Hoboken's mayoral: so hot, so fast

Is it GA's imagination, or has this mayoral election cycle heated up real fast, real early?

We already have one declared candidate filing a subpoena to Cablevision's ISP to identify the creep who libeled her business - accusing her of "breaking the law" by "selling alcohol at her coffee shop."  Folks need to chill.  Trying to harm someone economically is serious.

(The rat who libeled her business may want to pick up his/her long rat-tail, and scurry over to try and prevent the consequences before it's time to 'lawyer up'.)

Folks, there were plenty of comments directed at Nason this weekend which straddled the libel-line (knowingly false accusations of criminal activity) and you can thank me for deleting them.

You're welcome. Apparently, I missed one.

Look, I am not your babysitter and commenters have to take responsibility to know the difference between fair political discourse and actionable libel. For your edification:

  1. Insults, okay (example: "Candidate X is a lying sack of shit!"). 
  2. Opinion, okay (example: "Candidate X has a lousy record of accomplishment!"
  3. Hyperbole, okay (example: "Candidate X is dumber than a box of rocks"
  4. Fair Comment, okay (example: "Candidate X sucks")
  5. Libel, not okay (example: "Candidate X breaks the law because her coffee shop sells alcohol.") Accusing someone falsely of a committing a crime in print or online is libel.  
People, do not let the heat of the political season make you stupid.

There are 211 days left until election day... at this rate some of us will combust before we get there.

Speaking of election day... 

For a change, Al Sullivan's column was pretty accurate this week.  I thought so.   GA sees no particular rush for Mayor Zimmer to announce her running-mates. The reason is, unless she departs from her 'brand' we know what we are getting in her 3rd term.

Sullivan suggested Zimmer had only one confirmed running mate. To my knowledge, there are two.

"Monty, who's behind Curtain Number 3?"

The other declared candidate, Karen Nason is holding her first concert-fundraiser on April 19.  Nason is a political novice, and will need experienced help to navigate the political process in Hoboken.  She's behind the learning curve compared with her challengers, who are elected officials.  

Karen, a harsh critic of the Zimmer administration, has put up a website, which she will populate with her platform issues, as time goes on.  GA imagines that many voters who agree with her criticism of the Zimmer administration will  be attracted to her message.   Not me, but hey...

Karen has the RIGHT to run the campaign she wants.  
"In Article 38 the Constitution provides, “Every adult citizen has the right, without unreasonable restrictions, to be a candidate for public office…and, if elected, to hold office.” "
So all of you f*cking losers harassing her to drop out, leave the woman alone. 

Now, as for the rumored third candidate, Councilman Mike DeFusco, GA says he is past due for an announcement.

Sources tell GA that DeFusco has been boasting about the amount of money he's raised, that he's been talking about how "strong" he finished  (the April 15 ELEC reporting period).

Well, that is good news for his campaign.

So, it is TIME to file his D-1 to open his mayoral campaign account, then report this windfall on his April 15 R-1. Anybody disagree?

GA doesn't see the big rush for DeFusco to announce his slate, but if he has selected them, there is really no reason not to.  It can only help him.

Meanwhile, the strenous HEAT coming from the DeFusco camp to push Karen Nason out of the race is so weird, it has me wondering... what's behind it?

Is the North Bergen crew holding back for a two person race? Is that the impetus behind the bullying online and offline?   GA thinks the North Bergen crew is laying low, but they're not out.

Hey, Jo-eeeeeeeeey....

Like Al Sullivan wrote, this mayoral election cycle will be "very interesting and complicated."


  1. OK Mikey U say U R D-1

    Don't be shy. Let us all see it.

  2. Lawyer up?
    The business was shut down ... GA do you condone this garbage
    Karen had a list of zoning issues just ask Holtzmann and her landlords and the HPD
    THIS IS public RECORD

    You're buying her crazy and you will be embarrassed along with her

    Ask zimmer about the way Nason would accuse zimmer of targeting her

    1. Why delete my comments and links? Her Fuse facebook page clearly show a cafe / coffee shop along with images of alcohol being offered. How can you call someone libelous when the images on the Fuse facebook page clearly exhibit otherwise? You can delete all you want, i'll just write a letter to editor at HR this week asking for clarification. Thanks

    2. 9:26- Boy, are you a pest. All Nason, all the time.

      (1)Karen did not SELL alcohol at the now-defunct FUSE event space. It's not rocket science that people who rented the space provided their own food and beverages, inc alcohol. I know the C of O was "cafe/event" space. It was not a "coffee shop" and Nason did not sell alcohol. Why are you so obsessed?

      (2) Her "coffee shop" does not sell alcohol.

      (3) I know you are the arsehole who threatened to wreck her reputation yesterday so it doesn't surprise me you are running to the HR to smear her. Well, let's see if you have the balls to sign your name to your letter. Probably not.

      (4) It's time for you DeFusco people to stop using this blog to masterbate over Nason's defunct business for a candidate who doesn't have the balls to announce. Stop campaigning here. Tell your prince to shit or get off the pot.

      (5) If you tell your hostess she is "full of poop" chances are your posts will be flushed. WHOOOSH.

  3. FYI- Nasson had two cafes. The "event space" one on Newark closed.
    The one on Monroe is still open and does not serve alcohol.

  4. If what theyre posting is true, defusco has plenty to campaign with. But he's not even a candidate so its trash talk. its turning people off.

  5. Can Ms. Nason answer why she attended Mike Defusco's fundraiser at Cadillac Cantina and refused to pay a penny, crash the party and drink and eat for free? For someone that's running for mayor, thats sort of not cool, appears cheap and a bit demonic. If your going to a fundraiser and intend to show support and enjoy what's made available why not pay like evenyone else?

    1. Demonic? lol. Way I heard it she was invited by Mike himself. Maybe he wants to step up aND clarify? Looks like Mike scarfed down the money to retire the $10k loan he made to his 2015 campaign. Kinda CHEAP, no? Taking people donations under false pretenses?

      Why wasn't Mike honest about his fundraiser? It's okay to hold a fundraiser to retire campaign debt, but candidates are upfront when they hold that kind of event and everybody who's invited knows. How come he paid himself back with the funds he raised but didn't notify people on his invitation? Seems dishonest.

  6. Ms. Nasson is running for political office, the anonymous commenter made reference to one of her businesses that was involved in violations where alcohol was being served be it for sale, for free or by bringing your own. It is easily characterized as political speech which is covered by the first amendment correct?

    1. https://www.facebook.com/1476594252646501/photos/a.1476662415973018.1073741829.1476594252646501/1481180482187878/?type=3&theater

      Please do not delete this GA. That's not fair. What is someone supposed to gather from this image? Then to call them libelous? You claim to represent free speech yet i posted other images that clearly demonstrate answers to your claim that it is not a coffee house. Your better than that

    2. 9:30- I saw the pic. So what? There is no context- do you know what the event was? If the booze were being sold there would be prices. Obviously it was for an event. Before you shoot your mouth off and get yourself in trouble, ask Nason directly what event was being hosted.

      Oh, by the way I'm not "better than that."

      Honestly, this is tedious. Can you wait for your prince to throw in before the relentless campaign? My candidate is Zimmer, but man, I hate bullies.

    3. I support Dawn. Not Michael. This has nothing to do with him, stop assuming. Anyone who has never been to Fuse and sees these pictures, especially the one where drinks are offered on a chalk board with the name of the space can be led to believe otherwise. Nothing libelous in saying someone sells booze when they don't, just like saying the Malibu serves Rigatoni but they don't, what's libelous about not being right? What harm has someone had to their reputation about wrong information when the pictures tell the common person conflicting info? This subpoena thing is as delusional as Karen. In fact I don't even think Karen ever came here to comment! I think you GA, making all this up, talking to yourself, having arguments with yourself because you can, this is your blog. I used to respect your blog as a Zimmer supporter and now it's gone to the birds. Your controversy is hurting Dawn. You play games. Grow up you ding dong I won't be back so no need to reply.

    4. I support Dawn too. Anon 10:09, You almost made it half way to the end of your post before you lost it and spun off into your usual craziness.

    5. Ok again I must comment to this one referring to my "Pics" as you are saying. That was our Opening night of "Fuse" very short lived. The Drinks listed were from us..me and my partner Shaun McGarr. If you go through those pictures of the evening LOTS AND LOTS of folks went ...in the pics are Rubin Ramos, Chris Halleron, Jeff White,Anthony Romano, Tony Soares, Eduardo Gonzalez, Chris Manza, Hany Ahmed, Terry Castellano, Rob Gebherdt, Mario Fini and his lovely wife, Tim Occhipinti, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Mike DeFusco who showed up to gave his flyers out to guests for counsel run. The Chalkboard was used for all guests whether they wanted to or not. We NEVER SOLD ALCOHOL ask Dawn she was there that night. Ask Phil Murphy when we served a dinner for him if we sold Phil Murphy drinks for his guests? You are sadly mistaken!

    6. Ms. Nasson, I believe you are missing the point of the post. From the eyes of someone who has never been to fuse, and seeing the pictures shown it is safe to say that alcohol is served. Whether it is sold, provided complimentary or byob, to someone not familiar with the place who is learning about it and what happened to it can easily assume and say that alcohol was provided and in an illegal manner. You were told one thing and then another but to the letter of the law you broke the rules, the same rules all of us must follow. In addition, on that night you named off 15 or so people's names and going through the pics shown it is safe to say approximately 100 plus people were in attendance, 300% more than the zoned 25 allowance. If I had a party of 100 people zoned for 25 with alcohol I am sure the rules would apply just the same to me as it did to you. In NJ, the state ABC stipulates that giving away alcohol is illegal, a cost must go with a sale, even if just a penny. The event you held was your own event and you had it with another bar owner, it wasn't an event held by anyone else. Per NJABC laws, the mere giving away of comp drinks that night is illegal. Is it something they will enforce or does anyone care about? No, of course not but it is not allowed. Rather than accept the error and realize opening was in violation of the law you lashed out at everyone and played the victim card. You put the blame on everyone else when in actuality in the end you were wrong?

      Now you're subpoenaing people? You come off as a ruthless thug candidate. It's always everyone else wrong and you're always right and that is the buzz around town. At the Elk's American Legion fundraiser you were seen with a drink in your hand every 5 minutes, all night, you interrupted a gentleman's speech by screaming and then when everyone else applauded when he was done, you were the only one that didn't clap? You stood there, arms crossed, silent. The only people that spoke to you all night was Tony S and Stick. You were avoided at all costs. You made your bed in this town and now you have to accept laying in it. You are building a very non impressive resume quickly and because of this people are here bringing to light their findings.

      The election is in November. This is just the beginning, as things heat up the blogs and sites will only get heated, be prepared. You want to govern the city I live in, you best be made aware I will speak my mind and you're not going to like it, get used to it, I am only 1 of 53,000.

    7. Far too many people already playing their victim cards.
      Is Tony S. giving lessons ?

    8. Anon 8:20 - You really crossed over into the creepy stalker zone.

    9. Not even close to 100!!! Funny I suppose you were there? So when Barsky Gallery and EVERYONE does a Private event and there are many! It's ok they serve wine or beer on there private events? No not a victim just picked out of everyone who does it. and by the way had a blast at Elks with EVERYONE Good try though. There were many friends there and who are you that you hide anonymous. I will always post my name when I have something to say. I think everyone had drinks that night at Elks. It was a great event. Thanks to Jim Vance Mark Villimar and others!!

    10. Also on that eve you speak of people came in and out not to stay but to wish Shaun and I well.

    11. 8:20- last night you posted this at 10:o9:

      "In fact I don't even think Karen ever came here to comment! I think you GA, making all this up, talking to yourself, having arguments with yourself because you can, this is your blog. I used to respect your blog as a Zimmer supporter and now it's gone to the birds. Your controversy is hurting Dawn. You play games. Grow up you ding dong I won't be back so no need to reply."

      What happened to the "I won't be back" part? You are back and creepy as ever. On April 8 you threatened Karen that if she ran, it would wreck her business. And last night you threatened to trash her to the HR.

      What precisely is wrong with you? Karen, this is psychological warfare from some paid dweeb, to get you to drop out. A dweeb who couldn't even keep his promise to go away.

      Karen has every right to find out who is trying to hurt her economically by falsely asserting her coffee shop sells booze. That is not protected speech. I hope the ISP rolls over and plays dead like they did for LB.

      All I can say is, you are creepy.

    12. One more thing, 8:20- You wrote:

      "You want to govern the city I live in, you best be made aware I will speak my mind and you're not going to like it, get used to it, I am only 1 of 53,000"

      Funny, your digital info says you come in from Union City. I get it- you are a Hoboken resident of Union City. Yeah, right.

      Buzz off.

  7. How embarrassing will it be for DeFusco and TS when Nason finishes ahead of them in second? Based on the panicked posts its pretty obvious DeFusco and TS know they're in a dogfight and it sure ain't for first place.

    1. Remember when Mason came in third place after spending $1,000,000 in 2009? HILARIOUS. SHe could make a souffle with the egg on her face.

    2. If that happened, it would really be a bitch.

    3. 7:51-------Be careful when you use the word "bitch"- Running mate Soares will accuse you of disparaging 5 or 6 special interest groups! TABOOOOOOOOO

    4. I heard Tony denied he is running with DeFusco. I don't know if that means he's not running at all, or just not with Mike.

  8. What if the candidate wrote the comment libeling Karen? Or one of his running mates?

  9. Is that Mello in the dump truck?


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