Thursday, October 8, 2015

Terry feeling the heat?

Forced to advertise

Is 1st Ward candidate Terry Castellano feeling the heat?

GA doesn't recall Castellano advertising online in 2011; she sure is now.

Challenger Mike DeFusco is reportedly working hard to knock  incumbent Castellano off the City Council dais after a 21 year run.  DeFusco can't match millionaire Terry's bank account, but he appears to make up for it in drive.  DeFusco is everywhere. That makes the First Ward race a real contest.

All bets are off; voter turnout is everything.  Who will turn out their vote?

2011 challenger Eric Kurta's billboard faced Terry's Washington Street schmata shop

In the meantime, Castellano has got to go.  GA will not miss her glowering from the dais, rolling her eyes and occasionally sassing members of the public.  Worse, no one will miss her voting record.

Here's a sampler of  "Terry C's Greatest (S)hits:"
Sept. 21, 2011- Castellano votes “NO” to emergency $5.5 M bond ordinance to keep hospital open

Sept. 23, 2011- Castellano votes ‘NO” on bonding for traffic light at 1600 park, delaying park opening

Oct. 20, 2011 – Castellano votes "NO" on a free midtown garage bond refinance, costing taxpayers $4.5 million

June 6, 2012- Castellano votes “NO” on the use of eminent domain to acquire land for SW Park

June 20, 2012- Castellano votes “NO” to replace 5 HOP buses and a “bucket truck” damaged by Sandy

June 20, 2012- Castellano votes “NO” on the use of eminent domain to acquire land for NW Park

March 6, 2013- Castellano votes “NO” on Sandy repairs of Pier C Park

March 21, 2013 - Castellano votes “NO” to bond for construction of a 9-11 memorial on Pier A park
After all of those "NO" votes on 'good' things for Hoboken, including a 9-11 memorial, has Terry Castellano ever SUPPORTED anything?

Oh yeah, she supported Carmelo Garcia.  Castellano supported him on August 4, 2014, the night the HHA Executive Director was fired for taking campaign contributions from HHA vendors he'd awarded no-bid contracts.
Yeah, right Terry. 

Did Castellano ever read HUD's scathing report on Carmelo Garcia's management of the Hoboken Housing Authority? 

Terry: "It's all cleared up."

GA asked 1st Ward candidate Mike DeFusco what he thought about Castellano's record of inertia  in his ward.  He replied:
"Councilwoman Castellano's campaign marketing touts 'leadership' and 'results,' so then, how have those qualities benefited Washington Street? In 2013 she voted 'NO' on a bonding ordinance that would have repaved both Washington and Newark Streets, two vital thoroughfares in the first ward. Without her support and advocacy, that ordinance failed, leaving our city's main street to fall into disrepair. Two years later, another bonding ordinance to repave Washington was introduced and the Councilwoman recused herself from that vote, this time claiming a "conflict of interest". Luckily for progress, the ordinance moved forward without her. I don't think that politics should ever be put above progress. I'm running on November 3rd because I know I can work with everyone, whether I agree of disagree with them politically, to move things forward. "
Folks in the First Ward, it is time to send Tired Terry packing. Do it, Mike!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Election Feature: Citizen Endorsements

You don't have to be a muckity-muck, elected official, or member of our Fourth Estate to endorse a candidate here on GA.   Nope, citizen endorsements are welcome and the bigger a nobody you are, the better. 

GA has received these endorsements from Hoboken residents...

Civic activist/blogger Kurt Gardiner has photo-shopped his graphic endorsement for 2nd Ward City Council candidate....

original graphic by Kurt Gardiner

The next endorsement is from 2nd Ward resident "redacted guy."  .

Anyone who would like to submit a written, graphic, audio or video endorsement for a municipal or BoE candidate for publication  please send to

Meet Sheillah and Addys!

Hoboken School Board slates, Reach Higher (2 + 4 = 6) debated the Dark Side (ODD numbers) last Monday night. 

To tell the truth, GA had no idea who Sheillah Dallara and Addys Velez, the ladies of the Reach Higher BoE ticket, were.

I had the pleasure of meeting both recently. Their passion for making Hoboken district schools "the pride of the community" is palpable.  They are 'real' public education activists, not politically-partisan missiles launched by the Dark Side.   

Sheillah Dallara registering voters with Tom Kluepfel
Sheillah Dallara (4) was born in Lima, Peru but grew up in Queens, New York, where she attended New York City public schools from elementary through high school.

She and her husband Aaron have two children at Wallace School: her daughter is in the PreK-4 class and her son is in the self-contained Kindergarten class that serves as the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program for children with special needs.

Prior to being a stay-at-home mom to her young children, Sheillah worked in the auditing field for five years. Now, she is actively engaged in many school-related and community organizations. Sheillah serves as the vice president of the Wallace School Parent-Teacher Organization. She is also a co-director of the Hoboken Special Needs Parent Group where she spends time connecting special needs families to valuable and local resources, programs, recreational activities, and support services. Sheillah also volunteers her time as the events director for Hoboken Family Alliance, and is a parent representative for the Hoboken Early Childhood Advisory Council.

Away from these activities, many will know Sheillah from the spin classes she teaches at Work It Out Studio in Hoboken.

"My special focus, my passion, is on the continued success of the district's excellent special education program," says Sheillah, and she has organized fundraising events in support of the ABA program. Sheillah is dedicated to the Hoboken Public School District, its families, and its students and she is enthusiastic in engaging all residents in neighborhood events and activities. “I truly believe that when we all work together, stay focused on the future and not get stuck in the past, our district public schools will be the pride of our community," she says. "I will work my hardest to make this happen.”

Addys Velez registering voters with some guy named Tom
Addys Velez (6) was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the U.S. in 1990 with aspirations of becoming part of the American dream—of owning her own home, raising a family, and making a difference in society through volunteering, education and mentoring. Addys is a high-achieving individual and strives to be a role model for others. "I want my children, my entire community, to see that education has been the key to opportunity in my own life, and through education and dedication they can achieve their dreams, too," she says.

Today, Addys is an accomplished professional with a background in Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, and Operations. She earned her bachelor’s degree in International Business and her Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Addys works in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, where she provides leadership and oversight for the operations department of the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery program and its efforts related to the Superstorm Sandy disaster.

Addys is a 13-year Hoboken resident. Her three children are enrolled in the district public schools—two daughters at Hoboken Junior Senior High School and son at Wallace Primary School. She is an active parent and treasurer of the high school PTO. Her experience with the district is what motivates her to seek election to the Board of Education. "I am so proud of our schools and the steady improvements. We are a shining example of what a public school system should be," says Addys. "We need to enhance and support the work already underway."

(GA Note: Alright.... it just wouldn't be fair... meet BoE Trustee Tom again!)

Tom Kluepfel loitering with his running mates, Sheillah and Addys
Tom Kluepfel(2) has devoted many years working to improve public education opportunities for Hoboken families. He was a co-founder and inaugural board chairperson of the Elysian Charter School in the late 1990s, volunteered his time to Elysian and in the district, and is now seeking re-election to the Hoboken Board of Education, a position to which he was first elected in 2012. Never shy to step forward or raise his hand, Tom has chaired the Finance and Communications Committees, and currently serves as the board's Vice President.

Tom is a graduate of The Cooper Union School of Art, which he attended on a four-year scholarship. "I was blessed with an education that I would never have had access to otherwise, thanks to a generous 19th-century philanthropist who I will never be able to thank," he says. "That instilled in me an obligation to do what I can to further public education opportunities to young people who come after me."

Tom is the co-creative director and partner at Doyle Partners, a design studio in Manhattan, with thirty-five years' experience working on communication and design projects for a broad roster of clients—from major corporations to grassroots non-profits.

Tom and his wife, Lynn (a special education instructor at a local charter school), raised their two children in Hoboken. Although they are no longer district parents (their youngest was a Class of 2014 graduate of Hoboken High; she is now a biology major at Ramapo College), Tom remains committed to working hard on behalf of the district. "Once a proud Redwing parent, always a proud Redwing parent," he says, proudly.

So what  do you think, people? Are they great, or what?   

GA note: All images lifted from the Reach Higher Facebook campaign site, check it out!

And please if you can, DONATE!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A True Happy Meal

Buddha was not a vegetarian.

Folks, it's one thing for a cheapskate Assemblyman to use his campaign funds to glom Happy Meals off his campaign donors.  It is another to PAY for one's own meal.... and in the ACT of feasting on delicious, all-American fare make OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY.    

Buddha, Gandhi, Confucius, the Dalai Lama and other famous know-it-alls would agree: that's a true Happy Meal....

Paying for your own meal can bring HAPPINESS to others.  The instructions are simple: 
(1) PRINT this flyer (see below)
(2) EAT at Johnny Rockets* (Hoboken or Newport Mall, JC)  *works for take-out, too
(3) SHOW FLYER when you pay check
Wednesday, October 14, 3-8PM
Wednesday, October 21, 3-8PM
20% of your check will be DONATED by Johnny Rockets to the filming of a feature-length film by Hoboken High School video production students being shot in Hoboken in the summer of 2016! 
FLYER: (PRINT NOW,  stick in your wallet!!!!)

About the project:
D. H. MacAulay, a video production teacher at Hoboken High School, and his students have produced short digital videos, commercials, music videos and current event videos. In 2004, he and students Ingrid Uribe and Jerri Siro won the NJ Young Film and Video Makers Festival, which is a part of New Jersey’s Black Maria. In 2010, his Hoboken Media Production class won a Telly award for a music video they shot and produced. This past spring, MacAulay’s advanced class Media Production 2, asked about creating a more ambitious production than a short film.  

Alumni from both HCST and Hoboken High School have been working with MacAulay to raise the $230K budgeted for this project. They have set up a Creative District listing, Gofundme page, and Facebook page for this project. ” 

MacAulay and his Director of Videography, John F. Cole (HCST Class of 2004), have started the “shooting script,” which adds shots and angles to the existing original screenplay, "In My Own Mind."  Dylan Irizarry has signed on as the Assistant Director. Current students and future graduates of the Class of 2016, Baltazar Gonzalez and Bryant Vega, are both the producers on the project, Arturo Liranzo is head camera operator, and William Ithier III is 2nd operator.

Plans are in motion to begin production on July 6, 2016 and wrap by August 15, 2016.
Please folks, indulge yourselves and your friends in a TRUE happy meal at Johnny Rockets next Wednesday (Oct. 14), 3-8PM, or the Wednesday after (Oct 21), 3-8PM.   

You will spread happiness to these young Hoboken artists. Aren't you proud of them?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ruben's Legacy: gargantuan tax hikes

2005 Roberts campaign mailer
Um, noooo....

How quickly the jaws of defeat swallowed this "budget victory," when sunlight hit Ruben Ramos' $11.4 million budget deficit. 

Ramos, who served on Hoboken's City Council  from 1999-2009, rubber-stamped budget trickery like selling off the Municipal garage, raiding the Parking Authority's surplus, refinancing long term bonds so they cost less in the short term but balloon in later years to hide overspending.

Fiscal mismanagement is Ramos' legacy as Hoboken City Councilman.   

The $11.4 million crater in Hoboken's budget triggered the 2008 appointment of state fiscal monitor,  the late Judy Tripodi.

Then what happened literally overnight to Hoboken taxpayers?
"...Hoboken's municipal tax levy, which is separate from county and school taxes, did go up a whopping nearly 70 percent from 2007 to 2008, said Tripodi. Hudson County Tax Administrator Donald Kenny confirmed that Hoboken's tax rate (which covers city, school and county taxes) jumped 23 percent from 2007 to 2008."
Thanks, Ruben Ramos!

Folks, GA has no personal animus toward Ruben, who I hear did very well as the 33rd District Assemblyman.  As Hoboken Councilmannot so much.

GA implores voters to do a little homework, and see how a mess evolved under Ruben Ramos' tenure on the City Council that has tapped every Hoboken taxpayer's wallet since 2008.

4th Ward, please GET OUT THE VOTE for Dana Wefer, the gal who's achieved wonders cleaning up Carmelo Garcia's financial mess at the Housing Authority. 

Please, on November 3, Vote for DANA WEFER.

Now, have a listen to former Mayor Roberts delivering the BAD NEWS to Hoboken residents, courtesy of Ruben Ramos' rubber-stamping the profligate spending of the Roberts Administration. 

Behind the curtain

Most readers know that on July 8, 2015, GA was one of 3 SLAPP victims awarded in the $276,677 judgment against SLAPP suit filers Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal.

"The Court finds the Bajardis claims were frivolous, were pursued in bad faith, and with the purpose of harassment, delay and malicious injury in violation of N.J.S.A. 2A:15:15-59.1"
 -The Honorable Judge Patrick Arre Opinion, July 8, 2015

In fact, the victims presented some much clear and convincing evidence during the trial that the Court decreed  the "public figure" Plaintiffs' conduct "at a minimum demonstrates bad faith, and approaches a fraud upon the Court."

Remember, the Bajardis repeatedly claimed they were "defamed" by being called "political operatives" in a SLAPP which demanded "damages" of $2,000,000.

BAJARDI_00034100.htm, an email provided in discovery to Defendants which was filed with GA's August 2014 Motion for Summary Judgment, addresses the true extent and nature of the Bajardis role in Hoboken politics.  This email provides a glimpse behind the curtain about efforts of a political operative duo to influence Hoboken election outcomes.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Statement from former NJ Senate Majority Leader Bernie Kenny

Never trust a wired rat, Bernie!
"Jen is honest, forthright, and trustworthy."
-Bernie Kenny statement to Grafix Avenger
October 2, 2015

GA note:  Thanks, Bernie.  As a 6th Ward resident, I appreciate your statement about the personal integrity of Jen Giattino.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Debate: Monarch Man scores, Garcia flees and declares victory

When it comes to debates, there are winners and losers.

Last night's QLC debate of 2nd, 5th and 6th Ward candidates was no exception.   GA watched the Hudson County View  report and spoke to several attendees.

The winner, according to Carmelo Garcia was Carmelo Garcia. 

Unfortunately, Garcia didn't stay long enough at the debate to realize who he was debating.  This is what he posted on Facebook today:

Earth to Carmelo...

"After two impactful debates where Mayor Zimmer and her candidate councilperson tried to excuse their lack of representation..."
Huh?   Is Carmelo punch-drunk on Happy Meals?  Have those freebie Dunkin Donuts rotted his brain?  Too many trips to Target, CVS and ShopRite? 

Maybe he'd better check his wire. Surely Garcia taped Mayor Zimmer "debating" him at the Elk's Club and Hudson Reporter.   

Check your wire, Carmelo!
GA is astounded at the chutzpah... The guy who fled the debate after 10 minutes is criticizing his opponents'  "lack of representation."  Ummm, she was there.  You weren't.   Garcia's empty chair spoke volumes about his "lack of representation" on that dais.

Needless to say, Carmelo's assessment about Carmelo is, in my opinion, way off. 

GA gives the winning performance of the night to Monarch Man.

Monarch Man was simply artful;  his eyes darted down to some secret, scripted developer code for "shut the fuck up" when asked his opinion on the Monarch project.  Monarch Man leaped over the broken developer agreement  in a single bound, then pirouetted into a blame game attacking the City and Planning board.  


Monarch Man's avoidance of the words, "I oppose the Monarch project" and "the developer MUST honor their agreement with the City of Hoboken" was so complete, GA almost forgot how many times we've been fucked over by developers' broken promises.  

Monarch Man supports "open space."

That's nice. When Tiffanie Fisher was fighting for it, where was Monarch Man?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Dark Side's BoE Ticket

 It's official!

Oops, forgot one!  Look who took the photo:

BUSTED- Anthony "War Stick" Romano, Dark Side photographer and Warlord

Oh, boy.   

Ms. Kauffman and Ms. Montgomery, did you know that Mr. Madigan has a colorful record of 'alleged' profanity-laced outbursts at various Reform School Board Trustees in public, on the street with their children present.  

GA was told of one 'alleged' incident several years ago (2010, I think) at a local Italian street festival.  According to a parent-witness, Madigan yelled "bitch!" at a Kids First Trustee who was at the fair with her young child.  Around that same time, another 'alleged' outburst on Washington Street occurred prompting another Kids First Trustee to file a complaint. As reported in The Jersey Journal.
"Minutillo told police Thursday that she was walking her 3-year-old daughter to school that morning when an SUV pulled alongside them, a police report said. The report stated that Minutillo said that Madigan shouted obscenities at her from the SUV. The police generated a summons complaint for harassment, and the case will recommence at later date in court, police said."
Here is another 'alleged' incident as told to GA: 
Madigan screamed at two Parents for Progress candidates,  calling them “____ bitches" in front of their children and other families at the Sinatra little league field during the 2014 board of education campaign.
Madigan has had profane outbursts at School Board meetings as well.

A former School Board Trustee told GA:
He called us 'c*nts' at a boe meeting. He was sitting in the audience behind the interim super mr carter when he belted it out.
Okay...  Politics makes strange bedfellows, as the saying goes.  Does it get any stranger?

Yeah, it does.

Ask Britney Montgomery and John '%#*&@!' Madigan  who celebrated with Carmelo 'Happy Meal' Garcia at his campaign's Kick-off.

Does Ms. Montgomery know how "Happy Meal" Garcia has been reporting his McDonald's Happy Meals, trips to Dunkin Donuts, Target, ShopRite, CVS and NJ Devils games  as "campaign expenses" on his "Garcia for Assembly" ELECs?

GA can only guess that Ms. Kauffman, reportedly a "nice mom," is a total neophyte to Hoboken politics.  Otherwise, WHY is she running with that crew?

Well, she is.  As the saying goes: you dance (and vote) with the ones who brung you, so it is clear Kauffman has thrown in with the Dark Side

In fact, BoE candidate Alanna Kauffman celebrated with Dark Side's glitterati at Mike Russo's Tuesday night kick-off.  Ms. Kauffman and her running mates were there with anti-Zimmer candidate Russo and ALL of the Dark Side's anti-Zimmer municipal candidates! Take a look:

Click on image to read

Earwitness News: Mama Knows Best

A few days ago, GA reported that a swath of Tiffanie Fisher signs tore themselves off of upper Washington Street storefront windows two days in a row!  Either that, or the Fisher campaign signs were removed by human hands...

According to a fresh Earwitness report, at least one of the Washington street store owners did witness the removal of the sign in their window on Saturday, September 19, 2015.   Further, this store owner has identified the owner of the pair of hands that removed their Fisher sign! 


It is unknown if this pair of hands removed any other of the 15-20 Fisher signs yanked that Saturday and Sunday.

GA will not name this window sign-remover witnessed in the act by the store-owner.  Nope, the  alleged yanker is not a member of any political campaign, but is alleged to have contributed DNA to one of the candidates.   

Well, it is silly season.  Hoboken elections and advocates for candidates on both sides get over-heated, and do silly things- like ripping down window signs.  We hope Fisher's signs continue to hang undisturbed on Washington street and elsewhere, and that cooler heads prevail as we get closer to the big day, November 3.

That's the day GA hopes you will vote for:

Michael DeFusco (1st Ward)
Tiffanie Fisher (2nd Ward)
yourself (3rd Ward)
Dana Wefer (4th Ward)
Peter Cunningham (5th Ward)
Jen Giattino (6th Ward)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

'Dunkin' Garcia violates NJ Election Law

Carmelo Garcia for City Council threw a $300/person fundraiser at Mikie Squared on August 5, 2015.

According to NJ election law, Garcia should have filed Form D-1 on or before August 15, 2015:

Would it surprise you that Carmelo Garcia's "Municipal Office 2015" ELEC folder is EMPTY?

Garcia's campaign hasn't filed a D-1 Form since the candidate began raising and spending money.

Spending on what?

Oh, this 5.5" x 8.5" full-color, double-sided glossy campaign lit...

This print ad on page 3 of this week's Hoboken Reporter...

The block party he hosted this weekend...

And the "free" coffee he reportedly handed out this morning at Dunkin Donuts...  

Garcia has blown through a considerable amount of money, and it's not even October.

How much money has he gotten, and from whom?  How much has he spent?

Why isn't Garcia obeying election law, and filing his D-1 with ELEC?

What do you think?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Carmelo LIES to neighbors, gets caught by PolitiFax

Yum, yum!  Assemblyman "Happy Meal" Garcia charges McDonalds outings to taxpayers

Here's what happened.

On June 29, 2015, Carmelo "Happy Meal*" Garcia launched his campaign by distributing a deceitful letter to his 6th Ward neighbors.  In it, Garcia took credit for the repaving of Bloomfield Street!

click letter to read
What chutzpuh.

Garcia's done NOTHING at all for Hoboken's road resurfacing project- nothing except claim credit.

Nope, the Bloomfield street repaving is part of a massive 2015 road resurfacing project by the City of Hoboken in coordination with replacement of PSE&G gas lines.  In fact, PSE&G recently completed gas line replacment on GA's street (Willow Terrace). Carmelo had nothing to do with that, either.

The City bonded twice for repaving; $1.8 million, then $2 million, approved at the City Council.  In fact, Councilwoman Jen Giattino advocated for all of Bloomfield to be repaved- not Carmelo "Happy Meal*" Garcia.

Carmelo "Happy Meal*" Garcia figured he could get away with stealing credit in the letter to his Bloomfield neighbors in the 6th Ward, because door-to-door lying usually flies under the radar.

Somehow,  Politifax got word of the phony's baloney;  The New York Times once wrote "everyone in politics in New Jersey reads PolitiFax,"  and on August 5 published this:  

reprinted with permission from Politifax

What did GA tell you?  Garcia is full of shit, which PolitFax said more nicely.

Speaking of full-of-shit, GA is still reeling from Garcia's fecal masterpiece in this week's Hoboken Reporter:


777 days ago, Carmelo Garcia filed his "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit against the City of Hoboken.  He has since amended it twice.  Hoboken City taxpayers have already paid the $150,000 deductible for Mayor Zimmer's defense.  Carmelo Garcia has not withdrawn his lawsuit.  He is "viscerally responding without much forethought" leading Hoboken to "expensive litigation and happy  lawyers." This CRAPP suit is nearing the end of the discovery phase, but may drag on for years.

Now re-read his "letter" then read this, the lastest iteration of Carmelo Garcia v Dawn Zimmer, et. al:


The truth about Carmelo Garcia must get out or his lies will grow like hothouse flowers. 

God forbid, Assemblyman Carmelo "Happy Meal*" Garcia gets elected as our 6th Ward Councilperson.

(*Carmelo Garcia used "Garcia for Assembly"campaign funds for meals at MacDonald's, trips to ShopRite, Target, CVS, ExxonMobil, NJ Devil's tickets, etc.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mr. Happy Meal

click on graphic to read
These are among  Carmelo's "campaign expenses..."   taxpayers bought his Happy Meal

When a Pupie falls in the forest and there's no one to hear him did he make a sound?

GA doesn't care who's OUT of the race.   It matters who is IN.

Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia wants to replace Jen Giattino on the City Council, and that is a terrifying thought.   Garcia is the last person in Hoboken who should be entrusted with public money.  Remember Garcia spent $385,000 to replace vinyl flooring in 10 HHA elevator cabs?  Remember the 14 incorrectly sized, new "Sandy-proof" generators, that sat in an HHA parking lot for almost 2 years?   Remember that FEMA's Hurricane Irene grant to raise HHA generators that silently disappeared in 2011, before Sandy hit (2012)?  The list goes on and on...   

GA has taken a look at "Garcia for Assembly" ELEC reports, specifically campaign disbursements, which are the expenses paid by the campaign.

Garcia's April 21, 2015 ELEC (when Garcia was replaced on the ticket) shows the Assemblyman blew through hundreds of dollars in taxpayer money at McDonald's, Target, ShopRite, CVS, Dunkin Donuts, Exxon Mobil, for NJ Devils tickets, at a newstand (calling it a "meal for campaign meeting"), for numerous "meals for campaign meetings" in local restaurants.  

On January 30, 2015, a day Garcia was in Trenton, he charged three "meals for campaign meetings:" 2 in Hoboken (Delfino's, Grimaldi's) and 1 in Trenton.
Hungry Carmelo.  Taxpayer-subsidized dining at 3 restaurants in two cities in one day.
Questionable expenditures pop up on other ELECs.  On October 1, 2014 Garcia gave a $300 "contribution to non-profit organization," RSK Academy.  Rising Sun Karate Acadamy is not a non-profit.   The "check no." is left blank.

One can only imagine what the unreported expenditures have been since.

 6th Ward candidate Carmelo Garcia's utmost contempt for Hoboken taxpayer is evident; taxpayers have ALREADY PAID the $150,000 deductible to defend  his moronic  "ethnic cleansing" complaints against Mayor Zimmer, her husband, and other public officials. 

We need folks to volunteer for the Jen Giattino campaign, to ensure Hoboken residents are protected from the likes of Mr. Garcia.

Please, make sure your friends and neighbors are registered to vote and on November 3, please...


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Harvard Math

2015 candidates Carmelo Garcia (6th Ward), Peter Biancamano (2nd Ward).  [Note to satirically-challenged, out-of-towners: Carmelo Garcia's garb has been photo-shopped]

GA does not have a Harvard diploma like candidate Carmelo Garcia, but I do have a calculator. Why mention this?   Because when GA looked inside Mr. Garcia's 2015 campaign ELEC folder, it was empty.  Zip!   In fact, the last ELEC report filed by Carmelo Garcia was on April 21, 2015 for "Garcia for Assembly."  

GA's not Harvard material, so I don't understand the math on Garcia's April 21st ELEC.

Let's start with $47,441.67.   Under Receipts (Table 1),  Garcia reports the "cumulative to date" monetary contributions in excess of $300 (Schedule A) equals $47,441.67.  That means, if you total all of the individual contributors' aggregate contributions on Schedule A, they will equal $47, 441.67.  Right?

WRONG!  You aren't using Harvard math.

GA used plain math (learned in NYC public school) to add the aggregate contributions on Schedule A and instead of $47,441.67, I got a non-Harvard total of $384,043.84. 

That's a difference of $336, 602.17!

Understand the problem?

"Garcia for Assembly's" Schedule A REPORTED  $384,043.84 total aggregate amount in monetary contributions, but REPORTED Schedule A "cumulative-to-date" receipts as $47,441.57.


Somebody who understands Harvard math, please find the MISSING $336,602.17! 

Where did the money go?????

See Receipts, Table 1:

Now, see Schedule A (page 1): GA's non-Harvard math total aggregate contributions for this page is $252,430. 

Schedule A, page 2 GA's non-Harvard math total aggregate contributions for this page is $86,984.84.

 Schedule A, page 3. GA's non-Harvard math total aggregate contributions for this page is $44,629.

Look, I am no genius.

GA has to rely on a calculator and a NYC public school education. Therefore, I am counting on YOU people to figure this out for me. Here is the complete ELEC:

Harvard math is like magic.... it makes big piles of money disappear.... POOF!

That is why we should not elect a Harvard magician for City Council.

That is why Hoboken residents should stick with boring Reform math.  There is nothing magical about it-  we don't know how to make 4,000,000 quarters disappear or squander $150,000 of your money on  a frivolous ethnic cleansing lawsuit against the Mayor, her husband, and other current and former Hoboken officials.

Please folks, tell your 6th Ward friends and neighbors to