Terry's Ward is a Biohazard

Poop Busters Beth and Terry, add Hudson Street south of 4th to your shit-list.

GA's stroll to the Central Post Office today became a game of hopscotch; dodging dozens of dog patties that festoon Terry Castellano's sidewalks.   Piles of canine-crap litter 4th street; call it the Marine View Massacre (of footwear). Many of the pooch-missiles didn't look 'fresh', so they've been adorning Terry's streets for some time.  One can only imagine the dozens of poor, innocent shoes victimized by the Councilwoman's neglect.    How can she allow such unsanitary conditions in her Ward?

Seeing is believing, folks. Taken today:  

Lying in wait
Why, oh why?
Fido forgot to sign his name
Too late!  Some poor shoe paid the price of neglect
Oh no, another shoe victimized
Tiny terror
This one fossilized
Small but deadly
Camouflaged as dirt
Terrible two-fer

Seriously, this is gross. Jen Giattino keeps a much cleaner ward.  Poop Busters, get busy.


  1. GA sure knows her shit! Dog poo is what got Harvey Milk his start. GA for mayor!

  2. So how does this work? Does Beth tell fellow PB Castellano to go a'scoopin'? She seems to be the dog crap executive.

    What would really be great? A poop app. Just click, take a picture and hit send. WHAM! The shit-pic and GPS coordinates flies to Poop Central Station at 921 Hudson where a large breasted Gumby hops in an appropriately brown van where he is joined by a handsomely overpaid ZBA videographer and Beth's nazi-truck fleet manager and business partner. The 3 crap hounds race to their appointed pile, capturing the whole event on film for posterity.

    1. Oh, boy that's funny! Not so funny is the crap convention over in Terry's ward. I got off the phone to snap pics- couldn't believe how many there were.

  3. Of course Jen Giattino's ward is cleaner. It's a well known fictional fact reported by H411 that Jen and her husband hate dogs.

    1. "Jen and her husband hate dogs." I think Carmelo just got handed his campaign slogan.


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