Friday, August 19, 2016

Thank you, Monica

Hoboken Board of Education Trustee Monica Stromwall says goodbye 

GA was sorry to hear the Hoboken School District will be losing a dedicated board member, Monica Stromwall.

Ms. Stromwall made an emotional announcement at the August 16, 2016 meeting that she will be stepping down because her family is moving out-of-state.

Monica was an activist parent with two kids in the district, when she was appointed to replace Board Trustee Carmelo Garcia, in January 2014.  Garcia resigned from his board seat after he was elected to the NJ Assembly.

Stromwall ran for a full term as an incumbent, and was elected with Sharyn Angley on November 4, 2014.

Her resignation was a surprise to some board colleagues, who described her to GA as "honest, earnest" and "a very dedicated, hardworking trustee."

Stromwell's board peers praised her at the meeting, including Trustee Peter Biancamano, whose began his tribute "for someone not on the same side as, like Hoboken likes to say, as me...*"
*GA takes exception to that.  If Peter reads this, there is only ONE "side" for Hoboken School Board Trustees: the district CHILDREN'S side.   ALL decisions should be governed on what's best for the CHILDREN of the Hoboken District, not any elected municipal official or candidate- be it Reform or Dark Side. One's personal political ambition has no place on the Hoboken School Board. 

Former board members Jean Marie Mitchell called Stromwall "articulate, and above all, passionate...... I want to offer you my biggest thanks for helping the people of this city and the children of the Hoboken schools  Thank you for all of your work.""

Former Hoboken School Board Trustee Jean Marie Mitchell
So, what's next?

A source tells GA, "The board has 60(?) days to fill Stromwall's vacant seat.  It will be advertised and anyone can interview, which is how Monica got her spot."

Do you hear that, people?

Anyone interested in serving Hoboken's school district for the betterment of our city, here is your chance.  It will take a lot of your personal time, but, the returns could not be greater.

Personally, GA hopes that one of the new 'crop' of involved residents who attend meetings, who understand district issues,  who will practice good boardsmanship, respect ethics rules, who are NOT political partisans and who only hold obligation to ONE "side"- the district children- will step up.

That's what I hope. The stakes could not be higher for our city.

Thank you, Monica. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

They're ba-a-ack....

click image to read

Welcome back to GA, Federal Friends!

It's always a pleasure to host you!

Don't worry, Federal Friends...the matter which you researched for 30 minutes (and the pages you visited), is just between the two of us!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

When political speech is "cyber terrorism"

He said, he said

GA is struck by the similarity between the national conversation about "freedom of the press" and and the underpinnings of the Bajardi SLAPP.

Commentary about public or limited public figures in the context of politics, including insults and hyperbole, is protected speech.  Rebuttals are fair comment, including insults and hyperbole.

Some public figures consider press which includes commentary of anonymous sources "libel:"

Politico: "Trump: We're going to open up libel laws"

Others call adverse political commentary "cyber terrorism*."

*GA Note: The so-called "cyber-terrorism" is a GA post titled "Jackpot"

Did Hoboken mayoral candidate Peter Cammarano label a series of ghostwritten 'deadbeat dad' articles "cyber terrorism?"

Q: When is protected political speech "cyber terrorism?"

A: When there's an anticipated 2-million dollar payday.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Weehawken loves Ramos

Barracato's $2,600 contribution filed on November 27, 2015 "Ramos for Council" ELEC report  

Why oh WHY did a Weehawken resident give a Hoboken Council candidate, Ruben Ramos, the maximum individual contribution, $2,600, for his 2015 race?

Not just any Weehawken resident--no, the Weehawken-bucks Ramos for Council donor is the unfortunate wife of ex-Councilwoman Beth Mason's "business partner."  Yes, that same Beth Mason's "business partner who obtained "60,000 emails that HMHA/Zimmer exchanged with the buyer during the sale process."

Did Beth Mason's "business partner" ever explain to the taxpayers of Hoboken HOW he obtained "60,000" confidential emails about the hospital sale DURING the sale?

Maybe that crackerjack Patch reporter, Eric Keifer, could investigate.

Well, one only wonders what this portends for future Weehawken-based revenue streams to anti-administration candidates.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Have a seat

GA's bathroom on Wednesday (w/ temporary throne)

The reason GA's blogging has been 'irregular" lately is the ongoing gut-reno of my favorite room of the house!  It's large -10' x 12'- so have planned something interesting for the space...

Well, these are the dog days of summer; there's not much going on in our fair Mile Square, is there?

Stay hydrated, people.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nice work, HPD

Back at ya!

GA thanks the Hoboken police officers involved and the guy at the top, Chief Ken Ferrante, for another job well done!

Take a look...  not one of these 12 rotten apples hailed from the Mile Square.

Monday, August 8, 2016

GA Smackdown: Wingnut 'retracts' Khan Family hit

Smear blog blocks access to "stolen document" AFTER confrontation with GA 

Folks, I just have to share.

A wingnut blog purporting to having "see[n] and verify[ied]"   an "original" Wells Fargo wire transfer statement showing  $375K moved from the Clinton Foundation to  "KM Khan Law Office" on "8/1" appears to have backed off on the cyber-smear after an online/email exchange with GA.


Blogger claims to have seen and verified the "original" Wells Fargo bank statement that shows a $375K transfer to war-hero dad's Mr. Khan's bank account  from the CLinton Foundation

After late night/ early morning exchanges with GA, morning, the smear piece no longer loads for visitors- their IPs are automatically redirected to the home page.  No, I am not linking to this shitty blog, but have downloaded the original post, including my "moderated" comments if any execs at Wells Fargo are interested.

In GA's opinion, the smear blog's biggest problems lie with Wells Fargo- not Kahn nor anyone in the political world- with the blog's publication of an alleged bank statement "stolen" from its servers by hackers who call themselves "Anonymous."

Oh yes, the smear blogger used those words "stolen document" verbatim, see below:

In a nutshell, here's what happened.

When GA saw the alleged Wells Fargo statement on Facebook (some dimwits bought into it), I traced it's original publication to a wingnut website.

A blindfolded person would know the alleged Wells Fargo "account statement" is a fraud.   Yet, the smear-merchant giddily frames it as though he/she believes the "altered document" will put his/her shitty blog on the map, like Linda Tripp did for Matt Drudge.  

GA had to pluck that low-hanging fruit.  Here are my two comments which went unpublished (remind you of anyone?)

Today I awoke to two very long diatribes in my Inbox.  Here is the first paragraph of one:

My reply:

Well, what do you know?

No reply from the "" but the blog no longer allows access to their "stolen document" trashing Mr. Kahn, father of fallen war hero U.S.Army Captain Humayan Kahn.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Unrelated:  today on Putin and Me:  

Ramos endorses Romano for Freeholder... 2008!

And this BoE endorsement draft letter was written for Beth Mason by one of her political operatives... also in 2008.

Now for a different kind of endorsement... an endorsement of secrecy. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"If I thank you, I would be admitting responsibility"

The SLAPP email archives continue to illustrate behind-the-scenes collaboration between Hoboken411 owner and his ghostwriter to influence public opinion on matters of public interest and public concern, and to influence election outcomes.  

One of the site's practices to mold public opinion was censorship.

Banning and/or perpetual moderation  was the fate suffered by advocates of the 'enemy.'

The banning of "assholes" and  "erasing mistakes" for those who "played ball in the past" in the emails below illustrate the gate-keeping of political speech at  Hoboken411.  The  SLAPP emails show that the decision of whom to ban/censor and who was welcome was, according to the emails, often a joint effort.    

GA has a reasonable basis to believe that the SLAPP was an extension of the effort to silence political speech practiced on  




Monday, August 1, 2016

Al-Witness Rumor

After a long hiatus from Hoboken political coverage,  Al Sullivan fertilized his latest column with assorted rumor and innuendo.  The topics of the Al-witness rumor were Hoboken's mayoral race and an upcoming appointment to either reappoint or replace NHSA Commissioner Tony Soares. 

The Al-Witness rumor can be summarized as follows:

About former North Hudson Sewerage Authority (NHSA) Commissioner Frank Raia:
  • he has "been spotted meeting around Hoboken with City Council people loyal to Mayor Dawn Zimmer."
  •   "...he is rumored to be considering a run himself for mayor in 2017 on a third ticket.."
  • "Speculation is that he is lobbying to get a seat on the NHSA, where he was for 25 years....  if so, then Raia would displace Tony Soares, whose term on the NHSA expires shortly"
About Hoboken Freeholder, Anthony Romano:
  • " (he) will likely run for freeholder first"
About Hoboken's 4th Ward Councilman,  Ruben Ramos:

  • "Councilman Ruben Ramos [is] reportedly planning to make another run" 

Administration sources tell GA the notion of  a 'deal' being brokered to swap Soares for Raia is false. Or you could put it this way: "Drop the bong, Al!"

 GA is not sure why that would be floated;  let's just call it a floater.

The rumor about Romano has anecdotal support; GA was told directly by a powerful Hudson County elected official: "I think Romano is running  for Freeholder."

And Ramos?  Stay tuned.

Friday, July 29, 2016

GA's New Blog- UPDATED

Today's post, "Baby Picture," from GA's new blog, "Putin and Me."

UPDATED:  Due to the tremendous feedback GA's getting on the above graphic, "Donald's First Wall," I have attached a high resolution version for anyone's use (blast it around, publish with a credit.)  Thank you.

High Resolution image (for download):


Folks, I've decided to keep my views on national election politics off this blog, because frankly, they don't belong here.

GA's masthead reads: "One gal's musings about the Hoboken political scene."  That's what it is.

What I really like about Hoboken's political scene is how Dems, Repubs, Independents, Libertarians, Socialists,  and Commies will agree (or not) on the direction of Hoboken government, and work side-by-side for the same candidates, be they Reformer, Dark Sider, or Independent.

Add national politics to the mix, and the souffle falls.

So, that's why I've started a blog, to get my ya-ya's out about the man 140 characters away from the Oval Office.

It's called "Putin and Me."

Everybody's welcome.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

BREAKING: Weinberg-Mason Fundraiser Contributions "MISSING" from Sweeney-PAC's ELEC

Wow!  Can you believe it?

The funds raised by NJ Senate Majority Leader  Loretta Weinberg at the June 9, 2016 fundraiser appear to be AWOL from NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney Super-PAC's  July 15 ELEC report!

As reported here, the Super-PAC fundraiser for Sweeney was held at the IRS-registered address  of former Councilwoman Beth Mason's 501(c)3, the Mason Civic League, Inc.

Is the apparent failure to report political contributions raised at the June 9 fundraiser an "oversight" or...  in response to facts exposed here on GA?

According to a source who attended June 9 fundraiser:  "people were saying that [you] were totally wrong. "


That Sweeney's Super-PAC was being holding a fundraiser at the IRS-registered address of a 501(c)3, the Mason Civic League, Inc.?

Wrong that the Mason Civic League reports "less than $50,000 in gross receipts" annually  allowing them to file a non-transparent e-Postcard Tax return?

None of the facts reported by GA were "wrong." 

The Mason Civic League has filed e-Postcard returns from 2010-2015 under the registered address where the June 9 Sweeney fundraiser was held;  during the time period, the Mason Civic League has occupied (2) storefronts (including a community space) on Hoboken's Washington Street and has had paid employees.

click to enlarge

GA represents the interest of the taxpaying PUBLIC.   It is a matter of public interest and public concern that this 501(c)3 is "hiding" its contributions and expenditures behind e-Postcard returns- then  incredibly, a POLITICAL FUNDRAISER is held at its registered address!

These e-Postcard filings HIDE what my taxes (and yours) are subsidizing. Hoboken residents have seen political campaigns and meetings brazenly hosted at the 501(c)3's Washington Street storefront. What other political activities is this 501(c)3 involved in?  Did taxpayers underwrite expenses for Loretta Weinberg's Super-PAC fundraiser?  

It is impossible to know when this "charity" files e-Postcard tax returns.

Worse, when this blog gave Weinberg a heads-up, the show went on  anyway. 

GA wanted to see how much money was raised on June 9, and WHO the donors were, so I checked the July 15 NJ-ELEC filing for  New Jerseyans for a Better Tomorrow.

Can you find them?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What was cropped out of the photo?

While all eyes are turned on Philadelphia this week, it's reassuring to know its business-as-usual for one New Jersey politician, his supporters and a social-climbing parasite.

In this case, every rung of the social ladder is plastered with Benjamins.

How many Benjamins?

GA has the exclusive missing half of the photo former Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason posted on Facebook of her dinner with NJ Senators Sweeney,  Weinberg and Cunningham.

A GA exclusive!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

SLAPPiversary Tribute

It's hard to believe, folks.

Hoboken's most extensive, expensive modern political operation aimed at silencing online political speech is 4 years old today!

GA dedicates this 4th SLAPPiversary tribute to (in no particular order):
  • Hoboken1653 and NapoleonComplex, two John Doe Defendants who never sought counsel nor get sucked into litigating the abusive, politically-motivated fraud perpetrated by political operatives. These unidentified Does remained on the sidelines as others fought to uphold their First Amendment Rights.  After the SLAPP was dismissed with prejudice, their allegations were not appealed. GAME OVER.  
  • The Paragraph 130 Screen Names thrown into the complaint with ZERO allegations.  You hear that, people?  ZERO.  Ever read Kafka's The Trial?  The main character wakes up one day and finds he's been arrested on unnamed charges, the nature of his crime is never revealed to him (nor to the reader).   So how does one defend him/herself against.... nothing?  
  • My witnesses, some of whom got sucked into the abusive litigation themselves; they were improperly threatened, stalked on Facebook (see top of page),  had their personal photos lifted, were hounded at their jobs or at public meetings, and more.  GA is truly sorry about the vile, unprofessional behavior you were subjected to.  Thank you for stepping up and telling the truth.
  • Kurt Gardiner. xoxo
  • The Wall-Bonds. 
  • Our Friends, online and off, who've supported us.
  • Mike Plumb, my first attorney, whose brilliant work fell on deaf ears.
  • SLAPPees Horse and 'John Doe'.
Last, but not least...
  • Our INCREDIBLE Legal Defense Team.  You know who you are.