Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Try this on for size"


At 4:19 PM on December 16, 2010, Lane "not a political operative" Bajardi writes a statement for Councilman Tim Occhipinti, and instructs him to send it to "Ray" as in Ray Smith of the The Hoboken Reporter...  oh no, he's NOT a political operative. 

At 4:56 PM Lane Bajardi forwards the draft statement to Beth Mason and her "business partner" James Barracato.

At 5:38 PM Beth Mason replies to political operatives Lane "not an operative" Bajardi and James Barracato.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Barracato calls Michele Russo's plan "Sh*t"

GA has told you about the disrespect Mason operatives showed toward the entire Russo family- including their 100 year-old matriarch- in the email exhibits produced by Lane "not an operative" Bajardi.

There are plenty more.

At 5 PM on Monday, November 29, 2010, Mike Novack hosted a Parks and Open space meeting.  Attendees were Ruben Ramos, Perry Belfiore, David Liebler, Michele Russo, Fred Bado, Zabrina Stoffel, Nino Giacchi, and Laura Miani.  Val McPherson attended by phone and Sara Stojkovic was unable to make it.  

At 6:40 PM, Michele Russo emails a document, "Parks and Recreation Meeting 11.29" to attendees,  Stojkovic,  Nino Giacchi, Tim Occhipinti, and Beth Mason.  The document is an 'action plan' presumably developed at the meeting and written by Michele Russo. The plan dictates what each member of the new Council majority: Mason, Occhipinti, Russo, Castellano and Giacchi will  do at the next City Council meeting

At 10:28 PM Beth Mason forwards Russo's action plan to James Barracato, with the message: "What the H##l!"

At 1:54 PM on Tuesday, November 30, 2010, James Barracato forwards Russo's action plan to Lane Bajardi and writes: "Have you seen this shit?"

Parks and Recreation Meeting 11.29.doc 
Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit-BAJARDI_00019399.doc
Michele Russo's Action Plan for City Council meeting of 12/6/2011

GA double-checked the "document properties" to confirm it was Michele Russo's handiwork:

Yep, Mrs. Anthony Russo spent 39 minutes writing all 518 words of it.  Well, it looks like a perfectly good action plan to me.

Why would James Barracato call Mrs. Russo's plan"shit"?

Lane"not an operative" Bajardi had this response to the Russo plan:"F*cking amateurs headed for a train wreck."

Yikes.  "Amateurs."  Last thing I noticed, Beth Mason was running around Hoboken with a pooper-scooper,  with these two idiots at the helm.

Who knows, the kind of hubris expressed by these operatives in 2010 could lead one to file a frivolous, politically-motivated law suit. 

Of course, a gentleman like the magnificently-coiffed Perry Belefiore, does not  wear two faces.  He is open and civil about his opposition to Russo's action plan.

At 10:38 AM on Tuesday November, Perry Belfiore emails Michele Russo and the 'gang' in polite disagreement.

At 10:43 AM Ruben Ramos "replies all" in agreement with Belfiore.

You see?  Mason's people will always go BEHIND YOUR BACK, trash and betray you.  They will even diss your 100 year-old grandma.

This is why Mason's oily flounder, a backstabber wearing two faces, should not be trusted.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Disrespecting the Russos

One surprise theme in the 50,000 emails produced by Plaintiff Lane "not an operative" Bajardi is the disrespect Mason operatives show toward the Russo family.

That is my opinion.

GA is surprised, because frankly, the Russos are a political dynasty while Beth Mason...?  Well, she'll pick up your dog-shit if you Facebook where the steaming pile is located.

In any ward!  From your shoe!

That is how far Mason's political star has fallen.  

Beth Mason: Poop Buster

So it's curious that the engineers of Mason's political death-spiral: a Weekhawken Fish and Pinocchio, look down their noses at the Russo family- who are still going strong in Hoboken.

At 12:24 AM on Thursday, December 2, 2010, David Cruz sends a press release 'bcc' to James Barracato and others.

The release is about open space and parks, and includes quotes by all 5 City Council majority members: Giacchi,  Castellano, Occhipinti, Mason and Russo.  It appears to have been written with input from Councilman Mike Russo and his mom, Michelle Russo.

At 12:33 AM Jamie Cryan responds to James Barracato, Lane Bajardi, Tommy Bertoli and Adam Alonso.

At 12:34 AM, Barracato replies, calls the Russo press release "bullshit."

At 12:44 AM Lane Bajardi responds to an earlier email from political operative Adam Alonso.

At 12:46 AM James Barracato replies to Lane Bajardi only.

At 8:54 AM on December 2, 2010, Michele Russo blasts the press release about parks.

At 11:26 AM Sara Stojkovic begins an exchange with Lane Bajardi.

It appears the Mason gang feels they would have done a better job than the Russos.

I dunno....  who's the Councilperson picking up dog-shit, again?

The Mason-gang even show rudeness toward the matriarch of the Russo political dynasty.

This disrespect for the matriarch of a Hoboken political dynasty is frankly, contemptible.  GA was taught to respect our elders, not mock them. 

Well folks, this peek inside the Hoboken political machine is fascinating; the same Dark Siders  dissing the Russos have destroyed the political future of Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Wanna reach the Councilwoman?  Dial 1-800-PIK-SHIT.

The work of a backstabbing traitor- ask Tom Bertoli about this backstabber

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Lenz, Lenz, Lenz...

At 11:09 AM on November 4, 2010 Hoboken411 received an email with (2) attachments and a summary with the instructions: "PLEASE PUBLISH."

At 12:09 PM  Hoboken411 forwards the email to Lane Bajardi.

Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit: BAJARDI_00041356.pdf, BAJARDI_00041355.jpg

Charges dropped in 2012. He was reinstated with back-pay.

 The HPU employee had been arrested one day earlier, on November 3, 2010.

At 1:16 PMLane "Red Haven" Bajardi emails Hoboken411 with instructions and attaches his ghostwritten article for publication.


Lane Bajardi's ghostwritten article for Hoboken411
page 1 of 2

On November 4, 2010 Hoboken411 publishes  Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi's ghostwritten article.

Truly a symbiotic relationship: the smear merchant Hoboken411, ghostwriter Lane Bajardi, and  friends in the HPD.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"I invite you to follow Lenz into the gates of hell"

He's got the key
Folks, this one is about true wickedness.  That is my in-actionable opinion and I'm sticking to it.

The reasonable basis for my belief will follow.

This post will show how one misanthrope pitched an idea to another: to purposefully "demonize", "bring down" and otherwise "implode" a political adversary in a "long term thread online."  Her goal: "... to discredit Marsh, Minutillo and Zimmer is by using Lenz, their General, as an example... they need to be tied to Lenz and all of his dirty actions to make them just as despicable as Lenz."

And that is how Hoboken411's "long term thread online," the smear-manifesto  "Deconstructing M*** Lenz" was born.  


At 11:33 AM on August 17, 2008, Hoboken411 replies to Sara Stojkovic 's email titled "Lenz."
"...  I’d like to sit down with you (and whomever else shares the same sentiments) to discuss a long-term plan on how this counter-attack / expose will pan out. A one-shot post on 411 will have very little effect, and should be strong and steady in my opinion…" 
At 1:40 PM Sara Stojkovic forwards the email to Kim Cardinal and writes: 
 "I would love to have a long term thread online to bring Lenz down. He and others would seriously implode over the next 8 months watching their dirty laundry being aired continually online..."

At 1:46 PM Cardinal replies to Stojokovic, stating the "best strategy" is "never talking about [Lenz] on 411."

At 1:58 PM, Stojkovic replies to Cardinal: "I don't think it works that way... You have to bring down Hussein before you work on the general public. Lenz has to be constantly exposed, his past and present..."

At 2:05 PM, Stojkovic adds:

You follow?  Eight days later...


On the morning of August 25, 2008, Hoboken411 publishes "Deconstructing M**** Lenz."

 At 12:58 PM on August 25, 2008, Sara Stojkovic sends a link to Beth and Ricky Mason,  who are vacationing in Israel.

At 1:30 PM Ricky Mason replies, "Such a wonderful thing to read..."

Commenters below the article do not agree with Ricky Mason.  They don't think "Deconstructing..." is a wonderful thing to read.    


Commenters attack the story as a political smear, defend Lenz and turn on and Perry Klaussen while Red Haven (Lane Bajardi) and Jolly Roger (spouse of Sara Stojkovic) vigorously defend the article, attack Lenz and bash his defenders.   

Red Haven (admitted screen name of Lane Bajardi) gets so worked up, he actually invites a dissenter to "follow Lenz through the gates of hell.Ummm...

Easel weasel out of diesel?

Wow!  I'll bet Red Haven knows the way there.

 At 2:55 PM on August 25, 2008,  Sara Stojkovic emails Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi, Kim Cardinal and 'Jolly Roger:' 

 At 3:01 Kim Cardinal replies to Sara Stojkovic only.  Cardinal argues Councilwoman Beth Mason must "act." Huh?

At 3:16 PM Stojkovic sends an email, lamenting "people don't understand:"

At 8:35 PM Sara Stojokvic emails Kim Cardinal:

These emails, and thousands of others, provide GA with a reasonable basis to believe it is the crackpots' 24/7 obsession with annihilating political opponents, their lack of empathy with anyone outside their political perspective, and their narcissistic self-image as genius political gurus- a view indulged by a rich madwoman- which lead to the Hoboken-HindenbergBajardi v Pincus.

The lawsuit was a symptom of derangement. Unfortunately, they have left a trail of victims across cyberspace, like the target of "Deconstructing..."

Finally you may recall that on July 1, 2009, Beth Mason argued that the City of Hoboken should advertise on Hoboken411 meaning that taxpayers woud foot the bill for Mason's political-smear machine, as it actively banned pro-Zimmer comments and commenters, and attacked Reformers, like Mr. Lenz.

Monday, April 13, 2015

It takes Mason's village (and an HPD leak) to smear a Sacs

At 9:27 AM on March 24, 2011 a HOP bus driver and Hoboken's Director of Transportation and Parking were arrested following an altercation at City Hall.

At 12:24 PM on March 24, 2011, Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi sends Hoboken411 "what [he] has so far." 

[true and correct excerpt] 

At 6:11 PM on March 24, Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi sends Hoboken411 an update to his ghost-written article.

At 7:40 PM on March 24, 2011, political operative James Barracato emails Lane Bajardi: 

At 8:01 PM on March 24 Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi replies to political operative James Barracato that he wants "Kim to look at it."

At 8:31 PM on March 24, Kim Cardinal replies to Lane Bajardi and political operative James Barracato.  

[true and correct excerpt]

At 11:51 PM on March 24, 2011, Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi sends Perry Klaussen the "Plan for Tomorrow."

At 12:08 AM on Friday, March 25, 2011, James Barracato sends Hoboken411 "Beth Mason Statement..." and cc's Lane Bajardi.     

At 12:17 AM James Barracato sends Lane Bajardi a list of media outlets he is issuing the "Beth Statement" to and asks, "Any more?"  

At 12:58 AM Lane Bajardi replies, "Don't forget Al Jazeera and Urban Times news."

At 12:30 AM on March 25, 2011 Hoboken411 emails Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi:

At 2:25 PM on Friday March 25, 2011, James Barracato sends Lane "not an operative" Bajardi an email with an attachment.  

Barracato's attachment is a photograph of a "Confidential,  Not for Public Use or Distribution" memo from Mayor Zimmer to Council members.


At 12:36 AM on March 30, 2011 Lane Bajardi begins an exchange with Hoboken411.

The exchange shows both Bajardi and Hoboken411 are already in possession of the Laney-Sacs police report.   

At 1:04 AM on March 30, Lane Bajardi sends Hoboken411 instructions "to be blurred" on the Laney-Sacs police report.

At 1:15 AM Hoboken411 emails Lane Bajardi an attachment: the Laney Sacs police report with redactions 

Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit- BAJARDI_00043226.pdf

page 1 of 4- additional redactions (red) of privileged information by GA

At 3:21 AM on March 30, 2011, Lane Bajardi emails Hoboken411 his ghostwritten article:

Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit- BAJARDI_00043230.pdf
page 1 of 5
Later that morning on March 30, 2011:

Should any doubt remain whether the police report was (1) properly obtained or (2) leaked to Hoboken411: