Friday, June 23, 2017

Source: "Muniz hired Swibinski for DeFusco Campaign"

Just when you thought North Bergen left our Mile Square...

According to a reliable source, Nick Sacco's go-to media guy Phil Swibinski of Vision Media has been hired by LD32 operative Joey Muniz- for the DeFusco campaign!

Some of you remember that Vision Media worked for Beth Mason for Mayor in 2009, producing the notorious 'Dual Job Dawn' campaign... there were mailers, print ads, a petition.

click to enlarge

GA parodied the "Dual Job Dawn"with my "Dual Cob Dawn" campaign.... there was a Dual Cob Dawn website and a petition. 

click to enlarge

But I digress!

So, Muniz is helping the DeFusco campaign (allegedly) as the DeFusco campaign courts  Stick's donors by using the endorsement of LD33 Senator Brian Stack as leverage.

Sources tell GA that 'Buffalo' Ray is spreading the rumor that "Brian Stack will never endorse Stick Romano!" 

IT'S FALSE.  Stack is quiet. He may not endorse anyone,  The least likely campaign to get an endorsement is Mike DeFusco's. The DeFusco people have been playing footsie with LD32 Mayor Nick Sacco and his operative Joey Muniz for months. GA is told Sacco is out, but apparently not Muniz.   GA hear that Ruben Ramos and Muniz are very close personal friends.

Are you following along?

To sum it up, the DeFusco campaign ('Buffalo Ray') appears to be behind a  disinformation campaign against Anthony Stick Romano. The Buffalo's aim is to redirect Stick's donors to Mike DeFusco!

It's all about money, folks- not honor.

Just take a look at the web of corruption at the top of this page... I dare you to find a single felon in Reform.  GA will ad information to the web, but many folks are already acquainted with this galaxy of Dark Stars- all either on Mike deFusco's campaign, or separated by "1 degree".

Folks, tell me what's missing.

I really want to remind my Reform peeps that while we may have post-Zimmer 'growing pains', Reformers must not turn on each other.   

We stand together against Dark Forces that are hungry to have their fingers back on Hoboken's lever of power.  

The Mayor has done a remarkable disinfecting job, but you know about roaches: they multiply fast. Let's get through this, folks and remember we must protect this City against corrupt government.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stick Romano ATTACKED by DeFusco "minder" at Fulop Event!

Stress cracks are appearing in the Defusco camp (to put it mildly).

Last night they were on display...


GA's phone lit up late last night about Fight Night at Fulop's- an incident reported in InsiderNJ.

Read the full article here at InsiderNJ
Isnider NJ reported that the "chief minder of Councilman Defusco" (and his fundraiser) had provoked an argument with presumptive mayoral candidate Anthony 'Stick' Romano at an event for Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop; an argument that turned so heated, it had to be broken up- and it was!

Eyewitnesses report the fellow who stepped in to separate DeFusco's wildly out-of-control minder from Stick Romano was a senior partner at Florio Perrucci Fader, LLP! (Coincidently, Ravi Bhalla's employer... weird, huh?)

The crazed DeFusco minder's attack on Stick played out right in front of Mayor Fulop's secretary- and many other witnesses.

In fact, an eyewitness told GA:
Anthony walks into the room and right away people are yelling out at him.  So Ray [DeFusco's Minder] gets in Anthony's face and says "Here's the Freeholder. He'll be a good Director for DeFusco.  He's not running"

Anthony says, "What do you mean I'm not running?"

Ray [DeFusco's Minder] says, "You aint got the balls! DeFusco he got balls to come out against Zimmer! You aint got balls to come out!"

It escalated fast.  Ray's yelling DeFusco wants Anthony out of the race. He's yelling, "He's not running!" They're nose to nose. Then he [DeFusco's Minder] yells:
"I'll slit your fucking throat!"

A big shot lawyer broke it up. The Fulop ladies were horrified. Police were there too.  
Did I tell you that stress cracks were showing in the DeFusco camp?


Next was candidate DeFusco's odd behavior at last night's meeting. Not only was his 'petulance dial' turned up to 10, but he just couldn't quit the Blackberry.

DeFusco was texting all night, throughout the long meeting (it appeared) to his Brain  (in the public section) and to Ruben Ramos. 

As you can see, Councilman DeFusco wasn't paying attention during the meeting. He wasn't paying attention because he was engaged in conversation with his campaign.

First Ward people, he's your Councilman.  Tell  him to put down the Blackberry, stop acting like a teenager and pay attention to the meeting. 

The constant texting was so obvious- that on top of the disjointed petulance... I was reminded of Beth Mason council antics and 'bad Occhipinti' (before he extricated himself from the Dark Side.)

Those looked like stress cracks to me.  

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Reform II, the Sequel

Democracy is messy.

Sometimes allies who share common cause, get sucked into personal squabbles and wounded.  In the process, they lose sight of common cause and the greater good.

It happens.

And when their opponents smell blood in the water, they seek to divide the whole.  (Some opponents are liars and shape-shifters, others support corruption.)

That's the way it goes, sometimes.

GA has reached out to the campaigns today, on the Morning After.

Karen Nason was the only candidate to attend yesterday's presser.  She's been working with a Hoboken resident on a proposal to bring wifi to Hoboken. Good luck, Karen!

Crickets from Perry Belfiore.

Stick Romano told GA he was going to have a presser. Later his spokesman, Pablo Fonseca texted:  "He's not announcing today. I'll be sending around a press release by week's end."   No reason stated, but when your phone rings this week, a pollster may be on the other end.

Ravi Bhalla is off and running- handing out literature at the Ferry Station this morning and landing endorsements, including this big one:

The Morning After showed that the transition to the Sequel, Reform II may not be smooth. 

Well, Democracy is messy. 

In GA's opinion, the Reform coalition needs to stand behind one candidate. 

June opinions will vary about who the 'best' candidate may be, but an election is when 99% of the city that doesn't pay attention to local politics tunes in.  

A candidate maligned by political enemies for a parking ticket, or for leaving her ward after a natural disaster, can introduce the public to the charitable and good works silently performed over the years, to win hearts and minds.   

Ravi Bhalla had endured a shitstorm of Beth Mason and Perry Belfiore smear campaigns for years. No single candidate has taken more shit from Reform's opponents than he has. Minor incidents like a traffic ticket, were elevated to a scandal; yes, Bhalla appeared on the cover of the Beth Mason-ad buying Hudson Reporter for a parking ticket. 

My Councilwoman, Jen Giattino, was viciously attacked by the same 'enemy' and wrote an empathic letter supporting Bhalla in 2013 that deserves revisiting:


Reform has always stood up for one another against greater, corrupt forces that will try to hurt us at our weakest moment in the most vicious of ways- to destroy us, our families.  

This letter, "The Truth About Jen" was mailed to media by the Carmelo Garcia supporters in 2015:

Reform's opponents fight DIRTY and UGLY.  

They did it in 2013, 2015 and they will do it again in 2017, no matter WHO runs.  They will always find vulnerabilities, and if they don't find any will make them up. 

So let's get real. 

Reform WINS united. 

We must not forget who we are, what we've accomplished for Hoboken, and how we got here. 

Get in room and work it out.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Zimmer OUT, Bhalla IN

You're going the wrong way, Mayor!

Some of you are waking up to the news that Hoboken's mayoral race just got flipped on its head!

Zimmer OUT, Bhalla IN. 

Intense animus united Zimmer foes who were prepared to run against a third Zimmer term.   That's the refrain I've heard from each candidate.

Now what?

Last night was a rush of headlines:
(after 9 PM)  Sources: Zimmer won’t seek 3rd term in Hoboken mayoral race (Hudson County

9:19 PM  Voyage of the Dawn Treader: Zimmer Will Not Run for Hoboken Mayor Again  (InsiderNJ)

11:20 PM Bhalla running for mayor of Hoboken (InsiderNJ)

11:46 PM HCDO diehards ready to back Romano for Mayor of Hoboken  (InsiderNJ)

12:42 AM  Source: DeFusco Troops – and Everyone Else – Reaching Out to Stack (InsiderNJ)
By the time I post this, there'll be another!

An unconfirmed rumor is that the Murphy camp is (allegedly) behind the "speculation" in InsiderNJ that Zimmer is being considered for NJ Lieutenant Governor, and that is what precipitated her sudden exit.

Just try to get info from the Zimmer folks- I dare you!

No, they are quiet as clams.  "Wait for the announcement" is all I have been able to get.  But gossip is spreading like a brushfire.

GA source, H.D. (handsome Devil), relayed this:
Your pal is going to be the next LG under Murphy. Mason is going to have an aneurysm.
Were that true (the LG-not the aneurysm), awesome news for New Jersey.

Meanwhile, the Mayor will pass the torch to my friend, Ravi Bhalla, at an 11 AM press conference.

Is your head spinning? Mine is.

The first thing GA thought of last night was how interesting it will be for Reform to have Ravi, a 'person of color' and an American personally affected by the Trump Travel Ban, seeking Hoboken's highest elected office in the Age of Trump.  

There are so many good works that Ravi quietly does, without fanfare. The public will hear about it now.  Ravi is a person of action- self-deprecating, not a braggart, funny, sharp as hell, down-to-earth.  He's also deeply religious and (like me) a progressive.

 Well folks, to be continued.... later.

Monday, June 19, 2017


The cat is out of the bag on InsiderNJ:

 Bhalla announces he is running for Hoboken mayor.

Rumors are swirling about what's ahead for the mayor- some are pretty wild.  For a change, I will keep my mouth shut and wait for tomorrow's 11AM press conference.

In the meantime, sources have confirmed who the Mayor has asked to replace her on the Reform ticket....

But like they say, loose lips sink ships.

So, goodnight folks. And thank you, Mayor Zimmer... happy trails.

DeFusco: NO Flood wall! YES urban wineries and coffee roasters!

Folks, Mayoral candidate Mike DeFusco's weekend Facebook post about Saturday's rainstorm has provided too much material for one day.

A couple of readers sent screencaps of the entire discussion thread.

That's how amazing and informative it was; informative about Mike's shallow depth of knowledge, inability to answer questions without rescue from his (Rovian) Brain, and dishonesty about the cause/effect of flooding due to a rain event.

When Mike posts on Facebook, he doesn't like pushback.  Ask him for details, his Brain jumps in. Challenge him, he calls your motivations "political."  GA was scrubbed and blocked for the (alleged) crime of using the word "bullshit." (He prefers the 'F-bombs' from his spicy Brain!)

So... read the Facebook thread and you will find that Mike and his Brain do not like the "$200 million" Rebuild By Design flood wall.   Mike writes, "we don't need a $200 million floodwall to fix this (rainwater flooding), nor would it have made a difference" and his Brain writes, "Don't build that wall!"

Note: Mike (and his Brain) live on upper floors of their respective buildings and did not flood in Hurricane Sandy.  Nor did his newly announced running mate, who lives in an area that did not flood.

Ask yourself: why is Mike confusing storm surge mitigation (flood wall barrier) with rainwater mitigation (sewer drainage)?

Doesn't he know the difference?

DeFusco either (1) knowingly misleads the public or (2) is an ignoramus.  He proclaims he can "fix" rainwater flooding in Hoboken's low-lying areas with these 3 proposals:

DeFusco's (3) Proposals to "Fix" Flooding  

(1) "Cut wasteful Spending" 
The irony of Mike DeFusco calling the City's expense on litigation "wasteful spending" is hilarious. Why?  The DeFusco camp is populated with litigants suing the City of Hoboken.

There's DeFusco fundraiser Plaintiff Carmelo Garcia, and Plaintiff Perry Belfiore who just received a settlement, there's Plaintiff David Liebler, in the early stages of litigation.  Maybe if DeFusco's Plainitffs drop their lawsuits, wasteful legal spending will be eliminated!

DeFusco claims "legal fees have tripled"- but haven't "settlement costs" dropped? Mayor Zimmer cracked down on the Old Guard game of suing the City (or BoE), then 'splitting' the settlement between Plaintiff, attorneys and other "friends of theirs."  GA once wrote about how this game was played.

(2) "Study smart public private partnerships"

Yes, study. Then study some more. Then study about studying. Then study again. Wait until you forget what you studied, then study more. Take notes. Lots of them. Notes, and more notes. Then study your notes. Write notes about studying your notes.

(3) "Expand our tax base to bring uses to benefit the community, like coffee roasters, hydroponic gardens, and urban wineries, which take the burden off residents while creating vibrancy. Using this increased revenue to fix our failing infrastructure."

Oh, dear. I'll translate.

DeFusco will "expand our tax base" by appointing a developer-friendly Zoning Board to approve height and density variances. More taxpayers stuffed into denser, taller development is how you expand  your taxpayer base.

Taller, high density development will not "bring uses" like "coffee roasters" and "urban wineries." Clearly, he's pitching to the upper-middle class and wealthy demographics that give a rat's ass about "coffee roasters" and "urban wineries".

Will taller and higher density development"take the burden off residents?"  It hasn't since GA moved here before the big development boom in the late 90's.  Developers and their puppets talk a good game, but their promises are as empty as the imaginary swimming pool Hoboken never got .

Now, about  "increased revenue to fix our failing infrastructure"...

Bwaaaah haw haw...

GA refers you to a 2014 Rutgers study called Strategies for Flood Risk Reduction for Vulnerable Coastal Populations along Hudson River at Hoboken and Jersey City  prepared for the New Jersey Governor’s Office of Recovery and Rebuilding and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. 

There is plenty to digest,  GA won't cover it today. 
But, it's interesting to note that our combined sewer system (a combined sewer system mixes sewage and rainwater)  was designed with "flap gates" at each CSO (combined sewer outlet) outfall that, if working properly, should prevent flooding into basements and streets. However, the "backwater effects" prevent the operation of the gates. (Not environmentally great, since the overflow would dump into the Hudson River).  

The better method is to separate the sewage lines from the stormwater lines.

The study has identified the two areas of habitual rainwater flooding:
"It is suggested to separate the system of main streets that experience the worst flooding. A length of 32,968ft sewer pipes for H-1 drainage area and a length of 24,258ft for the northwestern area have been calculated.  The costs for both arrangements have been calculated"  

Um, Mike DeFusco's height and density variances ("increased tax base") won't pay for an $83.3M fix for our "infrastructure."

How many "coffee roasters" and "urban wineries" will pay the $83,304,600 cost to separate our combined sewer system at two locations? 

GA Note:
It appears that DeFusco's Facebook page has been scrubbed of much of his inane stupidity- but readers have preserved the original in screencaps.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Earwitness News: DeFusco Fundraiser Haul


Just when GA thought it was going to be a quiet weekend, my ear received an extra-hairy Earwitness dispatch from a well-coiffed Q-Tipster!

The Earwitness report concerns last week's fundraiser for mayoral candidate Mike DeFusco.

It seems that GA's 'toast' graphic may have rankled a few hammers, anvils and stirrups in the DeFusco camp, so this silver-maned Q-Tipster wanted to set my drum straight.

Are you ready, folks?
"Just want you to know, that you depicted Defusco as toast, well this week's fundraiser's haul was $75K with more donations coming in. That is $150K to date."
Holy cow!  The Q-Tipster added:
"Rollout of the 1st running mate statement soon."
Very intriguing!

Of course, I debased myself trying to find out who the "1st running mate" is, but this Q-Tipster held his cotton balls tight.

Ah, well.

So when will we find out who and where all this loot came from?  The next ELEC report is due on or before July 15...

Stay tuned, people!

Friday, June 16, 2017


24 hours ago, a sharpened Stick popped a hole in Russo-Raia-Ramos' dream bubble; you could hear it deflate over Hoboken: ssssssssssss....


Look, it's their own fault.  These so-called friends repaid Stick's loyalty and personal kindness with a shiv in the back.

It's no accident that Pupie's loyal minion showed up at the last Freeholders meeting to attack Romano's son.  

Who does that?

If that isn't lowest of low roads!  Attacking an opponent's family is taboo. Friends just don't do that to each other.  GA is speculating that this stunt "broke the chain" that my source talked about.

Buh-bye, albatross. 

Well, there's little doubt that these "friends" have been raining a shit storm on Romano today.

They know that Stick has a pathological need to be liked by everyone.  They will try to push all of his buttons.  In that case, he needs to keep reminding himself that he has real friendships all over Hoboken that he's built over a lifetime. This pack of hyenas only wants to bring him down.  

Stick, your constituents will stand by you. 

And just so folks know, GA had Perry B's consent to post our exchange.

Now get OFF my lawn, kid, and take your Binky with you!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Breaking: ANTHONY ROMANO to enter Hoboken Mayoral race!


A new candidate has entered the Hoboken Mayoral race, according to Hudson County View... Anthony 'Stick' Romano!

Stick's spokesman, Pablo Fonseca, just gave GA this statement:
"We will be making an announcement very soon. Anthony will continue to serve the residents of Hoboken to do what's best for all the great residents of Hoboken. We will continue to campaign throughout the summer leading into November." 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Look who came in for a visit!
click to read
Time to update your OS, fellas!

For months, the characters orbiting mayoral candidate Mike DeFusco have loudly bragged about how much money they've raised.  They've bragged how their money makes them unbeatable. They've even leaked  "$250K was pledged" for DeFusco to  InsiderNJ.   

Seeing is believing... so...

Where the hell is it? 

Then yesterday, GA found out that Mike DeFusco for Mayor's Treasurer is a 71 year-old man from Clifton, NJ.   The senior citizen, Pedro M. Gonzalez, may be related to Hoboken politico Eduardo Gonzalez, the twice-failed Hoboken Council Candidate who currently backs DeFusco.


Let's recap.  The candidate and his backers freely boast about hundreds of thousands raised, publicize it in the media,  then somebody's out-of-town, septuagenarian father lands on Mike DeFusco for Mayor's  D-1 Form as Treasurer...

This raises questions!

Why would a high profile Hoboken mayoral campaign with supposed access to big money tap a B-string politico's out-of-town daddy for Treasurer?  Especially a campaign that's been blowing it's own horn for months... bullying established politicians and newbies alike; it's not a timid operation.

What is going on?

GA tapped an old Dark Side source for some insight.  Here goes:  

It's a sign of trouble when someone is placed in that position. None of the Big Boys volunteered THEIR relatives to rubber stamp checks, deposits, and reports. They never do. They always find some innocent dupe. Eduardo is a sycophant. This suggests that the campaign is moving developer $ and can't have a discreet function responsible for compliance. It suggests I.E.$ is coming in.  It allows them to take money, cut checks, make deposits etc as per the campaign. In other words, a rubber stamp Treasurer. Their strength is I.E.$. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Their donors will get jammed up and outed down the road. .The recklessness is hard to believe. 

Whose fault is it that a white, hot spotlight has been directed on Mike DeFusco for Mayor's money operation?

It's Mike DeFusco for Mayor's fault!

The whole DeFusco gang has been so giddy about their alleged cash-tsunami, swaggering around Hoboken like drunks, bragging and bullying other candidates to drop out.

What a reckless bunch.

Thank you, Team DeFusco , for letting all of Hoboken know you have access to big money.  

Now We the People have a right to know about your geyser of cash: who, where from and how much.

 Frank Raia backs  Mike DeFusco for Mayor

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

DeFusco For Hoboken Mayor's Treasurer?

Finally, Councilman Michael DeFusco has made it official by opening Mike DeFusco for Hoboken Mayor with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC)!

If you weren't aware, a campaign's first ELEC filing is Form D-1. The D-1 registers the candidate(s), the chairperson (manager), the Treasurer and the campaign's bank account.

And a campaign's single most important administrative position is the Treasurer. 

The Treasurer's duties include (but are not limited) to: taking in money, cutting checks, making deposits, timely filing of complete and accurate financial reports to ELEC, fundraising compliance with ELEC law. Moreover, the Treasurer certifies every ELEC report with his/her signature, making him/her "subject to punishment" for "willfully false" statements.

Simply put, the Treasurer handles the money side of a campaign.

Which brings us back to DeFusco for Mayor's D-1 report filed on June 5, 2017.

Note that in 2015,  Mike DeFusco for Hoboken City Council's Treasurer was Nicole DeFusco.  She filed a complete D-1: with a Hoboken residential address, day/evening telephone numbers and her mailing address (Mike DeFusco's residence).

It seems to have all fallen apart.

Mike DeFusco for Hoboken Mayor's Treasurer is a fellow named Pedro M. Gonzalez.  Mr. Gonzales's D-1 Form is woefully incomplete; he only gave a "mailing address":  23 Belmont Avenue, Clifton NJ 07012.   No day/evening telephone, no residential address.

How come?

Well, it turns out that 23 Belmont Avenue is Pedro M. Gonzalez' home address in Clifton, NJ, and further online searches show...

Pedro M. Gonzalez is 71 years old. 


An elderly man in Clifton NJ has the most important administrative position ("money man") on  Mike DeFusco for  Hoboken Mayor?

It doesn't appear that he's involved in politics nor has ever lived in Hoboken.  He appears to be from Elizabeth, New Jersey.

It certainly is curious to GA that a senior citizen in Clifton was designated Mike DeFusco for Hoboken Mayor's Treasurer, when DeFusco has so much ground support right here in Hoboken.

Don't you think?

Why wouldn't a Hoboken local want this very important campaign role- like Perry Belefiore or  Pupie Raia or Mike Russo or Ruben Ramos? 

What is this septuagenarian's connection to Hoboken, if not through politics

Media can ask Mike DeFusco for Hoboken Mayor Treasurer Gonzalez tomorrow night at the Mike DeFusco for Hoboken Mayor fundraiser.... unless the event is after his bedtime!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Stack conquers the Galaxy, Zimmer conquers the Hoboken Dems

Things to do after you've conquered Hudson County

It's official, people.

LD33 Senator  Brian Stack has bowled over Hudson County with his Union City army and fleet of Butterball turkeys.

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer has bowled over Hoboken's Dem Party, with support from Brian Stack and the great organizational skills of Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher and Zimmer's Chief of Staff Vijay Chaudhuri (plus many volunteers!)

Thanks to all of you! 

When GA saw the Hoboken vote counts, here's the first thing that jumped out at me:  Brian Stack was the #1 total vote-getter of any candidate on our ballot!   

Next came Annette Chapparo (#2), then Raj Mukherji (#3) Junior Maldonado (#4) and Anthony 'Stick' Romano (#5).

Phil Murphy, who had four primary opponents, came in at  #6.

GA admits surprise at Stack's strength in Hoboken- 300+ votes ahead Chapparo (#2).  (Annette, try birthday cards and turkeys next time.)

But, Hoboken was not an outlier.   According to InsiderNJ:
State Senator Nick Sacco (D-32) of neighboring North Bergen received 9K and change. State Senator Sandra Cunningham (D-31) of neighboring Jersey City harvested 9K and change. Stack, by contrast, got 20,349 votes (10,039 out of his home town of Union City, 5,447 out of the Jersey City portion of the district, 3,588 out of Hoboken, and 1,225 out of Weehawken).  
Looks to me like Stack's got juice in Hoboken...

Onto Mayor Zimmer's dominance over Hoboken's Democratic Committee: 63 seats to Russo's 17.

As you know, tonight is their reorganization meeting. Only elected committee persons may attend the vote.  That's right- GA isn't welcome.

MSV has announced some predictions for leadership nominations. One of them: Tiffanie Fisher will likely be nominated for Democratic Committee Chairwoman.

If that is true, something tells me our Hoboken Democratic Committee is about to become a lot more active in our community...

Buckle up!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hoboken Ward/District Unofficial Dem Primary Results!

Look what I found in my Inbox today... the June 6, 2017 Hoboken Democratic Primary (unofficial) results*!

Column E candidates are highlighted in yellow.*



*Please note that Column E fielded a Dem Committee write-in for Ward 1-District 1. Column E's  D-1,W-1 candidate won by a single vote (the only vote cast!)

Friday, June 9, 2017

Romano's "albatross is GONE"

GA has spent all morning talking to sources close to Freeholder Anthony 'Stick' Romano.

One might assume that Romano feels like he's sitting on top of the world.  After all, he just won his primary election and has the option of running for Hoboken mayor without risking his Freeholder seat.  (Yes, Romano can be on the ballot for both.)

On top of the world?  Not exactly.

Based on sources, Stick's had an epiphany about some old Hoboken 'friends'- people he has stood with in their time of need, who've piled on against him for a brand new flavor called DeFusco.

Specifically, these so-called friends in Hoboken's political world, are trying to hurt him; "take him down" in an effort to clear the way for their Chosen One, Mike DeFusco.  That, I am told, is unbelieveable to Romano.  He is amazed by the treachery of these backstabbing backstabbers.

But, it's a mixed bag.

Disappointment in his treacherous 'Old Hoboken' circle comes with a feeling of liberation from any future obligation to any of them.  As a source put it, "Stick don't give a shit no more."

Some might say, "It's about time."

I have tried to organize my notes-  excuse me if they're a little disjointed.  GA's notes from conversations with sources:

They're the gang that can't shoot straight.  DeFusco's been trying very hard to build a coalition.  Big time developers are trying to lure in smaller developers then on the other hand you got Pupie, and Perry on a mission. [redacted] told Pupie "What gives you the right to tell me its gotta be Defusco?  How can you disrespect Anthony so much?"  Pupie gave the same answer "We got a young, gay yuppie that can reach into the young and he can't."  The little developers are all hanging on the vine watching Stick.  The labor unions are not going to go with DeFusco and the little developers are not going to put in money and lose. Small developers don't want to contribute in because they don't know where Stick is at and  honestly believe that in a 3 person race, DeFusco can't win.   The little developers are all hanging on the vine watching Romano. The little developers are not going to put in money and lose...   Stick's gonna sit there on a perch and watch, the more they come at him, the more dug in he gets. I don't think Mike has any understanding what he's into. I guess he thinks whatever it takes to win the old Hoboken vote.  Now he's got Carmelo in the fold. Russo will hold out until he'll give him a couple of picks for jobs. Carmelo will be Director, Perry will be some kind off-on the payroll. Pupie will get his sewerage seat or Freeholder seat. It's just hilarious! Pupie told DeFusco, "Stop talking to Cheryl Fallick." Because Cheryl Fallick is one of the ones that knows what Pupie was doing with the rent control. He worries about that.  The rent control issue.    If Cheryl was ever on his ticket those developers will go fucking apeshit. APESHIT!
A couple months ago, Pupie Raia, Perry Belfiore, Ruben Ramos, Nick Calicchio  called Stick to a meeting. Perry said  if you don't agree with us, we'll run someone against you for Freeholder.  Some friends. They tried to ask him nicely, then they tried to buy him nicely, now they gonna try to hurt him, not to run for mayor.  The more they push, the more dug in Stick will get about running for mayor. From the get-go, Ruben was the one running around spreading that Romano made a deal with Zimmer and sold out the committee people. Ruben was the one trying to cripple Stick's vote, making sure he didn't run for mayor.  Ruben brought DeFusco to Muniz. Ruben brought DeFusco to the BarrysThey all felt Stick should have stepped off the line.  They wanted him to go down with the Titanic.  They wanted his numbers very low, some thought Stick losing would help DeFuscco. After the election, Calicchio told Stick: you're gonna get crushed in the 4th ward.  Russo told him "This is a disaster. This is your fault.  You're never gonna be able to run for mayor." Everybody was coming up and telling Stick "You need them. You should make the deal. DeFusco's the one."  [redacted] is coming out of Pupies club and Perry's house all the time, just like DeFusco. DeFusco is hinging his future on Perry. If DeFusco don't win, Perry may finally be done. This obsession and drive that they have for DeFusco is leaving so much collateral damage. They've lost a friend.  He don't want nothing from any of them. The more that they try to go after Stick the more dug in Stick gets about running for mayor. If Stick runs, he doesn't have that Hoboken guilt. He said, "I've finally broken the chain. For the first time in my life, If I ever was mayor, I wouldn't want their support I'd rather lose. If I ran, I don't want any of them."

Here's the worst part for them. The worst nightmare. They can't go away from DeFusco. They're stuck. If Stick ever won by some miracle, he don't want resumes from those people. The albatross is gone.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Poem for Kurt

Tomorrow is a big day for my dear friend, newly elected Democratic Committeeman Kurt Gardiner... he will turn 50 years old!

Don't you love that big German galoot?  This poem is dedicated to my friend, Kurt.

On turning 50 
by GA

Though your gizzards are drying 
Your bones loudly creak
There's no fun in dying
Please last through the week
Fifty's okay, better than fifty-one
While going downhill
Stay out of the sun
'Cause age spots will sprout
They never come out
Your hair it will fall
Like rain in a squall
As you slowly rot
Friends that you've got
Share your dilemma
Oops, i just dropped my enema
It's no fun getting older
But age makes you bolder
People give you a pass
Whisper "ignore the old ass"
So hard to believe we're all getting here
Please talk on my right-I'm deaf in that ear
We're inching together, toward the abyss
Who's going first? Not me, I'll be missed
So will you oh, dear  friend
I 'll love and admire you until the end
Which is soon, by the way
Pack your bags and dress lightly
When you head toward the light
Don't look unsightly
We've shared so much fun- you and I
It seems such a shame we all have to die
What's that sound?
A vertebrae popped.
They're popping like corn
The fun never stops
Arthritis, wrinkles, sagging parts
Clogged up arteries, murmuring hearts
Diseased livers, dangling boobs
Cataracts, constipation, breathing from tubes
Oops, out of oxygen- call 911
Every day after fifty
Brings new fun
The Grim Reaper's watch
Goes tick... tick... tick... tock
"Time's up, all aboard!"
Are you ready to rock?
You'd better get going,
There's no where to hide
Friends wait in front and behind you
For eternal good times
Let's go for a beer 
On the Other Side