Friday, December 9, 2016

The scrubbing of screen name "Mark on Park"

Do you like mysteries?   Get ready!

Hoboken411 has scrubbed the screen name "Mark on Park" from its website.   

Maybe you've never heard of that Hoboken411 screen name. The origins of the "Mark on Parkare told in the following email.

read from the BOTTOM up

In June of  2014- prior to Lane Bajardi's trialGA documented a total of 14 comments by screen name "Mark on Park:"

  • 3 "Mark on Park" comments in 2011, 
  • 8  "Mark on Park" comments in 2012, 
  • 2  "Mark on Park" comments in 2013,  
  • 1  "Mark on Park" comments in 2014
Why is this relevant? 

Because on March 8, 2013, Plaintiff Bajardi certified that he was hired in  the"Fall of 2011" and "shortly after [he] was hired" was warned by his supervisor that "any future activity of any kind in Hoboken (using your name or anonymously) will be cause for termination."

In June of 2014, the Bajardi pseudonym "Mark on Park" who posted after the "fall of 2011" was discovered in the massive email discovery dump.

GA notified the court in a motion, and  Bajardi responded with a certification swearing that he only used the "Mark on Park" screen name in 2011, before he was hired "in the Fall of 2011".  

That should be the end of the story.  Right?


Here is  the status of "Mark on Park" posts on Hoboken411:
  • 2012, 2013 and 2014 "Mark on Park" posts have been SCRUBBED  
  • 2011 "Mark on Park" posts are still online but... this is what's happened to all (3):

 click to read

"Mark on Park" screen name for 2011 posts changed to "Mark on Pork"

WHEN was Lane Bajardi's admitted screen name, "Mark on Park" scrubbed/edited?

WHY was it scrubbed/edited?

Was it scrubbed/edited at the request of someone?  

If so, WHO?

WHAT is the INFERENCE of scrubbing/editing the "Mark on Park" posts that were entered in Bajardi v Pincus litigation?  

 GA is a layperson so I don't know the legal inference of destroying evidence in active litigation,

I can only prove it has happened.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Update on NHSA applicants

Well folks, it's official: so far there are (3) applicants to replace NHSA Commissioner Tony Soares, whose term expires in January 2017.

From left to right (refer to above graphic) the applicants are: BoE Trustee Leon Gold, former NHSA Commissioner Frank 'Pupie' Raia, and  New Guy, Paul Blanos.  Paul has never run for nor held elected office in Hoboken, and is a private citizen (so far).

About Leon Gold: 
Leon's a 40-year resident of Hoboken and an adjunct professor at Columbia University 's School of Engineering & Applied Science.  Leon loves cleaning up sewage.  He is really good at it.  In 2010, when Leon was elected to the Hoboken Board of Education, the place was a cesspool. Reform Board allies had already begun the clean-up, but still, messes were everywhere!

Leon inherited a Hoboken district enrollment bloated by an estimated 20% non-resident students here illegally!   Bloated enrollment allowed prior BoEs to use the district as a jobs bank; under BoE President (and NHSA applicant) Frank Raia, an audit of the 2005-2006 BoE found 1,050 persons on the payroll, many without basic identifying information.

Leon 's 6 years on the Hoboken BoE serving as board president and chair of both finance and curriculum committee, have seen a return to financial solvency, exciting new programs, and an increase in community support for district schools. In short, he cleaned up.*  

*GA note: Leon was UNFAIRLY pilloried for his 2014 Salon interview where he blasted Christie administration's property tax cap as "starving public schools" and charter-expansions as "increasing the segregatory effect."  In fact, GA's recent posts of NJDOE Performance Report demographic data  support  Leon's statements to Salon.   

Yeah, he spoke bluntly, but let's not stigmatize truth-tellers. Especially now in the Post-Truth Trump Era.

About Frank Raia:
Here's a thousand words:

Frank served on the NHSA for about 30 years.  GA hears he served well, did a good job, and was respected by most of his colleagues.   Raia also has vast experience with sewage;  he left metric-tons of it for Reform to clean up in Hoboken District Schools.

About the New Guy 
Paul would be a newbie to Hoboken public service.  On his application he wrote "I have  many years of experience in creating and fulfilling governmental and private contracts, as well as a very tech-heavy background."  Sounds good to me!

GA embraces the idea of new people stepping up to serve the community, and Paul does not seem to be involved in local politics- another plus.

Coincidentally, he and his family live across the street from GA, further up the block.   I've met him but really don't know him.  However, I do know his family was flooded out by Sandy.  Like many others on this block, they were hit hard.  They renovated and moved back in 2014.

Willow Terrace North post-Sandy

So... that is the status of NHSA applicants to date, to fill Soares' seat.

Of course, there is still plenty of time for folks to apply, and may the BEST MAN/WOMAN win!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Get (cobble) STONED with DeFusco

GA's getting (cobble)stoned with Councilman Mike DeFusco- how about you?

It's easy, and legal.

Hoboken's historic Court Street needs some love- as in repairing the existing Belgian block street surface; missing blocks need to be patched, the surface needs to be evened, pits and cracks need to be filled.

Wouldn't you like to stroll down Court Street without twisting your ankle, scraping your knee or landing on your ass?  Don't you want to restore one of Hoboken's remaining historic treasures to it's former glory?

If your answers are "yes" and "yes" this all you have to do to get (cobble) stoned:  

The petition urges Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise and the Board of Freeholders to approve Hoboken's application for a $500K grant.  The grant money will be used for the Court Street repairs (and if there's any left over, Willow Terrace North and South need serious cobblestone-love!)

By the way, that is some professional video.  Impressive. When you watched it did you think, "DeFusco's running for mayor!"

I did. So GA asked him, "When are you running for mayor?"

He replied," Mayor would be a significant pay cut and I'm enjoying my advocacy on the council."

You heard it here, folks.

So, please take a moment, click on the link and get (cobble) STONED with GA, Mike and the gang... we need 500 signatures.

I promise, signing won't give you the munchies.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Haunted from Deutschland

[Sung to the tune of "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego"]

Well he sneaks around the web from Kiev to Carolina
He' sneaks onto my blog  from Berlin down to Belize
He'll sneak in from a slow boat to China
Tell me where in the world is Dr. Petrosino?

He's got proxies from Nashville to Norway, Bonaire to Zimbabwe
Chicago to Czechoslovakia and back!

He comes in on proxies from every nation
He's got a shitty blog full of sneakery
His shitty graphs are surely ethics violations
Tell me where in the world is Dr. Petrosino?

Ooh, Botswana to Thailand, Milan via Amsterdam,

Mali to Bali, Ohio, Oahu...!

Where from next?

Monday, December 5, 2016

Dishonest Crapademic 'Fudges' Hoboken District Demographics

Another phony graph on the HoLa Trustee's "education blog"

GA prefers not to be the Texas Truth-Twister's ombudsman, but his latest cyber-turd must be flushed.

Yesterday, GA posted 'apples-to-apples' Hola/ Hoboken District demographic data to refute this cyber-turd on that discredited "education blog":
"The demographic differences between Hola and the Hoboken School District at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades are minimal..."   
Ummm, no they are not. That is why GA posted the NJDOE's own demographic charts.

In response, the Texas Truth-Twister excreted a new cyber-turd on his "education blog"- the above "Grades K-5" graph.

That graph is lying. 

In fact the Truth-Twister's graph is a cyber-turd of mammoth proportions.

Allow GA to correct it for you.  Here it is- corrections are in red:  

CORRECTED by GA.  Petrosino got every fact wrong- see data below.

My methodology is simple. It's called "arithmetic."

Here's the data, taken directly from the NJDOE website.  Check my work, people.  Unlike the Truth-Twister, I post my source data, he "interprets" it.

click graphs to read

Remember, if you do your own calculations, use the total # of district students, and totals for each demographic group.  Calculate each as a percentage of the whole.  Do the same for Free and Reduced Lunch.  

It's simple math. You don't have to be a Truth-Twister from the University of Texas at Austin (Netherlands campus) to figure it out.

The 'tell' that Petrosino's bullshitting you is how he lumps blacks and Hispanics together.  

Ask yourself...

Why wouldn't a Spanish- English Dual language school want to show its Hispanic demographic?

Because the school is only 29% Hispanic. 

That is far below the district's Hispanic student population (50.7%) and far below the 50-50 English/Spanish demographic the program purported to have when it applied for its charter.

Why aren't more Hispanic children in the program when Hoboken has a substantial Hispanic population?

And why does Petrosino lump blacks and Hispanics together?

They are two distinct demographic groups.  They should not be treated like "those people."  GA won't use the 'R' word that comes to mind.

GA note: Yes, he's an idiot. Yes, his "education blog" is discredited.  But, Petrosino's fudged data will end up in the mouths of current and future BoE candidates and/or be disseminated citywide by Dark Side tools like Al Sullivan.   So, that is why it's necessary to flush Petrosino's cyber-turds before they stink up the Hoboken zeitgeist. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

HoLa's Crapademic Attacks Hoboken Schools AGAIN

HoLa Trustee's vomit posted on GA
click graphs to read

Yesterday, idle hands spammed a thread about rising Hoboken District QSAC scores.

Rising scores are a good thing, right?  What kind of person would piss all over elementary school children's progress?   This kind:

Yesterday on GA, under a post about rising QSAC scores, rhetoric lifted from the HoLa Trustee's "education blog" disparaging the District's PARCC scores was gratuitously dropped.

Why do this on a thread about Hoboken district achievement? 

This kind of harmful, negative commentary against Hoboken schools has been spread by HoLa Trustee Petrosino for years.

One internet pseudonym that HoLa's Petrosino used "exclusively," CuriousGal, launched hundreds of attacks on Hoboken District schools from discussion threads. These attacks began in 2011, long before any litigation between the districts.

HoLa's administration has done NOTHING to repudiate these attacks nor disassociate themselves from their toxic Trustee, who continues to spew misinformation, insults and attacks on Hoboken district schools.

HoLa's silent endorsement of Trustee Anthony Petrosino has absolutely inflamed relationships between the two districts.

Meanwhile, Hoboken district leaders have maintained quiet dignity while HoLa's Trustee has published attack after attack and seemed to rejoice in the district's setbacks and challenges.

Keep it to yourself, schmuck.   

GA will not host attacks from the Ninth Circle of the University of Texas at Austin located in the

click to read
Haunting GA from a proxy server: "HIDE ME! HIDE ME!"

Friday, December 2, 2016

Hoboken's Fake News

America is just learning how fake news can influence election outcomes.

Russia planted fake news on social media hosts Google and Facebook which got lapped up on Alt-Right web sites then injected into the mainstream by a Tweeting Orange.

This is nothing new to Mile Square residents. Our elections have been influenced by fake news for years.

It's true.

Hoboken once had its own thriving Pravda, a venue for fake news posted specifically to effect election outcomes. Pravda's editor was seduced by a mainstream journalist, and for a time both were highly influential in writing/publishing political messaging under the banner of "community news."  Not opinion- news.

Hoboken's Pravda pumped out fake news to weaken the Zimmer administration and clear the path for her political opponents.

Fake news illustrating a fake news article

Immediately prior to elections, the fake news became more "huge",  more strident, the objective to "widen the gap of the "close" races as the undecideds decide."

The following exchange took place 9 days before Hoboken's May 10, 2011 municipal election.

It appears the Pravda Team were cautious not to "place [themselves] or the candidates in jeopardy" in the final days before an election.

This exchange took place 5 days before the May 10th municipal election.  

 Start where it says  "START HERE"

It can be very hard to distinguish fake news from actual news.  This is because of the fake news technique, censorship;  any information which dilutes the fake news narrative or undermines it at all must go!   That's how fascism operates.  The fake news allows only information which favors the desired election outcome,  keeps the reigns of power in desired hands, and strikes at persons who threaten that election outcome.

This email exchange illustrates the fake news technique of censorship; a proposed "action plan" to remove videos of public meetings for  Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Fake news purveyors will target any media that threaten their political objectives;  they refer to them as "political enemies."

Fake news purveyors punish sympathizers with enemy."  Team Pravda made a habit of identifying "political enemies."

This sympathizer was identified in 2009.  In 2012 he was thrown into the Bajardi SLAPP suit  along with other known "political enemies."

It is truly frightening how successful Russia's fake news juggernaut was in influencing our national election.

It is truly amazing how Hoboken's fake news juggernaut collapsed under its own hubris, greed and ambition.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Publicity Machine

GA might as well pile on the update wagon for HHA v Carmelo Garcia, and "Carmelo's Revenge"- Part 3.

It is a Tale of Two Courts: state and federal.

"Carmelo's Revenge" Parts 1, 2 and 3 (plus assorted "amended" iterations) were filed in in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Hoboken taxpayers have underwritten $150,000 for Garcia's multi-year litigation spree.  Former HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia is suing the HHA Commissioners who fired him, the mayor whom he blames and her husband, a pinata with glasses. Among other things, the suit alleges that Mayor Zimmer is white, and so is the pinata (GA alleges he is green- see below). 

Days before "Carmelo's Revenge" Part 3 was filed (on May 6, 2016)  the HHA stuck back! On April 29, 2016 the HHA filed Hoboken Housing Authority v Carmelo Garcia. The suit details alleged shady procurement matters, no-bid contracts, and assorted allegations of malfeasance.

The docket nos. for HHA v Carmelo are L-1722-16,  and for Carmelo's Revenge-Part 3 L-1822-16.   If the cases were combined, the 'first docket' would be listed as the Plaintiff, and their case would be presented first.

Sneaky, sneaky!  On July 7, 2016 Carmelo transferred the Hoboken Housing Authority v Carmelo Garcia to Federal Court.  That move ensured the cases would never be heard together; in other words, the jury hearing Carmelo's Revenge- Part 3 about the mean white people and the pinata with glasses, wouldn't hear all the HHA's allegations of malfeasance.   
 So...  where are things now?


On August 5, 2016, the HHA  filed a Motion to remand their lawsuit, The Hoboken Housing Authority v Carmelo Garcia, back to State Court.  Defendant Carmelo Garcia has opposed. A decision is pending.

On August 30, 2016, Defendant Garcia filed a Motion to Dismiss, opposed by the HHA.  That decision is also pending.


Two Defendants down, eight more to go! 

Yes, five days ago, on November 25,  two victims Defendants were dismissed without prejudice.

As reported first by Hudson County View then MSV, Plaintiff Carmelo Garcia defeated the Mayor's  and the Pinata's Motion to Dismiss (MTD).

Here's the interesting part: the MTD hearing was rescheduled 4 times, finally heard on October 14,decided on October 26 but... unreported for a month!  This, in spite of a full-blown campaign to publicize the alleged victory.

Sources tell GA that the Garcia Publicity Machine blasted the news out, and "all media got it." 

Now where have we heard that before?

Well, the media sat on this one, and sat, and sat....

Until November 21, when the Publicity Machine finally got a bite!  What a bite!   Hudson TV published the Louis Zayas show!

Check it out:

Now, why would Garcia's Revenge- Part 3  want to litigate in the press?

I mean, could they be trying to pressure the Defendants to settle with a big sack of taxpayer dollars? 

What do you think?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"State evaluation scores increase" [Hoboken Reporter]- UPDATED

UPDATE- December 2, 2016

In response to Anonymous at 12:38 PM below, who wrote:
"The demographic differences [between HoLa and the Hoboken district] are minimal, if any, as has been shown again and again."
Um, ... false.  See below, from the 2014-2015 NJ-DOE School Performance Report: 

There is nothing "minimal" about the demographic differences between the two student populations.

GA would  be curious to read HoLa's Charter Application, if anyone has it

I ask because the school was proposed (as I recall) as having a 50% native Spanish speaking population and a 50% English speaking population.  In fact, only 5.5% of their student body speaks Spanish at home (same as District schools), and the majority are white and affluent.

And HoLa has no English language learners. Nada.

Hence  I am curious if the school applied as a white majority, affluent school where 5.5% of the student body spoke Spanish at home, or if it just ended up that way.  Why isn't the school recruiting more Spanish language speakers for the true immersion experience?

Just curious.


Original post

GA was delighted to see The Hoboken Reporter publish the good news that  I've been posting for weeks- remember:

Published on October 30, 2016

As you can see, the Hoboken District scores have been steadily rising since the "bottom" in 2008, the first year QSACs were given.

In 2008, under the guidance of HoLa Board member /former District Assistant Superintendent Anthony Petrosino, the district scored an abysmal 34% in Instruction and Programming (now 76%), a miserable 41% in Fiscal Management (now 95%), a sad 83% in Operations (now 100%), a lackluster 80% in Personnel (now 90%) and a pathetic 33% in Governance (now 100%).

Since 2009, progressive parents of the Hoboken District Reform movement have fought hard to 'take back' our District Schools. The pocket-liners and double-dippers have been replaced with honest, competent Board members, who've hired excellent leaders like Superintendent Christine Johnson, brought innovative programs. Reform management is attracting the next generation of parents to stay in district schools.

And, the Nov. 8  election was a referendum on Reform management of the Hoboken District; would voters choose to "keep the progress going"or go back to the way things were; Parents United backers were former "Dark Side" BoE members   Voters were pounded with relentless negative messaging about Hoboken schools from the Parents United campaign.

 GA is grateful that the voters rejected the negativity and stayed the course.

And, for those who follow Hoboken school politics, the apparent "Ground Zero" of negative messaging flows from the website of an HoLa Board Trustee.

GA is not talking about the wonderful parents, and children of HoLa.

HoLa's administration has allowed a representative of their school to disparage Hoboken District schools for years on his "education blog'- long before the school expansion  These attacks are very personal to the teachers, children and staff of Hoboken District schools.  The failure of HoLa administrators to DENOUNCE the attacks, to DISASSOCIATE themselves from him, can only be interpreted as an endorsement of his views.
In fact, the negative campaign backfired badly.  Voters rejected the messaging, the lies.

The most insidious of the Hola Trustee's attacks the one that continues to this day- is the attack on district test performance while ignoring obvious demographic differences between Hoboken district and his own.   More on that later.

GA is delighted  that our local media is reporting the advances our schools are making.

How much further we can all go if our community-at-large supports our district schools and acknowledges good works, and progress.

Thank you, Board members and Superintendent Johnson.

Monday, November 28, 2016

GA's House Rules

It has come to my attention that the expectation of respect from longtime readers/friends does not suffice when dealing with an Equus asinus.   So, I've assembled House Rules.

Going forward, notice is given that these are GA's Rules.

Old, shitty posts parroting the Alt Right zombisphere are grandfathered- ones like this:

What a dick!

GA has invited a special guest, The Nasty Orange, to introduce "GA's Rules."

Was that clear?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Editing The Dead

Today GA checked out the hMag tribute, "Dean Kemph, Long-Time Hoboken Political Activist, Passes Suddenly at Age 61"  written by my buddy, Kurt Gardiner.  

When I got to this excerpt of a Kemph letter previously published in the Hoboken Reporter, I noticed that it had been edited; "a longtime friend"'s name had been replaced with "REDACTED."

What kind of name is "REDACTED"?  Polish?

Oh, wait... the Editor explained  why the name was "REDACTED:"

Oh, man!  

What kind of jackass would ask to edit the published work of a dead friend

Maybe "jackass" is wrong...

How about "thin-skinned" jackass?

That's better.  Of course, the Editor was right; he complied with the demand of a living jackass to desecrate the work of a dead genius.

Speaking of Mrs. Jackass, whose phone call triggered the surgical removal of her name (an innocous reference)...

Several years back, GA got a similar phone call from Mr. Jackass, asking  me to remove their address from an ELEC report which I'd published.   You know, ELEC forms are public documents, and there was nothing to compel me to redact the address, but I did anyway.

Well, in spite of my cooperation, Mr. Jackass who started off the conversation in a civil tone, began screaming like his colon had ruptured, telling me how horrible "the bloggers" were, then threatened to write an amicus brief for Lane Bajardi before he hung up on me.

GA was kind of amused. I called him right back to continue the, um, conversation.  Same thing: he started off rational then erupted and hung up.

Wow!  I hope hMag was treated in a more civil fashion by the Jackass family!

Anyway, who is GA to ruffle the scales of a thin-skinned jackass?   Especially one who would demand a retraction from the published work of a dead friend.

Here is the original publication if you want to the UNREDACTED version.

GA agrees with hMag- Dean may be having a good chuckle over this, including the fact that one of those overwrought Hoboken bloggers milked it into a post!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The coming SLAPPocracy

MSJ Exhibit Bajardi v Pincus:  elected official compiles a "list of occurrences"

I spent a couple of bucks on legal fees, and they spent a whole lot more,” [Trump] told The Washington Post in March about the hefty sum he spent on the case against O’Brien. “I did it to make his life miserable, which I’m happy about.

-Donald Trump NY Times Magazine-Nov. 22, 2016

That's President-elect Trump boasting that one of his seven libel suits was perpetrated in bad faith-  "I did it to make his life miserable"- the very definition of a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation).   Trump lost that one and five more- only winning one libel suit when the Defendant failed to show up in court.

What does this portend for free online speech in the Trumpocalyse?

The Trumpocalyptic threat to "open up the courts on libel lawsis chilling.

Not only big media outlets have to worry; the most vulnerable and lowest hanging fruit are the "little guys" like MSV and GA.

Been there!  Done that!

click image to read

The little guys are the most vulnerable, and most easily picked off  by any wealthy public figure who wants to shut them up.  Such wealthy, powerful tyrants can freely use our courts to smite the pens of critics to punish them. These tryants may compile a list of occurrences where they felt others "lied" about them, future targets for a SLAPP-venture.  They may also SLAPP simply because it makes them "happy" to make the other guy's life "miserable"

What these enemies of free speech all have in common is resources; money is no object for the SLAPPer.

It all starts with a list.  In one famous list,  the Nixon administration pondered "how we can maximize our incumbency in dealing with persons known to be active in their opposition to our administration... how we can use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies."

Watergate hearing Exhibit- cover page of Nixon's Enemies List' 'memorandum

A SLAPPer does not have to control the wheels of government in order to "screw" an enemy,  all it takes is (heaps of) money to file crushing litigation against him/her/them.

Which makes the Trumpocalyse and its "opened up" libel law a scary unknown.

GA fears the Trumpocalypse will open the floodgates of politically-motivated, bad faith litigation against journalists and other critics of the incoming Administration. 

Further, the identities of wealthy underwriters in a Trumpocalyptic wave of SLAPP suits against journalists, media groups, bloggers, etc., may be hidden behind proxies,  In other words, a SLAPP underwriter wishing to keep his/her hands clean may enlist proxies to litigate the bad faith suit against the free speech of enemies.

For example, an "ordinary couple."

This is a dire situation for Defendants, who invariably cannot match the resources of the SLAPP underwriter.

In many- not all, cases, Defendants will succumb to the will of the SLAPP underwriter, which is to go silent.

However, sometimes the proxies and underwriter diverge in their goals. When that happens, the litigation becomes more complicated and the outcome less certain.

For example, if a proxy wants to "get rich quick" and uses the pressure of excessive, punishing litigation (dozens of motions) to shakedown a Defendant for huge sums of money, if a proxy demands a giant payday under the threat of perpetual litigation, well, anything goes.  It all depends on the fortitude of the Defendant(s).

Hence, GA is not optimistic for the "little guy"  vs. the incoming Administration.  The ACLU is going to be very, very busy.

At the end of the day, whats important is to protect our constitutional right of free speech, to weather whatever comes and survive the Trumpocalyspe with our precious First Amendment rights intact.

The big and "little guys"must stay vigilant.

MSJ Exhibit  Bajardi v Pincus: targeting political speech in 2010

Monday, November 21, 2016

Shock and Awwww

Rancid juice

Oh, no!

If our BoE race tested the political 'juice' of  Councilman Mike Russo & Freeholder Anthony Romano, I'd say their juice is way past its sell-by date.


In fact, their juice is so rotten, it might have botulism.  Check for parasites.  When juice goes bad, it ferments.

(BTW, did you ever sip old, rancid juice?  It looks the same as fresh, but once that old, rancid juice hits your tongue, you know its gone bad... )

Yep, after all that trash-talkin' about how "the  mayor's slate is losing," you'd think we'd get fresh juice?

Rancid! Drop that cup!

What's funny is that the Russo-Romano faction used Al Sullivan's column to frame the BoE race as "the start of a campaign to unseat Freeholder Romano."

Ummm.... NO.

The BoE race was a campaign to keep the District Schools in the right hands.

No  more, no less.

But... since the Russo-Romano faction forecast the BoE race as having implications for 2017, let's see how that went.

The anointed Parents United candidate that Russo-Romano openly put GOTV resources into, chose to be bullet-voted over the pretty heads of his running-mates and was the subject of Dark Side braggadocio ("He's our guy!") came in last place.

It makes you think... if there wasn't so much boasting and bragging and more WORK, perhaps their juice wouldn't have gone all sour.

Well, it's kind of tragic.  A source told GA that Romano was "shocked" and "seemed shocked" that his candidate was the lowest voter-getter.

Why the shock?

Because the source said that the election result was the "true representation of their vote when they are alone" (without Frank Raia).  and even more chocking because "Chipper is a very popular BnR and a diehard Russo/Stick supporter."

Maybe it's time for that fermented juice to stick to municipal and county elections, and leave the Hoboken district schools to the people who care about the Hoboken district schools.