633 votes
Cost: $38.85 per vote

The Committee to Elect Castellano 2011, Oct 15 2011 ELEC

4th Ward

OCCHIPINTI spent $63,015.40, account balance $0 ($3,947.02 transferred to 2015 account)-- funding:  70% monetary contributions (over $300), 25% small monetary contributions, 3% in-kind contributions, 2% loans.
Campaign HQ: Yes 
Result: 747 votes
Cost: $84.35 per vote

Timothy Occhipinti, Oct 15, 2011 ELEC

2nd Ward

MASON spent $364,759, account balance $979.94-- funding:  49% in-kind contributions, 40% loans, 10% monetary contributions (over $300), 0.9% other (transferred from prior campaign), 0% small monetary contributions,
Campaign HQ: Yes
Result: 644 votes
Cost: $566 per vote

Elizabeth Mason, April 15, 2015 ELEC
Conclusion (GA's Two Cents):

Castellano almost entirely self-funds, and in 2011 ran the most efficient campaign, spending the least per vote in her Ward.  Castellano doesn't need Mason's money.

Russo gets 64% of  campaign funds from monetary contributions, and a large amount of in-kind. His 2011 base of operations, the Russo Civic Association has closed. Still, he runs a lean campaign and came in second place for budget efficiency at $39.20 per vote.  Russo would be happy to take Mason's money.

Occhipinti got 95% of his 2011 campaign funds as large and small monetary contributions. Whooosh. He ran an indulgent campaign with paid consultants, and we know who was indulging him.  Wheel-y.  Timmy is in trouble in 2015.  He desperately needs Mason's money, but she appears to have cut him off.  

Mason is fully self-funded, ran the least efficient and most expensive campaign. Mason spent nearly 15 times more than Castellano per vote, and almost 7 times as much as Timmy.  A comic  self-parody of  excess, waste, and poor financial management, if the alleged 'deal' to buy the Dem Committee chair fails, it's time for Mason to disappear from New Jersey politics.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Star Ledge: Mason seeks to screw Steve Fulop

Oh, my!  Did you read today's Star LedgeShocking.

Their cover story dovetails with Al Sullivan's column this week:
"...Russo and Romano suggested Councilwoman Beth Mason as a compromise chair person. Most believe she won’t be running for reelection in the 2nd Ward and she would do well as bolstering the Democratic Party especially in helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president.

But for even more powerful people outside of Hoboken, Mason poses a threat, since she is aligned with state Senator Stephen Sweeney at a time when many in Hudson County are behind Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop’s possible run for governor. Sweeney is seen as a potential candidate as well.

A call from one of Fulop’s people apparently said that if Mason wants the chair, she would have to endorse Fulop and donate to his campaign, sources said. Mason apparently told the Fulop people to take a flying leap and to keep their nose out of Hoboken politics."
You know, GA poked around a little for information about whether the Dem committee chair was going to Beth Mason, as was rumored.  Responses I got from reliable sources ran the gamut from "She's not getting it" to "That bitch gets nothing."

Oh yes, the animus for Mason outside of Hoboken runs deep. Politically speaking, she's D.O.A. in Hudson County.

GA heard Beth Mason is considering starting her own Democratic organization, again dovetailing with the Sullivan column:
"Mason could also get around the fight by running her own ticket of Democratic committee people in the June primary against those who are currently there. If successful, she would be able to take over the Democratic party anyway and would likely become chair person by controlling all the votes."
While GA is told it would never work, a bad idea never stopped the Mason gang.

Well, as the Star Ledge referenced, the leaders of Hudson County municipalities have aligned behind Steve Fulop's gubernatorial ambitions- except for Beth Mason.   In the eyes of Fulop loyalists, supporting 'traitor' Beth Mason as Dem Committee President would be akin to giving Mayor Fulop  the finger.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Earwitness News

GA's gotten an earful today.   Hold on...I'm scooping out the mess in my ear.

Gross. Take a  look at those Q-tips:

Ugh, that is disgusting. What hideous deposits my Earwitness brought today. 

Alright, grab your Q-tips. Our conversation went something like this:
Earwitness:  Ricky Mason was really upset at the escalating cost of the lawsuit. The costs kept going up. He didn't want to pay any more. And that was before it got dismissed.

GA: What??? You mean Bajardi v Pincus?

Earwitness: Yeah. 

GA: You sure?

Earwitness: This came from the Mason camp.

GA: what else can you tell me?

Earwitness: They were coming after you. They hate Horsey as much now. It didn't turn how they wanted.  Ricky's going to explode if he has to pay [redacted].
There is more.  But GA has to withhold it due to a pending court ruling which may come any day now.

There is so much filth on those Q-tips.  Thank goodness that nasty crap is gone from my ear!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Matzner to the rescue!- UPDATE

GA just spoke to HHA Chair Dana Wefer who clarified the HHA has filled $500K of a $2.5M hole in the reserves inherited from former Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.   The reserves had been "plundered" to cover budget overruns.

According to sources, under new management "[the HHA] saved $100,000 by locking the inventory door."  

GA has updated original post accordingly.

Original post:
Just when we thought Al Sullivan's article about 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino and other Hoboken moms' quiet act of charity was embargoed from Hoboken forever...

"Moms make lunch for the homeless" appears in this week's Hoboken edition

Matzner to the rescue!

It doesn't matter WHY the paper decided to run the story in the Hoboken edition one week after it ran in Jersey City, it matters that they ran it where it belongs.... in Hoboken.  On the cover.

GA asked Jen if she had complained to the HR about the article's omission last week.  Her answer: "nope."

Perhaps they understood how badly the Hoboken embargo had backfired.  Who knowsGiattino is extremely popular- within her ward and out.  Unlike many Hoboken political figures, Jen is not a loud-mouthed gasbag with a slew of paid political operatives and consultants; she is a mom who quietly goes about doing 'her thing.'  Jen's 'thing' is helping the Hoboken community.  Yeah, she's Republican.  So what.  GA would choose Giattino over 1,000 self-serving Democratic Party gasbags without blinking an eye.

Speaking of embargoed information...

It is curious that The Hoboken Reporter's page 4 news "Brief" titled "Dana Wefer re-elected as Hoboken Housing Authority board chair" left out a huge piece of news.  In fact, it is a huge story.  To-date, the story has only been covered by MSV.

MSV's story is titled: "HHA Shocker: $2.5 million reserve loss turned into 500K surplus"

That is incredible.  Huge.  Here it is:
  "...the Hoboken Housing Authority announced its second quarter financials at its monthly meeting yesterday and the results are a stunner. Last year, the agency left in shambles under controversial Executive Director Carmelo Garcia rode through a $2.5 million hit on the agency reserves. With temporary ED Bob Divincent and HHA commissioner David Dening, the head of the finance committee, the agency announced it completely eliminated the hit on those reserves losses with numerous problems reversed and retains $500K in reserves. The amazing turnabout comes in less then a single calendar year."
Wow.  After Garcia was fired.  In less than one year.

How could that happen?  This story merits coverage in The New York Times.  And a federal investigation.

One example of how $2,500,000 'walked out the door' under Garcia control might be the $38.5K the HHA spent on diapering one elevator.

Remember that? In 2011 the HHA spent $385,000 replacing vinyl flooring in 10 elevator cabs.  When questioned about this expense, the HHA Board was told that the new floors were required to keep pee-pee from dripping onto the cab sub-floor and into the mechanicals.

Excellent!  Remember: the pee-pee belongs inside the elevator.  Next time you pee in an elevator, check that it's wearing a vinyl diaper. Okay? 

page 3 of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) Annual Performance Report 2011 

This is Hoboken, where certain news doesn't get the front page- or any page. 

GA congratulates HHA Chairwoman Dana Wefer, Finance Chairman David Denning, Commissioners Dave Mello, James Sanford, Judy Burrell and Interim Executive Director Bob DiVincent for using federal money on much-needed capital improvements to the Hoboken Housing Authority and not on vinyl diapers.

Remember to pee on VINYL, not linoleum. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Petro Blog Comes with a Disclaimer

Say it ain't so!

GA should have read Dr. Petrosino's disclaimer before I started making a fuss about him not telling the truth and that other accuracy-junk. 

It looks like he's not sure of his completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability either.   All of that original research and "related graphics" should only be relied upon "strictly at [our] own risk?"

Elections are a risky business. 

Sometimes production of inaccurate and unreliable "related graphics" by purported academics has a way of electing the wrong people.  You know, dopes or unethical types.  Sometimes both! 

Omission and/or redacting unpleasant data has a way of manipulating public opinion; in the political world it's called 'spin.'  Spin with bar graphs and curves, cloaked in mumbo-jumbo: deviations, triangulations, distribution curves, variables, and blabbity-blabber, may cause election of
incomplete, inaccurate, unreliable and unsuitable officials. 

So that's why Dr. Petrosino warns us about the veracity and reliability of his articles.  Because without a warning label [a.k.a. "Disclaimer"], he knows we might BELIEVE his crap and otherwise elect dimwits and/or scoundrels.    

Curiously, Petrosino's other academic blog has no disclaimer.

WARNING: Do not rely on the completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability of this graph, etc.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Petrosino ERASES* his Bogus Blog Entry (after GA calls him out)

Proof the district fared far worse under Dr. Petrosino.  Thank you, Kids First!

GA isn't sure what did it.

Was it pointing out the hypocrisy of the Raslowsky-Petrosino Era's utterly dismal QSAC scores- including the "34%" in DPR area "Instruction and Program"? 

Was it pointing out the 4 out of 5 QSAC scores he had redacted in the June 2014 letter were 90%, 96%, 100% and 100%?

Was it pointing out that the 'summary' of the 2013-2014 QSACs were 69%, and the 45% was an outlier?

Was it the crapademic graph corrected by GA, showing the tremendous advances the district has made under Kids First after the Petrosino/Raslowsky era?


But Dr. Petrosino erased the entire post; an admission that is was as GA called it, "CRAP."

Oh yeah, this is a short clip of Interim Superintendent Dr. Brockel's May 12 announcement  that the new QSAC score for our district in "Instruction and Program" is 75%. 

GA thanks Kids First for the wonderful job they are doing, and continue to do for the children of our district- including mine.

*"retracts/retracted" changed to "erases/erased" per comment by Anonymous May 15, 2015 at 10:01 AM

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dr. Petrosino's Propaganda Project

Why would someone with real academic credentials undermine his credibility with a transparently political blog, festoon it with easily debunked, cartoon-like graphs and crudely redacted letters?

Meet crapademic Anthony Petrosino. His latest excretion is "Hoboken Public Schools Score 45% on QSAC DPR in Instruction and Program....4th Consecutive Year of Failing Scores During Kids First Era."

Why does GA call Dr. Petrosino's May 11, 2015 blog post an  "excretion"?

For one thing, he writes: "Under the political group known as Kids First and their Board of Education majority leadership...the score in Instruction and Program have fallen dramatically." 

Um, no....

Last night Interim Superintendent Brockel announced the district's new QSAC scores, and the score for the DPR Area "Instruction and Programing" was 75%.

That's right. 75% not 45%.

Hey, crapademic Petrosino was only off by 30 points. There's more; refer to Exhibits 1 through 4 below.




Petrosino produces a letter from the NJDOE dated July 16, 2014, with the district's QSAC scores. Oddly, Petrosino redacts 4 out of 5 scores. WHY? 



The 45% score cited in June 2014 was an outlier.  The NJDOE 2013-2014 QSAC scores for the Hoboken district in the DPR Area of  Instruction and Program was 69% (not 45%)


Here is the Petrosino crapademic graph corrected by GA. The outlier was removed; replaced by NJDOE QSACs for the 2013-2014, showing a 69% score for "Instruction and Program."

 Lesson over, boys and girls.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

HR publishes "Enemies List" of Public School "Sympathizers"

Birds of a feather.

Folks, its 1954 all over again. 

The tabloid that banned the name "Jen Giattino" from this week's Hoboken edition, has published the names of private citizens who've donated to the Hoboken Public School's Legal fund.

GA will explain why.   Remember these quotes from the April 14, 2015 BoE meeting?
  I cannot wait to get the list of the folks that are funding this ridiculous legal action."
The Hoboken Reporter, fresh off banning "Moms make lunch for the homeless" featuring 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino ...

Story about Hoboken Moms outing  parents of public school students, so their Dark Side allies can keep their hands clean when these mothers and fathers are attacked in public venues and online.

GA knows the game. 

Hoboken411 is dead, long live The Hoboken Reporter, where the Dark Side launders the "news."

This is nothing new, of course.  The paper's pillow talk with 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason and political operative  James Barracato is not a matter of speculation, thanks to many exhibits produced by Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi  in Bajardi v Pincus.

GA has digitized the name of the reporter, then employed by Publisher Dave Unger.

Isn't that charming?

Back to 2015: publishing the names of PRIVATE CITIZENS is an EDITORIAL decision.

Note, the cowardly editor at The Hoboken Reporter left the name off the byline:

Let there be no mistake: all donors are named on the BoE agenda; all donors are public record.  It is fair to publish the names of public officials, but...


The Hoboken Reporter is doing the laundry for the Dark Side. So Dark Side politicos have 'clean hands' if and when private citizens are BULLIED by others, or anonymous screen names online. 

Like Curious Gal and prosbus, a.k.a. Anthony Petrosino.

The Hoboken Reporter quoted the crapademic blog of Anthony Petrosino this week, but... did they mention his hundreds of "Curious Gal" and "prosbus" posts attacking Mayor Zimmer and other members of Reform?

When does HoLa take a stand against this schmuck*? (*GA's non-actionable opinion based on documentary evidence he's a schmuck).

Typical Petrosino Crapademic CRAPOLA on his crappy blog

Make your check or money order payable to “Hoboken Board of Education” and write “Legal Fees for Appeal” in the memo section.  Send to:

Hoboken Board of Education
Business Office
158 Fourth Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monster Attacks Hoboken Moms!

HOBOKEN- On Mother's Day, May 10, 2015, a monster devoured the story, "Moms make lunch for the Homeless" from the Hoboken edition of the Hudson Reporter.

The story was about a group of Hoboken moms who have been bringing lunches to the Hoboken homeless shelter for 8 years.

One of the moms is also an elected official, Jen Giattino, the 6th Ward Councilwoman.  Mrs. Giattino, mother of 3 boys, began bringing food and helping at the Hoboken Homeless shelter "long before [she] became a councilwoman or before politics entered [her] mind."

Is there any coincidence that the monster devoured the story in the Hoboken edition but not in the Jersey City edition?

Could it be that Jersey City residents don't vote in Hoboken elections? 

Could it be that monsters want to elect their kind, not the kind that quietly serve the Hoboken community?

After devouring "Moms make lunch for the homeless" story, the monster regurgitated one about North Bergen and West New York mayoral races.   It landed in the space where the one about Hoboken moms feeding the homeless belonged.

Monsters do monstrous things.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day DIS: HR blocks Giattino story in its Hoboken edition

So, this friend of mine asked me how I liked the Jen Giattino story in the Hoboken Reporter this week.

I said, "What story?"

My friend, who lives in Jersey City said, "You know, how she and a bunch of other moms make lunches for the homeless shelter..."

GA checked this week's The Hoboken Reporter; the one that says "Happy Mothers Day" at the top.

NO Giattino story. This is what the Hoboken paper published instead*:  

* This was not published in the Jersey City edition. 

Hoboken, now do you see why this paper sucks?

Understand?  A heartwarming Hoboken story about a bunch of moms who've quietly been feeding homeless for years gets bumped for a story about North Bergen and West New York elections????

Excuse me, but for 99.9% of Hoboken residents who don't follow North Bergen or West New York politics, this story goes in the 'who gives a shit' file.

While Jen Giattino, is just as popular for her quiet acts of charity and community service as she is for her service on the City Council.

The Reporter's crass effort to SUPPRESS information about good works in our community, simply because they cast a reform politician in a good light, is true to the brand of The Hudson Reporter: drenched in partisan political bias, completely disinterested in the community it serves.

"The bounds of The Hoboken Reporter's speech"- suppressing news for political purposes

Folks, please READ the Giattino article as a Mothers Day Tribute to all those selfless moms dissed by The Hoboken Reporter on this Mothers Day.

With the assistance of a friend from the local charter school, Jen Giattino, councilwoman for the 6th Ward in Hoboken, struggled up Second Street carrying three shopping bags filled with pre-made meals.

As is her routine on Tuesdays, Giattino was delivering meals she and other parents made for distribution at the Hoboken Homeless Shelter.

“I started coming to the shelter about eight years ago,” she said, “long before I became a council person or politics even entered my head.”

The shelter at Bloomfield and Third streets resides in the heart of one of the more affluent parts of the city. A good portion of Bloomfield Street is made up of old brownstones converted over the years into condominiums.
This is more evidence that The Hoboken Reporter is a political operation dressed up as a newspaper.

It's rumored that Giattino will be opposed in the 6th Ward race by Carmelo Garcia, a 'friend' of the newspaper.  Clearly, keeping Hoboken residents in the dark about Giattino's years of feeding Hoboken homeless serves that purpose.

As a mom, GA is personally offended by this dis on, of all days, Mothers Day.

I wish you all- whoever you are... a very Happy Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ferrante's HPD Investigation finds "Open Air Drug Market" in Hoboken

Read full article- City of Hoboken

Fifteen arrests, plus 3 more later... according to

Holy cow, an "open air drug market" in Hoboken?  Apparently so, according to a 2-month investigation performed by the HPD Narcotics Unit and the Hudson County Prosecutors office. 

According to
"Eighteen people were arrested for selling marijuana, heroin and crack outside the West Side Plaza, a strip mall on Jackson Street, Hoboken police Chief Kenneth Ferrante told NJ Advance Media. Police arrested 14 people on Friday afternoon and one man on Wednesday in connection with the drug sales, he said. A majority of the people arrested were outside the strip mall at the time of the raid. After police announced 15 arrests late on Friday, three more men were arrested near the Hoboken Housing Authority in connection with drug sales outside the strip mall, Ferrante said."
Yikes. Excellent work by our HPD under Chief Kenneth Ferrante. Make no mistake, this is very  dangerous work.

GA is heartened to see an HPD focused on crime, not politics nor nailing the geeks of  Reform.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Something About Irene

This loony diatribe on the 'academic blog' of a Texas professor  is the rebuttal to BoE Trustee Irene Sobolov's letter to the HR

What is it about Irene Sobolov that drives the Dark Side nuts?

It is amusing- unless you are Irene.  Then, it's not so funny.  In fact, if you become fodder for an angry, obsessed miscreant who takes shots at you from Texas on his nutty pseudo-academic Hoboken-centric attack blog,  you may not be so tickled.

Or if you have obsessed miscreants photographing your home and following you from meetings...  well, that's not exactly a hoot and a holler.

The following Affidavit was attached to Exhibit B of my Cross Motion to Compel or Dismiss Complaint for Plaintiffs' Failure to Produce Discovery filed on February 20, 2014.



For the record, the Sobolov Affidavit was disputed at the September 12, 2014 deposition of Plaintiff Kim Cardinal Bajardi, as follows.

Folks, I don't know what it is about Irene Sobolov, but perhaps it is time for her to consider an Order of Protection. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hillary, watch where you step

article credit: MSV

Oh, dear!  As a lifelong registered Democrat and supporter of Hoboken's first Lady mayor (and first Jewish one), GA has become increasingly concerned about big problems ahead for (potentially) America's first lady president!

So, let's say your shoe were headed for a steaming pile of dog doo, wouldn't you want someone to tap you on the shoulder and say, "Hey, don't step there!"

That is what GA would like to do.

Hillary, imagine what the local and/or national media would do with this?  Before FOX News operatives  embarrass you, GA would like to say, "Hey, don't step there!"

There is more.

The  2012 The Nazi Truck was not the first time Beth Mason introduced a 1935 poster of "Triumph of the Will," with a swastika (digitized by GA) into Hoboken politics.

There are many examples in the public record.

Here is one: a newsletter to constituents.

Mason's "Dear Neighbor" newsletter, "Pincus Letter.doc" was (according to document properties) created on Novmber 4, 2010 at 10:26 AM, and saved at 5:37 PM.

According to the email it was attached to, the Nazi poster newsletter was "put together" by Beth Mason's personal attorney and her chief political operative.

It is a matter of public interest and public concern that viable national candidates do not soil their campaigns with ELECTED OFFICIALS who have used Nazi era Movie posters emblazoned with swastikas to attack political opponents. 

Please Hillary, keep your shoes clean.