Thursday, May 5, 2016

The New Civility

GA streamed the Hoboken City Council meeting last night; I was one of 13 people streaming in a city of 53,000- not bad!

Percentage-wise, that's a whopping 0.00245%.  

While the lull between elections may account for some viewer migration, GA thinks another reason may be that Council meetings are so different now-- since the 7-2 Reform majority was seated.

Yep, those old meetings were 4-baggers... never knew what might happen!

Would Mike Russo tell Peter Cunningham to go home and cut eyeholes in his pillowcases?

Would Timmy pop out of his seat and refuse to participate in a vote for a new HHA Commissioner or antagonize Corporation Counsel to the point where she threatened to sue?

Would Terry Castellano insult a member of the public?  Would she be caught emailing confidential city business to Mason operative James Barracato only to blame it on 2 glasses of wine?

But the biggest Council freakshow came courtesy of  Beth Mason and her revolving entourage of political operatives. Mason's 'ass menagerie' included her personal videographer, his father, her bloated ape 'bodyguard', and her uni-browed desperado, all ready to heckle and intimidate speakers on the other side of the aisle.

The Mason clown car launched one folly after another on the City Council stage.

Who could forget her jihad for the emails of the Mayor's communications staff? Or when she pretended "the Council Minority" had negotiated the deal with HoldCo that saved our hospital?  Like Lucille Ball's antics to be in show business, Mason's antics pursuing political stardom (show business for ugly people) were never-ending: phone polls, ads, tv commercials, color mailers, "Dear Neighbor" newsletters, weekly newspaper ads...

Mason's 'power' is loot, seemingly entrusted to her political operative "Treasurer" who spent it profusely and unwisely.  GA hears that swaggering turd was mocked behind his back, but never to his face...  nope, everyone had their hand out for her Benjamins.  So, if Mason self-funded $1.396M for her Council and Mayoral races, one can only imagine the geyser of loot she poured into perpetual campaign mode and vicious political vendettas, which inevitably, spilled onto the City Council stage.

New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission  published their White Paper 26, “Legislative Elections 2013- Big Spending, Little Change Plus a History of Self-Financing by Legislators and Others,” 

Yep, don't I know!

Mason's personal photographer and his Daddy videotaped me for 12 months at the zoning board and their "film" starring me played on the Nazi Truck parked across from City Hall on meeting night. Mason backed a resolution to boot GA off the ZBA over a BLOG post,  "FBI Letter No. 4" which Timmy read into the record!  Oh, then there was the easel weasel art show; to which some Reform friends on the Council rolled over and played dead. But the biggest and most expensive of Mason's political operations was (and still is) her SLAPP suit.

For her conduct, the public grew to despise her, which wore on her face like the portrait of Dorian Gray.


Watching last night's meeting, it's like a toxic cloud over Hoboken has lifted.  It looked like an actual government meeting, with decorum and civility between all parties, no Stupid People Tricks, and dare I say-  a showing of respect among 'factions.'  Like a 60's Love-In without the beads, weed and bong.

What does it mean?

Is this another Dark Side political strategy, or are 'things' finally working as they should at the City Council?

Perhaps it's temporary.  I hope not.

For now, welcome to the New Civility!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Conflict of (you know...)

Email returned to GA from OPRA request

Honestly, who has time to read through 2,500 emails?

(Unless of course, you're the target of a scorched-earth, politically-motivated SLAPP suit launched by devious political operatives, "allegedly" paid for by a washed up, wannabe- pol...)

Yep,  2,500 emails were returned on GA's OPRA request to the HHA; a fraction of Executive Director Carmelo Garcia's (approximately) 30,000 emails recovered from HHA servers after his departure.

The above email is one of many that hint at an inappropriate relationship between parties- that is my OPINION.

See what I mean?  The former HHA Executive Director is asking the HHA Counsel to 'proofread' a draft of his lawsuit against the HHA....

But you know, GA is not attorney.  So I shared this email with a real attorney to get his thoughts.

He was shocked, and said:

Daglian's client was the HHA.

Daglian had a fiduciary duty and duty of loyalty to the HHA to warn it of impending litigation.  In addition, Daglian, as counsel, had a duty to guide the Board in how to properly document and handle a claim by an employee that they were being retaliated against for being a whistleblower.  By taking that allegation from Carmelo and sticking it in his back pocket instead of handling it in the way laid out in the employee handbook, he strengthened Carmelo's claim and aided him in building a case.

However, the stinkiest part of this email is that the relationship between Daglian and Carmelo was so close, so over the line, that Carmelo thought it was appropriate to ask for Daglian's guidance on how to sue his employer.

Oh, dear.... GA was right, this relationship DOES stink.

GA has no idea why the case was withdrawn on January 15, 2016. None.

But from the sampling of emails I've read...

Case closed!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Big Building, Big PILOT, Big SHADOW- UPDATED

Updated:   Thanks to those online and offline who have clarified that the 424 units are not "on the table."  A friend who is very familiar with these agreements told me Bijou's promise to do the public spaces first was "unbelievable" and was impressed with the amenities the city was able to negotiate. Like GA, he opposes the PILOT.

GA's concern for aesthetics of the building are noted in the original post (see Screaming-guy below).

Hopefully the city will encourage  the developer to put setbacks on the park side of the project, to minimize the wall-effect.


GA won't beat around the bush.  WTF is Hoboken doing here? 

Does our city need THIS continuous, block-wide, uninterrupted monolith of 424 residential units in exchange for a slot of green space that 'feels' more like a building set-back than a park, cast in the shadow?*  [*see update]

Does our city need to encourage construction of a disturbing colossus by awarding the developer a PILOT?

GA's taxes (and yours) keep going up; giving this thing a PILOT is a slap in the face.

How about NO PILOT and proposing a building with an appropriate scale for its neighbors? 

Well, GA used Photoshop to illustrate one of many possible configurations more in proportion to its neighbors, one which will admit more light and sun  to Monroe Park, that would otherwise be blocked by a 14-story block-wide monolith.

Developers need to include shadow studies with their large scale proposals.

Thanks, Scream-Guy. 

GA used to live downtown on sunny River Street before the construction of the SJP waterfront buildings turned it into a darkened canyon. This 14-story monolith will have the same effect on the slot of green, Monroe Park, below.

This proposal is wildly out of scale for the back end of town.

If we can't make it work for the neighborhood, then maybe it doesn't work.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Assemblyman Emeritus

GA had no idea that anyone can be an Emeritus... until I saw this poster:

According to the poster,  Carmelos Garcia is a self-titled "Assemblyman Emeritus."

Wow.  I thought "Emeritis" was a title conferred by others at retirement as an honor for having served a long, successful career.

I had no idea that one could do anything for more than 5 minutes, resign or fail, and call him/herself "Emeritis!"

Which makes GA a Glee Club Emeritis, a Sleepaway Camper Emeritis, and a Shower and Tooth-Brushing Emeritus... and so many more!

What about you?


 GA has some NEWS about Assemblyman Emeritus' "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit....

Here we go!

The last iteration of  "ethnic cleansing suit" (or the $2.4 Million Taxpayer Shakedown Lawsuit) was withdrawn without prejudice a couple of weeks ago, with consent of the parties.  

But don't get too excited, people.... because the deadline for re-filing the lawsuit fast approaches.  So expect the NEXT iteration of the lawsuit will come- it promises to be strident and peculiar!

In the meantime, until it comes back like a bad burrito, just call it the "Ethnic Cleansing complaint Emeritus."

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Tale of Two Treasurers

Riddle:  How many Treasurers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer: Ummm... two?

No, just one.

But, there's no rule against two Treasurers screwing in a light bulb-- or even a dozen.

The same with a 501(c)3.  A 501(c)3's Board can do whatever it wants - it can fill a stadium with Treasurers.  You know the saying: it takes a village of Treasurers to raise a 501(c)3.  

GA brings up this Tale of Two Treasurers because I was wondering which one- Treasurer No. 1 or Treasurer No. 2- has been tallying the gross receipts for the Mason Civic League, Inc...   

Because for the past 5 years, the 501(c)3 has reported "gross receipts not greater than $50,000" on its e-Postcard returns.

click image to read

Now GA is really confused.

Since at least 2011 the Mason Civic League, Inc. has held "community space"  and administrative office space at 1200 Washington Street, Hoboken NJ- the address used by Treasurer James Barracato on the charity's business filings with the state.

But.... GA's understanding is that the IRS calls office space donations "in-kind donations"...and  the recipient must be a tax-exempt charitable organization or 501(c)(3)- like the Mason Civic League, Inc.

In turn, the recipient charity files the "in-kind donation" of office space (fair market value of rent) on "Non Cash Contributions" Schedule M of Form 990.  

GA is stumped.  I am a layperson, no expert on business accounting... but where is the Civic League reporting the non-cash contribution of the 1200 Washington Street space?

I know, we need more Treasurers to figure this out!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Puzzle Pieces

GA needs your help!

 Can anyone put these 5 puzzle pieces together?


Here is a NJ Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services Business Status report for Newton Lao Leonard & Locke, LLC dated- today!

According to the report,  Newton Lao Leonard & Locke, LLC's business charter was suspended on November 16, 2012.  It's current charter status is "REVOKED for not filing annual report for 2 consecutive years." In fact,   Newton Lao Leonard & Locke, LLC's charter with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury was revoked in 2012.   Putting it simply, since 2012 this company has been "off the books."


On February 5, 2015, the Principal/Agent of Newton Lao Leonard & Locke, LLC, Elizabeth Mason, testified under oath at Plaintiff Lane Bajardi's trial in Jersey City.

Under oath, Mason testified:
"I have a company, Newton Lau [sp] Leonard & Locke" and that company has employees "now."


Hoboken elected officials are required to file a Financial Disclosure Report. The  2014 Financial Disclosure Statement, Section II-A, Councilwoman Elizabeth Mason lists Newton Lao Leonard & Locke, LLC as a  "source of income... in excess of $2,000."   On Financial Disclosure Report Section II-D, she reports an interest in (only) two business entities,Newton Lao Leonard & Locke, LLC and Cooper Place, LLC. 


GA is totally confused!   I am a layperson, not a financial expert!  I pay an accountant to figure out my taxes.  None of this makes sense to me.

I have so many questions.

Can an LLC still operate as a business after their charter is revoked?   Is it "invisible" to the state? How does it report revenue to the state and federal government?  How does it report payroll, and  how do employees report income? 


Here is a NJ Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services Business Status report for Mason Civic League, Inc. dated- today!

The Mason Civic League is a non-profit corporation. The current status is "active."   There are (3) Principals to this non-profit corporation: President Beth Mason,  Treasurer Ricky Mason and Treasurer James Barracato.

The Mason Civic League, Inc, has TWO Treasurers. 

Treasurer James Barracato, a Weekhawken resident,  reports his address is 1200 Washington Street in Hoboken.   

Why two Treasurers- does one put money in and the other take it out?


On February 8, 2012,  Lane Bajardi sent an email to  Treasurer James Barracato. Bajardi attached a document, Attorney Intro.doc, and wrote:

"If this  isn't enough to sue somebody I don't know what is... I realize going with an attorney who Ricky and Beth are comfortable with is key." 

Now, those are a couple of puzzle pieces. Maybe they complete more than one puzzle.

As a Hoboken taxpayer subsidizing the Mason Civic League, Inc. non-profit corporation, and a SLAPP suit Defendant, GA wants to solve puzzles.

The public is allowed to access IRS 990 tax returns for 501(c)3 non-profits- that is why the public cannot see the deposits of money into, and expenditures out of the Mason Civic League, Inc.

The Mason Civic League, Inc has filed IRS e-Postcard Forms since 2010.

Maybe that's another puzzle piece. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

NJ Senator Stephen Sweeney on

 There he is, South Jersey's Senate President Sweeney 
Look!  There's NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney posing with Beth Mason, on the home page of,!

Why shouldn't Sweeney lend his support to the Mason Civic League?  There could be a Sweeney fundraiser in it for him at 1200 Washington- you never know.

Speaking of 1200 Washington Street, home of the taxpayer-subsidized Mason Civic League...

Did you know, the IRS permits 'small' 501(c)3 charitable organizations ($50,000 or less in annual gross receipts) to file a an "e-Postcard" federal tax return?

e-Postcard returns allow small charities to circumvent filing IRS 990 'long form'.
The IRS 990 'long form' is detailed, through and transparent: a line item reporting of the charity's income and expenses; amounts of money in and from where (program service revenue, investment income, contributions, grants, other revenue), how monies were spent, the charity's total assets and total liabilities, the structure and staff of the organization: number of individuals employed, salaries, compensation, employees benefits, and so on.

You can see what GA means- here is a completed copy of an IRS 990 Form executed for a large charitable organization.

This is what an e-Postcard filing looks like:

That's the whole thing!  Can you believe it?

Well, GA has a question (or two) about this e-Postcard filed for the 2014 Tax Year.

Why is the "mailing address" provided to the IRS for Mason Civic League different from its advertised address-- the 1200 Washington Street storefront that 'hosts' the Mason Civic League?

Why is the "mailing address" provided to the IRS for Mason Civic League different from the address published on its own web site?   


This is the current listing on NJ Directory of Registered Charities for the Mason Civic League. 

For "income" the Charity does NOT show the  in-kind contribution' of the 1200 Washington Street space.   The value of the RENT is "income" which GA believes should be filed as "Other Support."
GA estimates the rent for 1200 Washington is approximately $3000-$4000/month. 

What would most likely happen if the rental contribution of  the 1200 Washington Street space were added as 'income' to the Mason Civic League?  

No  more e-Postcard filings.  The 501(c)3 would submit an IRS 990 (or 990-EZ) Return (like the Boy Scouts of America Greater New York Councils). 

Maybe that's why the IRS hasn't been provided with the "charitable organization's" 1200 Washington Street address? 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Omitting Accomplishments in the Hoboken Public Schools

GA respects works of authentic scholarship written by the eminently qualified Dr Jekyll.

Dr. Jekyll is well-educated and accomplished enough in his field to have been invited to speak at various universities such as Carmelo Garcia's alma mater, Harvard.  You know, Jekyll is fluent in mumbo-jumbo, the high-falutin' jargon of the academic world.  

It's Mr. Hyde who shapes D-J's high-falutin' jargon into machetes to throw at the Hoboken School District and its Board members.  GA calls the destructive projectiles  'crapademia.'

Whack! Whack! Whack!  Chop! Chop! Chop! 

When the naughty Hyde gets busted for truth-chopping, the erudite Dr. Jekyll steps in to change the subject; he'll publish genuine academic filler on  "Dr. Jekyll's Education Project."  Recently, he changed the subject from a Hyde hit piece by writing about his accomplishments in the Hoboken Public Schools.

Unfortunately, Dr. Jekyll omitted his most lucrative accomplishments!

For example, there's the 'double-employment' accomplishment and working  nearly 2 years without a contract accomplishment.

Not a peep about those!

Starting with the "double employment" accomplishment...

A full-time job paying $140,000 (base salary) with the Hoboken School District from 2007-2009 is an accomplishment...

"2008-2009  Administrative Contracts" 

...while teaching classes in Austin, Texas!

 Exhibit, Anthony Petrosino v Hoboken Board of Education , Docket L-5230-09

 Exhibit, Anthony Petrosino v Hoboken Board of Education , Docket L-5230-09

What an accomplishment!

The Austin payroll which overlapped the Hoboken employment [in yellow] totals $58,378.

And even more accomplishments:  no employment contract for the Hoboken job until April 7, 2009!

Deposition of A. Petrosino, Anthony Petrosino v Hoboken Board of Education , Docket L-5230-09

The late arrival was signed and dated by Hoboken School Board President Frances Rhodes-Kearns on April 7, 2009.  Better late than never?

Don't miss ONE MORE accomplishment buried in that contract.

How MANY professional days may be "devoted to duties as a Professor in Austin, Texas as approved by the Superintendent" (after-the-fact)?


Saturday, April 23, 2016


People call me rude, I wish we all were nude 
I wish there was no black and white, I wish there were no rules 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Texan Muzzled

Oh, NO!

Sometime this afternoon the Texas Truth-Twister's Facebook page suffered a casualty...

His April 18 Crapademic excretion in which he outed his collusion with the 3 Hoboken School Board Trustees and a 2017 mayoral candidate has disappeared!  

Somebody put out an Amber Alert for a runaway turdblossom!

Yep, this afternoon the post attacking the Hoboken school district went POOF! And with it, the names of Count Crapula's co-conspirators-in-Crapademia!

I guess SOMEBODY wasn't supposed to let the rat out of the bag... TOO LATE.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Biancamano, Madigan & Montgomery endorse attack on Colleagues?


The disgruntled former Hoboken district employee who flings poo from Austin, Texas at the Hoboken Board members who canned him (or declined to renew his contract in 2009), later sued (he lost and had to pay the BoE) has added new members to "Team Crapademia."

You see, the mad miscreant's latest pile of cyber-dung, lovingly excreted with the pretense of scholarship is called, "2015 Hudson County High School Graduation Rates- Hoboken Falls Below State Average for 5th Consecutive Year Under "Kids First/Reach Higher Hoboken!" Leadership."  

In response to this dung missile, GA handed him his ass.  But, instead of slinking off into the Texas sunset, he's planted his flag in his own crap-heap and is standing his ground... doubling down on Facebook with (political) celebrity endorsements.

Incredibly, the Crapademic Crackpot took his political operative role public by tagging his post "with" sitting Hoboken School Board Trustees, Peter Biancamano, John Madigan and Britney Montgomery.   

Are these three sitting Board members really "with" Count Crapula?

 If so, welcome to "Team Crapademia."

Hoboken Public School Superintendent Christine Johnson may have something to say about  a public endorsement of a false, politically motivated attack by Board Members against fellow Board members.

GA suggests potential Team Crapdemia Board Trustees study New Jersey School Board Association's "Basic Boardmanship" by B. Robert Anderson.

From Chapter 1:

New Jersey School Board Association's "Basic Boardmanship" by B. Robert Anderson 

In my opinion, BoE Trustee Britney Montgomery has a heart and a mind (like anyone who has taught Special Education kids) and is being played by the Dark Side. She'll figure it out... Hope springs eternal!

In the meantime, this is one of Count Crapula's CRAPOLA-graphs "endorsed" by sitting Hoboken district Board members Peter Biancamano, John Madigan and Britney Montgomery.   .

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

When Hoboken's BoE was a patronage mill and piggy bank...

As GA wrote yesterday, one of the shocking 2007-2008  Hoboken School Audit findings [No. 2008-10] included the "transfer out" of Charter School appropriations "without prior approval" in "unknown" amounts,  for "cause" unknown.
"But GA, that was 7 years ago!  Kids First/Reach Higher has put a STOP to the abuse of public monies and turned around the mess that was left by Anthony Petrosino and his boss, Superintendent Raslowsky!"
Yes... but let me remind you...

3 school board seats will be contested soon.  

We are 2 seats away from Dark Side hands (back) in the $69M cookie jar.

Hence, these 'old'  BoE audits are a giant red flag for 2016.

The unauthorized "transfer" of money out of Charter School appropriations is just one shocking example; these 'old' audits reveal that Hoboken's public schools were pillaged by a Dark Side cabal- disastrous record-keeping, checks cashed without proper signatures, no-bid contracts, students not found in class registers....

Here's one: in 2005-2006 the Hoboken Public School District had no pay ledger.

source: Hoboken Public Schools audit ending June 30, 2007 

A different audit for Hoboken Public Schools reported a staggering 1,050 employees on the payroll in the [same] 2005-2006 school year.

The 2005-2006 School Board  included Jack Raslowsky, VP Carmelo Garcia and President Frank Raia.

Page 40- NJDOE Performance Audit of Hoboken Public Schools 

When a school district operates without a pay ledger and/or incomplete HR/payroll file, it always helps to circumvent the 3-signature requirement  [N.J.S.A. 18:A- 19-1] for drawing checks from the School Board's general account.   That makes it much easier to write checks for friends or for a favor- just in case!

The 2006-2007 audit, found the district was not following the 3-signature rule.  The auditor put it this way:

"Lack of controls pertaining to cash disbursements may result in unauthorized payments."

Ummm... you think?

Note, the 2006-2007 School Board included Anthony Romano, Carmelo Garcia, Frank Raia and Jack Raslowsky (until he left to become Superintendent).

source: Hoboken Public Schools audit ending June 30, 2007 

Did you recognize any of those Hoboken School Board Trustees from the era when the BoE was a patronage mill and piggy bank?

You should.

The same names are vying for control of City Hall and the Hoboken BoE in 2017.

Freeholder Anthony Romano, presumptive mayoral candidate, got John Madigan and Britney Montgomery elected to the BoE.

The Dark Side's numero uno attack dog to regain control of the Hoboken BoE, is vendetta-driven Anthony "Curious Gal" Petrosino.   Petrosino may live and work in Austin, Texas, but he's obsessed with the Hoboken School District.  

Petro tirelessly churns out Crapademic hit pieces against Board majority Kids First/Reach Higher for use by his political allies.  The fact is, Petrosino writes political messaging poorly disguised as scholarship, and it is deployed by Hoboken-based allies at election time.

Now... should you read the two BoE audits for 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 (The Petro Years)- you will shudder to think how close Hoboken is to sliding back to its patronage mill/ piggy bank days.

More to come.   

June 3, 2014:  Anthony Petrosino (circled) celebrates with Anthony "Stick" Romano, John Madigan, Beth Mason, Mike Russo, Terry Castellano, and Frank Raia.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Petro Years Audit: "Transfers out of Charter school appropriations..."

Anthony Petrosino was employed at an annual salary of $144,900 as Assistant to Hoboken Superintendent Raslowsky for the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 school years.

GA's dug up some dynamite called The Hoboken Public Schools Comprehensive Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ending June 2008... 

...but you can call it the (first) "Petro Years Audit."

The details of this audit for the 2007-2008 school year were never presented to the public-- and you know what they say: details are where the devil hides.

In this case, the devils were running the show*.
*For the first time, after Kids First took control in 2009, the details of the Hoboken Public Schools 2008-2009 audit (the second Petro Years Audit) were publicly presented, putting the Petro Years devils on public display.   Hoboken Now reported the shocking Petro Years audit findings in its article: "Scathing audit of Hoboken Board of Education shows more than two dozen irregularities." 
Well, the never-before-presented details of the 2007-2008 Petro Years Audit will be shared with the public for the first time here on GA.  

The 2007-2008 Petro Years Audit is 224 pages. Today we'll look at this excerpt of Finding 2008-10 below:

"...the District also made transfers out of charter school appropriations without prior approval from Department of Education."

 Those unapproved transfers of Elysian Charter School and Hoboken Charter School monies occurred under Anthony Petrosino and Raslowsky in 2007-2008....  

...and STOPPED by Kids First in 2009.   

Here it is, Petro-Years Audit page 167:


How much $ was transferred OUT of Elysian and Hoboken Charter School appropriations?
The Auditor did not identify the amount.

Why was money transferred OUT of Elysian and Hoboken Charter School appropriations?
The Auditor says "cause" is "unknown."

Where did the money go?
GA says, "Who the hell knows."

Here are some puzzle pieces.

From the PetroYears audit-- page 159, check out how  expenditures on Charter Schools take a dive from 2006 to 2007 (normally would increase), then in the fiscal year ending in 2008 (Petrosino's first year assisting Raslowsky) the expenditures were  "ZERO."

click to read

 Zero expenditures for Charter Schools?  How can that be?

Let's check the Hoboken Board of Education "User Friendly" Budget to see what they reported for "Transfer of Funds to Charter Schools" in that year, 2007-2008.  

That figure was $2,873,499, found on the 2008-2009 "User Friendly Budget"- page 2:

click to read

So, in the Petro Years, the Hoboken Board of Education reports $2.8M transfer of funds to Charters in 2007-2008, then appropriates almost double for 2008-2009...

Meanwhile the auditor,  who looks at the books, including bank statements, reported  zero  expenditures on Charter schools...

And the auditor reports transfer out of Charter School appropriations....

Is that why so much crapademia flows from Texas.: bullshit graphs,  lies about how everything's gotten worse in Public Schools since Kids First took out the garbage in 2009 - the OPPOSITE is true.

 In fact, the truth is hidden in plain sight in those Petro Years docs- from botoxing enrollment to falsely claiming rising "cost-per-pupil".

So, what were these "transfers out of Charter School appropriations?"  

Hoboken taxpayers have a right to know.