VOTE 1-2-4 for Hoboken School Board

VOTE 1-2-4 for Hoboken School Board

Friday, October 21, 2016

Debate SHOCK: Parents United thugs harass 1-2-4

Parents United supporters Mike Holmes (left) and Eduardo Gonzales (right) watch Parents United operative Matt Calicchio aim flashlight in the eyes of Forward Together candidate Jennifer Evans.  Evans complained that she was "blinded."

Parents United Treasurer Peter Biancamano and Joe Branco with Parents United's Matt Calicchio.  Calicchio aims his 'flashlight' in the eyes of Forward Together candidates to distract during their answers to questions asked by moderator Bob Bowden. 

Holmes and Gonzales walk off as GA turns to photograph the harassment. Parents United operative  Matt Calicchio turns his camera toward me before he ducks behind the curtain.

Evans and Sobolov soldier on after harassment by Parents United's Matt Calicchio.
Applause after debate.  Parents United  Matt Calicchio with his crew:  Parents United Treasurer Peter Biancamano,  John Madigan, Mike Holmes.  

Last night, a new generation of activist Hoboken district moms got a taste of the  thuggery that dogged School board meetings in the aftermath of 2009's Reform takeover.  The intimidation campaign tapered off once Reform gained a super-majority on the BoE.

GA remembers those days.

Meetings were a shitshow.

Thuggish, ape-like goons would line up against the back wall. Sometimes they arrived late with former BoE Trustee Frank Raia.  The bloated galoomphs would call out during meetings, gesture, harass  audience members, and otherwise do anything to disrupt the proceedings.

Sometimes the harassment would continue after the meeting as happened once to GA.   BoE members were even assaulted. 

And who could forget 2012's  The State of NJ v Matt Calicchio?   

The complaint was filed by  BoE Trustee Theresa Minutillo  after Calicchio  harassed her in front of her 6 year-old daughter at Wallace School.   The court believed Minutillo.  However, Judge Sixto Macias ruled that the remarks did not constitute a criminal charge of harassment because Minutillo is a public figure.

From the transcript: 

THE COURT: I -- I also believe that the whole testimony of Ms. -- Ms. Garcia and Mr. Calicchio -- Calicchio were fabricated...  How many 23-year-old individuals go to monthly board of education meetings? That is your job to go to the board of education meeting. 

click image to enlarge or read article HERE
And so.... last night.

It was interesting to hear the reaction of some 'new generation' district parents to the Parents United thugs' behavior.

They were horrified.

One told  GA that the thugs came early and stood up in the rear for the whole 90 minutes, though plenty of seats were available. Instead, they stood to be seen from the dais where they could distract Forward Together (1-2-4) to maximum effect.

One mom angrily complained she heard the goons making noise every time Evans, Dallara and Sobolov spoke.

One noted how Parents United candidates sat unfazed by the goon shining a flashlight into the eyes of their opponents, 1-2-4.  Of course, the Parents United candidates were on board with the Dirty Tricks by their ape with the flashlight.

The nastiness was not limited to 'Thug Row' as one of the Parents United team attacked the 14 year-old son of Irene Sobolov.

GA will address the stunning ignorance of Parents United candidates Jessica Nelson, 'Chipper' Benway and Jennifer Rossini at the debate later.

In short, these three candidates have no idea WHAT is going on inside of the schools. Zip.  None have ever gone to a BoE meeting.  Virtually every comment or criticism was met by Forward Together responding with "Oh, we already have that program" or "we've have that program for years."

These three Parents United candidates are CLUELESS about the variety and multitude of programs instituted in the Hoboken district since Reform took the majority in 2009.  They are clueless that Reform put a stop to the stealing from the classrooms and redirected the money into programs, materials and training.  Clearly, Parents United's thug row at the back of the room are dying to 'wet their beaks' in our education funds- AGAIN.

Indeed, Parents United talking points were straight outta Austin, and a certain $144K hack fired by the Reform majority in 2009.  Like Parents United, the Austin hack has no idea of what is really going on in the schools, doesn't have a clue about all of the new programs and challenges for kids. (GA's daughter worked on the JSHS aquaponics garden, was on the Harvard Model Congress debate club, and in Johns Hopkins Advanced Math- all wonderful after-school activities of the many JSHS offers.)

Parents United knew nothing about any of this.  They trashed and insulted the schools, ans spouted cherry-picked data to force wrong, misguided and UNFAIR conclusions.  They have no idea how far the district has come and where we are going.  More than a few parents in the audience that have kids in the High School were disturbed at Parents United broad brush ignorance and arrogance, particularly from candidates Jessica Nelson and Jennifer Rossini.

GA took copious notes.  I will correct their misinformation- stay tuned.

G-d help the Hoboken District if these the Clueless Three win. From the goon squad turn-out, I would say they are feeling quite confident.

Please people,  GA implores you to vote for these honest, dedicated, committed gals so they may CONTINUE THE PROGRESS:  


Phil and petting the Possum

Phil for Gov!
Folks, what a night! Mayor Zimmer's event was a huge success.  Yooge.

Moreover, GA was blessed to take a photo with the most important men in the room last night: Future NJ Governor Phil Murphy  and Hoboken's own silky silver possum-pelted furry Adonis, Perry Belfiore!

So soft, so furry.  photo credit: Mike DeFusco
If you didn't know, GA's worshiped Perry's rug for years.  In my eyes, it looks like an albino chinchilla perched on his dome.

I'll never forget the first time he let me pet it, in 2011.

I've even memorialized it in PhotoShop:

Can't stop...

Perry lurks on the Dark Side but he's a great sport.

Phil who?

Well folks, the real story of last night was the BoE debate,  GA is going to fill you in... stay tuned. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Booker is NOT going to Romano2017 fundraiser"

Today on Facebook:


GA can confirm that U.S. Senator Cory Booker is NOT going to the advertised "Romano2017" fundraiser.

In fact, it is not clear whether or not Booker ever knew of the event.

All GA can tell you is that I heard that Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano was advertising Booker's appearance at his November 21 fundraiser.   Freeholder Romano alleged that Senator Booker would appear as a"special guest speaker."


Why would he (Booker) would be a special guest  for Mayor Zimmer's likely opponent in 2017?  And if not her opponent, Romano represents an anti-Zimmer political faction who opposes her Reform administration, and works to elect loyalists to unseat her allies.

GA asked around about why Booker had decided to appear for "Romano2017."

Well, the answer came back today like a bad news boomerang- WHACK!

Stick, are you okay?

"NOT TRUE... I can confirm 100% that Booker is NOT going ." 

Folks, you can take that one to the bank.

But... but...

I have to believe that Freeholder Romano was tricked by a Cory Booker impersonator, or  else it was an innocent mix-up.


Anyway, there's plenty of time to book another special guest or legendary actress.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Earwitness Rumor: Buying BoE votes (allegedly)

Are you ready?

GA's Q-Tipster was told the following about the 2015 BoE Election:
Reach Higher was campaigning in a second ward Applied Building and was told by one resident: "I'd love to support you but [redacted] already paid me."
HOLY alleged CASH COW!   Allegedly.

Oh man, wouldn't you love to solve that puzzle?

Folks, vote-buying is an open secret in Hoboken.

For every election cycle, one political faction ("the Dark Side") reliably harvests a massive crop of  VBMs  allegedly in exchange for loot; typically $40 but  amounts vary according to the 'going rate.'

In fact, the big political joke of the 2012 BoE race was the unintended consequence of allegedly storing hundreds of ready-to-mail VBMs in the basement of a 3rd Ward building.

Hint: Superstorm Sandy flooded Hoboken on October 29, 2012.

Holy S.S. Titanic!

GA wrote about the Citadel Drowning:
As you know, these ballots are supposed to remain in the custody of their respective ballot bearers whose job it is to bring them to the Board of Elections.  They aren't supposed to be stored by the bushel in someone's basement. Oops.

So more scuttlebutt is that these soggy VBMs were placed in mailboxes all over town to coverup the mass-drowning.  And the official story is that the ballots got wet inside the mailboxes.  (You know, those fearsome mailbox rain storms.)
Democracy fans cheered the election results, Farmers lamented: Reform candidates swept on the machines in 2012.  2012 was a presidential election year, too.

Alas, Democracy in Hoboken's been roughed up since 2012.   The VBM farmers have had some big victories.

Can you guess which School Board candidate scored a whopping 466 absentee ballots- an amount nearly 6 times greater than the winner of the machine vote (77 VBMs).

In fact, this 466 absentee ballot Harvest Queen came in 4th Place on the machines!

Don't you think Hoboken election fraud should be put on NJ Governor-to-be Phil Murphy's radar? 

Start taking notes, people!  And photos. And VIDEO.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Earwitness News SPECIAL REPORT: Madigan's ShopRite Announcement!

This SPECIAL REPORT comes to you from ShopRite in Hoboken....

An Earwitness (the Ear was attached to a Hoboken mom) was standing directly behind School Board Trustee John Madigan.   Madigan, said loudly to a woman shopper:

"When we sweep the elections and take back the majority, Peter's gonna be President and I'll be Vice President."  

Holy Parents United Rubber-Stamp!  Does the team know they have been demoted to Rubber-Stamp status already?

Or did they strike a deal behind closed doors?  The "stakeholders" would like to know.

What a shock- not elected yet and POLITICAL WHEELING-DEALING from the allegedly "non-political" Parents United.   Didn't GA warn you?

It's possible that Parents United doesn't know what they've gotten themselves into- yet.

Hey, Parents United: don't you know how 'the game' is played in Hoboken? 

Your backer, Councilman Mike Russo will explain. Listen to the video clip*.

*Parents United backer Mike Russo was caught on a 2009 F.B.I. surveillance tape accepting the offer of a $5,000 bribe from F.B.I. Informant Solomon Dwek.   On this clip, Russo explains his governing philosophy:

...or read the video transcript instead:

There you go.  The governing philosophy of the Dark Side.

So, if Parents United didn't know WHO they were voting for at the re-org, now they know! 

It's been decided.  As will all of their votes going forward.  The Dark Side is working hard to elect them. 

GA hears the vote-buying is in full swing.

They did for you,  you'll do for them.

Parents United will obey orders, and say what's written for them. Like Biancamano (Good doggy! Woof ! Woof!)

If they don't follow orders:

And before you know it, the Biancamano-Madigan BoE will be spending classroom dollars on steak dinners, buying cell phones, taking their friends to Atlantic City, giving no-bid contracts to friends, no-show jobs, putting pals on the payroll, 'mis-reporting' about enrollment numbers to collect more loot from the state... like they did before Reform took majority control in 2009.


VOTE 1-2-4

Monday, October 17, 2016

Parents United sets off Bullshit Detector

credit: above excerpts courtesy of Hudson County View 

BEEP BEEP BEEP!  There goes the Bullshit Detector!

In a letter to Hudson County View , Parents United, the Russo Raia-Romano BoE slate, blamed the BoE's 4% tax increase(s) on "expensive consultants" and "legal fees."

Is that so?

Not only have legal fees steadily declined under the proper fiscal management of the reform majority school board, actual legal costs have declined during the BoE's litigation to stop the expansion of HoLa Charter.

That is correct.

The Business Office is not lying. Parents United and Treasurer Peter Biancamano are.

By the way, the highest legal costs in the past decade was when the district was forced to litigate Anthony Petrosino v the Hoboken Board of Education in 2010 (actual legal cost per pupil $126).

38% of the tax levy increase are rising Charter School Costs. 


click to read chart

If Charter School costs were removed, the average District Levy would be reduced from 4% to 2.3%.

Since Parents United candidates are Charter School parents aspiring to run the District schools, district parents expect them to understand money will not be pumped from the classroom, teachers will not be laid off, to fund their Charter expansions,  rising Charter costs, maintenance costs on aging buildings, and state mandated full-day kindergarten and preschool program, ever-growing in population- that is the unfortunate reality of a tax increase.

Next time Parents United talks about "cutting taxes' let them be specific about which programs to cut, which teachers to lay off, which classroom tools must go.  Let's hear specifics: where's the fat?

What continues to shock me is the conduct of Board Trustee Peter Biancamano.

Biancamano, as both School Board Trustee and an officer of the Parents United campaign, in my view, violates NJ-DOE 18A:12-24.1 [Code of Ethics for School Board Members] by  partisan political engagement to unseat (3) of his colleagues, disseminating false information about the schools and Board, which harms the reputation of the schools and his board colleagues.

And it's not Biancamano's first time at the 'ethics-rodeo;' Biancamano was brought up on ethics charges for disseminating false statements against his own Hoboken School Disrict in 2013 when he ran for City Council while on the BoE.

Here's the campaign lit that got him in trouble, with the lie: "Hoboken schools spend about $30,000 yearly per student."

click to enlarge


The "actual cost per pupil" that year (2013-2014) was $21,142 .

2016-2017 User Friendly Budget

Of course, Biancamano knew this, he voted on the 2013-2014 proposed budget ($21,171).

Folks, on November 8, please, please vote for the Team that has been doing all the right things for the Hoboken District kids, and advancing educational opportunities in our schools since my own was in kindergarten at Wallace: Sobolov, Evans, Dallara.  

Please vote 1-2-4.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Earwitness Rumor: Dark Side Bullet Voting?

Oh, boy!

GA's ear was pierced by a Q-Tipster's waxy dispatch- hot off the lobe!

It happened like this.  My Earwitness was walking on the street within earshot of Guess-Who: Parents United Treasurer Peter Biancamano!   Biancamano, was speaking LOUDLY enough to wake the dead- into his cell phone:

" I'ts 6... Number 6 is our guy.... we have to get 6 in..."   

GA's Earwitness sure got an earful; an earful of Biancamano promoting only Ballot Position 6 ("our guy") Francis “Chipper” Benway.  Benway is reportedly "Russo's pick."  Number 6's running mates are Number 3 (Jessica Nelson, "Romano's pick") and Number 5 (Jennifer Rossini)- neither of whom were discussed nor promoted at all in Biancamano's public bellowing:

"Number 6... Number 6... Number 6..."


Based on the Parents United Treasurer's loud street chatter, it appears Parent United's  private campaign strategy may be centered on electing "6"- just 6.   Most likely, the real power behind the slate, Mike Russo, believes that they can't defeat two popular Forward Together incumbents which leaves 1 seat "open." In which case, Russo may believe that Benway is their strongest candidate- or else the most reliable "yes" vote for the Russo agenda.  This tactic would allow the campaign to focus resources on one- not three- candidates, making sure that "Number 6...gets in."

In fact this is a common tactic called 'bullet voting;' promoting one person over others on the same slate. It is often done in private- person to person.  For example, canvassers may instruct voters to support one candidate; such as, "just vote for Number 6, he's our guy".  Sometimes money changes hands. This all happens 'off the radar'.

Naturally, the "bullet voting" strategy isn't shared with the candidates- or at least not the ones being shit-canned,  knifed in the back, or thrown under the bus- whichever you prefer.

Hey, it's not like Dark Siders haven't shafted their own before.

Look at last year- Kauffmann  significantly under-performed on the machines, compared to her running-mates Madigan and Montgomery.  It looks like bullet-voting to me.  The same thing happened to Beth Mason in 2009- the Russos privately promoted her "Old Hoboken" Council slate in Church Towers and elsewhere, and let Mason twist in the wind.

Thank you, Earwitness for the fresh, hot Q-Tip.  Definitely not waxy.  Not for "Number 6!"

GA sure hopes Biancamano's secret campaign strategy is NOT to dump on the ladies of Parents United.   Hasn't my gender been dissed enough lately?  Right, ladies?

Wheel of Misfortune

click here for high resolution version 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

2016's Dark VBM Forecast

click image to enlarge
ONE year ago...

The 2015 VBM effect on Hoboken School Board election outcomes may be the best predictor of what to expect in 2016.

One reason is that the "teams" behind each slate in 2015 are the same in 2016; each team represents the respective governing philosophy of Hoboken's two political factions, Reform and the Dark Side.

For Hoboken's uninitiated, here's a Reform and Dark Side primer.

Reform generally supports Mayor Zimmer, her Council allies (Jen Giattino, Ravi Bhalla, Peter Cunningham, Dave Mello, Tiffanie Fisher, and Mike DeFusco),  her administration. The Dark Side generally supports Mike Russo, Frank Raia, Beth Mason, Ruben Ramos, Anthony Romano, Peter Biancamano, Anthony Petrosino, Joe Branco, and so on.  The past couple of mayors that went to jail- Anthony Russo, Peter Cammarano- were Dark Siders.  So was former Hoboken Parking Utility Director John Corea.

Reform embodies transparency in governing- honest, clean governing. For example, 2015's Reform's BoE slate, Reach Higher, filed all legally-mandated campaign financing reports, then closed out their campaign account with a zero balance.

By contrast, the Dark Side enjoys operating in the dark.  The  Dark Side enjoys keeping the general public in the dark.

In 2015, the Dark Side BoE slate, A Smarter Future, did not file  a single campaign finance report.   For breaking campaign finance law, the Dark Side rewards its friends.  Campaign Treasurer Frank DeGrim was nominated for a seat on Hoboken's Zoning Board of Adjustment Mike Russo and Tim Occhipinti ( the Dark Side booted Tim once  he stopped being their useful idiot).

When the lights go out, 4 million quarters disappear.

When the lights go out, sticky fingers dip into BoE coffers.

When the lights go out, Mayor Zimmer's email are systematically stolen and distributed to the Dark Side.

When the lights go out, $5,000 "contributions" are accepted for zoning variances,

When the lights go out,  vote farmers buy a harvest of VBMs. 

The Dark Side backers of  2016's Parents United backed (and vote-farmed for) 2015's A Smarter Future (John Madigan, Britney Montgomery, Alana Kauffmann);  Reform is supporting 2016's Forward Together and supported Reach Higher (Sheila Dallara, Addys Velez, Tom Kluepfel).

Only Dallara and Velez lost; Madigan and Montgomery won.  The election results:

So... what are the lessons of 2015? 

(1)  Dark Side candidates averaged nearly 4 times more VBMs than their Reform opponents (as a proportion of their respective individual vote totals.)

(2) Dark Siders scored nearly 4 times the number of VBMs than did Reform candidates.   

John Madigan received one-fourth of ALL VBMs cast in 2015 for BoE candidates. 

(3) On the machines, Reformers cleaned the Dark Siders' clock.

 Oh, and for the uninitiated in Hoboken's Dark Side vote-buying harvest, it happens every year.

In 2014, Peter Biancamano was washed on to the Hoboken School Board on a tsunami of VBMs.  Fellow Dark Sider, "Bubbles" Rhodes Kearns, even with her 452 VBM harvest, could not surmount the machines.

Cheating is Dark Side-style democracy.  Let Parents United tell you they are "not political" when their VBM totals wash in courtesy of an 'extra-legal' political farming operation. 

Folks, honest government in Hoboken has an uphill battle.  Reform votes at the machines.  We need turnout.  Of course, in a presidential year, perhaps volume will 'trump' the predictable paper harvest.

And GA cannot repeat this enough: the same people who presided over the pilfering and mismanagement of the Hoboken school budgets are backing Parents United.    

And you know in politics, you dance with the ones who brung you. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Register to Vote NOW!

Who is Freeholder Romano voting for? The lovely Jessica Nelson, BoE candidate. (credit: Instagram)

On Tuesday, November 8, Hoboken residents will be voting for...
  • 3 Trustees for the Hoboken Board of Education 
  • U.S. President and Vice President
  • Member of U.S. House of Representatives
  • County Sheriff
  • County Register
...if you are REGISTERED to vote!   

The DEADLINE to register to vote for the General Election is Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Please, please.

Make sure your friends and neighbors are registered to vote.  Download the application for them, make them repeat "President Trump" until they flee screeching in terror.  Do whatever it takes.  

1. Download and complete the Voter Registration Application.

2. Mail or deliver the Voter Registration Application to:
Office of the Superintendent of Elections 257 Cornelison Ave., 4th Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07302
3.Forms can also be dropped off at the Hoboken City Clerk office at City Hall at 94 Washington Street. The office will be open until 9:00pm on Friday, October 14, Monday, October 17, and Tuesday, October 18. 
Some of you (or someone you know ) may not be available to vote in-person on November 8.  In that case, please apply to receive a ballot by MAIL.

Any voter registered in New Jersey can vote absentee by mail. 

  1. Download and complete the Vote by Mail Application:
  2. Mail or deliver the Voter Registration Application to:  Office of the Superintendent of Elections 257 Cornelison Ave., 4th Floor, Jersey City, NJ 07302
  3. To receive your ballot by mail, the application must be received by the County Clerk 7 days prior to the election. A voter may also apply in person to the County Clerk until 3:00 p.m., the day before the election.

This is an election like no other.

 At stake in Hoboken is a $62M+ dollar budget that may fall into the WRONG hands, if we do not vote for this team:

Friday, October 7, 2016

Stick's Drive-by Awards Ceremony (2013)

click image to enlarge
HOW STICK "REWARDS" (political) FRIENDS  vs. REFORM: public honors v drive-by
GA posted yesterday that Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano had awarded Citations to Mike Russo ("Italian Businessman of the Year"), Peter Biancamano ("Italian Man of the Year") and Ruben Ramos ("Honorary Italian of the Year") at Hoboken's Annual Columbus Day Wreath Award Ceremony.

What an honor!  But...

GA couldn't help but notice these honorees were: (1) all politically aligned with Romano, (2) two of them support the Parents United BoE slate in November's election with Romano (Biancamano is Treasurer) to gain control of the district's  $62+ million budget, (3) two of them are in top leadership positions of the Hoboken Democratic Party  (Party Chair Romano, Vice Chair Russo) with control over funding local campaigns, and (4) that there were no prominent Italian-Americans from the Reform faction of Hoboken government in that photo!

So, I asked a prominent Italian resident who has a long record of public service in Hoboken district schools, if she'd been similarly honored at the annual public ceremony.


But in fact, GA spoke with her again, when she did recall Freeholder Romano awarding her with a certificate in 2013, but... Stick "honored" her in an entirely different kind of awards ceremony.
  He called said he had something to give me, asked if I was home. He drove by texted me when he was out front, I went out, he rolled down his window and handed me the proclamation. When I got inside and read it realized that the buffoon never signed it. LOL  
Theresa Minutillo: Stick Romano's Drive-By Victim
Did Freeholder Stick Romano REALLY forget to sign his own  "certification of recognition" that he awarded to a Reformer in a drive-by ceremony???

He did!   

Mama Mia! 

Come osa Stick disonore Teresa in questo modo!

Quello che un buffone!

Stick deve Teresa scuse in ginocchio!


Culo di cavallo!  


Tale una vergogna non dovrebbe mai accadere in un migliaio di vite!

Can you believe Romano "recognized" the public service of an Italian-American Reformer through his car window while she stood in the street!

Q: How does Stick recognize his political pals?

A: In a dignified public ceremony attended by Hudson County officials, the Hoboken mayor, the press, and records the honor in a program:  

 click to read

So.... why the disparity in how one's community service is recognized, simply because of Hoboken political factionalism?    .


When Stick delivered the unsigned certificate fresh off his hp bubble jet (unlike the leather-bound "Citations" his pals got this week) why did bother stopping when he could have thrown the certificate out the car window like a newspaper.  Fetch it, girl!

Agli deve averla trattata con rispetto! 

To be fair, when notified the " certificate of recognition" was unsigned, the  Freeholder offered to return to sign it.

But... Teresa ha gettato l'onore insincero nella spazzatura.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Che disgrazia!

Congratulations to the Italian Businessman of the Year, Micheal Russo, Italian Man of the Year Peter Biancamano, and Honorary Italian of the Year Ruben Ramos, who got their awards at yesterday's annual wreath laying ceremony in Columbus Park.

Ever wonder if Stick Romano has honored a prominent Italian supporter of Reform?

GA thought of one: Theresa Minutillo.  Theresa has spent  over a decade volunteering her time to the Hoboken Public School District as a parent and a Board member. She created Junior/Senior Prep Day, which has since been adopted as an official school program focusing on career awareness and exploration-- with over 40 community volunteers sharing their real life experiences.  

GA asked Minutillo if she'd ever received one of these honors.

Her answer:"No."

Che disgrazia! 

Teresa è una donna d'onore! Ruben Ramos non è italiano e non sarà mai!  

Micheal Russo non funziona in Hoboken!  

Peter Biancamano è una testa panino! 

Solo gli amici di Stick Romano ricevono onori!  

Stick onorerà Amber Lynn prima che onora Theresa Minutillo!

Did you know that Theresa Minutillo served on the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 Hoboken BoE with Stick Romano?   

Boy, did Minutillo get an eyeful of corruption- in fact, when her Kids First coalition became a majority in 2009, they hired an independant auditor to bring sunlight into the dark practices of the Romano-Raia-Garcia-Russo-Petrosino years.

The audit findings were shocking:

Click HERE to read the rest 

Folks, the length and breadth of the abuses- stealing from the classroom- will blow your mind.

You can find such examples hiding in plain sight not only on the 2009 audit, but on mandatory NJDOE performance audits (on the Hoboken BoE website) and a KPMG audit (on the NJDOE web site)

And the point?

The SAME people who presided over the era of theft and chaos in our School District, who used the School Board budget like their own personal slush fund, those SAME people are backing the Parents United campaign. 

Frank Raia and Anthony Romano were Board members in the era of "livin' high on the hog'- thousands of dollars from the classroom spent on fancy steak dinners*! (*page 157 of the KPMG audit) 

That's the tip of the iceberg, folks.

If you haven't read about these abuses here before, you will be shocked. More to come.

 Che disgrazia!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Hotzi Truck

Beep! Beep!

Here comes the Hotzi Truck!  

2016's Hotzi Truck features Freeholder Anthony Romano, the "legendary" Amber Lynn  and  the co-manager of a 2012 school board slate--the first in Hoboken history to use swastikas in a political campaign!  At the time, the campaign publicly denied they had hired the "Nazi truck".

But they did.

In a February 25, 2015 MSV exclusive, the driver of the truck revealed he had been hired by two political operatives (employed by Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason), and alleged the operatives paid him with a bag of cash and $500 "to keep it quiet."

You see, 2012's Move Forward campaign had been using Councilwoman's Mason's office space at 1200 Washington Street as their headquarters.

In fact, a source told GA that the Move Forward campaign held an "emergency" meeting after the truck backfired with Hoboken's Jewish community,  to discuss whether to stop it or keep going.  The source cited both "yes" and "no" voters- one of the "yes" voters was a sitting Hoboken Council member* (not Beth Mason), one of "no" votes was a former BoE President.    (*It's all relative.)

But that was then. This is now, the Year of the Hotzi Truck.

That's a good thing.

2016's Hotzi Truck is nice to look at- almost family friendly.  And that annoying narration is gone,   replaced with music:

Its also got a beautiful, sexy woman flanked by two grinning, drooling men.

And the woman is famous- she's starred in hundreds of adult films; some might call her film catalog "legendary."

Best of all, the Hotzi Truck does not preach hate- it evokes love.... of the adult kind.

click to engorge enlarge image