Disrespecting the Russos

One surprise theme in the 50,000 emails produced by Plaintiff Lane "not an operative" Bajardi is the disrespect Mason operatives show toward the Russo family.

That is my opinion.

GA is surprised, because frankly, the Russos are a political dynasty while Beth Mason...?  Well, she'll pick up your dog-shit if you Facebook where the steaming pile is located.

In any ward!  From your shoe!

That is how far Mason's political star has fallen.  

Beth Mason: Poop Buster

So it's curious that the engineers of Mason's political death-spiral: a Weekhawken Fish and Pinocchio, look down their noses at the Russo family- who are still going strong in Hoboken.

At 12:24 AM on Thursday, December 2, 2010, David Cruz sends a press release 'bcc' to James Barracato and others.

The release is about open space and parks, and includes quotes by all 5 City Council majority members: Giacchi,  Castellano, Occhipinti, Mason and Russo.  It appears to have been written with input from Councilman Mike Russo and his mom, Michelle Russo.

At 12:33 AM Jamie Cryan responds to James Barracato, Lane Bajardi, Tommy Bertoli and Adam Alonso.

At 12:34 AM, Barracato replies, calls the Russo press release "bullshit."

At 12:44 AM Lane Bajardi responds to an earlier email from political operative Adam Alonso.

At 12:46 AM James Barracato replies to Lane Bajardi only.

At 8:54 AM on December 2, 2010, Michele Russo blasts the press release about parks.

At 11:26 AM Sara Stojkovic begins an exchange with Lane Bajardi.

It appears the Mason gang feels they would have done a better job than the Russos.

I dunno....  who's the Councilperson picking up dog-shit, again?

The Mason-gang even show rudeness toward the matriarch of the Russo political dynasty.

This disrespect for the matriarch of a Hoboken political dynasty is frankly, contemptible.  GA was taught to respect our elders, not mock them. 

Well folks, this peek inside the Hoboken political machine is fascinating; the same Dark Siders  dissing the Russos have destroyed the political future of Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Wanna reach the Councilwoman?  Dial 1-800-PIK-SHIT.

The work of a backstabbing traitor- ask Tom Bertoli about this backstabber


  1. Their emails swing between wanting Mason in power and wanting anyone but Zimmer in power. This latest post reveals Jamie Cryan as the handler for Occhipinti. Not that we needed another reason to mistrust the carpetbagger from Union County.

    Bajardi's disrespect for the Russo's nonna is gonna cost him politically, but then he has no clout or stature left. If he reaches 100, will he be able to blow his own nose to get his eyebrows out of the way?

    Through all their endless postings and strategizing, it's clear that the Masons, with Ricky's money and the paid allegiance of these twisted and corrupt political operatives, have been able to foment much negativity, destruction and hate in Hoboken. So it was astonishing to see Ricky in social media photos at the Matthew Shepard event at Amanda's designed to "end hate".

    End hate? Really. What would the Masons and their supporters do with their time?

    1. Thoughts for the day:

      There is no honor among thieves.

      If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy.

      Stupid is as stupid does.

      Between love and madness lies obsession.

  2. HEY HEY
    HO HO

  3. This is great!!!! Add more people to the list that the plaintiff has said some very interesting things about. Momma 5 bucks a tow? Ohh she'll love this.

    As for the article 411 posted years ago about the 100 year old birthday I remember thinking how odd it was to post and that the Russo's must really hold sway over that site. Looks like 411 had to run it by the "Not Political Operative" first before doing anything

    This stuff is gold. Keep this rolling til November. 100 emails down 59,900 to go

  4. the weehawken putz delivered thumb drives with dirt about tommy bertolli during the healey race. he tried to wreck the guy who taught him and brokered his gig with beth mason. putz betrayed tommy, he betrayed tim and raia, he betrayed russo, he betrays everyone.

  5. Hey Beth, can you come and get some dog shit on the corner of 4th and Jefferson?

  6. Look at Lane's cufflinks! Ha.Ha... Cufflinks to a deposition?
    Haven't seen shoulder padded suits like that since Duran Duran videos played on MTV... What a loser

  7. Ricky Mason attended the Matthew Shepard event? The Same Richard G Mason who is a high ranking boy Scouts of America trustee in new York State ? Wonder if Ricky to Mrs Shepard that he runs that gay hating group?

  8. I like the line from Adam Alonso that nothing should go out in TimO's name unless Cryan approves it and nothing should go out in Mason's name unless finboy approves it.

    Nobody seems to think it's terribly important whether TomO or Mason personally even see it much less approve it. All that matters is that it run through the properly designated handlers.

    I might be going out on a limb here but I seriously doubt anything goes out in the name of any of the reformers that they haven't personally read and blessed.

    Of course with Mason its probably better for everyone that she's out of her own loop. As scary as inept as Barracato is on his own, the combo is even more inept. And when you add Sara into the mix - well that's why reform wins elections.

    1. Yes. This was long suspected and certainly believed if you ever spoke to either council person for a minute or more.

      However, it is GREAT to see this confirmed from these emails

  9. i like how barracato essentially admits the ongoing attempt to make timmy appear to be "independent" when in fact the 4th ward councilman was a bought-and-paid-for puppet of the masons. nice one, numbnuts!

    cryan comes off as a real wannabe playa too, figuratively "on the team" but not able to do his job of babysitting timmy and actually making shit happen for team mason.

    michele could kick all their asses,

  10. Didn't Jamie Cryan get handed a six figure job to run the Parking Authority in West New York a few months ago ?

  11. 1-800-Pik-Shit? Aha! That explains it. I've been trying to get my last invoice paid for my incredibly efficient trial work. How efficient? The judge guy said I did such a good job we didn't even need a jury! Suck on that, Sam Waterson!

    I got in touch with this FinBoy guy because he's in charge of spending my client's money on stuff she doesn't want anyone to know she bought. Sorry, I meant to say ought-bay. Stuff she doesn't want anyone to know she ought-bay. It's a secret. Shhhhhh...

    So anyway this FinBoy guy told me to call almost the same number to get my invoice paid. But he got the first 3 letters wrong. I know cause I dialed it like 8 times. But I guess it was supposed to be P-I-K instead of E-A-T. I called it and got right through. All they asked was the address. I guess they're delivering the money right to my door.

    You guys think you're so smart. Well guess whose gettin' paid thanks to your big mouths? Hah! Speaking of how dumb you are - this FinBoy guy isn't even from Finland. Who the hell told you that? Dopes.

    Score another one for ... JayZeke --- Master Litigator!!!


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