Carmelo thinks he's fantastic

Carmelo Garcia ("carmelog") talks to self on his blog

Oh, dear.  

Note to Carmelo: it is advisable to log out of your screen name first, when posting in admiration of yourself [see above].  Yeah, it's him.

Curiously, Garcia's "Hoboken News Blog" is missing Hoboken news... like the "6th Ward Issues" page on Garcia's campaign web site is missing 6th Ward issues.

6th Ward issues may be missing from the "Carmelo for Hoboken City Council" web site, but not the candidate's "Full Bio."

We can, we will, watch us!

For a candidate promising to utilize social media and internet tools to be a 24/7 Councilman, as Garcia told PolitickerNJ...

...Garcia seems befuddled by them.  

Assemblyman Garcia was expunged.

And when posting quotations online, avoid botching the quote, and the attribution  Check out what Carmelo did to poor Anna Quindlen:

Carmelo: "..But of we not do good, too..."

You may say, GA you are so mean! 

No, I am NOT.  Carmelo Garcia wants to be my Councilman, and the 6th Ward doesn't care for the taste of baloney.

Baloney and Ward 6 are not a KILLER COMBO.


  1. Haaaaaaaa! NAILED, commenting on himself on his own site, what a phony! we can, we will, watch you lose.

  2. The fact that he pretends he is a Harvard grad alone....

  3. This is all reminiscent of Carmelo "The Wire" Garcia's clandestine restaurant men's room pep talk to himself that came out in one of his "ethnic cleansing" lawsuits.
    Sad, delusional and pathetic.

    1. It that recording Carmelo Garcia called Frank Raia "a disgrace" and a"f@%ing buffoon."

    2. Even a broken clock is right twice a day but let's give credit where its due. When the man is right he's right.

    3. I can only guess what Pupie calls Carmelo.

  4. A good con man is always the smartest guy in the room. A lousy con man thinks he's smarter than everyone else and eventually gets exposed, due to either excessive ego, lack of skills, limited wits or some combination of them all.

    This is just MY OPINION, not saying I'm intending it as a reflection on anyone in particular, you understand.

  5. It is my OPINION that big winds come from empty caves.

  6. Ripping off taxpayersAugust 4, 2015 at 1:49 PM

    Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia is a nutcase. He's running for a seat on a legislative body to serve with defendants he's suing and it is a NASTY lawsuit. Carmelo already cost Hoboken taxpayers $150k for his bogus ethnic cleansing lawsuits. How much more taxpayer money is going to line his pockets in a SETTLEMENT?????

    1. Ripping off taxpayersAugust 4, 2015 at 1:55 PM

      Not to mention talking to himself online... "you are FANTASTIC!" Somebody dial Bellevue for a pick-up.

  7. He's only going to be in office as a councilman for 24 hours?
    I'd say that's a stretch too....
    He will beat Cammy's short term.

  8. Hector Torres JunyaAugust 4, 2015 at 6:54 PM

    You people have it all wrong. Here in the fourth ward, everyone thinks Mister Carmelo is fantastic. We also think Ruben Ramos is fantastic.

    At least, that what they tell us to say. I'm sure Laine will be writing a letter signing my name to just that appearing in the Hudson Reporter this weekend. Thanks again little guy. Beth, where's my check!?

  9. Carmelo's "LOG"?
    Has he graduated from peeing on doors now? GROSS!

  10. He's updated his 6th ward issues section to say We can, We will, Watch us make a difference.

    It's another way of saying I think you're all stupid and mollified by slogans and self-promotion. Don't the people who are kicking in $300 for a hamburger and a beer tomorrow want to know what their is buying?

    Wait, I bet they already know.

  11. According to Carmelo 1 in 5 teenagers attempts suicide annually. Since there are 7 teenage years, that would mean.... Never mind. Dumbass. Why don't you long in as yourself and compliment the assemblyman on his devastating math.

    "Each year in our nation one out of five teenagers will attempt suicide."

  12. Funniest part is a full day after GA published this post, Mr. 24/7 STILL hasn't changed it!

  13. Just another reason to help Councilwoman Jennifer Gianttino get reelected.


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